Parker Ch. 01

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Author’s Note : This series is an ongoing journey of Parker’s sexual escapades. The sex takes some reading to get to. If you’re looking for something with the sex right away, this series isn’t right for you at this time.

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All my life the biggest thing I’ve wanted for myself is to be on my own. To be completely self reliant and independent from everyone is what I consider to be real freedom. Having recently become unattached I’m a step closer to my goal. I mean, yeah, I have a roommate, but she values her privacy and independence as much as I do. She just took pity on me and offered the extra room she doesn’t really have a use for. I pay rent, buy my own groceries and help with the housework. We hang out, watch TV or movies and occasion share a meal together. I don’t answer to her and she doesn’t answer to me. So when work told me I needed to use at least a week of my accumulated vacation or lose it, I got to decide exactly what to do. I packed my duffel bag, shot my roomie a text, and hit the road.

In my pick up truck I rolled the windows down, played Skillet station on Pandora and let the road take me. It wasn’t until I had a state between me and home that I had an idea where I wanted to go. On my way I passed a lot of things on the road. Cars pulled off the side of the road with a flat tire, cargo truck pulled over by the cops and being searched. There was even a pick up like mine with the entire front end that had burst into flames. That was the most interesting thing I saw until I passed through one of those small towns on the highway that lowers the speed limit to 40. Two traffic lights in 5 minutes were what it took to get through the town of who the hell cares. Four miles down the road is when I saw her.

My foot let up off the accelerator at the site of the black hugging tank top that barely reaches the waistband of her dark cut off shorts. Long legs going into black boots and even though at this distance I can only see her general body type, I can feel that first twinge of arousal. Not in the pants, but the twinge in my brain and since it’s been a good long while since I last got any, it doesn’t take much to get me going. After my initial look of her I realize her demeanor is angry. It’s a true testament to my current state of mind that I noticed her instead of the white smoke coming from the open hood of the old shitty white pickup she’s next to.

I slow my own truck down and roll down the passenger side window as I pull up to her. Now I can see her hair doesn’t even reach her shoulders, and she’s got hazel eyes set in a pretty face. This is one of those small town country beauties that’s always been pretty. The type of girl I couldn’t get to notice me in high school, the type I used to masturbate to before porn became so easily accessible. I put real concern in my voice when I ask if she’s okay, there’s an ever growing puddle under the truck and I knew something very important must have ruptured. She tells me it’s her now ex boyfriend’s truck and she’s headed a few hours down the highway. Since I’m not in a hurry to get anywhere I say it’s no problem and to hop in. She grabs a duffle bag twice the size of mine, tosses it in the bed, and brings a backpack into the cab with her, no purse.

She tells me her name is Leigh and she stole her loser ex boyfriend’s truck with every intention of running it off the road on her way to her cousin’s. Apparently he’s a dickless, lying, cheating asshole that needs to be torn apart by jungle cats or alley cats, which ever will hurt more. I personally think the alley cats would hurt more because a jungle cat will go for the jugular so their prey won’t get away. I tell her this as I reach in the back for a pack of baby wipes so she can clean the black truck crap off her hands. She laughs at my comment, bringing a lightness to her face instead of the scowl she’s had on since I saw her. “My name is Parker,” and I put the truck back in drive. I watch her as much as I can while she tells me about herself. Her lightly tanned skin is peppered with freckles from her dark brown hair, all the way down to her bare legs. She kicks off her boots and I see those toenails are unpainted, so are her fingernails. Now that I see that I notice she doesn’t have any make up on, and she smells faintly of flowers, like it’s from a decent body wash instead of a perfume. Either she didn’t bother with anything in her move away from dickless or Leigh simply doesn’t care about that stuff. It’s not like she needs it, she’s stunning just the way she is.

Reaching into her backpack, she pulls out a pack of cigarettes. I tell her I don’t mind, and she lights up. The click of the Zippo opening, the crack of the flint igniting the fuel and the sound of the end engulfed by flame are a song I forgot was once near and dear to me. Since she got in the truck I haven’t taken my eyes off her, save for the road, until now. Leigh notices this because she asks in a voice right at home in the bedroom, “Do you want?” The front part of my mind holds the image of her lying on a bed in low light completely naked with her arms reaching bakırköy escort out towards me and for a moment this is what I think she’s offering. The back part of my mind knows I’m fantasizing and I nod my head saying, “Sure.” I quit a few years back and now that I’m single I don’t have someone judging my every move and decision with disdain.

