Sexting Pt. 13

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“Just drive Major!” said Jennifer.

“But where are we going?” the Major asked again.

Jennifer consulted a map and directed Chip off the main highway and they pulled up to a locked gate and stopped. Jennifer got out of the car and approached the gate. “You do see the No Trespass sign, Jennifer,” called out the Major.

Jennifer held up a set of keys and opened the lock and directed the Major to pull forward. She closed the gate and locked the chain and got back in the car. The Major followed the road for another quarter mile. They came into a clearing with a small house that was set next to a small lake. Jennifer got out of the car and waited for the Major to join her and they walked toward the entrance.

She inserted a key in the door lock, and held the door for Chip. He entered and Jennifer closed the door. Shafts of light came through the windows, in the darkened room. The room was stuffy and the tables were coated in dust.

“It will take some time to get it back in shape but it is about how it was described,” said Jennifer breaking the silence.

“Your Mom own this place?” asked the Major.

“No I think I do; it is the one thing that my father left me. I inherited it when dad died.”

The Major embraced his wife and they kissed. She directed them to a door that led to a covered deck. It looked over the small pond, the water was clear and she notices a slight bubbling of water at one end of the pond. Must be fed by a spring, Jennifer though. Jennifer started to beat the dust off of the patio furniture, when she suddenly pulled her top and bra off. “You said you liked private nudity and this place is about as private as I can make it.”

“You are so good looking, ma’am,” said the Major.

“You just like to look at woman’s breasts. Of Course I like playing with men’s cocks.”

The Major moved closer to Jennifer and embraced her. Their lips met and she slid her hands into Chip’s pants and massaged his cock.

“You do that little maneuver so well,” said the Major.

“And it gets the results I want. I love feeling your strength,” said Jennifer as she kissed him.

Jennifer moved him to the lounge chair and unzipped his pants. She freed his cock and she straddled him with her rump in chip’s face. She leaned down and kissed the tip of his cock. She stood up and continued to work his cock over. “What are you doing?” ask the Major.

“I am putting it away,” said Jennifer. She zipped the Major’s pants up and turned and kissed her husband.

She stood and stripped off her slacks and kicked her shoes off leaving her completely naked. She climbed back on the lounge straddling the Major. She kissed him. Jennifer pulled his hands up and placed them on her breasts. The Major rolled her nipples with his fingers. They became hard, and Jennifer began to laugh at the feeling he was giving her. She leaned down and kissed her husband.

“Something is wrong here,” said Jennifer as she opened Chip’s pants again. His cock sprung out like it had been released from prison. She positioned herself over his cock and the tip found the entrance and she impaled her pussy on his cock. She placed her head next to his and whispered; “Time to go to work, darling.”

The Major began to move his cock in and out of Jennifer’s pussy. Jennifer joined met his maneuvers and after fifteen minutes of intense lovemaking, the Major’s cock was bathed in warm fluid. Jennifer leaned down and kissed him.

“Come on Major it is time for you to flood me with your cum,” cried Jennifer.

The Major’s cock jerked and he felt the warm stream of his spend. Jennifer kissed him again, got off and walked to the edge of the deck. She stood with the light behind her silhouetting her figure. Jennifer jumped in the pond. She swam to a post that had a ladder attached to the side and climbed up and walked back to the Major.

“Is there anything in the house that I can put around you so you will not catch a cold?”

“I will just air dry, I’m fine,” Jennifer responded.

The Major kissed her and his hand moved down to her pussy

“Do that some more and I will never get dry. Let me dry off. Then we can go into town and buy some supplies,” Said Jennifer.

Jennifer picked up her clothes and walked into the house. Chip followed her and he assisted her getting dressed. He kissed his wife and marveled at her beauty. They walked out to the car and retraced their route to the road. Jennifer again unlocked the gate and then locked it escort kartal when the Major pulled the car though.

They pulled into the store parking lot in a little town about fifteen miles up the road, and got out. The Major stated that he would get provisions for dinner and Jennifer said that she would get the cleaning supplies. They met at the checkout and paid for their products and loaded up the car.

“I guess we are spending the day cleaning your cabin,” said the Major.

“No we are spending the day making love but I will need to clean areas around the place so I wanted to have some supplies on hand,” replied Jennifer.

After getting through the gate the Major pulled up to the house and they carried the food and supplies inside. Jennifer pulled her top off again and embraced her husband. She directed him back out to the deck and they lay on the lounge. Jennifer’s hand slipped into the Major’s pants and went to work on his cock. The Major stood up and dropped his pants and underwear. Jennifer sat up, grasped his cock and kissed the crown. After a few moments of hesitation she took his entire cock in her mouth.

“My second favorite place,” said the Major.

Jennifer lay back on the lounge. “Well if you want to be in your favorite place you will need to undress me, darling”

The Major unbuttoned her pants and slowly drew them down to her ankles. He lifted each foot and slipped the pants off her legs. He moved up and pulled her underwear down and dropped them to the floor. He leaned down and kissed her navel, he moved to her legs and kissed up to her pussy but did not touch her cunt. The Major moved down to her feet and began to massage the soles of her feet.

