Story of Lori

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Lori busied herself cleaning the house. She was surprisingly full of energy after having been out all night, and practically having no sleep. She couldn’t avoid the anxious sensations coursing through her veins. She had just met him last night! She couldn’t get him out of her head. ‘She’ had invited ‘him’ over for dinner tonight! She had to make the house look presentable. She sent her oldest son out to play, and put the baby in the high chair before setting off on her tasks. She cleaned, and prepped what she hoped would be a wonderful meal.

Lori felt like a teenager, all over again. It had been a long time since she felt this giddy. Her husband of ten years had left her, nearly three months ago. He had to find his youth again… in the arms of a nineteen year old. This crushed Lori, who was only twenty-seven. Lori blamed herself for marrying him at such a young age. But she felt she had to since she was pregnant with his baby.

She had heard about Alan through a co-worker, Sandi. Sandi told Lori, about how Alan, her nephew, had been down to visit. He was wearing running shorts around the house, and she swore that he had the biggest “package” she’d ever seen. Lori thought it odd, that an aunt would be looking at her nephew in such a way, but the image she painted remained in the back of her mind. Several weeks had passed, when out of the blue, Sandi called and invited her over for some drinks. Lori was met at the door by Sandi, and informed that her nephew was upstairs, helping fix-up the bathroom. “Oh! I get it! This is your fix-up!” replied Lori, with a slight grin. Lori hesitated at first, but then decided, it wouldn’t hurt to at least be introduced to him.

Alan, meanwhile, had been helping his uncle remodel the bathroom. They had started early in the morning, and been going at it most of the day. He heard the doorbell, and heard his aunt talking to another lady. Just then his uncle fumbled around, filled a box with tiles and told him to take them down to the garage. Obligingly, he picked up the heavy box and headed down the steps.

That’s when Lori first caught sight of him! Down the steps he came, one at a time, finding his footing along the way. The first glimpse Lori could see was the way his jeans clung to his legs. She could see his muscles through the denim. She didn’t know why, but her eyes instinctively traveled towards his crotch. “My God!” she thought to herself, “Sandi wasn’t lying!” If she hadn’t seen his hands on either side of the box he was carrying, she would have sworn his fist was in his jeans. She could feel the heat rising in her body, turning her face red. As he continued down the steps, she could see the rippling muscles in his athletic body. He was not wearing a shirt, and the sweat glistened off his well-tanned torso.

Sandi introduced Lori, and Alan apologized for not being able to properly greet her since his hands were full. He excused himself to the garage after a warm smile and a pleasant greeting. Alan overheard Lori commenting that his college photo, which was hanging on the wall at the bottom of the steps, “didn’t do him any justice!”

That all happened yesterday, and the rest of the night was a blur. Lori remained at the house chatting with Sandi. Every time Alan left the room, their conversation was steered toward Alan. Sandi repeatedly asked Lori what she thought. Lori only commented that she liked what she saw. Sandi then directed the conversation to the noticeable bulge in Alan’s jeans. Again, Lori’s face turned crimson. She could not deny what she had seen with her own eyes. Sandi knew immediately that Lori had seen it also.

“C’mon Lori! Fess up! I can tell by your face. Wouldn’t you love to get your hands on that?” Sandi inquired of her friend.

Lori was somewhat taken aback at her friends straightforwardness. Lori should have expected it though based on some of the ‘girl talk’ they shared at work. Lori still found it hard to admit to Sandi’s inquisition, so she nodded her head ever so slightly. The heat in her body was rising beyond a fevered pitch. She could feel her face redden even deeper, but what made matters worse, was that she was actually getting wet between her legs.

“Don’t deny it girl!” Sandi kept prodding, noticing Lori’s obvious discomfort. “Hell! Even I have fantasized about it many a night! But, damnit to hell! He’s my nephew and I’m married to his uncle!” Sandi confessed.

Lori spent the evening chatting with everybody, and was genuinely becoming attracted to Alan. Not only was he good looking, but also he was intelligent, charming, witty, and confident. She had invited him over for dinner, and also stated that they could watch the football games, since tomorrow was opening day. Lori, herself, was a football fan, so it made the invitation seem innocent. Yet deep down inside, Lori knew that tomorrow would not be an innocent day!