She hands me the cig she just lit and I bring it to my lips. It could be my imagination, but I swear I can taste her. I’ve never been able to describe the taste of a woman unless she’s wearing flavored lip gloss, but I can detect something on this cigarette that wouldn’t have been there had I lit the smoke myself. As I drive she tells me about her problems with dickless, and I listen. Occasionally I make a comment, “What a douchebag,” or “that asshole.” My most colorful comment was, “You should have kicked him in the balls until he was bleeding from the mouth.” And for the second time in the hour I’ve known her, Leigh laughs.

“You’re a good listener,” she tells me, and I can feel her eyes on me. I’m not much to look at, I’ll admit. At 5’7 and 220 pounds I’ve got some improvements to make. In the last three months I’ve managed to lose about 40 pounds, and put on some muscle. I’d like to lose another 40, but I’ve noticed the loss has slowed, hence the need for improvement. Short Brown hair with a few silver hairs hiding here and there, hazel eyes and a red beard on my chin. Until yesterday I had a full beard and mustache, but it became more unruly than my short hair gets when I first wake up. With less than half an inch on just my chin it’s easier to deal with and I idly play with it less.

“With a face like this,” I tell her, “my ears need to be my best feature. Otherwise a beautiful woman like you has no use for me.”

Leigh brushes the back of her hand against the side of my face and feels the soft stubble there. “You’re cuter than you think you are,” she assures me, “being a good listener just makes the panties fall easier.” I raise an eyebrow at that and she laughs. When she catches her breath she says, “Listening can be one of the sexiest traits a man can have, but you have to be careful with self deprecation. A little is endearing, but too much is a deterrent.” I smile and nod, certainly not the first time I’ve heard that. A thought occurs to me and I can’t help the tiniest chuckle. It doesn’t go unnoticed. “What’s so funny?”

“It’s refreshing being around a woman like you.” I say with a glance.

“I know that look. You’ve got your own recent ex, don’t you?”

“I’m that easy, huh?” She just smirks at me. “Divorced, three months.” Leigh asks about her, and it’s my turn to tell. After about 20 minutes I’ve given her the condensed version of my three year long nightmare. Noticing the gas gauge is hovering at a quarter tank, I decide to pull over.

“I can’t stand women like that,” Leigh says. “If my man wanted to go to a strip club with his friends I wouldn’t tell him no without actually saying it.”

“What would you do?” I ask as I put about $50 of fuel in my truck.

“I’d either go with him, have fun, and fuck his brains out when we got home. Or I’d give him a lap dance at home and then fuck his brains out.”

As I put the nozzle back on the pump I say, “Hey Leigh, I want to go to a strip club.” We both laugh. “I’m headed inside, you want anything?” After I come back with her soda of choice, and one of my favorites for me, we’re back on the road. I hand her a new pack of smokes that I bought with the sodas, and she’s shocked. Since I’m half responsible for her current pack being more than halfway depleted, I figured, why not?

Deciding that bonding over an intense dislike of our exes is keeping the mood down, we start talking about movies. Since we’re on a road trip, those are the types of movies we start with. “And then he almost gets into an accident because that girl in the car he’s racing flashes him. I laughed so hard I cried.”

“Yeah, it’s too bad stuff like that doesn’t happen in real life. Sure would make things more interesting.”

Leigh is puzzled, “You mean you’ve never been flashed before?” I tell her no. “Ever?” She can’t seem to wrap her mind around it. “I find that hard to believe.”

“The closest I’ve ever come is a woman accidentally mooning me while she was changing in the back of a station wagon.” I even mention that the woman had been wearing her granny panties and wasn’t the type you’d want to see naked.

“Hey, Parker,” I look over at Leigh and see her slide the straps of her tank top down her shoulders. Without the presence of a bra her exposed cleavage quickly becomes a full sight of the most perfect pair of breasts I’ve ever seen in person. The light tan of her skin is uninterrupted on those large C cups, a light sprinkle of freckles all around, the dark pink nipples already erect. I’m so stunned that I have to glance at the road a couple times so I don’t drive off into the ditch. She giggles at the befuddled look on my face, but lets me have a good eyeful before slowly pulling the straps back up. I feel light headed as a large portion of my blood beşiktaş escort is redirected to my groin and my pants get a little tight.

