Stacy Lancaster – Saturday Night Scene

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Big Tits

This is a work of fiction. It contains explicit descriptions of sexual acts. It is not intended for minors.


It wasn’t something Jared would readily admit but he was in love. No, his love for his wife wasn’t the secret; he loved Stacy deeply and would shout his devotion from the rooftops if given half a chance. His secret love was reserved for something else.

He loved his new TV. They’d had it for months now and he still thought it was just awesome.

The forty-inch flat-panel fit in perfectly in their cozy little house. He was almost infatuated with it. So infatuated in fact that he had begun watching it even when there was nothing on.

On Saturday nights there was nothing on. Well, almost nothing on. Nothing good certainly. But there was this one thing that came on every Saturday night that kept drawing him in.

So it was another quiet night at home on the couch with his wife. She sat to his left, curled up near the lamp reading. He glanced at her as the program began. She was in sweatpants and a T-shirt. Jared took note that she was also wearing a bra… around the house, she sometimes went without but she’d been shopping earlier in the day and had left it on.

He also suspected that she sometimes wore them to avoid inadvertently arousing him.

Jared also took note of the way his wife held her book. They were both avid readers but Stacy had a habit that bugged Jared Lancaster. She was horribly, horribly hard on books. She only ever read paperbacks if she could possibly help it and she always mangled them.

Jared knew she was currently reading a romantic adventure set in colonial Australia. She’d been feeding him high-points for days. Jared could tell how into a book she was by how tightly she curled it back on itself. Stacy Lancaster had completely broken the spine of her current victim. She was a little over half-way through and the poor tome was bent back on itself, looking like a butterfly at rest.

His wife treated the books she bought as disposable items to be read and thrown away. It always seemed odd to Jared… his wife was a bit of a tightwad really. She wasn’t the kind to be wasteful. But as she had explained to him at least a dozen times, the comfort she got out of the tactile feel of clutching a book tightly in her hand was well worth the price.

As the movie began, Stacy made a pained noise. “What?” Jared asked.

“I don’t understand how you can watch this crap.” She said, looking up from the tortured pages.

“It’s not that bad.” He said defensively.

She sighed. “Yes, it is. It’s horrible. The only thing interesting about these movies is the amazement I feel that they actually got made.”

Jared tried not to pout. “Look, I know they aren’t great but they’re kind of fun.”

Stacy held the book down in her lap for a moment. “Jared, I can appreciate camp as much as the next person but these things are just horrid. I can’t believe dozens or hundreds of people actually spend months working to make these things.”

They both watched briefly as the SyFy logo faded and the movie began. Jared raised a finger. “Don’t start.”

With feigned grumpiness, Stacy returned to her book. “Go ahead, enjoy your ‘SeeFee'”.

Fifteen minutes or so passed. Jared was left to argue internally with himself as the opening scenes played out. ~Okay, it’s bad, but it’s a good kind of bad.~ He thought.

As the movie went to commercial, Stacy looked up. “Did they just say what I think they said?” she asked.

“What?” Jared asked.

Stacy hadn’t been paying any attention to the promos or the movie itself but the blurb just before the “FreeCreditReport” guys started singing had somehow got her attention. “Did that say ‘Sharktopus’?”

“Yeah” Jared answered.

“As in a cross between a shark and an octopus?”


She just stared at him for a few seconds. “Unbelievable.”

She tried to go back to her book but for some reason couldn’t. “No, really, unbelievable. Not only did someone come up with the idea of making a monster by combining a shark and an octopus, not only did they write a script about said abomination but then went and actually filmed it. Actors spoke lines about the monster and no doubt some computer artist came up with a design for the thing.”

She pointed an accusing finger at her husband. “Not only was this travesty made but now YOU are going to sit here and watch it!”

“Well, don’t you want to see what a sharktopus looks like?” he asked.

She just stared at him again. “Unbelievable” was all the answer he got and she lifted her book as a shield between them.

Only a few more minutes passed before she moved to get up. “I’m going to get something to drink. Want anything?” she asked. At least ataşehir escort she didn’t seem to be unduly upset by his choice in entertainment.

