Quick Fun at the Public Library

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It is the middle of the afternoon on a warm, summer weekend. I sit down at my computer, thinking it should be a relaxing afternoon alone. I click on the icon for Yahoo Messenger, open it up, and see “Mike3047 has logged on” in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

You send me one single message, “library in fifteen minutes,” and sign off without another word. Though it is brief, I know exactly what you expect from me.

When I get to the library, you are waiting for me on the front steps. You take me by the arm and lead me to the second floor, way back into the far corner behind the periodicals.

You say, “Let me see,” short and abrupt.

I open my long, full-length coat to confirm that I have nothing on underneath. You unzip your fly and pull your cock through the opening. It is standing straight up and is hard as a rock.

“See what you did to me? Are you going to do something about that?” You say it almost impatiently.

Kneeling down, I slide my soft hand around your solid shaft. Gently, I pull it in front of me and start kissing up and down its length and rubbing the head all over my face.

The feeling of your cock against my skin starts to make me wet. My free ankara escort hand travels down my body until it finds itself between my legs and starts to finger my tight, young pussy. The feeling only heightens how turned on I am, which makes me take your entire length into my mouth and start sucking you in and out harder. You grab a fistful of my hair and start to buck your hips back and forth, fucking my mouth aggressively, and forcing every last inch of your pulsing member down the back of my throat. I could tell that you want to scream, but you can’t run the risk of getting caught. It is dead silent in the library, and one little slip up could lead to some very severe consequences.

This thought only turns you on more. You clearly want to get off desperately. You look down at me, pull yourself out of my mouth (with some difficulty, as I am very reluctant to let go) and just say, “Babe, you know what to do now.”

I take my coat, which was hanging open, exposing my bare young body, and let it slide off of my shoulders and hit the ground. I am now on my knees in front of you completely uncovered, totally naked in public. I take your cock, place it against my chest and press my tits together, elvankent escort completely engulfing it in my cleavage. You start to buck your hips again, your cock sliding effortlessly between my massive breasts, the head of it still glistening from how well I sucked on it.

There are footsteps in the near distance. You notice that I start to panic a bit, but you keep bucking your hips without a care in the world, eyes fixed firmly on the head of your cock as it continues to penetrate the deep crevice I’ve created for it.

“Erin, what would happen if someone found us? Look how hot you look with your tits wrapped around my cock. If anything, they’d probably want to join.”

I respond, a bit more relaxed and say, “Your right. But we shouldn’t take too long. You should start to cum.”

You look down at me and say, “I think it’s your job to get me there. You know exactly what to do, don’t you?”

With that, I completely forget about the footsteps or the library or the fact that I’m naked in public. All I want is to watch the head of your cock shoot streams of warm cum for me. It dawns on me that you are right; I do know exactly what you like. I start to beg you otele gelen escort for your cum, like the dirty little slut that I am.

“Oh god, Mike, please, please, please, shoot your warm load all over my big titties. I know you want to. I know you love how it feels when I use my young, soft tits to get you off. I want it now, Mike. I want to milk every last drop of thick cum out of your cock with these 36D’s. Give it to me now, Mike. I fucking need it, right now.”

And with that, all you say is, “Get in position.”

I know exactly what you mean, get down low on my knees, bend forward, and use my arms to press my tits together tightly. You use this as a target, as you spray load after load of hot cum all over my chest. I rub my hands all over my chest, smearing your cum into my skin, completely coating my tits in your load. I then take your cock into my mouth and clean any remaining drops of cum from it with my tongue.

I reach into the pocket of my discarded coat for a few paper towels. You look at me and shake your head disapprovingly, “No, Erin. I want you to leave it. Put the coat back on and cover up, but I want you to walk back home with your tits still covered in cum.”

With that, you zip up your pants and start to walk away. You look back and say “until next time,” then walk out the door. I throw the coat back on and walk out shortly after, the fresh cum still smeared into my chest. I couldn’t wait until your next get together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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