“There, now you can say you been flashed.” I try to make a coherent reply, but don’t manage it. Putting my eyes back on the road I concentrate on not getting in an accident. Thankfully there aren’t that many other cars on the road. I can see her looking at me out of the corner of my eye. Her eyes are looking at my lap. “I see that turned you on.”

I blush a bit, surprised I even have enough blood in my head to manage that. “I’m just glad I don’t have a full hard on. Driving with an erection is very distracting.” I even mention it’s made worse when it’s pressed up against the steering wheel. Every turn of the wheel rubs against it.

“What, you’ve never whipped it out and jerked off to get rid of it?”

“Not in the truck, no.”

“Wow. When I was a senior in high school I’d rub one out every Monday morning on the drive just to make sure that week started off on a high note.” Wish I’d known a girl like this when I was in high school. I raise an eyebrow at that, and I see a mischievous grin on her face.

Leigh unbuckles her seat belt and slumps down in the seat a little. “What are you doing?”

Leigh reaches to the waistband of her shorts, unbuttons the top and pulls the zipper down. “I’m curious to see how long it takes you to whip out your cock and jerk off.” Her hand goes up to her lips, tongue pokes out and licks the tip of her index and middle fingers. Her eyes are all for me as her hand disappears down her shorts. She angles herself against the door and spreads her legs, left leg comes up, and her foot rests against the folded down middle seat. Her movements are small, but deliberate, and soon her eyes are closed. Soft moans of pleasure escape her lips and my mouth is suddenly very dry. It feels like the temperature of the cab has gone up considerably. I have to angle my head to the side so I can watch the road and her at the same time.

The muscles in her forearm work as her fingers dance inside her shorts. My pants have gotten incredibly tight and I can feel my erection reaching full. Pressed up against the underside of the steering wheel all I want to do is give in to Leigh and whip my cock out, but why give in so soon? I’m curious how far she’s willing to go with this.

A hitch in her moan, and her hand dives in deeper. I watch as she fingers herself, my right hand moves over, and I touch her leg. Leigh’s eyes shoot open, “Oh no, Parker. The game is to see how long until you touch yourself, so you can’t touch me,” but that wicked smile tells me that’s exactly what she wants. I remove my hand from her leg and grip the steering wheel again. She starts in on herself again, louder now. Her other hand begins to grope her breasts, pinching her nipples through the thin cloth and pulling just a little. My heart is beating in my ears as my erection presses harder into the steering wheel, wanting to go to a much softer, hotter place.

Licking her lips, Leigh opens her eyes to see both my hands gripping the steering wheel harder, but my cock still in its denim prison. Her hands stop what they’re doing and I see she’s thinking wicked thoughts. Not deterred by my struggle to hold out longer Leigh unfolds the middle seat. Resting her back against my shoulder I can no longer see what’s going on, but her moans start up again. Pressing herself against me I can feel her body shudder as her fingers rub over her clit. Turning slightly, her free arm comes up and reaches behind her to grip the side of my face. Turning her head, her face is close to mine and she begins moaning straight into my ear. My cock throbs as she grips the hair at the back of my head and pulls me closer as she cries out, the orgasm causing her to spasm.

I’m about to the point of reaching for my zipper, but Leigh grabs my right arm and lifts it up. Pressing further into me, she brings my arm around her and makes my hand grip the wheel again. My arm brushes against her breast as she keeps masturbating, a finger sliding inside her pussy. Sliding over the way she did made the shorts fall some, and a glance shows me a strip of brown hair, well groomed and the only proof her hair isn’t dyed. I see her skin glistens with juices and her left arm gropes her breasts under the tank top. Leigh’s elbow presses against my erection and I’ve reached my breaking point.

With my left hand I reached down to my waist band and push the metal button through the hole. The zipper is trickier, but I manage to get it all the way down. With little effort I’ve gotten my cock out of my jeans and through the slit on my boxers. With two fingers and my thumb I begin to stroke my cock. My breathing changes and Leigh’s elbow brushes against me again, but this time she encounters flesh, hot and hard.

“It’s about damn time,” Leigh says. Removing her hands from herself, she repositions. With her head resting on my leg and her eyes locked on my throbbing hard cock, her wet hand grips my shaft. I’m not a large man, coming to just shy of six inches, but all this waiting beylikdüzü escort and teasing has given me one of those special erections. One of those kind that is noticeably thicker, maybe a little longer. The only times I can remember this happening is when I read porn instead of watching it. I groan as her fingers wrap around me and give a squeeze, then she starts stroking me.