Lori made it home last night, put the kids to bed, and then stood in her room looking at her figure in the full-length mirror. She turned back and forth, and for the first time escort ataşehir in a long while, admired her figure. She was good looking! At twenty-seven, and after two kids, she still looked great. She unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall to the floor. Her hands cupped her breasts as she felt their fullness. She gently squeezed each tit as she continued her inspection. She peeled herself out of her jeans, looking at her curvaceous ass in the mirror.

“Nice and tight!” she thought to herself. She pulled her lace panties up between the cheeks of her ass to get a better look, and was pleased with what she saw. She returned to her top and slid the bra off. Her nipples stuck out like tiny erasers, and Lori instinctively grabbed each one and gently twisted, sending electric pulses throughout her body. One last look in the mirror, and Lori saw what she already knew… a growing wet spot on her panties. She quickly shucked them off and lay back on the bed. Her fingers traced her body up and down.

They danced across her chest teasing her nipples and rushed down to her aching slit. When her fingers made contact with the wet, soft folds of her pussy, Lori began seeing Alan’s cock through her closed eyes. It seemed like an eternity, but only a couple of seconds had passed before Lori was fucking her fingers in and out of her hole. She stopped momentarily to suck, and savor the juices that had collected on her fingers, only to return them to her hole. Her other hand finally found her clit. She pinched it between her finger and thumb, rolling it back and forth. Lori was now driving three fingers deep into her snatch, envisioning Alan’s cock the whole time. She had never been stretched like this before.

It felt so good! Lori felt the building tension between her legs, and it finally erupted, as her mind gave her pictures of Alan’s cock spurting stream after stream of hot, white sticky cum. Her body twitched with each spurt of his imagined cum, and her orgasm washed over her as his cum continued spurting. Lori fell asleep content and satisfied.

There was a knock at the door, and Lori could feel her stomach tighten up, knowing who was on the other side. Somewhat disappointed, Lori saw Sandi, her husband George, and Alan. Lori welcomed them all in.

Sandi explained, “You never gave him directions, so we’d thought we’d bring him by ourselves.” Sandi knowingly had planned it this way. Once she and George had left, Alan would not have a way back, unless one of them, or Lori, brought him back! Sandi didn’t want to admit it to anyone, but she wanted Lori to get fucked by her nephew. This way, she hoped, Lori would give her the ‘girl talk’ scoop, providing more fuel for her own ‘midnight fantasies.’

Everyone sat in the living room and began watching football as Lori laid out a tray of crackers, chips, dip, and some other munchies. About halfway through the first game, Sandi and George excused themselves, saying that they had somewhere else to go, but would stop by later. Alan stayed seated after saying good-bye, while Lori escorted them to the door. George went to start the car, and Sandi remained behind to talk to Lori. She whispered so Alan wouldn’t hear. “If things don’t turn out, call me, and I’ll come get him. Otherwise…” She hugged Lori, kissed her on the cheek, and winked as she spun on her heels, making her way to the car.

Dinner went superbly. He enjoyed her cooking and volunteered to clean up the kitchen while she put the kids to bed. Lori was exuberant at how well things were working out for her. When Lori returned to the living room, she found Alan intently watching the late game on the TV. She made her way to join him on the couch. It was just the two of them now! They talked, and soon Alan was not interested in the game anymore. Lori was getting lost in his steel gray eyes that seemed to magically change color to a deep blue. He invited her to rest her head on his shoulder, which she did without hesitation. He gently stroked her shoulder and arm, sending goosebumps throughout her body.

Alan always enjoyed having a woman’s head on his shoulder. This way, she could not see where his eyes traveled. Alan’s viewpoint allowed him to look down her blouse, between her nice ripe melons. They seemed to heave every time he stroked her arm and shoulder. He could feel the goosebumps travel down her arm. His gaze was transfixed upon the hardening nipples poking prominently through her bra and blouse.

The only thing Lori could focus on now was Alan’s cock! She was so close to it! She wanted to reach out and grab it, but she didn’t want to seem like a slut! She could see the way his cock curled up inside his lap. She also watched as it thickened inside its constraints. As it hardened, she watched it inch its way down his right leg. God! She was feeling horny! She could feel her nipples aching as they pressed into the satiny bra. She gently placed her hand on Alan’s left knee and squeezed as goosebumps ran through her body again. She lifted her head to look at Alan. There he was, inches kadıköy escort bayan from her face, staring into her pale blue eyes! She closed her eyes momentarily. Alan instantly closed the distance and sealed her mouth with his.

