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She arrived at my studio clutching a few bags. They did not look bulky, no surprise I suppose. When we had discussed what she wanted on the phone it was your regular lingerie shoot, some somewhat revealing shots wearing various sexy items, that type of thing. We said our hellos and she was a little nervous explaining as she had on the phone that this was her first time doing anything like this. I told her I would try to make everything as comfortable as possible and handed her a glass of wine with the remark, “this helps to settle the nerves a little.”

She smiled as she took the glass and said, “well I have no idea how we should start?”

“Don’t worry about that. That’s why you’re employing me ma’am. I’ll take care of it. Just relax for a few minutes.” She smiled once again and took a sip of the Chardonnay.

I picked up my camera and started to take some shots. She sat on the small chair just to the side of the white backdrop. “Have we started already?” she asked nervously.

“No not really. It’s just a few test shots for the lighting and stuff and to help you get used to the camera.” She giggled and took one more sip. Her face softened as I attempted to put her at her ease. “Do you have an order you would like to do the shots in?” I asked, “Generally I would start with the less revealing items and then move onto the more revealing lingerie as we progress,” I continued before she could answer. “Would you like me to look through what you have and pick what we should start with?”

She nodded enthusiastically at this suggestion and I placed the camera on its tripod and topped up her wine. I picked up her bags and took them off to the small tables I had. I had a sheet rigged up to pull across this area. A poor dressing room really but it helped a little when the clients were changing. I placed the bags on the table and began to look through the contents.

She strolled over and her pretty face had blushed some, her cheeks gently softened in the studio lights and her ponytail bouncing as she walked. I wished I’d had my camera right at that moment but alas, no and I knew it was useless to try and recreate these spontaneous moments. Another missed opportunity I thought as I proceeded to empty the contents of the first bag.

“Wow, this is some pretty hot stuff,” I said as I placed the red and black corset on the table.

She blushed a little more and grabbed the garment nervously from me. “It’s one of my favorites,” she said, “Where should I change?” I took this as a cue to get back to the camera instead if rifling through this ladies underwear. She was blushing quite profusely by now her nerves getting the best of her.

“Oh right,” I said, “there is a stool and a hanging rod behind the curtain. Go ahead and get ready. Take all the time you need and we’ll begin. Would you like some more wine?”

She nodded and then giggled, “I don’t usually knock it back this quick.”

I smiled and as I bought the wine bottle to refill her glass. “Oh don’t worry, once we start the shoot you’ll begin to feel much more comfortable. These initial moments are always the most nerve-wracking but I think it will be a wonderful shoot and a great experience for you. We can’t fail to get some beautiful shots, after all look at the model I’m getting to work with.” A quizzical look floated over her face for the briefest moment and then a wide smile as she realized the compliment.

“Well thank you, Sir.”

This time I had grabbed the camera when I retrieved the bottle of wine and quickly swung the viewfinder to my eye and clicked. I showed her the beautiful natural smile that filled the large preview window. “There,” I said, “we are already of to a wonderful start. Absolutely beautiful.” And it was. The unexpectedness of the shot had her at her most relaxed since she had come through the door. It was always good when these impromptu shots turned out so well and particularly helpful in showing the client that I was more than just a ‘dirty pic’ photographer.

She picked up the corset, the black stockings and tiny black panties from the bag, hesitated momentarily and with her spare hand grabbed the whole bag and marched behind the curtain saying as she went, “well I had best get changed so we can start the real thing then.”

I went to do some attending of the set. Well set might be overstating the grandeur a little because to most it would appear to be a white sheet draped over a bar. The sheet was long and pulled out along the floor about twenty feet. To the side just behind the bright lights focused on the center was an old wooden chair. It was battered in all the right places and always looked good against skin, a useful prop for some sultry shots.

