Seeing Dad After a Decade Ch. 02

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When I woke up the following morning, Uncle Jerry was gone, but my father was still there, sleeping. This was going to be awkward. Why the fuck did I allow any of that to happen? How could they have done this to me? More importantly, why did I enjoy it?

I called the motel to see if they needed any help just, so I could get out of my house before dad got up. My luck, they didn’t need anyone. In a panic state, I decided to get in the shower and wash all this filth off.

When I got out of the shower, I realized that I hadn’t brought any clothes in with me. “Fuck, I hope dad is gone or still sleeping.” That is all I could think to myself. Quietly, I opened the bathroom door and saw that my dad was still in the bed sleeping. I went into the bedroom, looking for anything to throw on.

Then I heard my father, “Hey Maria, why are you up so early? Come back to bed and lay down with me.”

“Hey, dad, I just got out of the shower. I’m looking for some clothes. Give me a minute.”

“Is Jerry gone?”

“Yes, he’s gone.” I found some shorts and a tank top that I threw on quickly. My mind was racing, I really didn’t know what my dad thought of me after last night’s events. I was a nervous wreck not knowing what he was thinking. I felt like a horrible human being and a whore.

“Hey sweety. Listen, things got carried away last night, with the booze, and fucking round. I hope you aren’t thinking about making a bigger deal outta this than what happened? I get it, it got carried away and I’ll make sure I don’t bring Jerry around anymore. Say something, please.”

I was so embarrassed by my behavior; I didn’t know where to start. I blamed myself for what had happened. “Dad, it was a big deal, but we are all to blame for what happened. I’ve avoided being around people because of stuff like this. I don’t blame you for what happened, and I don’t understand what you mean by, bigger deal? I love you and have missed you while you were gone. I don’t want to lose you and I don’t want you thinking I’m a whore because of last night. I don’t want Jerry around me ever again. I hope you understand?”

“WHEW! I feel much better now. I get it, it was a fucked-up situation. So, what your saying is, I can come by whenever I want if Jerry isn’t with me? What if I want to come by and want you the way I did last night?”

I wasn’t prepared or expecting that question. I thought we had moved on from what happened. “You’re joking, right?”

“Well, I had to ask.” Was all he said before grabbing me for hug, while laughing.

I put my head on my dad’s chest while he played with my hair, just thinking about everything. I had my arm wrapped around him, lost in thought. Then, I asked, “Are you serious? Do you really want to have sex with me again? I thought that happened because you were drunk and not thinking properly?” I was afraid of what the answers would be. One, because it would prove it was always his agenda last night. Two, I wasn’t 100% sure I didn’t want it to happen again.

“Sweety, I didn’t plan on it happening. It happened because we were all drunk and stupid. But it happened. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to fuck you again. I can’t promise that I won’t fuck you again. I have errands to run and I’m going out with friends tonight to celebrate my release.”

I was taken aback with his bluntness about fucking me and spinning it right into he has errands and partying to do. “What does that mean? When am I going to see you again?” I was panicking that he got what he wanted and was done with me.

“Yeah, we’ll see each other again, don’t be stupid. I’ll be in touch with you and give you updates.” Dad then started to push my hand down towards his dick, trying to get me to rub it.”

“I’m not doing that, dad. Please stop. Don’t be an asshole.”

“Ok sweety, time for me to run. I got a lot to do.” And with that rejection, he got up, made a call for someone to pick him up, and left with a very unemotional, “Goodbye.”

As soon as the door closed, I started hysterically crying. I felt more used than I did the night before. How could he be so cold towards me? I’m his fucking daughter. I was there for him the whole time he was locked up! I let him fuck me with his brother and didn’t make a big deal out of it. “FUCK HIM!” was all I could think.

For the rest of the day, I cleaned and sat around in complete confusion. I tried calling him, and it went straight to voicemail. I decided to text him, “Hey dad, miss you! I hope you are having fun. Wanted to make sure everything is ok with you and me?” I got a read receipt so, I know he read it. A couple of hours later, I decided to copy and paste the text and send it again. Still no response. I was getting more and more frustrated around him, not having the decency to respond. I decided if I’m going to sit around and stare at my phone and cry, I should go, get some wine and drink until everything stopped bothering me. I got four bottles of wine and the biggest bottle of Jack Daniels the liquor store etimesgut escort had. “FUCK IT!” I thought. I’m home alone anyway.