That was it! Lori wasn’t holding back any more! She opened her mouth and plunged her tongue deep into his! She twisted her body and shifted to a better position on the couch. Her hand was now traveling up Alan’s leg, waiting and wanting to feel the hidden treasure. Her tongue was dueling with his, and their panting was getting heavier.

Alan’s hands had slid down from Lori’s shoulder and was lodged on her ribcage right below her tit. She yearned for him to grasp her tit to relieve the aching pain in them. She moaned around his tongue as his thumb made its way under her tit and began gently squeezing the yielding flesh. He squeezed her tit and pulled her head in tighter, running his hand down her back, pulling her body next to his. His hand was now trapped between their bodies, as he continued fondling and teasing Lori. He could feel her nipple poking into the palm of his hand.

Lori, after being pulled into Alan’s grasp found her hand resting on his crotch. She began squeezing the handful of flesh. The bulge in her grasp was bigger than her hand! She was mesmerized. She felt like she was going to have an orgasm without even having sex! She felt her pussy tingle, and could feel the nectar seep from between her legs as she manipulated her fingers around Alan’s bulging sac. Alan was giving her one tit the attention it needed, while the other one was mashed into his chest. She traced her hand along the hardening shaft inside his jeans, and ‘adjusted’ his cock so that it wouldn’t be so constrained. Lori could only gasp as she felt his cock stiffen more as it grew down his right leg. She had maneuvered his cock so that its bulbous head was beyond his briefs. She continued rubbing it, and it continued growing. She was beginning to get scared! It may be too big for her to handle. The head of his prick was now nearly halfway down his thigh! Lori was also amazed by how thick it was! She didn’t have small hands, but she realized that her hand would not fit all the way around this monster.

Alan moved his other hand to Lori’s neglected tit. He skipped the gentle caresses, mauling, squeezing, and pinching her. Lori was groaning into Alan’s mouth from the feeling of her over-sensitive tits. She began, unconsciously, grinding her pussy onto his leg as they continued their passionate kissing. She was on the verge of cumming, and she didn’t want to hold back. It had been too long for her, and she was going to enjoy it. Finally it hit her and she stiffened up as the shower of pleasure fell upon her and washed over her body. Sweaty, and panting, she lay in his arms continually stroking his cock. She felt a damp spot right where the head of his cock lay.

Lori broke the kiss and huskily stated, “Let’s go upstairs!”

Alan was unsure! He didn’t want to go too far on “the first date” and her kids were up there also!

Lori sensed the hesitation, and determinedly grabbed Alan by the wrist and dragged him behind her as they made their way up the steps. She closed the door behind them and guided Alan to the bed in the darkened room. She removed his shirt from his chest and pulled him onto the bed on top of her. They resumed there kissing, but now Alan’s hands were all over Lori’s body. They squeezed her tits. They caressed her sides. They stroked her legs… And they rubbed her pussy! She was wet, and Alan could feel the moisture between her legs. Alan made up his mind that he would show this young vixen a night of unbridled lust.

Alan eased his way down to Lori’s neck and began kissing her in all the right places, leaving a wet trail behind. His hands had maneuvered the buttons to her blouse, so that it now hung open. In the moonlit room, he let his hands wander over the soft flesh of her tits, occasionally letting a finger or two drop below the hem of the bra. After driving Lori mad with desire, he finally reached into her bra and popped a tit free. His kisses made their way down to the freed tit. He took the hardened nipple into his mouth and began licking and suckling on it. Lori grabbed the back of his head and pulled him into her tit, suffocating him with her ample flesh. Alan’s other hand freed the remaining tit, pinching the nipple between his thumb and finger.

He rolled it between them, gently tugging on it the entire time. Lori was going crazy as one tit was being loved, and the other tormented. Alan moved to the other tit and duplicated the effect. Lori again pulled his head in, not wanting him to stop. Then Alan did something entirely new to Lori! He grabbed both tits and squeezed them together, bending them in such a way that her nipples touched one another. His mouth quickly clamped down and took both nipples in. He sucked, licked, and nibbled on them simultaneously. Lori was shaking uncontrollably! Her second orgasm of the evening was pouring escort bostancı down on her. She couldn’t take it! She didn’t want him to stop, but she was going to pass out if he didn’t!

