Sibling Roomates Pt. 02

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Liz looked at me, I looked at her. The shower water still rained down upon us. She then turned her eyes downward and smiled.

“I’m glad I could take care of your problem. In fact,” as she playfully moved like a robot, “As the great Andrew Martin once said, one is glad to be of service.”

We laughed. That was her favorite movie growing up. She always suggested it for movie night every chance she got. She told me once that the journey to find another like yourself spoke to her, but it could have also been that this was one of the few movies that weren’t too scratched to play completely.

Liz closed her eyes and tilted her head back to let the water fully engulf her hair. She had hair that was the same as our father’s, a dirty blonde. She kept hers past her shoulders.

My eyes caught a stray droplet of water as it bounced from her head and traveled down her slender neck and then past her delicate collarbone. The droplet continued down her shapely breasts until it merged with a stream that ran down her trim belly. Mesmerized, my eyes followed the stream of water as it flowed past her waist down to her neatly shaven pussy. The stream continued down her long athletic legs until it reached the shower floor.

Liz straightened as she ran soapy fingers through her hair. She opened her eyes to see me as I stood there like a wide-eyed idiot.

“You know this is a shower, and it’s usually considered normal to wash,” she flung her soapy hand in my direction, scattered bubbles splayed across my chest. “Do I need to call mom and see if she still has Mr. Squeaker?”

Mr. Squeaker was a toy duck my stepmom used to distract me long enough to ensure I fully cleaned in the bathtub. I couldn’t believe she still remembered that, but they brought it out in every communal bath until we were old enough to wash with no supervision.

“You wouldn’t dare do that,” as I gave her a dirty look. She grinned, then laughed.

I shampooed my short black hair and squeezed past Liz so I could compete for the showers’ attention. She didn’t move out of the way as I expected, instead; she wrapped her arms around me in a hug. I twisted and wrapped mine around her. The water washed away the soap bubbles between us.

“This is nice, just the two of us, as it has always been since the beginning,” as Liz rested her head on my chest.

“Does it make you happy when it’s just the two of us?”

“Of course, and if I could shrink you and put you in my pocket, I would carry you with me at all times.”

I hugged her tighter, and she responded in kind. Our naked wet bodies seemed to merge as one. I felt her gentle heartbeat against me. My body must have had a giant Liz-shaped hole because now with her pressed against me, skin to skin, I felt whole. Everything seemed clear, almost as if I could challenge the world and win. I felt complete; I wanted her to stay in my life forever and never let her go.

As she held me tightly and I heard her say, “Never leave my life again.”

We stood there and embraced one another until the shower turned cold. I turned the water off and she never moved and never let go; I continued to hold her.

After some time, Liz broke the silence, “Hey, Jon,” she said sheepishly. “Why did you never dance with me?”

“Huh, what do you mean?”

“Do you remember during senior year when your English class threw a traditional royal English ball?”

“Yeah, I think I remember that,” I said, even though I only vaguely remembered.

“We stayed up late, and you told me all about the different dances you had learned. You said you would teach me. But you never did.”

I remembered that night. The next day in the morning, my mom found out where we lived and had an argument with my dad and stepmom. There was yelling kocaeli escort and crying, and I don’t remember what it was about. I had forgotten all about teaching Liz to dance.

She continued, “I was secretly hoping you would have just swooped me up out of bed and dance the night away.”

“Well, I think I remember it already super late. I’m sorry I forgot. How about I show you later?”

“Oh. Okay. Later,” her eyes looked downward. She looked dejected. Her typical energy retreated into herself. She looked sad and lonely, I imagined this is how she looked in her abandonment dreams. It broke my heart to see her like this. I vowed to myself that I would let her feel this way ever again.

“Or I can show you now,” I said as I interlocked my fingers into hers and pulled her out of the shower. Our bodies were still dripping wet. The bathroom was too small to dance around, so I flew to the hallway with my sister in tow.

I heard her as she let out a giggle, and it made me smile. We went through the hallway and into the living room. Every step flung water from our bodies and left behind a wet trail in the carpet. I was aware of this but did not care. There was only one thing that mattered right now. One mistake that had to be corrected, no matter what.

I stopped and turned to face her. We stood bare in the living room, still completely wet, and neither one of us cared. Nudity between us had never been an issue, so why would it have been now.