By the side of the chair was a mattress wrapped in a clean white sheet. It wasn’t the most comfortable thing in the world, you would have a lousy night’s sleep on it but it was clean and certainly better than the floor for those shots where laying in some way was the best eryaman escort pose. It was large enough that it usually didn’t need any post editing and just looked a part of the overall scene. I was always careful to wash the backdrop and the sheet together so when used in a shot they blended into one seamless unit.

Occasionally there would be a shadow cast but if it couldn’t be cropped a few minutes retouching took care of it. A few pillows lay beside in various shades of off-white to give some contrast of color for those shots where this prop was a nice feature especially when combined with the fluffy duvet I had also. A furry rug completed the rest of my props. Corny but a lot of them like a few shots with it wrapped around them and hey they were paying.

“Erm,” she called from behind the screen, “I think I am going to need a hand.” Her voice sounded a little different from our call on the phone as voices usually did but there was something more than just the phone voice normal voice thing, a hint of nervousness, a little trepidation was there. No surprise really I suppose as she had never really done anything like this before and this could be a good thing, made them more vulnerable which always made for better shots.

But it was a double edged sword as sometimes even with my best charm offensive they might have a worried edge to them. This could come through the camera well or badly, it was a fine line. She had told me the pics were a present for her boyfriend. They had taken some themselves but point and click pics, usually as the couple are getting heated up, do not show the human form in the best of light.

She also volunteered how her boyfriend had often commented that he found the idea of another man seeing his girlfriend as only he normally saw her quite erotic, she thought this would be a good way to kill two birds with one stone. That was a good sign too, there were some who never told their other half’s and the worry of whether their partners would approve or not was captured by the lens, at least initially and when you only had an hour or so that could affect a lot of the shots.

Also there were the occasions when an irate husband would call and demand to know whether you fucked their wife. The jealous types were always the worse as they couldn’t believe anyone could take pictures of half and in some cases totally naked woman and not jump them. Mainly because they couldn’t see themselves having that willpower. Christ I’m a professional I would protest, usually in vain. They always calmed down eventually. After all their wife had done a beautiful thing for them, did they really think if they were cheating they would bring home some, hopefully, wonderful and arty pictures taken by the man they had just blown.

Thankfully no-one had turned up at the studio yet lol. Shot gun in hand ha ha.

That is not say there hadn’t been some opportunities for a little extra excitement. Once in a while I would get a look and a little after shoot action would go on. But few and far between. Most of my work was still weddings, bar mitzvahs and family portraits, these assignments were a great day in the office, a perk of the job if you will, well at least most of them.

I wandered over to the screen. I could see a vague silhouette of her body thru the material. No such worries of irate significant others here I hoped as I said, “what do you need me to do?” I knew off course. Corsets are made to shape and enhance and that generally means they are difficult if not impossible to do up completely by the lady herself when the clips are on the back.

Sure enough as I rounded the curtain I could see her struggling. She looked good tho. Very good my thought expanded as I took her in. The sheer black stockings ran perfectly along her legs, up over her knee and half way up her thighs. The even darker band of additional material at the top lay perfectly around her legs with just the two little humps on each leg rising as the garters clipped to them.

She wore black patent leather heels, not ridiculously high but certainly not normal work attire either. The corset was mainly red with black seams and trimming, the bottom of which had lace running around it. It had this too at the top but it ended as it became the cups. It was pushing her breasts up and together and what magnificent breasts they were too. She had mentioned on the phone that she might consider a topless shot it just depended on how she felt. That’s fine I had assured her, just do as much as you are comfortable with it is all totally at your discretion. I hoped now that she would. She turned her back so I could pull the corset together. There was a full length mirror in front and I was careful not to let her see me ogling her. Well although I’m a professional I’m still a man.

I kept my demeanor as professional and business like as possible whilst I knew she could see me in the mirror. The first gig like this that I had had taught me that lesson. That sincan escort lady had seen me take her in, seen my eyes widen and linger a little too long on parts that only her husband and previous lovers had seen. It made an already nervous woman even worse and the shoot reflected the fact that somewhere in the back of her mind I was probably going to rape her. The shots showed her pensiveness and frankly they were not that good because I could also sense a certain tension. Oh well a lesson learned and she still paid so it wasn’t all bad.