Lori didn’t want to act like a slut! However, at this point, she didn’t care! Lori pulled Alan up, and kissed him hard on the lips. She needed him inside of her now! Enough of the foreplay she thought to herself! When Alan repositioned himself atop Lori, she grabbed his ass and ground her pelvis into him, telling him that she needed to be fucked, without ever uttering a word. Alan understood the language all too well. Lori’s hands forced their way between their bodies and undid Alan’s pants.

Quickly she lodged her thumbs under his pants and then his underwear. In one clean swoop she tugged downward until Alan’s pants made their way past his tight, muscular ass. Alan maneuvered his pants the rest of the way, till they fell off the end of the bed. Alan raised his hips and then settled back over Lori. For the umpteenth time, Lori gasped when she felt Alan’s cock head resting against her belly button. Again, she was scared, because Alan’s hips were positioned well below hers. Alan reached down and likewise undid Lori’s pants. However, he did not strip the panties off when the pants came off. He toyed with Lori now, knowing that he was in control of the situation. They ground their pelvises together, lewdly, driving each other wild with desire.

Lori could feel the length of his cock rub between her pussy lips as his hips sawed back and forth. Alan could feel the moisture of Lori’s cunt through the cotton panties she was wearing. He kept teasing, driving his cock back and forth pressing it against her clit on each passage. Lori’s pussy lips, now engorged, opened up and swallowed the material protecting her womanhood. Her pussy lips were now in direct contact with his love tool! How much longer would he continue, she asked herself? She was deep in the throes of her third orgasm by this point. She was moaning around his tongue during this climax, when he finally stopped. He rolled the panties off of her. Her dripping snatch was unwilling to let go of the thread of material in its grasp. “Oh my!” Lori thought to herself, “It’s gonna’ happen now!”

Lori held onto Alan’s head as he placed his engorged member at Lori’s opening. “Mmmmph!” was the only sound that escaped from Lori’s mouth as Alan pressed forward. Lori spread her legs as wide as possible, bringing her feet up near her ass. “This was gonna’ hurt!” Lori thought. Lori braced herself and held onto the mattress with both hands as he inched forward. Surprisingly he took his time!

Alan knew he was ‘more endowed’ than most men, and wanted to take it easy on Lori. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down Lori’s moistened slit, lubricating his cock with her juices. Then he eased the head into her tight cavern. “God, she’s tight!” Alan thought. The head of his cock was just inside the moist velvety grasp of her cunt.

“Oh my…” whimpered Lori. “Yes… God… It feels so gooooooood…” she moaned into his ear. As he inched forward, Lori, uncontrollably, bit on his earlobe. He began withdrawing, and Lori thought momentarily, that something was wrong. Just then he thrust right back to where he was and went deeper. Each time he withdrew, he went deeper on the next stroke. Lori’s cunt lips were stretched taut around his massive girth as he pumped in and out of her hole. Every time he withdrew, her pussy lips swallowed him back in, coating his cock with more and more of her pussy juice. After a few minutes of his slow strokes, Lori felt him hit her cervix!

“Uungh!” she cried out! Nobody had ever done that before. She was fully filled by his cock! He had struck bottom! Another orgasm ripped through her pussy and she began flooding his cock with her cream. She literally jumped off the bed from the reflexive effect of him hitting her cervix. In the middle of her orgasm, she began to realize, that he was not fully inside her! She still had not felt his heavy-laden balls slap against her ass! “Oooooohhh God!” she screamed into his shoulder. Lori wanted to scream out loud, but she was afraid of waking the kids! She continued grabbing at the mattress, practically pulling the sheets off the bed every time he pummeled her pussy. Lori ended up wrapping her legs around his ass and controlled his thrusts.

He was going deeper still on each stroke until, after about five solid minutes of his fucking, she had him all the way in! She wasn’t sure how she did it, but he must’ve stretched her good! She lost count of her orgasms as she floated from one high to another. Her head was flailing back and forth and she kept wanting more and more. Then she felt him swell even larger inside her pussy. Alan slowed down considerably, and stiffened his body. She felt her pussy throb with each pulse from Alan’s cock. Then it sprayed her! It shot with such force from his cock, that she was sure his semen bulleted past her cervix and coated the walls of her womb. A sudden rush of heat swept through her body as her pussy filled with his cream. Shot after shot came from his rod filling her beyond full. There was no place for the sticky fluid to go, so it seeped from around his cock, coating her pussy lips and dripped down the crevice to her ass.

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