Rain, Bed, , Beyond Ch. 1

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copyrighted: childish insanity productions 3/2/02

It was one of those days where you wish you were at home in your comfy bed watching your big screen TV. But not this guy, he is stuck in a no name bed he is about 6ft even at 170 lbs, short brown hair, and sky-blue eyes hidden behind some doctor order sunglasses. His fashion today wasn’t important, basic jeans and t-shirt combo. He was the only one is this huge empty store, the only sounds he heard was the low incoherent mumbling about long inventory nights and the hard rain hitting the roof above him.

“I’m so going to kill my manager…” his voice seems to trail off as he checks off some king sized mattresses on his little sheet. He heads towards the front of the store to check on the little free sample bottles of soap, and now a new sound was heard a combo of knocking/whining; this caught his attention, so he looks up at the front door and sees a soaking wet 18-year-old catholic school girl pounding away on the door. So he opens it, “Look we are closed go away” he says.., she quickly replies in a soft pillow like sweet as sugar voice “Can you please let me in my ride is really late and its raining hard out here..?” He waves his hand so let her in and recluses locking the door, “There are towels over in aisle 3 if you need to dry off…” his voice trails off again as he returns to his work…

Well Zak heads towards isle 3 to check on the girl he let in…His jaw drops and eyes wide and the only sound that can be heard is his pad dropping onto floor. All because this girl had her white shirt off and was drying her firm breasts with a towel oblivious to her onlooker. A soft moan escapes those ruby red lips as the rough towel runs over her cherry sized erect nipple. So our young worker dives over in isle and lets out a loud cough to signal that he his close, and the young girl quickly puts her soaked shirt back on. Zak strolls back over into isle 3, “I’m sorry but I didn’t want to come over and see something that was wrong, I’m Zak….” He nods slowly looking up into the young girls eyes, “I’m Amanda a pleasure to meet you….” Her voice just as soft as when she just came in. Amanda stood about 5ft 4in, most of that is her long slender legs; which are even more shown off by the plaid pleated skirt. On top was that soaked white shirt that clung to and gave a nice view of those cherry sized perky nipples on top of those 34C perfectly shaped breasts. Her face was flawless while her deep amber colored eyes shines some what and some of her auburn colored locks just sticking to the side of her face, the rest of her hair tired back into a pony tail.

“Thanks again for letting me in earlier” her voice shudders some as she quickly moves and pushes her face into his chest and her arms around her waist; tears flowing down that perfect face and staining into Zak shirt. Not knowing what else to do Zak runs a hand through her hair and places both hands on her back, “Ssh calm down whatever is wrong can’t be so bad….” his voice trying to calm and relax the teary eyed young girl; çankaya escort she looks up eyes full of tears sadness flowing out along with her voice”I got ditched by my date tonight and I saw him driving in his car with another woman…” her voice cuts off and her head is back into his chest as she keeps on crying. “Then he must be very stupid to leave such a cute girl as you…” he says lifting her head off his chest looking down at her giving her a warm comforting smile,” You’ll find someone who is not an asshole soon enough, so please stop crying..?” Amanda sniffs hard and wipes her tears away, “Thank you a lot, you’re really sweet…” her voice trails off as she stands up on her tippy toes to kiss his chin, then a quick kiss to his neck and she finally resettles her feet to the ground.

Zak just stands there dumb founded of what just happened to him. He blinks slowly processing of what happened to him, and then he acts on the first thing that comes to his head. He picks her up so there eyes meet just like those eye meetings in overly romantic mushy movies. Their lips meet in a hard passionate kiss, both of their tongues passing through their own lips and running each over dancing like to Arabian pythons. Amanda’s legs wrap around Zak’s waist and she pushes her whole body against his, rubbing those taunt clothes covered breasts against his chest, their hips grinding together, arms running all over each others backs. Zak yanks back his tongue and sucks hard on it,”MMMmmmMMMm” is all that Amanda can let out comboed with a muffled moan, he also gently bites down on her tongue before releasing it back to her. She releases her lip and arm grasp on Zak, to basically rip off her shirt and yank off his; then they quickly lock lips again pushes and rubbing their chests against each other now its Zak’s tongue that is getting sucked on and nips at by her young yet expert mouth.

He yanks back, tilts his head and clamps his lips onto her neck sucks hard on her soft tender flesh; he quickly removes his lips and bites down softly then finishes up slowly licking the harsh red mark on her neck. She quickly hops down and yanks her panties off throwing them over with the rest of the clothes, just as quickly his jeans are off and deposited. Zak grabs her and brings her close to him, grabbing and rising up her left leg, and slowly teasingly sliding his 8in already rock hard cock up her tight dripping pussy. Amanda lets out a loud scream/moan combination as she thrust back down against Zak’s hard penis, he on the other hand is thrusting hard upwards slamming her tight pussy over and over and over. Her taunt nipples push and rub against Zak’s chest; he lays his head on her shoulder tongue lashing out against the unmarked side of her neck. His head slowly moves in and clamps down again on her tender flesh sucking softer than before, his pace quickening as he slams her dripping womanhood, feeling it grip his hard shaft.

