Spinning and Swapping Ch. 01

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Chapter One

My fiancé, Stephanie, and I have an incredibly close friend group from graduate school. We consistently go on weekend getaways together; beach houses, ski trips etc. However, this particular weekend was one I’ll replay in my head for years to come.

We had a beautiful house in the Poconos for the weekend with nothing on the agenda but to drink too much and enjoy ourselves. The usual beer pong, flip cup and other college drinking games were played. However, later in the night, one wonderful soul brought up the topic of spin the bottle, and who has played before. It was a split house on who had played and who had not, and to my amazement our friend Amanda suggested we play.

The group was quick to accept, we found an appropriate bottle, and headed into the living room with more space to spread out in a circle.

Amanda, now seemingly our leader, refreshes everyone on the rules of the game. “Whoever the bottle lands on you kiss, no re-spins guys if you land on another guy, just suck it up.” The guys mockingly groaned, but it was pretty clear this was a small price to pay for the situation we were in.

Amanda is petite, not weighing much more than 100 pounds. She has a soccer athlete build with a great ass and is roughly a B-Cup. She’s never shy about showing off her midriff since it is so tight and flat from all the running. Fun enough, Amanda is also the only lesbian in our group, so her landing on her own gender is the goal.

Amanda takes the first spin and lands on my fiancé, Stephanie. Amanda squeals a bit as it’s not a secret she has a crush on her. Stephanie is a brunette with an unreal smile, and as curvy as they come. She has D size breasts and an incredible ass. She has been an athlete most of her life so her stomach stays toned, while her ass and hips are busty.

They share a quick kiss and now it’s Stephanie’s turn. She spins and lands on one of the guys in the group.

The two other guys are both in incredible shape, runners and lifters who both have resting abs. Justin; tall, pale with blonde hair. Derek, a bit shorter, tan and absolutely shredded. I stand the tallest of the three, at 6′ 2″, with an athletic build, brown hair, beard, with a good physique but cannot fall into that ripped category like my other two friends.

Julia, Kristen and Alanna are also in the circle with Amanda. Julia is Brazilian and unbelievably sexy. Her bronzed skin and petite body are tough to tear your eyes away from. Her tits and ass are medium in size, but with her small figure, they stand out.

Kristen has a runner’s body with an insane ass. One of those asses that doesn’t make sense for someone so lean. Dirty blonde hair and this swagger about her that is incredibly attractive.

Finally, Alanna is the tallest of the girls and has the best body of the group. She used to be a powerlifter, but is now a gym junkie. All the squats and deadlifts over the years have built an ass that is impossible to ignore. Jeans, leggings, a tarp, it doesn’t matter, that thing will turn everyone’s head as it passes.

The game goes on for several rounds, with polite kisses shared between everyone in the group. I take my turn, but hop up quickly after a kiss with Kristen to refresh everyone’s drinks and grab a bottle of tequila.

I hurry back quickly out of fear I’ll miss a spin and hand out drinks accordingly. As we continue to drink and spin, our angel, Amanda suggests we spice things up a bit. Instead of sharing the polite kisses we had been exchanging, we would have to make out with whomever we land on. To no surprise, the group eagerly accepts the new stipulation.

I wait excitedly for my turn as the group exchanges some pretty great makeout sessions and I am ecstatic to see my bottle land on Julia. She gives me a smile and we move towards the middle of the circle and embrace as our lips touch. I was pleasantly surprised to feel her tongue enter my mouth and some catcalls come from the rest of the group. When we break apart, I retreat back to my space on the floor with an ear-to-ear smile.

This round continues for some time with a combination of hot girl on girl, and guy on girl make out sessions, and the occasional sheepish guy on guy “make out” session.

Next, Amanda suggests we take it to the next level (I love this woman). Now when you spin and land on the person you’ll still make out with them, but also get to take off an article of clothing of the spinner’s choice.

We all had been drinking enough that there was, again, no resistance to this exciting new suggestion. I gave a sideways glance to Stephanie to ensure we were still good with everything that was happening, and was met with an approving and sexy smile.

