Stacy’s Secret Ch. 02

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Big Tits

I awoke at dawn. Stacy had left the skylight open, so the scent of fresh, cool morning air filled the room. I lay on my side and watched her sleep as the sunlight gradually illuminated her beautiful face, so lovely and so much at peace. I only wished I had felt the same way.

The enormous implications of what we had done the night before were just beginning to sink in. Not only had I made love to my sister and broken every societal law I thought I believed in, I was not her first incestuous lover. A chilling thought: was I even the second? What do we do now? Do we pretend it never happened and carry the memory to our graves? Do we have an affair? If so, how? What if one of us meets someone else?

But weighed against all the uncertainty was this: it was the most amazing, electric sex I had ever had in my life. If at all possible, I wanted more.

I knew Mom would sleep in, so I donned my robe, tiptoed to the bathroom, cleaned up, and returned to my sister, who was just beginning to stir. Seeing me in the doorway, she smiled mischievously and patted the sheet next to her. Already erect, I hung my robe over a chair and snuggled up next to her.

“Kiss me, Charles.”

Stacy’s lips were smooth and delectable, and she trailed delicate fingers along my cock, ardent and ready. But she excused herself to freshen up, leaving me to stare at the ceiling and torment myself by not touching my turgid tool before she returned and snuggled up next to me. She lay on her side and gently stroked my cock.

“Do you still love me?” she asked. “Do you feel all right about what we did last night?”

“I love you,” I replied, “and I don’t know how to feel about what we did last night.”

“Seems to me you do,” she replied, giving me a playful squeeze.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

Stacy held my dick so it was poking straight into the air. Her lips parted and took in my cockhead. I cried out, but she silenced me with her free hand. Transfixed, I watched as my sexy sister’s head slid slowly down my shaft, stopping halfway down. I nearly swooned.

Looking up for a second, she said, “I’m sorry, that’s as far as I can take it.”

“It’s okay! Just–“

Flashing me a grin, she resumed, coordinating her lips, tongue and left hand to work my dick, while with her right teasing and caressing my tight and bloated balls. I could no longer lie still. I started to move my hips, trying to time my thrusts with Stacy’s siphoning mouth. I reached out and tweaked Stacy’s nipple so that I could return at least a little bit of the pleasure she was giving me.

“Mmmmmhh!” she replied. Lifting her head, she exclaimed, “Oh, I can’t stand it!” and climbed on top, stuffed my cock into her drooling snatch, and then sank all the way down, her expression, as well as mine I’m sure, pure erotic bliss.

Stacy leaned forward now, our eyes locking. As we moved together, I gathered her smallish tits in my hands and pushed them together so that the nipples bulged. I nibbled and licked as Stacy moaned and writhed atop my pile driver prick. When I placed my thumb on her clit she went off; I picked that moment to do the same. We mashed our mouths together as I filled her with thick, syrupy gobs of sperm.

As we slowed down, I could feel rivulets of our mingled juices running from her into my pubic hair. We looked at each other and started to giggle.

“Well, I guess we can talk now,” she said at last, nestling in my arms.

“I think we’re lovers.”


“Was it like this for you and Dad?”

“Not quite like this. He was so much older. He took his time. I liked that.”

“You seemed pretty enthusiastic about this.”

“I wasn’t expecting this, Charles. I’m on as uncertain ground as you.”

“You’ve had some experience with this, though. Did Mom know?”

“I don’t think so.”

“How did you keep it from her?”

“Oh, that was easy. You know she works 8:30 to 4:30 editing the entertainment section for the Eagle. Dad sold real estate. We only had to wait until she was out of the house.”

“That canlı bahis was it? You never took a chance while she was here?”

“Sure we did. That was some of the best. One time when Mom was washing dishes I blew Dad on the living room sofa while he was watching the news. He was furious, but he didn’t stop me. I had him licked clean and zipped up just about the time Mom finished drying the dishes.”

“You never felt bad about it? Did you ever try to break it off?”

“You want to hear every sordid detail, don’t you, Charles?”

I did; I was half erect again already. “How did it start?” I asked.


Stacy said:

The thing with Dad started about four years ago, when I was a freshman in college. You’d already moved to the city by then. Like you, I had no choice but to go to the state school because I could save a fortune on room and board living here.

“I remember.”

Well, I was on the cross-country team and running three miles a day for the fall tournament. This was in early October, the sun was out, the foliage was bright and colorful, and I was just letting my mind wander and enjoy the autumn instead of paying attention to where I was going. I hit a tree root, twisted my ankle, and smacked my shoulder against a tree. My ankle couldn’t bear any weight, and I was out for the season.

