A Real Pain In The Ass

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Jenny and I have been together for a year now. Ever since our relationship got sexual, Jenny has been quite the tease about her ass. Hell, I have even begged her for that sweet round ass of hers. She just giggles at me. Many times I’ve tried to “accidentally” enter her backside, only to have her say “Hey, wrong hole, buddy” or “That’s exit only!” I would always apologize and say it was an accident. Bullshit, it was no damn accident, I wanted that ass!

Jenny was 5’7″, 22 in age, and about 110 pounds. She has long brown hair and brown eyes. Her breasts are small and perky.

Then there’s Jenny’s ass. She has a perfect bubble butt. She tans in the summer but never tans her ass. It is so soft and white. I love to smack that ass while taking her on all fours to make it bright red. Jenny has a virgin ass, no one has ever been within her pink asshole. She thinks she’s cute when she teases me with it. I don’t think it’s so cute. Whenever she is naked or in a swimsuit she always finds something in front of me to pick up. When she stands back up she looks at me and giggles.

Yesterday she giggled and said, “You’re never going to get this,” and patted her ass.

That was the last straw! I thought to myself, ‘I will have that ass!’

A smile came across my face as I came up with my plan for her ass.

It was a Friday night. I asked Jenny if we could stay home instead of going out. She wanted to know why so I said I was tired. I told her if we stayed home I would make her favorite drink.

Her eyes lit up when she said, “Mudslides?!”

I told her I would make her as many as she wanted.

Jenny was all for staying home. Jenny doesn’t get drunk too often but I do know she loves mudslides.

That night she got smashed. This was going to be easy.

I started to fool around with her and she got all hot and excited. We went into the bedroom where we quickly got naked. My hands caressed her breasts, my tongue played with hers in a passionate kiss. I brought my right hand down to her pussy and began to stroke her clit. She moaned with pleasure. Her pussy was hot and wet. I could see it in her eyes she wanted me inside of her.

I escort ataşehir laid her face down on the bed. Jenny liked her sex a little rough and she liked to be restrained. I got out our handcuffs and secured her hands to the frame of the bed. She giggled.

I told her to get on all fours. She did as she was told. I put some pillows under her belly and hips and told her to lay back down. Jenny again did as she was told.

Now I brought out some new restraints. Leg restraints. I restrained both of her legs to the bottom of the bed frame.

Jenny said, “Oh, those are new.”

I said, “Yes, they are. I just bought them today.” I laughed.

Jenny said, “You are such a bad boy, aren’t you?”

I said, “You have no idea.”

Jenny’s arms and legs were secured to the bed. The pillows underneath her made her ass arch up in the air.

Jenny sighed, “Take me.”

I smiled and thought to myself, ‘Yes, I will.’

First, I slipped my hard cock into her pussy.

Jenny moaned, “That’s it, take me.”

I slowly moved in and out of her tight little cunt. I grabbed her hips from the back and put all of my weight into pounding her sweet pussy.

Jenny cried out, “That’s it, fuck me good! Just like that!”

Her moans were getting louder as her orgasm got closer.

I could feel her pussy tighten around my cock, trying to milk the cum from my balls. I pounded deep into her, harder and harder. Jenny’s pussy was so wet you could hear a kind of splat noise as I rammed my cock into her cunt. She was almost there.

That’s when I forced my cock way up into her pussy and held it there. Jenny screamed, “Oh, God!” as she came. Her body was trembling as her orgasm took control of her. She pulled on the restraints as she shook.

While she was coming, I reached under the matress and pulled out some K Y Jelly. I smeared it all over the crack of her ass and on her pretty pink asshole. While I was rubbing it in, I was telling her what a good girl she was and how beautiful she was when she came. She never even noticed what I did to her poor ass.

Jenny finally collapsed when her orgasm was done working its way kadıköy escort bayan through her.

I lubed my cock with the K Y Jelly and smiled, thinking, ‘Now it’s my turn.’

I said to Jenny, “Do you remember all of those times you teased me with your baby butt? You know how you would giggle at me and say you are never going to get this?” I cracked her ass and she cried out with pain.

Jenny replied, “So what?”

I smiled and said, “Tonight you’re not leaving this bed with that virgin ass, baby doll.”

I cracked her on the ass again, harder this time.

Jenny screamed, “Ouch, that hurt, asshole!”

She tried to get out of her restraints but found she could not get free. I rubbed my hand over her bright red ass.

I asked her, “Are you scared, Jenny?”

She laughed and said, “I don’t think so, bad boy. Once I tighten my ass cheeks, you’ll never get in there.”