“So, let’s dance,” I said. Her smile lit up across her face and I couldn’t help but smile widely back.

I closed the distance between us.

“Place your hands here,” I placed one of Liz’s hands on my shoulder, “and the other here,” I clasped her other hand in mine as my free arm curved around her back. I pulled her into me, and our stomachs clapped together with a loud wet smack. We both laughed at the noise.

“Alright, we are going to do a 1-2-3 step, 1-2-3 step, and repeat. Ready?”

As I stood there naked and wet, pressing my equally naked and wet half-sister Liz into me.

I looked into her face and her dilated green eyes looked back at me dreamily. She responded with a nod.

We danced as I repeated aloud, “1-2-3 step.” Her footwork matched mine, unsteady at first as she watched my feet, but this was a simple dance and she picked it quickly. We danced around the couch and coffee table.

As our movement became more and more synchronized, Liz added some flair to her moves. I copied her. She twirled out while as she continued to clasp my hand and kicked her feet in place and swung her free arm about. She looked the happiest I have ever seen her, so full of intensity.

“You can swing dance?” I asked with surprise.

“Why, you digging this jive?”

I kicked my feet in response to hers. We swung our free arms out, then in, to switch out the hand the other held. We squatted down, then clapped our hands to our thighs as we continually jumped back. She ran towards me, then up on the couch. Her foot stepped onto the couch arm and in a single fluid motion leaped into the air.

As if on autopilot, my arms reached out towards Liz, my fingers stretched open as they eagerly expected the feel of her skin at a moment’s notice. My body ached for the touch of her flesh. I felt her as she brushed against my fingertips, with her face inches away from mine, I had caught her flawlessly without fail as if we had rehearsed this a thousand times over. Her face cool and composed, she had complete faith in me. My hands held onto her hips, I lifted and twirled her over my head. She was the prize that I wanted to display proudly; she closed her eyes and spread her arms.

The doorbell rang. Startled, my feet tripped over one another. kocaeli escort bayan I lost balance, fell backward, and landed on my back. Liz landed on top of me, primarily my face. Darkness and squishiness surrounded my head.

“Hey Jon, are you home? It’s me, Mitch.”

My vision was no longer obstructed by darkness. I could see an obstructed view of Liz’s face. She looked down towards me from between her spread thighs. I opened my mouth to speak, and instead her pussy greeted me. A small pleasurable yelp escaped her as the vibrations of my muffled voice traveled into her. My entire body froze solid at this realization. I did not want to move out of fear that she might make another sound, possibly a louder one. When Liz realized that the sound made had come out of her, she quickly closed her thighs in gut reaction. Darkness now flooded my vision once again. My jaw could no longer move with her latest adjustments, my mouth now locked open.

Trapped underneath my sister for what seemed like an eternity. A light scent danced in the air. It was comforting, familiar, inviting, and it begged me to breathe more. I inhaled deeply; the aroma flooded my nostrils, the oxygen in my lungs now replaced with the essence of my sister. There was a pleasurable warm sensation in the pit of my stomach, as if a matchstick had been lit inside of me. It cried out to me, pleaded with me to let it grow, to let it expand and spread. I could no longer resist; the fire had seduced me.

My mind shifted to a singular focus, that a woman was sitting naked on top of me. Images of Liz in the shower flashed through my mind, they reminded me of how beautiful and athletic Liz looked in the shower. The water had been so inviting, so accommodating as it covered our bodies. I suddenly became jealous of the water. Envious of how it wrapped around her like a second skin, feeling every curve that her body offered and able to explore her body as it chose to, it left no secrets undiscovered. I longed to be her shower water; I would leave no part of her untouched.

Everything stopped as my tongue screamed to my body as it reported a new sensation. My taste buds went into overdrive as they analyzed a liquid that dropped onto it. Signals fired to my brain that I could not process. I dedicated every ounce of energy to my ability to focus. The taste of Liz was indescribable it was as if someone had devoted an entire lifetime to learn every single one of my favorite things from my past, present, and future then had multiplied it by an exuberant number until finally they had perfected it into a single source and engineered my sister’s pussy to produce it. Someone had just casually walked into the lit matchstick and poured gasoline on it, it was now an out-of-control fire.