As I dipped my head to help with the clasps I did so at an angle where her body shielded my gaze from the mirror. I looked down her back and saw the thin black material of her thong dive between her buttocks. What a glorious sight. Her round cheeks were pale and smooth, the curves as they became her legs were exquisite. I sucked in a breath as I pulled the clips on the corset together and thought to myself that this was going to be a great shoot. I finished the few clips she was struggling with and said, “OK, all done. Are you ready or do you need anything else?”

A spun around and with a big smile replied, “no I don’t think so, but you’re the expert. What do you think?” With this she twirled around. I looked her over as she gave me a show but made sure not to linger on the small triangle of panty material covering her most intimate area, or the large breasts snug within their corseted confines. I didn’t want any doubts in her mind. She was a natural it seemed and I wanted her to remain as comfortable and carefree as possible.

“OK, lets go,” I said and turned to leave the dressing room. I noticed she had barely any wine left in her second glass. “No more wine, this will be work for you too,” I smiled.

“It is?” She laughed.

“It certainly is, I’ll need your help to make these shots as wonderful as possible and that means you’ll be striking a different pose every few seconds.” She frowned. “Hey don’t worry. I’ll make it as painless as possible and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.”

Her smile returned and she said, “I intend too. OK lets go.” With that she began to walk to the set. As she approached me still standing at the entrance to the dressing room I turned sideways so she could pass. I stole a gaze at her bottom as she walked past me and felt my cock stiffen. Her buttocks lifting and falling as she walked made the thin cotton strip of her panties, well the small piece I could see emerging from between her cheeks swish left and right. Her pale soft skin a beautiful contrast between the tiny slither of black. The curve of her bottom as they became the top if her legs was a dream and as she walked further from me I again saw the small silky panties covering her between the gap at the top of her legs.

My cock began to press against the confines of my underwear and pants and I reminded myself I was a professional. This didn’t seem to have too much effect on my growing penis and as I hurried after her I took a quick peek at my crotch and was happy to notice it wasn’t too obvious.

“Well where do you want me,” she said, and a little flirtatiously I thought or, was that just wishful thinking, as she walked onto the set.

“We’ll start with some frontal shots I think. Just face me and place your left hand on your hip.” She began to pose and I could already see was a natural. “That’s great. Now cock your head slightly. Bend your right leg a little.” She lifted her leg and pointed her toes down bearing her weight on her left leg. “Yes that’s it. Perfect.” I began clicking away moving around. “OK follow the camera just with your eyes, keep your body still. Bring your right arm up and run your fingers along your ponytail.” Click click click went the camera as I shot away.

We spent a few minutes with me suggesting various movements, shifting from one leg to the other, slight variations of body angle, different facial expressions as I walked around and clicked away. I then placed the camera on the tripod and took some more staged shots, some more typical seductive poses. I liked to do some of the more photojournalist type stuff initially as this always seemed to put the models at their ease a bit and more loose whereas beginning with the more formal pics didn’t give them a chance to lose the stiffness and nervousness they all initially had to varying degrees.

The stage shots were always my favorite part tho. I could always pretend to be adjusting the camera when often it was merely an excuse to zoom in and see their naughty bits in close up. I did this with her, had her stand with her back to me at a slight angle and her head looking back over her shoulder. Took a couple of great shots and then asked her to hold as I adjusted the lens and zoomed in on her great arse. Took a couple of pics for myself and carried on.

I pulled the chair over and set it besides her with the back of the chair facing the camera. “Now if you could sit side saddle as it were and batıkent escort rest your arm along the back of the chair.” She sat down and rested her right arm along the aged wood. “Excellent. Now place your legs out more and part them a bit. Turn your face to me and place your chin on your arm. Hey your really good at this.” A broad smile spread across her face.