That’s when I laughed and replied, “You’re right, Jenny, but while you came I lubed your ass up with K Y Jelly and my cock is lubed too. It may be a tight fit but I will know your ass tonight.”

Jenny panicked. “You fucker, let me go! I mean it, let me go!”

I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back and slipped my cock into her virgin asshole. Jenny cried out in pain. God, her asshole was so tight and warm. She was a perfect piece of ass. I began to ride her slowly.

She began to cry tears of pain. Jenny begged, “Please pull it out! It hurts, it hurts so bad!”

I told her to relax her ass and it would get better. Then I just said, “Shhh,” as I continued my ride.

Jenny gave off soft cries and moans of pain as I slowly continued to pop her cherry asshole. I reached underneath and began to stroke her clit. I wanted her to relax and also get pleasure for the pleasure she was giving me.

It worked. Her cries of pain turned slowly into moans of pleasure. I began to pump harder into her tight asshole. Jenny didn’t seem to mind. In fact, she relaxed her ass and gave into her pain and pleasure. I stopped stroking her clit and grabbed her hips and told her I was really going to pound my meat into her violated asshole.

Jenny escort bostancı surprised me by saying, “Do it, do it hard!”

I slammed into her ass over and over. Jenny cried with pleasure and pain. I began to pull out of her and then ram it back inside of her.

She cried, “Hurt me! Hurt me so good!”

I looked down at where my cock was passing in and out of her ass. There was a little blood. That made me fuck her even harder. I really put all of my weight behind every thrust into her ass.

I told her I broke the cherry in her ass and could see the blood.

She arched her head back and screamed, “Make me bleed! Oh, God, make me bleed!”

She sounded like she was out of control, like an animal in heat.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back and said, “Tell me to cream your cheeks, bitch!” I could feel the cum building inside my balls. I screamed, “Say it , bitch! Say cream my cheeks!”

Jenny moaned then cried out, “Cream my cheeks! Do it, fill my cheeks with cum.”

I grabbed onto her hips and thrust deep in her ass. I pumped my cum way up her tender, stretched out, baby ass. When I came, I told her what a sweet ass she was and how much I loved her. I don’t think she heard me because she was coming too. Her ass was moving up and down and her whole body shook.

All she could say was, “Oh, oh, oh, ” over and over until her orgasm passed.

I pulled out of her abused asshole and spread her ass wide open. My cum dripped out of her bright red asshole along with some of her blood.

I released her hands and legs and asked her how she felt. Jenny must have passed out after her orgasm so I turned off the light and cuddled up next to her and fell asleep.

The next morning I was up early. I was a very happy man. I was sitting at the dining room table having a bowl of cereal when Jenny came down.

She looked like a pouting little girl and just stared at me. I smiled at her. She sat down at the other end of the table.

When she sat down she cried out, “Ouch!” She grimaced in pain.

It took all I had not to laugh.

Jenny looked at me and said, “Ha, ha, funny man.”

I laughed and asked her if she still loved me.

She walked down to where I was, cupped my face in her hands and said, “Of course I still love you.” She kissed me on the lips, smiled, and said, “But why do you always have to be such a pain in the ass?”

The End


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A Night Alone Ch. 02

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Mike was a little surprised to hear Barbara actually asking for him to fuck her ass, but he quickly agreed. He kissed her again, dropping the sticky butt plug onto the kitchen counter and leaning her back until her ass rested against the cold surface. Barbara gasped a little as her skin met with the chilly edge, then resumed kissing Mike as passionately as she’d done before. She couldn’t believe it, herself, that she was begging Mike to actually take her this way. She’d always been afraid that it would hurt too much or not stimulate her enough for her to enjoy it, but tonight, it seemed like every nerve ending in her body was raw with the need for him.

Eventually they broke the kiss, and went into the livingroom, Mike removing his shirt, her dropping the apron, the thought of a role-playing night quickly forgotten. Barbara went immediately to the couch, and spread a small lap blanket from the back across the cushions, sitting down and motioning for Mike to join her. He came closer, and as he did, she reached out and pulled him close. She took his cock in her hand, still soft from his orgasm being so recent, and leaned forward slightly to first lick the head, then suck the length of him into her mouth. She could hear Mike mutter something, and smiled up at him, as she tasted the glaze of wetness that still coated his cock.

Barbara’s hands reached up to cup Mike’s ass, sucking on him even though she knew it might be a few minutes before he began to get hard again, her tongue wandering down occassionally as she released his cock to work on his balls. She had a thought, and wondered if she should act on it… what would he do?

Barbara scooted to the edge of the cushion, and dipped a finger in the juices of her own pussy, then reached up again to cup Mike’s ass. This time, however, she reached a little further, her hand slightly parting his ass cheeks, her slick finger sliding over his own puckered hole. Above her head, Mike gasped, then whispered, escort ataşehir “What are you doing?”

