Research and Analysis – Crossover 02

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My sexual urges and the availability of sex peaked at exactly the right time…yes…Friday! That isn’t to say that I hadn’t pleasured myself once or twice in the interim but, as nice as my masturbation orgasms were…and they were good, they couldn’t compare with the ones I experienced with Gladys and Tanya. Earlier in the day, however, I got a text from Tanya telling me to check my messages on the dating site. I did that, and I found this:

“Tawney, there has been a change of plans for tonight. Gladys has been called out of town on a job and I have a very ill husband on my hands…and it’s something a blowjob won’t cure. But you are in luck. I guarantee that you will have fun tonight. Tonight, when you get to the hotel, go to the desk clerk and tell them that they have something for “Tanya”. They will give you an envelope that will contain a key-card and a yellow balaclava, not an ugly knit black one but a lighter one make of thin Lycra that will fit you like a glove. The key-card is for room 816, you don’t need to worry about “protocols”.

“When you get to the room go immediately and directly into the bathroom just to the right of the door and put on your mask…it’s easy, there’s a zipper in the back. When get into the room you will meet “June” who will be likewise masked. June is a precious person who is new to lesbian meet-ups (I so detest the term hook-up) but she is eager to make love to another woman. I am sure you two will talk, as well, but please remember our concept of anonymity. Be calm and gentle with sweet June. She is VERY new to the idea of having sex with a woman.

“If you don’t want to do this, I quite understand, it is last-miute. Just let me know before 5:00PM and I can make other arrangements for June. But I do hope you follow through; I know you will enjoy it with June.

I had been anticipating all week having sex with Gladys and Tanya. But it was no time to be bashful. I trusted Tanya and thought, “This could be a lot of fun, just like she says!”

I dressed up for the meeting. I put on a skirt…an honest to goodness skirt…a sheer white silk blouse…but no bra…and broke out the only pair of high-heeled shoes I have–fortunately they went O.K. with my skirt. I had some pearls as well that would look nice if I kept the top two buttons of my blouse open. I put in my pearl earrings. I didn’t overdo my make-up…well not too much…I wanted to look like an exotic Asian woman so, I went a little heavy on my eye-liner and eye shadow and found my tube of deep red lipstick. I didn’t look like a hooker and I didn’t look like a choir girl…

When I checked myself out in the mirror, I said to myself, “Yeah! I’d fuck HER!” I was a success!

I followed all of Tanya’s directions; they were flawless. I did as directed and went directly to the bathroom and put on my Lycra balaclava. As I checked it out in the bathroom mirror, I thought it made me look mysterious and ultra-erotic. The apertures were large enough to show off my make up efforts, plus did not hamper my breathing at all. This was far better than that ugly thing Gladys wore.

I walked into the main part of the hotel room and saw”June”. I had to catch my breath. It was like I was looking at myself, except that she was wearing a purple balaclava not yellow like mine. June looked to be my height, maybe an inch taller, and within ten pounds of my weight. I also guessed that she was about the same age; that was harder to tell, though.

She was wearing a sheer white blouse just like me and I could tell where those extra ten pounds were–in her BOOBS!. She was wearing an adorable lacy bra that had clearly designed to be seen, hence June’s sheer blouse–34C- cup I estimated. I wasn’t wearing a bra so it was clear that my breasts were tiny. June was looking at my breasts as intently as I was gazing at hers.

I tentatively broached our conversation, “June? Right? My name’s Tawney. Tanya said you would be here to meet me. The only thing she didn’t tell me was how lovely you are!”

I wasn’t flattering her. She was truly a lovely looking woman, the balaclava notwithstanding. I had to control my breath; I couldn’t have her hear me that excited.

“And you are Tawney!,” she said as tentatively as I did, “Oh! but you already told me that. I’m so silly…nervous. But I think you see that…the nervous part…I mean…you know.”

“June, I don’t blame you…Honestly, I’m nervous myself. This is my first time like this,” I was talking to break the ice, “not that I haven’t been with a woman before…you understand..but the first time meeting someone for the first time…You for the first time…first time…I mean…well, I’m nervous, too!”

To settle things down, I said, “I don’t drink much…hardly at all…but I see there is some wine over there on the counter. Would YOU like some?”