“Darling, I love the attention but I really want to get fucked,”

“You need to learn patients, my dear,” said the Major.

He continued to massage her feet and then he lifted her legs and placed them on his shoulders. He leaned down and attacked her pussy. His tongue darted in and out of her slit and his lips found her clit and he applied suction on her pleasure center. Jennifer’s breathing quickened. “Darling, I love the attention but I really need to feel your cock.”

The Major ignored her pleading and continued to suck on her cunt. Two fingers replaced his tongue and he moved to allow Jennifer to suck on his cock. She took his cock and began to suck on the tip. Suddenly he felt his cock shoot a load of cum in her mouth. The Major started to suck on his lover’s cunt and was rewarded with her climax. He moved up to her mouth and they kissed.

“Next time mister we fuck the old fashioned way,”

“All I read in the popular press is that women want foreplay,” said the Major.

“Darling I like the main event, foreplay is nice but over-rated,” said Jennifer.

The two embraced and the major felt his cock gaining life again and he positioned it at the entrance to her cunt and he swiftly inserted it in her love hole.

“That is more better, darling.”

The Major started to rapidly move his cock in and out of her cunt. Jennifer moved to kiss her husband and she crossed her legs limiting his movement. The Major suddenly strained and he felt several jerks indicating that he was coming.

This time the Major got up and jumped in the pond. He was shocked at how cold the water was. He swam to the ladder and climbed out and shivered. There was a splash as Jennifer followed him into the pond. She climbed out as quickly as the Major. She walked over and embraced. They walked in the house and Jennifer looked through the bags and tossed a towel toward Chip. She walked over and helped him towel off. He helped her dry her body. The put their clothes on, they walked around the house checking the place out.

Jennifer flipped some of the breakers and suddenly lights came on. “I guess the trust is paying the power bill.”

“Tell me how you came to own this property?” asked the Major.

“It is a long story. I was at a camp before my junior year in high school and when I returned home, my mother took me to a restaurant and announced that dad left. She did not go into details; but made it clear that my father was not going to be a part of my life. Never told me why, and we carried on like he had died. Have you ever heard of a woman named Yvonne Connolly?”

“Author I think,” said the Major.

“Yvonne Connolly is my biological father. His/her feelings about her gender selection were so strong that my father could not live maltepe escort as a man. He/she decided to drop out of my life when I was going to be a junior in high school. When I was about to graduate from college and enter the Army I received a letter from Yvonne Connolly; I thought that she was some kind of relation. I never realized that, that person was my father. I asked mom and she confirmed the story. She said that it was Yvonne’s choice to drop out of our lives because at the time society wasn’t as accepting. Yvonne moved to Texas and wrote books, books that made a lot of money. She purchased this property and continued writing. Shortly after I graduated from Law School, I received two letters one from Yvonne and about three weeks after that, one from a lawyer. Yvonne said that the drugs that she took to allow her to be a woman; caused her to contract cancer. Yvonne never had assignment surgery, but presented herself as a woman. The letter from the lawyer told me about a trust set up to maintain this property and said that Yvonne passed away. I told mother about the letters but she never expressed an interest in the land. She and Dave found each other when Mom went to work at the Norfolk naval base.”

Jennifer walked back to the kitchen and got two more beers, and brought them out to where they were sitting.

“What are your plans?” asked the Major.

“Well Chip right now I have no plans, I only got the keys before my last trip. The Lawyer called and said the estate had gone through probate and he could release the keys to me. I don’t know if it is true but he said that Yvonne was very proud of my accomplishments,” said Jennifer.

“Is there anything you want to do?” asked Chip

“Not really make love to you, hold you close to me. I think that is one reason why I dropped the hammer on you when you took that woman to lunch. Here was another person abandoning me, and so soon after we became engaged.”

“The only way you will get rid of me is if you tell me to go. We are married now. Just remember Major Connolly I love you,” said the Major.”

Jennifer took Chip’s hands and put them on her breasts. The Major pulled her top off leaned over and kissed her. Jennifer pulled his shirt off exposing his well-muscled torso. Jennifer broke the embrace and walked to where the groceries were stored and pulled a tube of sun block. She handed it to chip and he began to apply the cream to her body. Jennifer did the same to Chip and they both walked out to the deck.

Chip stripped Jennifer’s pants down to her ankles and she stepped out of them. He applied the sun block to Jennifer’s legs. He kissed his wife’s pussy. He let her settle into the lounge chair. The sun was in the west and its rays were flooding the deck. The Major walked back in the house and came out with more beer. He handed the cold bottle to her.

“What is wrong Chip, you have a naked female looking at you and you are not taking advantage of her,” said Jennifer with a smile.

He leaned down and kissed his wife. His hand slipped down to her crotch and began to play with the outer lips of her pussy.