Barbara looked up at him, with a wanton smile. “Giving as good as I got,” she replied, letting the tip of her finger gently probe a small way inside. She removed her hand, dipping again into the slick wetness between her legs, this time reaching between his slightly-parted legs for an easier reach, and massaged both his asshole and the small span of skin between it and his balls. Mike moaned, and his cock twitched, beginning to get hard again. He couldn’t believe that he was enjoying this, but it actually felt good.

Seeing his reaction, Barbara realized that this was going to go further, and moved him a little bit away from her. “I’ll be right back,” she said, and hurried back the the kitchen. She grabbed the buttplug and quickly washed it off with warm water and a little soap, then picked up the bottle of lube and returned to the living room. Mike’s cock still was not hard, but she thought she was going to be able to remedy that situation pretty rapidly.

She put a few drops of the lube on her finger, then resumed caressing his ass while she took his cock in her mouth again. Slowly, while her tongue flickered across the skin of his dick, her finger dipped a little further into his ass. Soon, her finger was all the way inside, and she had moved her hand to rub the little bit of raised flesh she felt in there, knowing from the stories she’d read that this would be the thing that would really turn him on, and she was right. A few more strokes of her finger across his prostate, and she could feel his cock getting long and hard in her mouth until she finally released it as it got as hard as she’d ever seen him. As soon as her mouth left it, Mike’s hand came down to grasp it, slowly sliding up and down, jacking himself off as she fingered his ass.

Barbara reached for the buttplug with a free hand, noticing that Mike’s kadıköy escort bayan eyes were closed, and removed her finger from his ass long enough to dribble some lube onto the toy, then she moved to slide it slowly into his ass. Mike had spread his legs, expecting her to do exactly that, and his hand moved more rapidly on his cock as she did it, the sensation absolutely amazing as the rippled edges caresed the inside of him just as her fingers had done.

Once she had the buttplug all the way in, and was sure it would stay, Barbara reached up to move Mike’s hand from his cock. His eyes opened, and she reached out with the bottle of lube, pouring some on his cock, then doing her own tantilizing masturbation of it for a few moments. Then she lay back on the couch, and Mike joined her immediately.

“Fuck my ass, Mike. You’ve wanted it for so long, so take me,” Barbara said, and Mike moaned, catching her legs on his arms and leaning forward to plant his hands on the armrest to either side of her head. Barbara reached down between them, guiding his cock to her asshole, and with a slow thrust forward, he was inside her. He stopped once he was all the way in, the feeling of the tight muscle ring around his cock combined with the feel of his own ass filled pushing him to the edge of an orgasm he wasn’t ready to give into yet.

Once the feeling had passed enough that he thought he could control it, he began to slowly slide his cock in and out, each movement making the buttplug in his ass shift just enough to remind him it was there, caressing his prostate in little ways that made his breathing ragged. Barbara’s hand went down between them, her fingers finding her very hard clit and beginning to trace slow circles around it that quickly became faster and more direct.

Before long, Mike’s strokes became more rapid, and her fingers found the exact spot and rhythm that would cause an earth-shattering orgasm in record time. Mike shifted escort bostancı enough that he could bring his mouth down to her breasts, and began to suck on her nipples, pulling at them lightly with his teeth the way he knew she liked. He heard her cry out a wordless sound and knew he’d done the right thing. He could feel her hand moving rapidly against his lower belly and knew she was rubbing her clit furiously.

Suddenly Barbara cried out again, “Oh, Mike, oh.. oh… oh…” and she began to cum, her fingers never stopping, her pussy clenching down, making her ass spasm around his cock. Mike kept fucking into her ass, feeling the ripples of her orgasm along the entire length of him as he moved in and out. The feeling was too much for him, though, and with a few final strokes, he slammed his cock all the way into her, and came, his cock filling her ass as she rubbed her clit. Just as his orgasm subsided, he felt her pussy begin to contract again, and knew she was coming.

Once they’d both caught their breath for a moment, Mike gently slid out of her ass, and reached back to slide the toy from his own. Leaning down to kiss Barbara, he said, “Why don’t we hit the shower and get cleaned up a bit? Give us a little time to rest, and see if we decide we’re up to something else later tonight?”

Barbara gave him a grin, and nodded, sitting up on the couch, feeling her ass twinge as she did so. As she stood up to join him, the phone rang. Barbara frowned at Mike, and he shrugged as she went to answer it.

“Barbara,” she heard, “this is Alice. It looks like Matt is coming down with something. I know I was planning to keep him overnight, but he said his stomach hurts and he’s running a little fever.”