“Am I?” She giggled.

“Yeah you’re a natural’, I replied as the camera clicked which had become the de-facto background noise now. The radio was on quietly in the background. An easy listening station just to give some ambiance against an otherwise silent endeavor. “You ever modeled before?” I asked.

She laughed and replied she hadn’t. I quickly pushed the button on the camera to catch her smiling face as she did. To this day that is still one of my favorite shots. The lights had caught her face beautifully casting subtle shadows across her nose and chin. Her eyes sparkled and her mouth formed a perfect ‘O’ when she said ‘no’.

A very slight flush of color came to her face as she responded to the compliment and flattery. Her ponytail was running along the side of her head and rested along her shoulder. Her back was arched with her bottom seated back in the chair and her legs slightly raised till the knee where they then bent down to the floor. Her feet were pointing at a right angle to her wonderfully stockinged legs as she rested just the heels on the floor.

“Now lean back with your head facing the ceiling. That’s it. Keep your back arched as much as possible.” Her ponytail swayed slightly as I barked instructions getting her to shift her body and head as I took shot after shot.

“You weren’t kidding about this being work.”

“Nope. Do you want some more wine? You can as your doing so well.” There was an unmistakable sexy lilt in my voice but nothing overt, just enough to keep the session relaxed and productive. So far it had been very good. I already knew I had at least half a dozen shots which were very good.

“No I better not, if you’re going to be this hard of a task master I better keep my wits about me. But I will take some water if that’s OK, these lights get kinda hot.”

“Off course. Yeah sorry once I get going I forget about how it gets under these lights.” I wandered over to the little cooler I had by my equipment and took out a bottle. I handed it to her with a ‘here you go’ and took the opportunity to take a furtive glance down her cleavage as she was still holding her head back with her back arched. “I have an idea,” I said as I lifted the camera from the tripod. “Stay in that position and drink or at least bring the bottle to your lips so I can get some close ups.” I began to rotate around her as she sipped, coming real close for some whilst peeling back for other shots. I forgot all sense of everything, completely lost in the moment as I took picture after picture after picture.

“Er this is getting a little uncomfortable with my head back like this.”

I protested, “just a couple more” and punched the camera button continuously for a few more seconds as I prowled around. “OK perfect” I said much to her relief as she sat up with an audible gasp. “Sorry you looked so good I just had to get you like that.”

“No no that’s fine. You’re the pro. I’m in your hands whatever you think will work I’m prepared to try.”

“Fantastic. Your fast becoming my number one client.”

We both laughed at the corny remark although the truth was I couldn’t think of a better one this early into the session. I wondered if she would be able to keep it up. Often clients started enthusiastically but waned later as the heat from the lights and the barrage of instructions to do this with your arm or that with your leg began to take a toll.

“OK one more set in these,” I continued. “I want you to sit in the chair, turn it so the back is facing me. Yes yes thats it.” She had got what I meant straight away and had twirled the chair around and was now sitting facing me her legs spread either side of the chair legs and using the back to rest her arm. I viewed the lens and zoomed in through the chair spindles and between her legs.

The thin black material of her panties was stretched across her pubic mound. The camera lens was powerful and left very little to my imagination. I could see the vulva lips contoured through the skimpy material which was also showing signs of moistness. This was a very good sign. She was enjoying herself and relaxed which gave me high hopes for some more beautiful shots. Her skin was smooth and soft either side of the little triangle of cloth that hid her pussy and her thighs spread wonderfully until the stockings hid the rest of her legs. The thick black band at the top wrapped her legs beautifully and I wondered to myself whether I would be forward enough later in the shoot to ask her if she would like some shots just in the stockings. But that was jumping the gun.

She hadn’t even mentioned again about possible topless shots yet. I’d have to see where the session went before we got that far. As I had my little perv moment, looking deep between her legs whilst I fiddled with the camera to make it look as I was making necessary adjustments.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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