Amanda was first to spin, and to her disappointment, landed on Derek. They shared a makeout session, and when they separated she said “Alright, we all need to see those abs” and took his shirt off. Whooping from the girls commenced as Derek’s torso was confidently displayed. Next was Alanna, who this time landed on Justin. ataşehir escort They shared some sloppy kisses and Alanna also removed Justin’s shirt to additional whooping. Next came Julia who landed on Stephanie. This was an added bonus as Julia came to Stephanie and shared such a hot kiss I was rock hard by the time they were done.

Julia changed it up, and instead of Stephanie joining the topless crowd, “We all need to see that ass,” Julia cheered as she yanked Stephanie’s pants off. Stephanie was a great sport and after her pants were removed, rolled over and gave her ass a little shake from her knees. I added a light slap on the ass for good measure.

Next was Kristen who landed on me. We moved toward the middle and embraced. Now that we had gotten even deeper into the night our hands started to explore a bit. I felt her hand slide under my shirt, so I took the invitation to let my hand wander to her incredible ass. Good Lord, is her ass hot. So firm and fit that somehow my dick managed to get even harder, and Kristen could tell.

As we broke our kiss Kristen announced, “Someone is a little excited, how about we lose those pants.” I did my best to position my dick so that it wasn’t obvious I had an erection, but failed miserably. The cat calling was at an all time high as I got back to my position, and adjusted myself with a crimson red face. Stephanie gave me a sexy bite on the ear, continuing to reassure me that this was all good with her.

Now that the first erection was out in the open, the group got even more confident in the makeout exchanges. Hands were roaming and the three second timer was being wildly ignored. It was not long until everyone just had their underwear remaining.

Despite how drunk we all were, we all silently had the thought of, “Is this happening, are we going to keep this going?”

Amanda to the rescue again as we’re all coming to the same realization, and pours us a round of shots: “To the best friends anyone could possibly imagine!” Everyone screams their approval and downs their shots. Amanda quickly builds on her momentum and announces another change of the rules: “Now, when the bottle lands on you, you will remove an article of clothing of your choice, sorry boys” which was met with mock booing since we were only in their underwear. “AND you’ll give the spinner a lap dance, I’ll take care of the music.”

Amanda was the first to spin and was excited enough to land on Julia. Julia came over and removed her bra exposing her incredible tits. She had the smallest of tan lines from those tiny bikinis she wears, and came up to Amanda on a mission. Grinding her ass into Amanda’s lap and then turning around and mounting her with her tits in Amanda’s face. Amanda happily licked at both Julia ‘s nipples with no resistance to be found. There was no question about erections being present in the group now.

Now it was Alanna’s turn who landed on Derek. Derek removed his boxers to show off an impressive sized dick and made his way to Alanna with cheers from the girls at the first naked guy. He also began grinding his ass into Alanna’s lap, however, when he turned around to give her the face-to-face show, she took his dick in her mouth.

You would think the screaming of encouragement from the crowd would have taken the doors off the house. Alanna eagerly took Derek’s dick in her mouth and quickly moved him to the back of her throat with incredible gagging noises to go along with it. The group grew silent as they watched the show. I stole a glance around the circle to see the guys lightly rubbing their dicks and the girls’ hands drifting underneath their bottoms.

The line had been crossed and no one was playing the game anymore.

As the blowjob continued, I looked over at Stephanie and nodded my head towards the rest of the group, as if to say, “Let’s have some fun.” She excitedly nodded.

Stephanie made her way to Justin, as I made my way to Kristen. When Kristen saw that I had my eyes locked on her she came towards me with the same level of eagerness. We locked lips, and our hands had no hesitation exploring each other’s body. My hand quickly went to her ass, barely covered by her thong, as hers found my dick. With one of my hands on her ass and one in her hair, our tongues explored each other’s mouths. It did not take long for me to move my hands up to her bra and remove it. My mouth moved to her nipples and an audible groan escaped her mouth to add to the cacophony of sexual noises filling the room.

As I lowered Kristen to the ground to remove her thong, I glanced around the room to take in the scene. Derek had Alanna on the ground with his mouth on her pussy. Alanna was wriggling around wildly and pulling at her nipples, as Derek’s tongue went to work. Stephanie and Justin were both completely naked now, with Stephanie on top of him continuing to make out. Lastly, my eyes find Amanda taking down Julia ‘s underwear and beginning to work her fingers into Julia’s noticeably ataşehir escort bayan wet pussy.