“Go ahead and bring him home,” Barbara said, trying hard not to let the disappointment show in her voice. She hung up the phone and told Mike, and the disappointment was plain on his face. But that was part of being a parent, he supposed.

“I’ll go get showered first,” Mike said, “and be waiting for Alice. Then you can shower after me, okay?” Barbara nodded, beginning to pick up the things that would indicate what they’d been doing and taking them up to their bedroom.

To be continued….

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A Late Night Visit Ch. 03

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“Darn it, Katie, no, I’m not going to do that!” Carl stated emphatically, sitting up in bed.

“What’s wrong with it? You won’t even try it?” she asked, exasperated by his unadventurous spirit in bed.

“Hitting my girlfriend isn’t sexy,” he almost shouted.

“I didn’t ask you to ‘hit’ me, I asked you to spank me. There’s a difference,” she explained, losing patience with him.

“What’s gotten into you lately? You want anal sex, you want me to tie you up, blindfold you, spank you and you even shaved…down there! I don’t understand you!” he exclaimed.

“Shaved…down there?” she mimicked. “It’s called my pussy, Carl. You can’t even say it, can you?” she jeered.

“I prefer not to. That’s another thing. All of sudden all this dirty talk when we’re making love. Normal people don’t say those things!”

“Yes, they do, Carl. Normal people do all the things I’ve asked you to do. It’s called experimenting, it’s called spicing things up,” she told him.

“We don’t need any spicing up. We’re fine,” he stated, getting defensive.

“No, we’re not. We’re boring. Missionary position every Wednesday and Saturday and…oooh…if we’re feeling kinky, we might even do it on Friday too, is boring!” she said with a sigh.

Carl got out of bed and began to dress. “Well, I don’t think it’s boring. I think it’s just fine. The things you want to do are weird and kinky and I don’t feel comfortable doing them or even talking about them for that matter,” he stated, pulling on a pair of pants.

“Where are you going?” she asked. “It’s almost midnight.”

“Out,” he said, pulling a sweater over his head. “Just out.”

She flopped back against the bed as she heard the front door close. Ten minutes later she was kneeling on the bed, her thighs spread wide, thrusting a large anal dildo in and out of her ass with one hand and holding a buzzing vibrator against her clit with the other. Her thighs trembled and shook as the orgasms flowed through her. A thorough spanking would make this just perfect, she thought hazily, her mind drifting back to a week ago, when her mysterious stranger had last fucked her ass, spanking her hard.

Carl’s question about what had gotten into her made her smile. A stranger’s cock had gotten into her, is what. As she thought about him roughly fucking her, calling her a dirty slut and spanking her ass, another orgasm roared through her, causing her to cry out.

Why couldn’t Carl be like that? If only he was willing to experiment, try something adventurous, something different. But he wasn’t and it wasn’t just sex. She wanted to travel to exotic places and eat out at ethnic restaurants but ordering the asian rice bowl at the local family restaurant was as far as he was willing to go.

As her sexuality began to blossom, her confidence grew and he also didn’t like the new, sexy clothes she was wearing.

A week later, he moved out. It was obvious to them both that they were drifting apart and were no longer compatible. Katie cried into her pillow every night for a week before desire drove her back to her computer, to leave a message for her stranger, inviting him back again.

She told him that Carl was gone for good and that he was welcome to come over any time he liked. She would wait for him every night, with the large plug up her ass and wearing a blindfold.

She was surprised to receive a response stating that he wanted to visit her during the day. Excitement bubbled within her. The night time visits were exciting, but during the middle of the day could be even more so. There seemed something so much more decadent about a naughty tryst in the middle of the afternoon. He had suggested the next day at 2:00pm and she eagerly agreed.

The following afternoon, at 1:00pm she slid the large butt plug into her ass with a loud groan. As usual, her pussy responded immediately with a gush of wetness. And as usual she could think of nothing but the impending fucking she was about to receive.

The time passed maddeningly slow, but finally it was 1:50pm and she made her final preparations. She slid her feet into the dark red four inch heels he had requested she wear and she wrapped the scarf around her eyes. Laying on the bed, her thighs spread wide, she could feel how wet she was, how excited she was.

Several minutes later she heard the front door open and close, and soft footsteps approaching the bedroom. She held her breath, waiting for his first touch.

Hands wrapped around her spread ankles and slowly slid upwards. “Good afternoon, Katie,” he greeted her, his British accent elegantly curving the words, sending a chill down her spine.

She released her breath with a sigh and returned his greeting. “Good afternoon.”