“Oh, no!” June was quick to reply, “I’m not a drinker at all. I feel that I’m overly sensitive to it and it throws me off kilter and…I don’t ardahan escort like be unsteady…and it makes things seem different…and…you know…well…I don’t drink…is…what….”

June’s voice trailed off. I could tell she was uncertain, worried, apprehensive. Well, I felt that way too but maybe not as much. Besides, I think I may have had more experience dealing with new people than maybe she had.

“Let’s sit down and talk a little, June,” I lowered my voice even more, “we need to get acquainted and comfortable before we…well…doing ‘anything else’…if we do ‘anything else’. Here sit with me at the table.”

June nodded silently and headed for the table. I got two bottles of water, fancy sparkling mineral water, from the wet bar, followed her over, and sat down across from her. She put her folded hands on the table, the folding I detected as a sign of anxiety. I noticed, though, her hands looked beautiful. She had long, delicate fingers. I looked like she took great care with them; her manicure was impeccable. Her nails were short but superbly polished, not gaudy polish, but a very nice clear shade of pink.

June saw me looking at her hands and said, “Oh, my hands…yes…I take good care of my hands… I need to…because…well…I don’t know how much I should be telling…Tanya stressed the importance of anonymity and…sell…I don’t want to break rules…give myself away…you know.”

“I understand completely, June,” knowing that we’d arrived at some common ground, I said, “yes, that anonymity is important to me, too. It’s possible that I could lose my job if I’m identified with doing something like this. I mean it’s not because it’s illegal or anything but I have secu….well, my company has concerns about its….well, I think you know what I mean.”

“Oh, YES! I do, I DO! It is the same with me but different…different reasons..but the same…you know.” June’s voice trailed off again.

“I’ve known I’ve been lesbian for a long time, ” I said, knowing that I’d have get to the heart of the matter sooner or later, “it has always been part of me. I was in a bad marriage with a bad man for a few years. He needed to keep his green card. I hated it…HATED it…and when we divorced I finally had a chance to be with a woman. Damned it that didn’t blow up, too! You’re sensitive to alcohol; I’m sensitive to tobacco really makes me ill. My girlfriend wouldn’t stop smoking and had no consideration for me and my problem. That..and a few more things… spelled the end of that relationship. That was a few years ago and I just couldn’t work up to having…let alone find… another relationship. Men were out…a woman, the type of woman I thought I might be able to be with, wasn’t around…at least that I could find…then again I on top of being ‘gun shy ‘ I was just plain shy.”

I knew I had her interest so I went on, “So, my sexual relationships have been lesbian for many years but, and I want to be absolutely candid with you…I don’t think relationships go very far when there are lies or concealments in the background…this is something I’ve talked to Tanya about, too. She is wise in these things.”

I hesitated as to whether I should tell her this but, deep down inside I knew I had to be honest, so I said, “A friend of mine, a male friend of mine, just appeared in my life. It’s a long story how it happened. He is a wonderful guy, a lot younger than I am, but he seems to be attracted to me and I am to him but not in a committed way. I don’t want to blush when I say this, but he loves to go down on me, does oral sex on me, and it is thrilling. It is different than being with a woman but still pleasurable…for me, anyway….I can’t speak for him”

June didn’t jump up and run out, so I continued, “Lately, though, I have had to examine myself, am I a lesbian? Or, have I somehow found myself to be bi-sexual or, even,”pan-sexual” I expect that you know that I have enjoyed sex with Gladys and Tanya together…I never thought I would do group sex but…well there it is. The same is true with this young man. I never thought I would have sex with a man again but…well…there he is, giving me oral sex.”

I think I got a little serious, but I said, “I’m sorry if I have gotten to heavy about this but I do not want to fly under false colors. All I can say is that I love women, I love having sex with women, I love loving women…such as yourself. As for the rest, who knows what direction will take. All I know is that I am here with you NOW and that has made my dreams and desires come true. You are a dear person, I knew that the second I met you. In the depths of my heart, I do not want to do anything that will hurt you in any way.”

I didn’t want to be a buzz kill, so I giggled a little and said, “Well, there I go…I’ve been rambling on…I hope that’s not too much…you know, ‘TMI’…? But, look at me ignoring YOU! I’m here with YOU…I want to know about YOU! Tell ardahan escort bayan me!”