By eleven o’clock, I was shitfaced when my phone dinged from a text. “Hey, sorry I haven’t been around. I may need to crash at your place. Is that OK?”

I wanted to tell him to fuck himself. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I kept typing it but would delete it to avoid pissing him off. I finally texted back, “Are you drunk? Why do you need to come here?”

I stared at my phone, waiting for his response. “I punched Jerry in the face when he asked if we were going to fuck my stuck-up whore daughter again. Yes, I am drunk. Can I come there or not? It’s getting late, and I need to find out where I’m staying.”

Again, my mind was racing. I didn’t want dad to think he was going to come here to have sex with me, and I didn’t trust him to come alone. Finally, I responded, “Yes, you can come here. I DON’T WANT ANYONE ELSE AT MY HOME! UNDERSTAND?”

‘Understood. See you in about a half-hour. Thank you!”

I started guzzling wine. I wanted to get my liquid courage up before dad got here. I changed into y sweatpants and found my most comfortable long-sleeved shirt. Again, liquid courage and clothes are not easily removable. I was preparing myself just in case he thought we were; going to do anything except talk and sleep.

Finally, a knock on the door with dad announcing, “Little pig, little pig, let me in!” was all I heard as I opened the door.

When I opened it, there was a guy with dad, “Hey, I’m Tim. I’m just dropping him off. I already know I can’t come in. Here is your dad.”

Dad asked, “Sweety, Timmy can come in, right?”

I tried to hide my rage with my response, “No, not tonight. Thanks for dropping him off Tim. Nice to meet you, I can take it from here.”

I could tell Tim was expecting to come in by his response, “Sure, no problem hottie. Hopefully, you will invite me in another time. I hope you two have a great night. Bye.”

I was pissed that my father tried to bring someone in with him. Especially after I told him no one else could come in. I was too emotionally exhausted to argue with him and just wanted to go to bed at this point.

Dad asked, “So, looks like I wasn’t the only one drinking tonight? What do you want to do now?”

“I’m really pissed at you dad. I’m going to bed. What are you going to do?”

“I think I’m going to watch TV in bed with you. Sorry, you are pissed. Let’s go to bed and relax. OK?”

I was hoping he would sleep on the couch and didn’t trust him being in the bed with me. “Dad, why don’t you take the couch? There’s a TV out here.” Hopefully, he takes the hint that what happened wasn’t going to happen again.

“Nah sweety, that doesn’t work for me. Go get ready for bed and I’ll be in shortly.”

I was feeling nervous about him coming into the bed with me. I wasn’t convinced that he understood that I was serious about nothing happening. I got into the bed and put the TV on for him because he seemed to be too drunk to be able to use a remote. Suddenly, I was feeling my body temperature rising and was roasting. I decided to change back into a tank top. I got into the bed and was right against the wall. My thought was if he attempted to try anything, this would make it more difficult.

Dad crawled into bed, wrapped his arm around me, and said, “I’ve been waiting all day for this. It feels good to be home with you. Why are you so warm?”

“I don’t know, dad. I feel like I’m roasting. Maybe because of all the drinking I did today.” I could smell the alcohol seeping out of him. Dad kept rubbing my arm while rocking back and forth into me. None of this was helping with my body temperature. I could feel that he was erect while heavily breathing in my ear. All I could think to myself was, “hold out, don’t give in, you have all the control. Stay still, and he will eventually stop.”

Dad asked me, “Are you comfy, Maria? Does this feel good?”

I truly didn’t want to give an honest answer. I felt so wrong about this feeling good, and my body was reacting. I was so confused by all of this. It felt like it was a hundred degrees, and all I wanted to do was strip down to nothing. “It feels good, dad. I can tell it feels good for you too. Nothing is going to happen, so plan on keeping it in your pants, understand?” I felt like I stood up to him, and he got the point.

“Keep it in my pants? Too late for that sweety, I do not have any pants on. I get your point though. can you turn the TV off? I just want to go to sleep if all you’re; going to do is tease. Thanks a lot.” Dad then moved away from me, and I could tell he was disappointed with me.

I turned over and let him know, “Hey, don’t get shitty with me, brat.” I got him to chuckle with that comment. “I know you’re drunk and horny, but that doesn’t mean you can just fuck me. I’m your daughter, remember? We are both drunk, but it’s not etimesgut escort bayan an excuse for us to fuck. I wasn’t being a dick tease; I was actually going to bed. Also, I didn’t know you came to bed with no clothes on. I thought we were going to forget everything that happened yesterday.” I was trying to protect us both from having more regret.

