Pervy Pregnancy Pics

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Pervy Pregnancy Pics

I saw the photographer’s ad on a flyer stapled to a cork bulletin board at my local library. His name was Graham, and he was offering $250 for female photography subjects. It was sketchy as hell, given the facts that he was only looking for women and was paying so much for what the flyer promised would take under an hour. I called the guy and asked if he was interested in a model who was 8 months pregnant, as that was my current condition. He sounded uncertain at first, but ended up agreeing to have me in to his studio. It seemed he was not particularly into pregnant girls; maybe I could change his mind on that.

I was curvy as all hell, the model of a fertility goddess; my huge bump was the obvious centerpiece of my engorged physique, sure, but my tits, ass, and waist had all filled out delectably, too. With $250 being offered for the brief photoshoot, I was almost positive I’d be asked to get naked; and I was very much looking forward to having my phenomenal pregnant shape captured for posterity. This Graham fellow may have been a pervert, but I was definitely an exhibitionist. And probably more of a pervert than him, to be honest. So, a nude photoshoot was perfectly up my alley.

I wore a floral pattern maxi dress with nothing underneath to the studio; I’d be able to expose my body at a moment’s notice, or, if I was wrong about the nudity thing, I could at least feel a little sexy and transgressive gallivanting sans underwear. The photographer’s studio was located in his apartment. He answered the door promptly when I knocked: “Hi! You must be Justine,” he greeted me.

“Yeah, hi, you’re Graham?” He was, and he led me into the spare bedroom that served as his studio.

“I love your dress, it’ll look great kilis escort on the film I’m using. Can I get you anything? Or, would you mind if we jump right in to taking some pics?” The latter was fine with me, and he started snapping photos as I struck various poses in front of the white backdrop covering most of one wall. I faced him, faced away from him, stood in profile, sat down, balanced on one leg: everything I could think of as he wordlessly snapped photo after photo for seven or eight minutes. “Great!” he finally spoke. “So…how might you feel about losing the dress for a bit, getting some shots of your wonderful form in your underwear?”

I fucking knew it. “Sure, I can lose the dress.” I didn’t bother to tell him I hadn’t troubled myself with underwear: he’d find out momentarily. I pulled the dress over my head and tossed it on the floor next to me. My swollen tits with their dark nipples were right out in the open, as were my unkempt pubic region, curvy ass, and massive baby bump. And all the rest of me, but that wasn’t quite as exciting.

“Whoa,” he muttered, smiling at the pleasant surprise of my stark nakedness. “You look phenomenal. And you’re doing great: keep striking whatever poses you think of, if you don’t mind. “

I didn’t mind at all. My first instinct was to get down on all fours facing him, pendulous breasts and belly hanging dramatically below me. Next I sat up on my knees, my entire naked front facing the camera. Doing a purposefully bad job, I pretended to try covering my crotch with one hand and tits with the other; I made sure my fingers were spread wide enough to allow ample pubic hair and parts of my dark nipples to be captured on film. I moved my hands to grip my bump, pubic hair and breasts escort kilis completely uncovered.

Turning away from him I showed off my ass, still from all fours. Slowly but surely, I spread my legs until I was sure the lips of my pussy were visible to Graham. “Oh, ummm…you don’t need to show that, really. I don’t usually get full-on genitals in my nudes, it’s really not necessary.” He was clearly uncomfortable, and I was thrilled to be out-perving him.

“I’d really like to show off my cunt, actually,” I informed him. His cheeks reddened.

“Okay, uhhh…sure, do whatever you’d like.” I did exactly as I liked, sitting facing the camera with my legs splayed out to either side, cunt fully exposed.

The camera had a very good view of my pussy now, then a very good view of me reaching around my massive bump and rubbing my vulva, soon sticking two fingers into my vagina. Graham got ever redder. Using both hands, I spread my vagina liberally, providing visual access to my vaginal canal. Graham briefly dropped the camera to his side, then shook his head slightly and picked it back up to get the full cunt shot.

I closed my legs and stood up. “Graham, I’d really like my pubic hair to look nice and neat for the photos, but I can’t see it one bit past this huge belly. Do you think you could just straighten it up a little, maybe with a comb or even just your fingers if you don’t mind? I’d really appreciate it.”

His jaw was agape and he was silent for a solid minute. “Uhhh…yeah, I just…I’ll come over and help.” He placed the camera on the floor carefully and came over, kneeling in front of me and very gently arranging my unkempt pubic forest with the fingers of his right hand. “Ummm, okay, I think it’s pretty kilis escort bayan neat,” he said nervously after 10 or 15 seconds.

As he stood back up I could very clearly see the outline of his erection through his jeans. I reached over and gently rubbed his crotch. “Enjoying yourself, huh?” I asked playfully, eliciting even more blushing from Graham.

“Y…yeah, yeah…I…I guess I am…Sorry?” I giggled, trying to flirt a bit.

“Oh don’t be sorry, honey, it’s fine. Here, let me help you out…” I unzipped his pants and pulled his hard cock out of the slit in the front of his boxers. Now it was my turn to get on my knees so I could get that dick in my mouth.

My suction and tongue techniques were seriously powerful, his cock starting to twitch as it approached orgasm in a mere minute or so. I removed him from my mouth and took him in my right hand, angling the cock down towards my bump. Stroking quickly, I got him to shoot rope after rope of cum onto my belly in just a few more pumps. “Okay, now we need some close-ups of the mess you’ve made of me,” I informed him. Hustling to get his dick back in his pants, he vaguely muttered his agreement and grabbed the camera again.

He approached to within about two feet of my belly and snapped some pics of his load on my baby bump; I was wet as all hell and very much looking forward to rubbing one out once I got back to my car. I rubbed the cum into my bump with both hands, Graham still snapping away.

“Okay, great!” I said contentedly after a minute or so of this particular photographic endeavor, pulling my dress back on over my head. “This was fun, thanks a lot Graham! I can let myself out.” I left him in quiet surprise due to my sexual forwardness and abrupt departure; I didn’t even ask for the promised $250. I didn’t need any money for such a fun, slutty activity. Especially not when I knew my posing would provide dirty images to some preggo-loving pervs out in the world. Exhibitionism 100% satisfied for the day. Now as for tomorrow…

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