You’ll also remember that this was the time Mom wanted a trial separation, too, so it was just Dad and me. I was an emotional wreck. I had to get around on crutches, my leg was bound up, I could hardly do anything for myself. But Dad was so sweet about it. He arranged his whole schedule so he could take care of me when I needed him.

It was awkward for the first week or so, because I needed to take a shower while sitting on a folding chair and I needed help getting dressed. Dad kept getting these spontaneous erections while helping me with my clothes. It was embarrassing at first, but I began to enjoy teasing him, you know, flirtatious fun. I think the pain killers I had to take had something to do with that.

But it was starting to get to Dad, what with the situation with Mom and all. There was one afternoon, I think it was Sunday, when I was having trouble maneuvering myself down to the family room to read for a while. Dad was in his sweats, and I was wearing a sleeveless brown pullover and white shorts. I nearly tumbled down the stairs, so Dad said, “Wait a minute.” He tossed my crutches down and picked me up as though I was as light as a butterfly. I gave him a pretty smile and rested my head on his shoulder as he carried me.

He took me over to the couch and the back of my hand accidentally brushed his crotch as he put me down. It was as if he had a hot stone in his pants. He blushed beet red.

“Am I doing that to you, Dad?” I tried to be coy and innocent.

“No, uh, not really … Are you comfortable, because I haven’t had my run today, and–“

“It’s okay, Dad. I do know something about boys, you know.”

“With your mother gone … Well, Stacy, men need sex to keep from going crazy like we need food to stay alive. Do you understand?”

“Girls need sex too,” I said, shifting a little and hefting my bad leg onto the couch. I now had one leg up and the other trailing toward the floor, so they were a little bit apart. Dad was getting a pretty good view. I remember him swallowing. I could now see the outline of his cock through his sweats.

We stared at each other for a few seconds, both thinking the same thing. I’m pretty sure he spent a lot of time fantasizing about me, and I know I wondered, as all girls do, what it would be like to fuck your own father. But if he made a move, would I let him go through with it?

Finally, he took a step closer and began to caress my thigh.

“You’re healing up?” he asked.

“Doctor says I can be off the crutches in about a week.”

“So what I’m doing doesn’t hurt?”

“No, I like it. Keep going.”

He did. His fingers slid under the hem of my shorts and just brushed my pussy lips. I was paralyzed with bahis siteleri suspense. How far would he go? I wondered.

Dad brought his face down and his tongue flicked out.

“Dad!” I gasped. “Maybe this game’s going a little far.”

He nibbled the back of my knee, and I couldn’t believe the erotic charge that had. He knelt down, got his shoulders between my legs and licked his way up. He slid his hands under my ass. I could feel myself losing control as his hot breath wafted between my legs; the closer he got to my pussy, the hornier I became. The part of my brain that knew what we were doing was wrong became quieter and quieter until it disappeared altogether when Dad got the tip of his tongue under my panties.

“Jesus, Dad!”

He looked up and started to say something, but I cut him off by popping the button on my shorts and unzipping them. Dad grabbed both my shorts and panties and slid them off me. I was naked from the waist down, and he hadn’t taken off a thing.

Dad’s tongue slithered into me and he tormented me a little by licking all around and just missing my clit. He had me squirming. I dug my fingers into his hair and finally managed to get him onto my sweet spot.

That was when he put a couple of fingers in and stopped playing around. I was panting and huffing like the bitch in heat I was when Dad finally hit it and I was off to the moon.

“Dad! Dad!” I cried out. “Don’t stop!”

Dad’s head bobbed with more force, and I came for a second time. Dad lapped it all up. I came close to hyperventilating, but eventually I calmed down and Dad got up.

“You’re not leaving!” I exclaimed. “You can’t leave me like this.”

But Dad just stood there with a big grin on his face and started peeling off clothing. Teasing me again; I wanted to see his cock more than anything, but everything else came off first.

I was truly astonished at how fit he was. I’d seen Dad with his shirt off before, of course, but that was always at the beach or when he was mowing the lawn. I never thought that big, broad and hairy chest would soon be covering my own. Not an ounce of fat on him, terrific muscle tone, just enough of a tan.

Finally, the sweats came off, and I got my first real look at a real hard-on. It stood out like the prow of a frigate, red and shiny. The head was throbbing, and I could feel the blood rushing to my head at the thought of what that big angry thing might do to me.

Dad stepped forward and I felt his hands go under my blouse to remove it. I wore a front-clasp bra, and he snapped it open with a single flick of his finger. My boobs fell free, and my nipples stiffened right away in the cool basement air.

“I know they’re not much,” I said.

“They’re gorgeous,” Dad said. “You have nothing to be ashamed of, Stacy.”