As I finished removing Kristen’s bottoms, I told her “look around the room, this is insane.” We both watched for a moment as our friends all were moaning or responsible for the moaning.

I went to go down on Kristen, but she said I can’t wait and jumped on top of me. She put her pussy in my face and eagerly took my dick into her mouth. It was my turn to moan into the room and into Kristen’s pussy. I quickly attached my mouth to Kristen and began eating her out like my life hung in the balance. Kristen returned the favor by moaning into my dick and increasing her pace. My goodness this girl was doing some impressive work. My dick was sliding deep into the back of her throat and at an astonishing speed.

I pulled Kristen into me even further so my head was resting on the ground but her pussy was still in my face. I brought my hands to both her ass cheeks as my tongue went into overdrive on her clit. This got her. She slowed her pace on my dick as she was now distracted by what my mouth was doing to her. It didn’t take long for me to get bolder, as I took my right index finger and started to trace the rim of her asshole while my tongue focused on her clit.

Now there was no attention on my dick as it popped out of her mouth and Kristen released a surprised but pleased “OOOOOOO.”

Hearing that sound of approval, I stayed the course. I continued to move my tongue all over Kristen’s pussy while making frequent stops at her clit; all the while running my finger on the outer rim of her asshole. Kristen was in a different world now as her legs were shaking and she had gone completely silent. I continued to do exactly what I was doing and was rewarded with a shriek of an orgasm erupting from Kristen.

For those who didn’t have their mouths occupied, we received some cheers of acknowledgement from the rest of the room.

Kristen jumped off me and brought me to my feet. “I need to take care of you after that one” as she pushed me to the wall. She quickly dropped to her knees and took me into her mouth.

What a site to see as I was having this bombshell girl taking me hungrily in her mouth. Justin had moved over to join Julia and Amanda. Julia was on her knees sucking off Justin, while Amanda was laying on the floor under Julia, eating her out. This left Stephanie to move over to Derek and Alanna, where Derek was sitting on the couch with Stephanie sucking his dick and Alanna licking his balls. Derek and I made eye contact and each flashed an astonished smile, to say “Can you believe this is happening?”

After taking in the sites of the room, I was pleasantly reminded that Kristen was working her magic on my dick. She was making sure there was ample saliva on it as she moved her mouth and hand in tandem over my shaft. Looking back up at me, she removed my dick from her mouth and said:

“I want you to fuck my face.”

I was amazed it was possible for my dick to get even harder. I took her arms and placed them behind her back, grabbed her head with both hands and began to thrust my dick into her mouth.

I started slowly by thrusting my dick to the back of her mouth and then moving back. After a few more conservative thrusts, Kristen pushes me off and says: “Maybe I misspoke, I want you to fuck my throat. And no need to be gentle, I can take it.”

That was enough for me, I put her arms behind her back, hands on her head, and dick in her mouth. I pushed my dick to the back of her mouth, and with some resistance I felt my dick “pop” past her tonsils and into her throat. Holy shit, did I almost cum right there.

I held myself in her throat for a moment, and then began to do as instructed, and fuck her throat. In and out I went, getting faster and more confident with each thrust. Each time I entered her throat it was with less and less resistance, and more and more groans of pleasure.

It was one of the most incredible feelings of my life to be slamming my dick in and out of my gorgeous friend’s mouth while I watched my fiancé give a blowjob to another good friend.

I was about to come and I let Kristen know. She nodded as I continued to use her mouth and throat for my pleasure. I grabbed hold of her hair tight, pushed my dick into her throat and released load after load of cum directly into her stomach.

I let my dick fall out of Kristen’s mouth. With a gasp and watery eyes she looked up at me and said, “damn, that was hot.” I wheezed out a response in agreement and pulled her up for a kiss. Then whispered in her ear, “I need to be inside you before the end of the night, I’ll be back for you when I recharge.” She responded with excitement, and a quick squeeze of my dick before she went off to join Derek, Alanna and Stephanie.

I made my way over to Amanda, Julia and Justin and lowered my mouth between Amanda’s legs. I kissed her on her thigh to make sure she knew I was there, and was open escort ataşehir to having some fun with me. She moved her head from between Julia’s legs to look down at the new participant and I was met with a smile. “You know I’ve never had a guy go down on me before, but it feels like a night for firsts.”