I was waiting for dad to respond, which seemed to be taking forever. “Sweety, you are so negative. I wasn’t trying to fuck you. All I was doing was snuggling with you. Yes, I don’t have any clothes on, this is how I sleep. I don’t like roasting when I sleep. This is the best way to avoid it. But you didn’t even think about that. You automatically went to my creepy, convict father is trying to fuck me again. Even though I punched my brother in the face tonight because of everything that happened last night.”

To be honest, I never gave him the benefit of the doubt on that. I don’t know him well enough to know any of this. I couldn’t distinguish if I should feel bad or if I felt bad because I was drunk and naïve. “You are right. I wasn’t thinking, I’m sorry. How about we snuggle and go to sleep?”

Dad rolled over, draping his leg across me. He placed his hand on my stomach, asking, “Is this, OK?”

“Yes, it absolutely is!” It felt good to have him close to me. I could feel his erect cock pushing against my hip as he was slightly moving in a humping motion. A little time had passed when he started rubbing my stomach over my shirt. I didn’t ask him to stop. I figured we were done arguing for the night. He wasn’t being inappropriate at first, then he went under my shirt, continuing to rub my stomach. I probably should have told him to stop. Instead, I said, “That feels good.” It did feel good. I should have kept that to myself, I thought.

Dad told me, “Good, I want you to feel good. You are still burning up. You should get more comfortable so you can cool down.” Then he knelt up and asked, “Is this your favorite shirt or something?”

I thought the question was weird. It was a cheap tank top. “No, why?”

Want to see a trick on how to cool down?” he asked.

I responded with, “HAHA, yeah, sure.” I was thinking; how much I liked this playful, caring side of him.

He grabbed the top of my shirt and asked, “Ready?”


My dad then tore my shirt right off me in one swift pull. Then said, “Tada, it’s magic.” Then he laid back down, draped his leg back across me, and started rubbing my stomach again.

I didn’t know whether to laugh, be pissed, or terrified. I was terrified with how turned on I was by having my clothes ripped off me. All I said was, “nice trick, dad. OK, it’s bedtime now. Goodnight.” I wasn’t going to be able to sleep after that, and I knew it.

I believe dad thought I fell asleep. He kept exploring his boundaries, moving his rubbing up to my tits. I didn’t let him on that I was still awake. My thinking was that I was topless, so I should have expected that he would think it was ok. He started kissing my neck while pinching my nipples. It was becoming harder and harder to hide that I was awake. My body was going into overheat mode. I did not want my dad to know this. If he knew, there would have been no stopping him.

Dad then knelt up on the bed. He bent over my face, lowering his lips to mine. He kissed me while holding my chin with his thumb and forefinger, opening my mouth. I felt his tongue in my mouth. I did my best to feign sleeping. He then started kissing my neck again, this time giving tender bites. As he continued to move down, finally getting to my tits. He was licking my nipples until they were more erect than I could ever remember. I could tell he was determined, and no matter what, he was going to have his way with me. Again, I was terrified with how turned on I was that my father was doing this to me and, I had no control over it.

I don’t know if it was, he booze, or if I just wanted to see how much control he actually had over me. So, I decided to acknowledge what was happening to see what he would do. “Dad, what are you doing? Please don’t do that.”

Moment of truth, dad said, “Relax, it’s going to be ok. Shhhh… Relax, Maria.” And he continued sucking, biting my nipples, driving me crazy. Once he realized I was awake, he started rubbing my stomach again, moving his hand to the top of my sweatpants, letting his fingers slide under the elastics, grazing the top of my mound. “Dad is taking care of you. Doesn’t it feel good?”

I felt horrible doing this with my father. I felt like the worst person on the planet, like a whore, but it did feel good. “It does, Daddy, but we can’t do this. You told me you wouldn’t do this again. Please stop.” I knew he wasn’t going to stop. I was testing him. I believed he was going to get whatever he wanted, no matter what. “Please don’t do this to me.”

As soon as I said this, dad stopped sucking my tits and moved his hand out of escort etimesgut my pants. He asked me, “You really want me to stop?”

Dad was moving on the bed, I was thinking he was going to stop. I was in shock. “Yes, Dad, please stop. I don’t think we should be doing this.” I was terrified that he wouldn’t stop and terrified that he would stop.