Mitch knocked at the door, “Hey you didn’t answer your phone. I think I still left some of my stuff here when I moved out.”

I extended my tongue and licked. Sliding my tongue against the softness of her pussy lips, capturing any juice that formed.

Liz moaned a single short, loud moan.

Mitch’s voice once again came from behind the front door. “Hey, is someone there?”

Liz opened her thighs and looked down at me as if to say, “You can’t wait like 5 minutes?” My tongue explored her further, memorizing every part of her. I watched as she bit her lip and sucked in a pleasurable squeal. She placed a hand on the nearby coffee table for balance. The coffee table creaked with the motion and slide away. Liz lost her hold, her body crashing back onto me, coating my face with her juices. My tongue slid deep inside of her. She let out a cute high-pitched yelp.

“Look, I’ll just come back later,” Mitch finally said.

I nibbled on her lips with my own, sucking escort kocaeli and toying with them. Liz arched her back as she planted her hands in the carpet and lifted herself up. She spread her legs wider and pushed her pussy into my face. Tunnel vision set in, I could only think one moment at a time and at this moment I had a singular purpose in life, to lick her, my purpose was to lick my sister Liz. My happiness was a simple mathematical equation.

Me + licking Liz = happily ever after

Between heavy breathing, Liz articulated, “Do I taste okay?”

“You taste wonderful,” I said after a long-drawn-out lick.

“Are you sure? You can stop if I don’t,” as she took a labored breath between each word.

“I’d replace drinking water with drinking you.”

“You would?” Liz said in a shaky, innocent whimper.

I could feel her body relax a bit as her breathing became louder with coos as she exhaled.

“I want you to lick me.”

I was.

“I want you to put your tongue in me.”

I did.

“I want you to flick my…”

My tongue fluttered against her clit, leaving her speechless. I wanted to give my sister 10 times more pleasure than she gave me. Every need of hers I wanted to fill. I would give her everything want she wanted from me. I would load her with so much love and affection to last a few lifetimes so that she would never forget that I will always and forever be here for her — Always.

I could see her looking directly at me, heaving as she breathed. We made eye contact and looked at one another; she looked at me longingly, with eyes so full of wonderment. Then as she closed her eyes, she silently and clearly mouthed the word “Always.”

Her body shook, and she repeatedly ground her pussy deep into my face, so deep that it shut off my ability to breathe until she backed off. I licked with renewed enthusiasm as hands roamed what they could of her body. My tongue encountered a thicker cream that started oozing from her. It tasted like pure, concentrated Liz. I used large sweeping motions with my head and tongue to lick far below, directly at and up above the drop, and curled my tongue back to my mouth so that none of her escaped me.

Liz paused for a second at every tongue curl, seeming to catch her breath. Until she finally froze completely. She held her breath during five long licks. I wondered if I had broken her. Her legs shook, she panted loudly. Her thighs squeezed around my head before releasing me as she erupted with a loud, otherworldly moan.

My fire stabilized and resulted in a strong steady controlled flame.

Liz rolled off me, then cuddled next to me. “That was the first time someone else gave me an orgasm.” She looked at me dreamily and slowly blinked, “and it was the best one I’ve ever had in my life,” she admitted. Her words sent a tingling sensation through me. I felt overjoyed after I heard those words, I got to make her feel as wonderful as she made me earlier.

“Totally jealous that I’m not your girlfriend,” she said with a gentle kiss on my cheek. My brain slipped into daydream mode with visions of us doing typical boyfriend and girlfriend things, that is until I realized those are things we would just normally do anyway, so instead, I just thought of us cooking a meal together, going on a run together, having adventures, and fun times by just having her in my life every day.

A feeling of coldness interrupted my happy thoughts. The carpet beneath me cold and wet as it absorbed the bulk of the leftover shower water. Liz was now fast asleep; I could hear her rhythmic soft breathing. I stood up and gently attempted to nudge her awake. She didn’t budge. I put my arms under her back and knees and lifted her up, cradling her in my arms, her head resting on my shoulder. She looked so peaceful, so happy, and oh so beautiful.

I carried Liz back to my room and then I pondered to myself, should I still call it my room, or should I say our room. I turned towards her sleeping amazing face and said, “I will always love you.” Then I kissed her forehead.

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