“You look so lovely in the daylight,” he purred, caressing and squeezing her ass. She slowly raised her hips, exposing herself to him, inviting him to touch her. “You’re impatient today,” he chuckled, sliding a finger between the soaked folds of her pussy. He moved to the pendik escort side of the bed and gripped her wrists, gently pulling them above her head where he bound them together and then attached them with another length of rope to her headboard. “So pretty when you’re all tied up,” he murmured, watching her writhing on the bed.

“I want to enjoy both sides of you today,” he told her as he gently rolled her over onto her back. He pushed her thighs wide open, up and back, spreading her pussy wide open before him. He trailed wet kisses and gentle bites along her inner thighs before burying his face in her pussy.

“Oh God, yes,” she panted as he suckled her clit. He sucked and nibbled on her pussy lips, sometimes biting down, causing her to cry out. He brought her to orgasm several times before finally rising and kneeling between her legs. Pulling her ankles up to his shoulders, he slowly slid his cock into her sopping wet snatch.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Katie cried out and he filled her. “Oh yeah baby, fuck me! Fuck me!”

He happily complied, pumping in and out of her, ramming his cock deeply into her eager pussy.

“How’s this? You like this?” he grunted, slamming into her. “You’ve got a greedy little cunt, don’t you?”

“Yes, yes, greedy for your cock!” she answered, raising her hips to meet his thrusts.

He sat up and still pumping into her, his hands reached for her full breasts. They were bouncing on her chest as his large hands softly gripped the lush flesh. He pinched and squeezed her nipples, twisting them until she cried out. She gasped as he slapped them back and forth a few times, before again assaulting her nipples.

“Oh yes, baby. Abuse my tits, I love it!” she cried.

Suddenly, he thrust deeply into her quivering pussy, grunting loudly, “Oh yeah, baby, I’m cumming!” as he shot his cum deep into her cunt. He stayed pushed in until he went limp and then slowly pulled out. Pulling her thighs apart, he watched as cum dribbled out from between her pussy lips.

Without warning, his hand connected forcefully with the soft, wet flesh between her thighs. He slapped her pussy several times, before roughly pinching and twisting the lips, again causing Katie to cry out.

Before she could fully recover, he gripped both her ankles with one hand and pushed them up and back, almost over her face, revealing her ass to him. He jiggled the plug in her before gently pulling on it, removing it from her ass hole. A long breath hissed between her lips as the largest part spread her hole wide.

She felt lube being applied to her ass and was surprised to feel his cock head pushing at her anal entrance in this position. Suddenly, he was laying on top of her, his shoulders pressing her thighs against her breasts and his cock plunging into her ass. “Ooooh, yes. So good,” he groaned as his balls slapped against her ass. “Katie, you have a most delicious ass. Fucking you is so damn good!” he sighed before he began pumping his cock inside her.

Katie pushed her hips against him, almost delirious with this new position. “Oh, this feels so good!” she moaned. “Give it to me baby. Give me that big hard cock!”

Without warning, his lips descended to hers in an openmouthed kiss. Katie froze as his tongue, still tasting of her cunt, slid into her mouth. She hadn’t been expecting this. She quickly recovered and responded to him, her tongue eagerly greeting his. The kiss was deep and passionate, full of lust and desire, exactly emulating their encounter.

He suddenly pulled his mouth away and with a groan slid his cock out of her ass. “You feel just too damn good,” he breathed, flipping her back over onto her stomach. Tugging on her hips, he pulled her ass into the air, spreading her thighs wide.

Katie loved this position and trembled in anticipation of how he would abuse her. She cried out in surprised delight as the first blow hit her cheeks. That wasn’t his hand, she thought.

“Do you like being whipped by my belt?” he asked softly, rubbing the red spot on her ass.

“Oh yes,” she breathed. “More, please,” she pleaded.

“Of course,” he replied, laughter in his voice.

She could hear the belt whistle through the air and braced herself for the contact. A burst of exquisite pain blossomed across her ass as he whipped her good and hard. He even managed to hit her tender ass hole a few times and bent and slapped the leather against her pussy as well.

She climaxed several times during the abuse, before begging him to fuck her again. “Please, fuck me, please give it to me. I need your cock in my ass,” she pleaded.

“Your red ass looks so nice in the daylight. I can really see the lovely color now,” he said softly as he softly ran his hand over her burning cheeks, gently pinching her as the other hand squeezed some lube onto her ass hole. He dipped a finger in, briefly fucking her with it, before adding a second and then a third.

Katie’s breathing was coming fast as she pushed her hips back, bucking maltepe escort against his fingers. “Your cock, please, your cock,” she begged.

Ignoring her plea and using his other hand, he slid another finger into her ass, making it four and then five. He wiggled the fingers causing yet another orgasm to tear through her, the walls of her rectum squeezing around him.