He lifted his clinking glass of coke, now half water but still refreshing. “I’m good.” He said.

A minute later she returned with her favorite; grapefruit juice and Sprite. She set it on the coffee table and curled up in her corner.

First Jared’s eyes then his head swiveled. He stared at her for a couple seconds before tearing himself back towards his forty inches of nirvana.

She was still wearing the same T-shirt but she had taken her sweatpants off. Jared had been immediately drawn by the flash of her pale thighs as she entered the lamp’s light. She had kept her legs demurely closed as she curled them beneath her. She casually tugged the hem of her shirt down around her hip.

He hadn’t seen any indication that she was wearing panties. But surely she must be. His wife might often go braless in the house but never pantieless.

Jared began losing track of the story, such as it was. He glanced covertly at his wife every minute or so. It was hard to tell in the mix of light and shadow but he didn’t think she was wearing a bra any more.

As the minutes ticked by, Stacy subtly shifted position now and then. Her legs unbent a bit. Soon, her toes were brushing his thigh.

Jared himself was in gym shorts and a T-shirt. The tips of her toes were cool against the meat of his leg. Her nails scratched gently against him.

As casually as possible, Jared let his hand rest on her calf. He could feel the bit of stubble that indicated she would need to shave her legs soon. Jared didn’t mind… somehow the prickly roughness seemed all the more intimate.

Over the course of a minute or two, his hand slowly made its way up her leg in fits and starts. Out of the corner of his eye he saw his wife try to hide the smile teasing at her lips.

Suddenly Stacy shifted, curling up once more, pulling away from her husband.

Not sure what his wife was playing at, Jared tried to concentrate on the movie.

During the next commercial break, Jared stared openly at Stacy. She ignored him, apparently unaware of his scrutiny. It was only when the film travesty resumed and he had turned back to it that she moved again. Almost against his will, Jared’s head rotated to carry his eyes back to his wife.

She had turned a bit, putting her back square against the couch arm. She had her legs pressed closed, her knees high in front of her.

Jared went back to the movie but only for a moment. He sensed more movement and turned to look at his wife.

Slowly, as if she were merely relaxing, her knees were separating. As her legs spread, Jared’s gaze was drawn to where they joined at her groin.

Nothing hid the soft dark thatch of her beaver. Jared’s eyes were riveted by the hint of moist pink flesh peeking out from behind her bush.

His wife wasn’t wearing any panties.

When a hand slid down to softly stroke her mound, Jared’s eyes jerked up to find Stacy staring back at him. She set the book aside and held his gaze as she slid her finger between her labia. Her shirt was pulled tight across one breast and Jared could plainly see the outline of her engorged nipple.

Wordlessly, Stacy fingered herself in front of her husband. She shivered as she saw hunger fill his eyes. They darted from point to point, one moment focusing on her eyes then dropping down to watch her hand play with her pink gash. A second later, he would try to burn a hole through her shirt, locking his gaze on her shrouded tits.

She wondered how long he would sit there just watching. She licked her lips for his benefit. Concentrating on the delightful little pulses building up in her pussy, her breathe quickened. Her mouth opened. She began to gasp silently.

Jared surprised his wife. He waited several long minutes watching her pleasure herself. Her fingers moved faster and faster and tiny little noises of girlish pleasure escaped her heaving chest. When she bit her lower lip, Jared nearly jumped on her but he was just able to restrain his lust.

The movie was completely forgotten.

Stacy’s pussy-pleasing hand jerked and her other hand raked across her cotton-clad tits. She huffed and moaned and came on her fingers.

In a flash, Jared was on her. He cupped his hand over hers and felt the wet, trembling heat of her qwim. His other hand grabbed the back of her head and pulled her mouth to his. Knowing one another well, the Lancasters’ tongues welcomed each other in a clashing embrace. Their teeth knocked together as Jared kissed his wife fiercely.

Stacy slid her damp hand from beneath Jared’s and moaned as he pressed a finger into her kadıköy escort quivering hole. She sent her hand questing up his thigh and through the leg hole of his shorts. There it wrapped around her husband’s stiff cock and squeezed it hard. Both moaned at the contact. If Stacy had not already been embroiled in a climax, the feel of the twitching heat of his iron-like member would have tripped her over the edge. Desperately she stroked his cock, almost mindless in her need.