His eyes flash open feeling her hymen in the way, Amanda just nod quickly needing the release her body is begging for, Zak obliges escort etlik her wish and confirms it when he bites down on her neck and thrust him self upward bursting this young girls cherry. This burst causes Amanda to have the biggest orgasm her body has ever handled causing her pussy to tighten and her cum rush out of her body flowing down Zak shaft and between them, this on flow of woman juice and that even more tightness of her pussy cause Zak to grunt low and explode shooting his seed into her flowing hole. Amanda’s orgasm is so hard she passes out lip against him, Zak grabs onto her sliding himself out of her and slowly carries her to abed and depots her. He dashes off to grab some sheets, because he is not done with her yet.

Amanda wakes up, but she can’t move she looks at her arms and legs seeing she is tied down to a bed with plaid sheets. Her back was jolted up right as a shock of pleasure bolted down her back; she looks down to see Zak slowly running his tongue over and around her belly button, his fingers coming up to pinch and pull at her nipples. Zak laughs to himself as Amanda lets out a loud moan arching her back the most she could again. Soon Zak was working his tongue slowly over Amanda’s milky white thighs, leaving little kisses along her legs teasing at what was between them. She began to moan again arching her hips up towards Zak’s teasing mouth wanting him to stop teasing her; she tried to reach for her breasts but couldn’t letting out a whimper in frustration.

Zak plants one long kiss onto her dripping pussy sending a shock of pleasure right to Amanda’s brain, she bites her tongue and again pushes her hips up to get more contact with Zak’s lips this causes his lips to rub against her hard little clit making Amanda scream out in the sudden rush of pleasure. Zak being the nice guy he his, decided she has been teased enough and lets his tongue dart into her sopping pussy lapping up all her sweet juices; his nose breathing out hot air against her clit, all this causing Amanda to moan and trash about on the bed. His hands roll her erect and overly sensitive nipples, this comboed with the work his tongue is doing on her also over sensitive pussy causes her to scream out and explode all over Zak’s face with her sweet sweet cum. He slowly licks his face and her clean and leans up kissing her pushing his tongue through her lips allowing her quickly taste her self before sitting on top of her. “Has it been good for you so far?” he runs a finger slowly down her flushed cheek. She nods quickly unable to speak body still recovering from her second earth shaking orgasm of the day. Those brown eyes now focus on Zak’s semi erect cock, he looks down and laughs some, “You want this don’t you..?” she nods fast again and struggles to sit up.

“Okays I’ll untie your arms” his voice soft yet sexy. He unties her arms and just to be nice her legs; Amanda hops up and tackles Zak pushing him onto his back her tongue coming out to run over his ball sac causing Zak to let out a small moan and close his ankara demetevler escort eyes. Her soft hand grabbing at the half lip shaft and slowly stroking it, the rod quickly stands at full attention awaiting the assault from this young girl’s mouth. She slowly licks the underside length paying close attention to the part right under the head, one hand rolling his balls the other hand slowly running over his chest and belly. He lets out another moan a little deep a little longer than before, then his eyes flash open feeling a brand new sensation, he quickly looks down to see Amanda’s nose at his flesh and his whole length disappeared into her mouth, the tip of his cock pressing against the back of her throat. He grabs her hair and slowly pulls her up a bit, she responds by sucking hard as she is pulled up.

Zak lets her go back to her sucking he arches his hip up somewhat in tune with the slow bobbing of this young girls mouth. She quickly lets his penis pop out of her mouth, running her tongue up and down the whole length of his rock hard cock; Zak lets out a deep moan and bites down on his lower lip trying to keep the massive orgasm at bay. Amanda hand feels his ball sac tighten up and her mouth quickly dives back down onto his shaft bopping her head as quickly as she can, this causes Zak to explode shooting his warm cum all into her mouth. She gulps down every bit of his first wave and keeps sucking trying to drain all he can out of him, his eyes roll into the back of his head getting the best blow job he has ever had. Finally Amanda done drink all of the cum she wants releases his dick from her mouth and sits on his belly slowly grinding her wet pussy against his belly.

She moaned again as she kept grinding her sopping pussy against Zak’s firm belly, his rehardened cock rubbing up against her firm ass cheeks. His finger tips rolling Amanda’s firm nipples between them, pulling them as well. The girl sits up some, rubbing her pussy against the now Zak’s now swollen cock head, making him push his hips up only to be denied entrance. Suddenly Amanda slams her wet cunt down onto Zak’s hard dick bouncing up and down on it at a furious mind numbing pace, her breasts bouncing up and down with each hard downward thrust, this downward only to be met by Zak’s even hard upward thrust. Both of their combined moans keep filling the store, both also still very sensitive from their hardcore oral fucking that only happened a few mins ago. Zak’s hands reach out and grasp her hips adding even more power to their hard core fucking, Both quickly bite down on their lower lips as both their bodies tighten and two massive orgasm sweep over their bodies, exploding warm juices all over their bodies, Amanda falling down on top of Zak’s body, both breathing hard laying there motion less.

But unknown to them the front door opens up, as another woman comes in. This more mature and even more stunning beautiful woman is Zak’s manager, Leslie. She screams seeing the two passed out on the bed naked, “ZAK!! WAKE UP!!” He turns his head looking at his boss, “oh shit I’m busted majorly for this one…”his voice just trails off, as Leslie stomps towards them..

What will happen to the 2 sexual teens..? What role will the boss play in this plot? All this and more in part 2!!! Rain, Bed, and Beyond Part 2!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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