Withdrawing his fingers, he gripped her hips and slowly slid the full length of his cock deep inside her ass. He watched it sliding in, delighting in her moans of pleasure beneath him. She really did have the most incredible ass, so willing and hungry for his cock. He began fucking her slowly, knowing she liked it hard, wanting to hear her begging for it.

“Stop teasing me, you know what I want,” she protested, pushing back against him, frustration filling her voice.

“But I like hearing you ask for it,” he explained, continuing with the maddeningly slow pace. “I love it when you beg,” he whispered.

“Fuck me hard, give it to me baby, make me beg for mercy. Ram your cock deep inside me, ream my ass!” she cried, sending a thrill through him.

He immediately complied, plunging in deep, pushing her up the bed with the force of his thrust. He pulled her hips back and continued to pummel his cock into her, leaving her breathless.

Katie couldn’t talk, she could barely breathe with his sudden assault on her ass. She feared she would pass out as an orgasm roared through her. “Oh yes,” she managed to gasp, finally finding his rhythm and falling into it.

The incredible sensations radiating from deep inside her ass caused her senses to overload and her head began to spin. She lost all control, crying out loudly, bucking against his cock.

Carl exited the elevator and walked down the hallway to Katie’s apartment. “Please don’t let her be home, please don’t let her be home,” he whispered to himself. He had planned to phone first to make arrangements with her about when he could pick up the last of his stuff, but had found himself in the neighborhood and decided to take a chance.

Standing before the door he took a deep breath before inserting his key. He froze as he heard a loud cry from inside the apartment. Was that Katie, he thought, suddenly alarmed. Slowly he opened the door and heard her cry out again. What was going on, he wondered, fear trickling down his spine.

As he moved towards the bedroom, he heard the sound of flesh hitting flesh and Katie moaning softly. He approached the door of the bedroom and peered inside, his eyes growing wide. His view of the bed was from the side and he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Katie on the bed, tied up, blindfolded and a strange man behind her, fucking her and spanking her ass. Convinced that she was being raped he was about to grab a weapon when she cried out again.

“Oh God, yes, your cock feels so damn good! Give it to me baby, give it to me! Fuck my ass!”

It took Carl a moment to realize that his former girlfriend was enjoying what this man was doing to her. Dumbfounded he stared at the two of them. Even more shocking to him was that as he watched this man fuck and spank his ex-girlfriend his cock began to twitch and harden. He was getting excited watching Katie being taken so roughly!

Suddenly he realized that the man on the bed had turned and was looking at him. A wicked smile curled his lips as he ground into her. “You love this don’t you?” he asked her, keeping his eyes on Carl. “You like being treated like a dirty slut, getting fucked up the ass like a cheap whore, don’t you?” he grunted as he slammed into her again.

“Yes, oh yes,” she gasped in response. “I’m your dirty slut, your filthy whore.”

Carl couldn’t believe what he was hearing, couldn’t believe the words coming out of her mouth.

“And this ass is all mine, isn’t it?” he asked her. “Now that Carl is gone, it’s all mine,” he growled, pumping deeply in and out of her ass, spreading her cheeks, watching his cock working her stretched hole.

“It’s always been yours. Even before Carl left it was yours. He never wanted it,” she groaned. “Spank me again, please spank me more,” she pleaded.

Carl’s head was spinning. She had been fucking this man before they broke up? With glazed eyes, he watched as the man pulled his large cock from her ass, gave her a good thorough spanking and then, with a loud satisfied groan, plunged back into her ass.

With a smug look he stared back at Carl, fucking Katie even harder than before. Again, her wordless moans and cries filled the air. A smirk curled his lips as he noticed the large bulge in Carl’s pants.

“Are you sure Carl was never interested in your ass?” he asked her.

“Yes,” she gasped.

“Does he like porn?” he asked her.

“What?” she asked, unable to comprehend why he was asking. “No,” she breathlessly replied. “Why are you asking?”

“Because he is standing here watching us with an enormous hard on,” he answered her.

Katie kartal escort froze at his words. “He’s what?” she whispered.

“He’s here, standing in the doorway. I recognize him from the picture on your nightstand,” he said, laughter in his voice. “Although, I must say, his expression is quite different.”

“No, no, nononononono,” she moaned. Slowly she raised her head. “Carl?” she asked quietly.

“Yeah, I’m here,” he responded, his voice thick with lust.

“Would you like to join us?” the stranger asked. “I can rearrange the bonds to accommodate you,” he offered, smiling at Carl.

“Would you mind if we just traded spots for a few minutes?” Carl asked, a sudden desire to plunge deeply into Katie’s ass overtaking him.