As his wife’s body began to relax, Jared jumped to his feet to pull off his shorts. Stacy watched with glittering eyes. Legs a little unsteady, she rose beside him. The Lancasters were almost exactly the same height. Stacy grabbed his cock again and pulled on it as she pressed her lips back to his. The tips of their tongues fenced for a moment and then she urged him back down to the couch.

Sliding the coffee table out of the way with her knee and only barely managing to not spill her fizzy drink, Stacy knelt between Jared’s legs and took his cockhead between her lips. She swirled her tongue across the tip and used her lips to spread her saliva all across the swelling helmet.

Stacy’s husband sported a fairly average endowment but its head was enormous, forming a big purple plum when fully engorged. It seemed almost too big for his shaft and filled Stacy’s mouth completely.

Mrs. Lancaster was not a world-class cocksucker. She had never gotten much practice. Why waste a perfectly good erection with a blowjob when it belonged in her pussy?

As his taste filled her mouth and her pink sex almost cramped with need, Stacy was filled with a buzzing energy. There was a magical moment when Stacy looked up into Jared’s gaze. Her eyes were wide and bright and a staggering thrill hit him as he saw her pupils dilate and nostrils flare in excitement. It was a transformation that Jared had seen a hundred times before and it still took his breath away. He loved his wife for a lot of reasons… this was one of the big ones.

Stacy Lancaster – a little mousy, not exactly runway material and a bit on the studious side — became a predator in heat.

Stacy’s mouth left Jared’s very ready tool and she slid with uncanny grace up his body and into his lap. She cupped the side of his face with one hand while the other took hold of his piston. True to form, Stacy did not hesitate one moment longer than necessary before sinking down onto his pole. As she slid down onto him, she pressed her lips to his and dug her tongue deep into his mouth as if mirroring his penetration into her.

It was always a wonder to Jared that his penis didn’t collapse under the pressure of Stacy’s clasping hole. Strictly speaking, there were one or two women Jared had been with in his swinging days that had better muscle control down there but his wife’s was quite good and she always seemed several degrees hotter that any person should be. Her feet may tend to be a bit cold but her cunt was a fucking volcano. A volcano just before it erupts when all the heat is contained under enormous pressure.

Stacy moaned and cried into Jared mouth as her hips began to dance. Stacy and Jared still fit a lot of variety into their lovemaking… long drawn-out cuddles, pounding assaults, marathons of steady stokes, just about anything anyone could imagine. But it was probably Stacy’s little passion dance that best typified their lust. As she knelt straddled in his lap, her ass bounced and swayed and jerked in a constant chaotic rhythm that made Jared’s dick swirl and plunge like a fencer’s rapier.

As his wife did her carnal jig and scaled the mountain to orgasm, Jared swept his hand up under her shirt and cupped her perfect B-cup titties. It was a wonder there weren’t permanent finger marks there where they inevitably fit perfectly into his hungry grasp. Her nipples and swollen areolas felt enormous. Stacy’s tits were just so perfect… flawless skin, elegant shape and enormously expressive nipples that were almost impossible to hide when aroused.

Jared ran his thumbnails across her stiff peaks over and over again as her sweat moans gave way to guttural cries of animalistic passion. “Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck. Yes. Shit we’re good!” she groaned, climaxing on her man.

Jared answered as her babble was strangled by orgasmic convulsions. “Cum on my dick babe. You’ve done it now little fuck-bunny. I’m going to have to stuff your hole all night now.”

Stacy was almost crying from the intensity of the hot pleasure washing across her body. “Oh god honey, do it. Do me. My pussy needs your cock so bad.”

She was coming down off her most recent high. Jared swept her shirt up over her head. His hands which had been lovingly caressing her tits now closed in on a firm bostancı escort bayan grip, forcing her hard nubs together. He nipped at them with his teeth, making Stacy hiss and jump. Inside her cunt his cock felt every twitch of her body. He growled into her cleavage and gave her mounds a momentarily viscous squeeze.