Then I realized he had both hands at the top of my sweatpants, ready to yank them down. “Dad needs some pussy. We already fucked. It’s not a big deal. Stop being dramatic.” Dad brutally yanked my pants down, hurting me in the process.


Dad was getting aggressive; he thought I was trying to stop him. He pulled my legs apart and commanded, “Play with your clit.” Yanking my hand down to my pussy. I didn’t do it quick enough, so he slapped me in the face, saying, “Play with your fucking pussy.” Now I was scared a little bit by the slap, so I started rubbing my clit, he lowered to my pussy and started licking me while I rubbed my clit. Between the fear, rubbing my clit, and dad eating my pussy, I came within seconds of all of this. I came all over my father’s face when I felt his tongue in my asshole. At this point, I would have done anything he wanted.

Before I could recover, dad had my legs open, and he slammed his entire cock into me. It knocked the wind out of me. I was trying to push him off me because I was panicking. After all, I couldn’t catch my breath. He kept slamming his cock into me aggressively. Dad thought I was trying to keep him from fucking me and told me, “Stop fighting it, whore. Take daddy’s cock, slut.” To make matters worse, I was getting ready to cum again. I came so hard I thought I pushed his cock right out of my pussy.

Finally, I had my wind back. I liked antagonizing dad. I liked his aggressive responses to my timid behavior. I wanted to explore it more now, “Daddy, why are you fucking me? I’m your daughter. You know this isn’t right?”

He grabbed my hair and pulled it, telling me, “I will fuck you whenever I want. You act like you have a choice. Be glad I didn’t let Tim come in and get some pussy tonight. YOU WILL DO WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?” He said all of this as he was slamming his cock into me. It felt like he was rupturing my cervix.

Dad was making me nervous; I could see the viciousness in his eyes. This whole time I thought I had control and was the one playing games with him. I could tell he believed everything he just said, and this was him warning me that he meant it. I told him, “Yes, Daddy, I understand. I must do whatever you want to do whenever you want me to. Fuck me, please, dad, fuck me.”

Dad pulled his cock out of me and told me, “Turn the fuck over, get on your fucking hands and knees, like the bitch you are.” I did as I was told to do. He slammed his cock into me while pulling my hair. All the while telling me, “Next time I bring a friend to fuck you, you fuck him, DO YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND!” as he was slapping my ass. I was going to cum again, and he knew it.

I could feel him getting ready to explode as I was Cumming for what seemed to be the 100th time. I begged him, “DAD, PLEASE DON’T CUM IN ME! I’M NOT ON ANYTHING!”

As soon as I said that, I felt him explode in my pussy. I melted from exhaustion, collapsing on the bed as my dad’s cock slipped out of my pussy.

A few minutes went by when I asked, “Dad, did you bring that guy here with the intention you both fucking me?”

His response startled me, “Yes, that is why I brought him here. I bet him $200 that not only would you fuck your father, that you’d let a stranger and father tag team you. You fucked it all up. You are going to have to make that up for me. I may have to let Tim bring a friend now. I was trying to take it easy on you, keeping it too, two at a time.”


“No, I am not. You like cock. You fucked your dad and uncle. To be honest, it wasn’t as hard as Jerry, and I thought it would be. You pretty much gave it up easily. In two nights, how many times have you cum? You act like you don’t want to get fucked. We both know you love it. I appreciate it. I was worried it would be difficult finding some pussy after ten years. Then here you are, ready to give it up, easily. I appreciate it. But now I know how easy it is to get you to give it up to me, and you like being tag teamed. Of course, I’m going to take advantage of that. So don’t act all innocent and proper. You know you are neither. Am I wrong?”

I was in complete shock. This whole time, I was being played. He wasn’t wrong, I didn’t put up much of a fight. I am not as innocent as I believed I was. I did enjoy the sex once I got over the fact that it was my uncle and father fucking me. I could have cut my father out of my life after last night, but I obsessed about him all day. I have no defense and having no say in what happens excites me. What kind of sicko am I? Moment of truth, “Yes, daddy. You are not wrong. I did cum a lot, and I like your aggressive approach. You excite me and make my pussy wet knowing I must do whatever you want me to do. That you want to fuck me so badly, you don’t care about consequences. So, hopefully we can continue to fuck each other. Deal?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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