I’ve never had this happen before, the only one who’s ever jerked my cock before is me, but I like this. My head is swimming as Leigh slowly strokes my cock, my left hand takes the wheel again. My right hand starts touching her, my hand on her shoulder first. I feel her soft skin as I pushed the strap of her tank top down and her breast is exposed again. I slowly move to that delicious mound and fill my hand, giving her a nice squeeze. Her head pushes back into my stomach and a moan escapes her lips. Placing her nipple between my thumb and the side of my index finger, I apply some pressure which causes her to inhale sharply. Not wanting to do it too hard I let up, but her free hand grips my hand on her and makes me squeeze harder.

Leigh’s hand moves from mine, and pushes her shorts down further on her legs, knee level now. If she had any panties on I never saw them, and before her hand can start on her again, my hand finds its way between her legs. Hot to the touch and slick with her cum, I begin to stroke her pussy, starting with her lips. I pull them apart and find my finger rubbing at her entrance, but move to the top and touch her clit. Moving my finger over that sensitive nub Leigh moans out my name. I press a little harder in my rubbing and I feel something new on my dick. Leigh licks my shaft, kisses me at the base, and brushes her teeth against my hardness. I’m not close to cumming yet, but all this teasing and playing is building pressure. I want more, I want to take this from teasing to fucking. A blue road sign tells me I might just get lucky as the exit for a rest stop gets closer. By the time I’ve turned my blinker on I’ve got a finger inside Leigh’s pussy, feeling her grip that finger with a hot, wet intensity and she takes my head in her mouth.

I see a couple cars in front of the bathroom building, and a road that disappears behind a cluster of trees. Hoping there isn’t anyone back there I steer the truck down that road and park behind the trees. Seeing that no one is back here, and no one from the front can see us, I put the truck in park, and kill the engine. Leigh’s eyes shoot open and she takes my cock out of her mouth. Sitting up she looks around, “Did you manage to find a secluded place to park?” I nod. Scooting closer to me, Leigh puts her arm around me and kisses me, her tongue darting between my lips to find mine. Her other arm pushes her shorts the rest of the way off and I start taking my pants off. I realize I’m having trouble getting them off because I’ve still got my sneakers on. I manage to kick them off and now my pants and boxers are completely off.

Grabbing my face with both hands, Leigh looks me straight in the eyes and says something no woman has ever said to me in my 32 years. “I want you to fuck me, Parker. I need you inside me.” I wouldn’t have believed I could be any more turned on than I already was, but her directness and need have me grow even hotter. I like direct women.

She lays down over the seats and I position myself on top of her, spreading her legs as my hips move closer. Leigh reaches down between us, grabs my hard cock, and rubs my head over her pussy. She presses me against her clit twice before pushing me further down. A slight tug has me pushing down, and my head presses at her opening. I want this as much as she does, we both need this and I press a little harder. My hand eases inside, but doesn’t plunge deep. Leigh moans as I pull out just a little, then push just the tip back inside. She’s so wet and tight from all the teasing and playing I pull back and push in, going a little further with each gentle thrust. Leigh’s had enough of waiting. Her leg wraps around behind me and pulls me in. My cock pushes all the way inside her and we both moan as I reach her depth. I don’t wait for her to recover, I immediately start pumping in and out of her, going the full length out, leaving just the tip in and plunging back down.

Leigh’s breasts bounce around as I fuck her as hard as I can, both of us moaning at the pleasure our bodies are giving each other. My left hand goes under her back and grips her shoulder while my other hand holds the edge of the chair. Legs wrap around me tight as I increase my pumping and use my grip on her shoulder to pull her down as I thrust up. The rhythm of our bodies make a fleshy slapping sound as I fuck her deep and hard. Leigh’s finger nails have been scratching at my back, leaving little stings here and there, but I like it. Our mouths devour each other and I move my lips to her ear. I can feel the pressure around my cock, her walls closing in on me in the best way. I take her ear lobe in my mouth, sucking on it as I fuck, and she’s had it. She moans loudly in my ear as her orgasm convulses her body, pussy walls gripping me so tight, rippling along my shaft, but I don’t stop. Her body twitches and spasms, legs reaching out and feet trying to reach the ceiling. Her nails rake sharply from the top of my ass along my lower back. The pain is sharp and I let her ear lobe out of my mouth. It was unexpected, but not unwelcome, and I finally stop moving.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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