“Tawney! Oh, no! Absolutely,thank you for that! Honestly, Thank YOU,” June said as she came to life, “I can’t remember anyone being that honest with me about anything, let alone sex! Your experiences are so rich! But that’s not exactly what happened to me but I know the feelings you are talking about…yes I DO! Yes, yes, yes! I’m a mu…well, I’m around people all the time and I feel like you do…It’s shyness but it’s being afraid, too! I know that’s true with me. I want so much to experience…well…S-E-X. I can be honest with you, I think. I hope so…I mean, if I don’t then I’m stuck where I am…do you understand, Tawney? Do you?”

“June, June! Absolutely I understand what you’re saying…Absolutely! Me too!” I was relieved and thrilled that she was trusting me.

“And, Tawney,” she went on, “it’s hard for me to talk about these things. I haven’t had as much experience with this…I mean sexuality…well…dammit…I mean SEX…as you have. I’m not a virgin, but almost. It’s not that I don’t like men, but my first sexual experience was awkward, it embarrassed me really..and I just couldn’t bring myself to pursue a man like that again. And besides, the sexual attractions…almost all of them that I’ve had…and been to women. I get a little giddy thinking about it.”

She paused, looked at me clearly for reassurance. I gave her a–what else–a reassuring nod.

“That first time, you understand, ” June went on, “I was in a back room behind stage where musicians can practice…a small room, in my case, practicing with another musician..a male musician. I knew what sex was about even though I hadn’t done it yet but…I was twenty-two…can you imagine that old? Twenty-two and hadn’t had sex yet! Well, we were performing so well in the duet that we were in a mood..a good mood.”

Still nervous, she took a couple of sips of water and went on, “We took a rest, and he embraced me, suddenly…I mean I didn’t have time to think I felt a warmth in me and I know I must have been blushing. I think he took that as a sign, he kissed, and the next thing I knew we were on the floor, my skirt up over my thighs and my panties down and off. His pants were unbuckled…he didn’t even take them off… and his boxers down and he penetrated me. It wasn’t rape…I didn’t think so…I didn’t resist…in fact I was curious as to what was happening. You may not believe this but I’d never seen a penis in real life before really, let alone an erect penis…well maybe photos, but that’s different…so this real live penis fascinated me. My vagina was moist enough for him to do some proper penetration and in a matter of just a few minutes–a VERY FEW minutes– he was finished. I used my panties to clean up his semen on my vagina and legs. He buckled up, took his fiddle, and left. I went to the girls room and cleaned up.. I’d see him around afterwards. He never mentioned it to me nor did we ever do a duet again…in any form. I’ve wondered if I was…how does it go…a bad lay?”

“My, God, June! That sounded a lot like rape to me! Why didn’t you bust the guy?” I was fuming, “How could you talk yourself into taking that treatment from him?”

“Honestly, Tawney, that was twenty years ago, a lifetime. It just didn’t seem important to me at the time. It was unpleasant, yes, but I didn’t consider it an assault. Looking back at it, the words that occur to me are ‘Big Nothing’, you know like that one writer talks about. I was intent on studying my art and I really couldn’t be all that bothered with creatures like him. Truly, at the time and even now, I don’t look at as being significant. I just look at it as being…well…just being the first time for sex…nothing important–I didn’t get pregnant so… really nothing! Now, if I HAD gotten pregnant, that would have been another matter entirely…but I didn’t”

I looked at her with amazement, “June, June, June…you amaze me!”

June was relaxing now as she said, “I had a few other encounters, too. One was in a limousine going back to my hotel. He was a conduc…well, I worked with him and wanted me to give him a hand job. Although I wasn’t familiar with what that was at the time, I followed along with his desires. It’s funny now…he got his penis out of his pants when, overly excited as he was, he ejaculated when I barely touched his penis. That embarrassed the hell out him…and made a mess on my hand, on his tuxedo, and on the back seat of the limo. That was SO funny…well maybe not to him.”

She suppressed her giggling and went on, “I was in Europe one time when one of the régisseurs très romantiques, in English, a horny stage manager, walked in on me in my dressing room and sweet talked me into getting naked–something about the quality of the cotton in my undergarments. I knew what he was up to…I’m not totally naive’…So I played along. I must say, when he got his escort ardahan drawers off…well…now there was a guy with a PENIS! Anyway, I’m pretty sure we would have had sex but for the fact that his wife walked in on us! He wound up with a big sore penis and very bruised testicles! Somehow, other than when I lost my virginity, my opportunities to have sex either misfired or were unpleasant.”