Her pussy twisted spasmodically in response.

It shouldn’t be possible after so many times together but Stacy Lancaster could still drive her man absolutely mad. Her hot squirming flesh and breathy cries of pleasure supercharged his body with need. His own hips just couldn’t stay on the couch.

Jared needed to fuck his wife.

With a grunt, he heaved himself to his feet. Stacy clung to him for a moment, her weight supported by her grip on his shoulders and the post buried in her cunt. She shuddered and mewed as their groins ground together for a moment before she let her feet drop to the flood.

Jared grabbed the back of her head by her hair and swung Stacy back toward the couch, his rampant cock popping free. Stacy gave a yelp as the flared head momentarily caught against her pussy’s opening giving an unexpected yank on both their sexes.

She stumbled against the couch and ended up with her knees on the cushions, facing the couch-back. Jared was upon her instantly, pressing his body to her back and wrapping his arms around her. As he breathed heavily into her neck, his hands clawed across her breasts and stomach and delved into the soft thatch between her legs.

Stacy was on fire, every inch of her body charged with need. And when her lover’s hands finally settled onto her hips and took a firm hold, the boiling pressure shot up and made her feel like the top of her head was about to blow off. Anticipation can be so sweet.

After a fraction of a second’s pause, Jared pulled her hips firmly back and impaled her.

Stacy came instantly, screaming with pleasure. Jared laughed with glee, his strokes powerful and controlled as he road his wife’s pale, heart-shaped ass. And Stacy came and came. For fifteen minutes Stacy shook and cried through constant string of intense orgasms. Her voice became harsh and faint and she called out in pleasure again and again.

Eventually, with sweat pouring from his body and his lungs working like bellows, Jared succumbed to the boiling turmoil of his wife’s volcanic cunt. Burying himself balls-deep a final time, he groaned hoarsely and reared up; his hands under her ribcage, he lifted her off the couch and let her weight bare down on his erupting cock.

Needless to say, Stacy wailed along with him, “Oh fuck, do it. Pump me full, baby. Shit, I can feel you shooting off in me! Oh hell baby, I’m going to fuck you all night!”

Jared knew she would too. He’d just fucked her through at least half a dozen orgasms… which was just about enough to get his wife really warmed up.

He dropped her back down to the couch. As he withdrew his mostly-erect cock, he gripped the back of her neck with one hand and held her in place. He pushed her farther back against the couch and ran his other hand up and down her thigh and across her pale, upturned ass.

Then his hand dove between her legs and took possession of her wet, hairy mound.

Stacy moaned as her husband roughly pressed against her engorged mons. When he pushed two fingers deep into her hole, she began to shudder.

Jared kept his wife pinned to the couch’s back and vigorously frigged her writhing cunt. “You gonna fuck me all night honey? Huh? You think your little pussy can take it?” His taunts were all for show… as far as either of them knew, there were no limits to Stacy’s appetite or to her ability to take a fucking.

He wedged a third finger into her. Stacy shrieked as her pink hole stretched and strained under the pressure. She wrestled her voice under control for a moment to growl, “Shut up and fuck me!” She grunted and shook as Jared’s thumb dug into the base of her clit, making her climax again instantly.

When Jared pulled his hand away from her pink hole, he could see it convulsing as his wife came. She was cumming hard and she was still seeing stars when he abruptly wrapped his other arm around her midsection and lifter her into his arms. With half his hand buried in her slippery cunt, he staggered down the hall to their bedroom. There he tumbled her into bed.

She came to rest on her back. Instinctively, she spread her legs wide and Jared was between them in a flash.

There were many things Stacy loved about Jared. His ability to cum two or three times and still remain hard was one of the more shallow but nevertheless important. His cock was a hot lance of iron when he plunged it back into her voracious pussy. Her legs wrapped around his ass and held her husband tightly. “Right there” she groaned. “Right where you belong.”

Some say that there’s fucking and there’s making love. But when you get it just right, they are one in the same.

And who the fuck cares what a sharktopus looks like?

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