He pulled out and got off the bed, holding out his hand, inviting Carl to take his place. Carl unzipped his pants and pulled them off, along with his shorts, his large erection springing out in front of him.

Katie held her breath as she felt him kneel behind her. Carl stared at her gaping hole, wishing that it had been he who had spread her so wide. With shaking hands he gripped her hips and aimed his cock at her still lubed up hole. Taking a deep breath he aimed his cock at her anal entrance and pushed in. His head slipped in easily and he continued sliding into her spread tunnel. With a loud groan of pure pleasure he pushed right to the hilt, until his balls were pressed against Katie’s soaked cunt.

“Oh God, that feels good!” he cried grinding in even deeper.

“C’mon baby, give it to me. Fuck my ass,” she encouraged with a playful voice.

He slowly pulled back and pushed in deep again, using long slow strokes, his face awash with pleasure.

“Harder,” she urged.

“She likes it hard and fast,” the stranger called to him as he walked into the bathroom.

Carl recalled how the man had been fucking her and began to speed up, getting bolder as he went. Soon he was pounding into his ex-girlfriend, plowing his cock deeply into her.

“Oh yes, baby! That’s it! Ram it in me!” she cried out as an orgasm tore through her, causing her juices to bathe Carl’s balls as they slapped against her quivering pussy. Suddenly she felt the bonds on her wrists being removed.

“Rise up,” her stranger was telling her. When she was up on her hands and knees, she felt his cock pushing at her lips. “All nice and clean for you to suck,” he whispered, gathering a handful of her hair in his fist.

With a smile, she licked her lips and then opened wide for him. Holding her head by the hair, he pumped his dick in and out of her mouth, fucking her face, forcing himself down her throat. She surprised him by taking him without gagging and sucked him hard.

Carl remained behind her, using every ounce of self control to keep from cumming. Her ass felt so damn good could he could hardly stand it. How could he have possibly not wanted this, he wondered with awe. Spreading her cheeks, he watched with wonder as his cock slid in and out of her ass. He could hardly wait until she was tight again and he could open her up, take her when she could really grip his cock. He hoped she would give him that chance.

He glanced up as he heard the other man talking to her. “Oh yeah, baby, suck my cock. Suck it like the slut you are. You like having two guys doing you at the same time? Of course you do!” With a loud groan, he pushed his cock deep into Katie’s mouth, shooting his cum straight down her throat. “Take it all bitch, swallow every drop!” he grunted.

As he pulled out of her mouth and stepped off the bed, Carl renewed his efforts and drove in deep. He really began fucking her roughly, even spanking her, watching her ass turn red beneath his hand.

Katie’s head began to spin from the way Carl was drilling her. She could hardly believe it was him behind her and not the stranger. She felt a finger on her clit and her orgasm came almost immediately, followed by several more, all of them roaring through her body leaving her senseless.

Her reaction to his treatment of her was more than Carl could take and with another deep thrust and a loud groan, he came violently, shooting large wads of cum deep into her ass. He slapped her ass hard as he filled her with his spunk.

Katie collapsed on the bed with him on top of her, his softening cock still in her ass. “My God, Katie, you are amazing,” he gasped, rolling off of her. Spreading her cheeks and gazed at her spread hole, the cum beginning to dribble out of it.

“I love watching cum ooze out of her gaping hole,” her stranger sighed, joining Carl to watch. She only giggled in response and wiggled her ass at them.

She heard the sound of clothing rustling as the stranger dressed. She resisted the urge to remove the blindfold. “I’ll leave you two alone now. I would guess you have some talking to do. Let me know what happens Katie.” And with that he was gone. Only when she heard the apartment door close did she remove the blindfold and blinking, she stared bashfully at Carl.

A week later, Katie was bound and blindfolded again, this time her stranger was beneath her, fucking her pussy while Carl was on his knees behind her fucking her ass. Neither man was showing her any mercy and she was loving it.

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A Hot Night Out

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“I’m coming in, that’s your last warning.” He said jokingly; he had already dropped his pants and kicked off his shoes, now just standing outside of her shower door stroking himself. For a few minutes he had stood there watching her glistening outline through the soft-white shower curtain. She didn’t know he was there until he spoke.

A quick laugh was her only reply before he moved the curtain to the side and quickly wrapped his left arm around her back, pulling her wet, naked body tightly against his. His cock felt good pressed against her stomache. “My God,” she thought. He was hard already. His mouth flashed by her wanting lips, heading straight to her throat.

Sucking, licking, he bit lightly as her neck bent backwards to aid his attack. A moan, hers, joined with the sound of the dripping water and echoed in the tile chamber.