Naked now, I lay back on the couch, a little bit nervous, a tiny bit afraid, as my father towered over me, his proud, stiff cock bobbing inches from my face. After a moment, I leaned forward and ran my fingers along the length, the first cock I’d ever had in my hand.

“Dad was your first?”

First and only until you, Charles. I spent a few minutes getting to know it. I stroked it gently at first, played with Dad’s balls, and was amazed when a little drop of liquid formed on the tip. I looked up at Dad for a little help, and he inched his hips forward. I licked the drop off the head.

That’s when Dad joined me on the couch and took me into his arms. We embraced, his cock radiating heat as it lay pulsating on my inner thigh. For a long, agonizing moment, Dad looked deep into my eyes.

“If you’re going to stop this, do it now,” he said, “while I can still walk away.”

I gave him a nervous little kiss on the lips in reply. Dad’s kiss was much more forceful. I felt his tongue push against my teeth and knew what he wanted me to do. I had never felt a kiss like that. It sent fire down to my fingertips. He pulled me even closer and his naked chest crushed against my tits, flattening them.

“Oh, Dad!” I sighed when the kiss broke. bahis şirketleri “That’s so intense!”

“I love the way you kiss, Stacy,” he replied, and gave me another, but this time he brushed his fingers along the swell of my breasts, making me moan into his throat. Between my legs I could feel his cock almost at the entrance to my pussy. All I would have to do is slide down a little.

But Dad kissed his way down to my chest and started to nibble my tits, and at the same time he fingered my clit again. He was driving me crazy. I was beginning to think we were never going to complete our lovemaking. I wondered if there was something holding him back, if the illicit nature of what we were doing was preventing him from going all the way.

But Dad brought his lips to mine again. As our tongues danced their tango, I reached down, grasped his cock and held it for a moment, letting it pulsate against my palm for a moment, and then I gave a gentle tug and pulled it right up to my pussy.

Dad finally took over, thrusting his hips forward and slipping his cock, the cock that created me, slowly inside.

“You’ve never done this before, have you?”

“No, Dad.”

“I’m going to bust your cherry, and that’s going to hurt. But if we give this a little time, it’ll be terrific. Trust me, honey.”

He jammed his prick into me as deep as it would go, and I cried out. Dad held me in his arms for a moment, giving me a chance to get accustomed to the telephone pole lodged in my snatch, feeling it throb and burn inside me.

Our mouths ground together again as he began to move inside me at last.

“Oh, Dad, I’m seeing stars!”

“Sweet Stacy,” he whispered as he rammed his cock into me and out again, “my beautiful little girl.”

The pain slowly faded away and I lost all thought except that of matching my hip thrusts to his, to take that magnificent prong as deep into my snatch as I could, to give Dad my deepest and truest love.

We kissed and moaned together, our breath coming in short, hot bursts. I remember clenching my teeth when another orgasm came on.

“Dad!” I barked. “Let it go! Let it go!”

Dad stared deeply into my eyes as I felt his cock get even harder, and then the strange and wonderful sensation of his orgasm, little hot fireballs going off deep in my pussy.

“Dad! Harder! Harder!”

“Stacy, Stacy, Stacy,” he whispered as he continued thrusting his cock into me, “oh sweet Stacy.”

I’ll never forget the look on his face after it was all over and we pulled apart. We cleaved together on the sofa as our juices mingled together, unable to speak, but sharing kisses and cuddles, not wanting to break the spell.

Now we faced the same dilemma you and I do, Charles, but neither of us wanted to talk about it right then.

“It’s getting late,” he said.

“That was terrific, Dad,” I said, kissing him lightly. “You’re the best.”

“For once, I’m at a loss for words, darling,” he said. “We should be getting to bed.”


He grinned. “Mine.”

He picked me up and we went upstairs to his and Mom’s bedroom. I knew we were going to make love again, and we did, this time much more tenderly. I don’t think ever slept so soundly, until last night.


Needless to say, I had a raging hard-on by the time she finished that story.

“I see you enjoyed my little narrative,” Stacy said, gently fondling my cock.

“I think I’m the horniest man alive right now,” I said, lying back and letting my mind go blank as my body responded to Stacy’s sweet ministrations. I closed my eyes and just let her fingers play with my cock, tickle my balls and making them tingle. When I was close, my sister’s lips closed around the head and I exploded in her mouth. Stacy licked and sucked until I ran dry. My balls had that pleasant sensation of being fully emptied, and to be ready next time.

But would there be a next time? I still didn’t know.

“We’ll talk later,” Stacy said, rising and donning her robe. “We need time to think about things.”

Sounds from the kitchen. Mom had gotten up and now I was ravenously hungry. I took the opportunity to take a shower and face a new phase in my life. Little did I know there would be further surprises still to come.

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