Those last episodes had me in tears….tears of laughter. I said, “June, you are hysterical! I think you should do a play about those!”

June was out-and-out laughing now and she said, “I know, Tawney, some of those things were funny, especially looking back on them. My business manager even started to get romantic with me and that lasted for quite a number of years. I always put him off and, eventually, I told him where to get off when I caught him in my dressing room masturbating with a pair of my panties. I got a new manager, an older woman, efficient, not after my body, and I think essentially asexual.”

“Tell me June, were you ever sexual with…you know…with yourself?” I needed some more background.

June blushed, I could see it even behind her mask, her neck even turned red. How darling! She looked down at her hands and said, “Well…yes…seriously that’s the only sex I had for many years. I have to be careful using my fingers, my art you know…or maybe you don’t know…so I have a collection of things I use to…things that vibrate…well…to…you know…have an orgasm. And I do have orgasms, and I enjoy them, just not the kind I would like to have.”

“How is that, June,” I questioned her further, “what kind of orgasms? What do you think about when you masturbate? Sometimes I think about a woman at a spa giving me a massage, a slow massage, all over my body and winding up at my clitoris when the massaging stops and the kissing begins. What goes through your mind?”

June got a dreamy look on her face when she said, “Ooooh, YES, Tawney, I think of things like that, too,” her face lit up as she went on, “Yesss, that actually happened to me only I was half dozing when it did…all but the kissing part…This masseuse’s hands were magic! She used a wonderfully fragrant oil to knead the muscles in my back, then turned me over and worked on my arms and legs. I had my eyes closed but I felt her begin to massage my breasts, gently at first and then more firmly. I must have sighed because she asked me if I was enjoying it and I murmured, ‘Uh, uh, mmmm,’.

She worked down to…well you know where…and dripped more oil into the crack of my pubis. She very gently moved her fingers in to the crack and manipulated my clitoris until I had an orgasm, I could feel the wetness come out of me. And then I went to sleep. When I woke up, she was gone. I made sure she got a good tip when I checked out of the spa. I often think of that and use it to stimulate myself to an orgasm.”

It took June a minute to collect her thoughts, and then she went on, “And every now and again I think what good sex would be like with a man. I get as far as him showing me his penis…and the urge goes away…sometimes I wish it didn’t but then…I can’t image sex with a man being any better than the sex I fantasize about with a excites more and..It seems so much more…more…well…MORE!”

“June? Have you ever gotten naked with another woman? Gotten to bed with them? Have her pleasure you? Pleasured her? Anything like that?” I kept my voice low and even but I knew the answer I wanted.

June looked me in the eyes and said, “No, I haven’t Tawney, I haven’t,” it seemed to me I could hear the longing in her voice, “But…well…I would like to…really like to…try that. I’m almost embarrassed to ask…Can we try together? Would YOU like to do that?”

“June, sweet, sweet June,” I leaned over the table and gave herr a kiss on her forehead through her mask, “of course I would…That’s why we’re here, I thought. YES, let us do that…now.”

I knew I had go slow with June. The last thing I wanted was to frighten or surprise her. I held her hands and stood up and she stood up with me on her side of the table and I moved toward her. I drew her to me, put my arms around her, and leaned into kiss her. June, resisted just a very little and I stopped. Then she looked me in the eyes for a moment, then closed her eyes and placed her lips against mine. A token kiss, no force or passion behind it, just a touching of our lips. I pulled my head back and then leaned in again giving her nibbles and pecks on the mask covering her face–damn masks!–to where she finally relaxed.

I thought to myself, “THIS is going to be delicious!”

June still had her eyes closed so, while this might surprise her, I didn’t think it would shock her. With the tip of my tongue, I softly touched her upper lip. Just a touch, and then a touch on her lower lip, and again, until I was gently licking her lips. She kept her eyes closed but I could hear a soft “mmmmm” in her throat. I moved my lips against hers and she parted them ever so slightly. So as not to alarm her, I tentatively put the tip of my tongue between her lips. I was the one who was surprised when her lips parted and her tongue worked its way between MY lips. The kissing was ON!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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