With that I took my time with Amanda and she returned her attention to Julia. I kissed from her upper thigh, up and around her clit and then back down to her other thigh. She squirmed a bit in anticipation, begging without words for me to quit the teasing. I obliged and with a long lick from the bottom to the top of her pussy, Amanda let out a moan. She seemed to be giving all the love in this wonderful living room of sex, but I was the first to be taking care of her.

I continued to lick her pussy and began to slowly introduce my fingers to the fun. While circling her clit with my tongue, I inserted my middle finger into her with some considerable writhing in response. I bent my finger while inside her to be sure I was dragging it along her G-Spot as I was exiting. A few more thrusts of my finger and Amanda dropped her mouth away from Julia; “Holy fuck, that feels good, don’t stop!”

I obeyed with pleasure and continued to lick her clit and pick up the pace of my fingering. I steadily fucked her with my finger and focused more and more on her clit as her breathing increased. Amanda continued her pleading, “please don’t stop, please don’t stop, right there, right there, right there!!!” I picked up the speed of my finger and my tongue as she began to orgasm. Her head snapped back and released more of a growl than a moan as her whole body shook with the orgasm washing over her. As her orgasm finished she collapsed flat on the floor and I pulled my finger out of her to let her catch her breath.

“Damn, that was awesome! Safe to say my first time with a guy was a success.” It could not have been more of an ego boost to hear that from Amanda. I am proud of how many times I can make Stephanie cum by going down on her, but hearing that from a girl who has been with exclusively women felt like a badge of honor. Not to mention it dramatically sped up my recovery time, and my dick was ready for the next round.

I looked over to the couch and watched as Stephanie rode Derek’s dick, Alanna kissed him, and Kristen rubbed his balls. I was happy to feel a smile wash over my face in response to my fiancé enthusiastically riding our friend’s dick. There was no jealousy, just happiness seeing she is having fun.

“It looks like Derek is getting too much attention over there, why don’t you tag Alanna out,”

“Great idea,” Amanda responded, as she gave me a quick kiss and made her way to the couch.

“I heard you requested me,” Alanna said with a devilish grin. “Switching things up has been fun so far, I wouldn’t want anyone to get bored,” I responded with a wink. We embraced and kissed intensely the taste of a variety of friends on each of our lips. Somehow the sex on both our lips made the kiss hotter. It was so dirty, so wrong, and I simply couldn’t get enough of it.

Alanna brought me to the floor and took my newly revived dick into her mouth. It was wonderful positioning by her as it put me right next to Julia who was still blowing Justin. I put my hand on the back of her thigh to gauge her reaction, and slowly made my way up towards her ass. She popped Justin’s dick out her mouth, and said “hey there handsy,” and with a welcoming smile she turned her attention back to Justin.

I found myself getting another dose of reality at this moment, Alanna had my dick in her mouth while I was massaging Julia’s ass to my heart’s content. I made a mental note to appreciate everything that was happening as often as possible.

As I finished the thought, I moved from massaging Julia ‘s ass to running a finger up and down her pussy. She was soaking wet and my finger slid inside with ease. She let out a sigh of pleasure onto Justin’s dick as I slowly slid my finger in and out of her.

Julia popped Justin out of her mouth again, and said “Let’s move to the other couch, I need someone inside me.” Alanna loved that idea and the four of us all headed to the other couch in the room. I took Alanna to the right arm of the couch and Justin took Julia to the left.

We were all on the same wavelength as I bent Alanna over the arm of the couch and Justin did the same to Julia across from me.

As I bent Alanna over the arm of the couch, I took in a site I had imagined countless times. That perfect ass was bent over and waiting for me. I saw Justin enter Julia right after he bent her over, and Julia groaned with euphoria as he slowly started to thrust into her. However, I wasn’t ready just yet, I needed to taste Alanna even just for a minute.

I pushed her down a little further on the couch and eaglery licked at her pussy. Much faster than I had done with Kristen and Amanda. As my tongue was running all over her, I couldn’t stop staring at her asshole. If you couldn’t tell, I have a thing for butt play and needed to taste it.

Without warning I moved my mouth from her pussy, and dove my tongue into her asshole. Alanna let out a shriek of surprise and pleasure similar to that of Kristen’s not too long ago. Alanna looked back at me and said “wow, I’ve never had my ass eaten before, it’s such an odd feeling.”

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