“Major, you are going to get me all hot and bothered if you continue, but please continue.”

Jennifer reached up and felt his erection though his pants. “Do you want me to relieve you?” asked Jennifer.

The Major dropped his pants and without a word mounted his wife. He thrust his cock in her pussy before she could protest. He kept up a fast pace, while he kissed her. He thrust forward and felt his cock shoot a load of cum. He embraced her as he continued to shoot into her pussy.

“I am not looking forward to the pond but I think we need to take a swim,” said Jennifer.

The Major reluctantly got up and helped Jennifer to stand and they both jumped in to the pond.

“Man that is cold,” said the Major when he broke the surface. He hugged Jennifer and they swam to the ladder. They climbed out and moved back in the house.

The Major walked out to the deck and gathered their clothes and brought them in. Jennifer found the bathroom and dressed in there. Chip dressed in the den. Jennifer took a walk around the house going in to each room. She came across Yvonne’s bedroom. It was set up like a hospital room. Jennifer looked and left almost as quickly as she went in.

They embraced and kissed. Jennifer’s demeanor changed suddenly “I don’t want to hang around much longer. I am getting some conflicted memories. Take me home Chip. pendik escort bayan I have to get away from here in order to decide what to do,” said Jennifer.

They left after gathering the food that they had bought. The Major started the car and they were on their way back to San Antonio.

The Major and Jennifer still commuted between the university and San Antonio that is when Jennifer was in the country. She was still making quick trips to various places for interviews. The work got so heavy that she put in for a transfer to the local JAG office.

Jennifer’s drinking became an issue when she went out with friends she would order several cocktails. When the Major was around he controlled it but it was becoming an issue. She was sober while on duty but he knew that something needed to be done.

When ever Jennifer brought up her father to her mother the subject was changed. She tried to get her father’s history but her mother wouldn’t talk about it. One day an Army social worker dropped in to see her, she left her card when she found out the Jennifer was out of the office. Jennifer went ballistic and called the Major on the phone. It took every effort to calm her down. The Major claimed that he had nothing to do with it.

The Major was not looking forward to his next visit since it would be the last one before he moved in. Chip’s replacement was coming in two weeks and his new duty would start shortly after he moved. He made the trip but braced for the blow back from Jennifer.

He was sitting in the kitchen of the townhome when she came home. There was an obligatory kiss but it had none of the passion that it usually had.

“Major Connolly I never called the family service office. You would have been the first to know so don’t blame me,” said Chip

“My transfer to JAG came through. So it was either my current colleagues, that are worried about my state of mind, or my new command. I liked what I was doing and traveling around the world is sexy. But it was taking it toll on me. I think that some folks in the office felt I was becoming a problem. I go to the “Thou Shalt Not Tell” meetings on Friday. I also called the woman back and I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon,” said Jennifer.

The Major leaned in and kissed her; “Do they still work?”

“Always, Always,” said Jennifer.

The Major and Jennifer discussed his impending move and what that would mean for their relationship. The town house had two bedrooms and two bathrooms. One of the bedrooms was designated the office and one they would occupy. Neither one had a lot of “stuff” so they would not have that problem. Being in the military you traveled light.

“Sure you don’t want to come with me to hold my hand?” asked Jennifer.

“If the social worker want’s to see me I will attend but only at her invitation. You might think about having your mother attend,” replied the Major.

“I am just scared, I have a lot of shit running around in my mind. You’re not one of them you are the best thing I have. This deal with my father really threw me for a loop and my mother just closing up about it. We should have just eloped like Chief Dave suggested,”

The Major looked at his watch 19:30. He leaned over and kissed his wife. Jennifer rose and walked out of the kitchen. Chip stayed and finished his Coke. A few minutes later he heard Jennifer calling him. He walked in to the bedroom and found her on the bed in the nude.

“Major did you think that you were going to get a pass on making love?” said Jennifer.

The Major started to remove his clothes “Madam while I was driving up here, I had the feeling that I would be lucky to sleep in the other bedroom.”

The Major got next to her and they embraced and kissed. Jennifer slid on top and moved down bringing his cock to her mouth. She used her hands to work his cock and balls. She licked the crown and the shaft. She moved up and kissed him while she continued to massage his cock. She kissed the crown again and then his lips. Chip began to move his pelvis in response to her actions.

“Be still it has been awhile since I have really worked you over,” said Jennifer.

The Major drew deep breaths every time she manipulated his cock. Jennifer continued shift between his cock and his mouth. When Chip tried to touch her she applied pressure to his cock. After what seemed like forever, Jenifer straddled him and directed his cock into her cunt. She leaned down and kissed him and her tongue invaded his mouth. “Come on Major cum for me you should be ready to fire.”

She bounced up and down on his pole; the Major’s breathing quickened and he went stiff feeling his cock spurt. Jennifer lay on top, kissing him. “You do know that I love you,” said Jennifer.

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