His hands now moved from their grip, and grasped her ass roughly, spreading her cheeks so that his index finger could trace down between them, lightly passing over her asshole before resting just inside of her wet opening.

His hands slathered around her smooth skin for a while longer as his mouth placed sensations from her neck to her shoulders and down her breasts to her abdomen, when his hands took hold of her hips and forced her body to face the opposite. His attention then continued down to the small of her back, down to her asscheeks, and further until he was tickling the backs of her thighs. As he did this, her feet lifted ever so slightly off the ground, as if she could take invisible stairs to get away from the sensations.

“We’re getting out now. Dry off and put on the outfit hanging on the rack.” Again, no questions for her to process, just simple things to do. As quickly as it had begun, he got out, grabbed his towel, and left before she could even get out.

She got out of the shower and dried her hair first, wrapping a towel tightly and leaving it there while she dried off the rest of her body. “Why does he always make me wait?” she thought as she reviewed her body in the mirror. She loved her body right now, but even more she loved how he made it feel. Turning to hang her towels is when she first noticed the outfit he had left for her. A pair of heels, high, probably about 5-6″; and a black dress – well it looked like a dress, but with many small holes for skin to show through it – stretchy, tight, and black. No undergarments were there.

Now, if they were planning on heading straight to the bedroom, this would have not been so strange, but tonight they were heading out to see a movie at an out-of-town theatre. A nice dinner out was assumed for the occasion as well.

“Are you sure this is all you want me to wear?” her voice echoed down the hall.


“No, just making sure you….” He opened the door to her bathroom, wearing black slacks and shined shoes, his dress shirt opened by the top three buttons; he normally wore an undershirt, but not tonight. His hair was still wet, including his eyelashes, which made his eyes seem to be alive in themselves.

“You’ll be fine in what you’re wearing,” he said, and then went off again.

It was about 15 minutes later that she met him in the car. As the garage door opened while he fired up the engine, she could already sense her feelings about the situation to be mixed. She was nervous about going out in public pendik escort in such a revealing dress without any panties on, and yet nervous and turned on that part of why she wished she was wearing panties was so that she wouldn’t be dripping down her leg by the time they arrived at dinner.

Dinner was quick and nice. She found herself not realizing as she relaxed her legs while sitting across from him at the corner booth. The waiter had trouble remembering their orders as his eyes had a harder time focusing on her face, and the glances from the tables around them – mostly from the angry wives/girlfriends just reinforced to both of them that others were jealous of her, of them, of how hot they are – together.

The movie they were seeing was an action-comedy. Standard story of a bonehead with a smart sidekick that gets into funny situations but somehow still comes through. Most of the theatre was full of late-teenagers and other college students. Finding the proper seating to begin their game was essential. They sat in a middle-upper row. He’d thought about positioning them low in the crowd so that more horny, young boys would be blessed with catching a glimpse of her every contour, but settled for a higher seat when he realized that way they could be more aware of those heads that would constantly turn around to take a look at her crossed legs seated above them.

They behaved during the movie and were soon on their way home. As they drove through the darkness he kept his eyes straight ahead. Tonight’s intentions were to let the attention of everyone else do the foreplay for him. Little did she know, but that plan had worked perfectly. Now, he was calmly driving down the highway, and she was rubbing the butts of her wrists into her crotch and arcing her hips slightly trying to grind against herself.

She reached over and felt his crotch, he was semi-hard and still didn’t look over. Wanting his attention she unzips and unbuttons his pants. Taking both hands she massages his balls while tickling the length of his cock. She always enjoyed the feeling of his cock and balls in her hands. The smooth, hairless skin was warm and managing the throbbing strength of his tool made her feel powerful.

She leaned over and licked beneath the head before encasing half of his length into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around his shaft as his hips lifted slightly off of the seat to allow her further access.

“Not yet,” he said sternly.

“I think so,” she attemped to take control as she lowered her lips again, this time taking in a full mouthful of 3/4 of his length.

“No, not yet, I have other plans for you,” he says, pushing with his right hand on her left shoulder to put her upright in her seat again. Shocked would not begin to portray the look on her face, yet her left hand still remained stroking his cock.

The rest of their ride home was done in silence. It was not long before he pulled into the garage and turned off the car. He locks the car and opens the door to the house motioning for her to lead. Just as she lifts her leg to ascend the single step into the house his hand lands on her asscheek with an echoing smack. She jumps up slightly and turns giving him her best attempt at an intimidating glare.

“I’ll be waiting in the room,” was all he said as she disappeared into her bathroom to freshen up.

When maltepe escort she enters the bedroom she finds him sitting in a solid wooden chair still wearing his same outfit save for his shoes and socks. A video camera rests on one hand and a wad of cash in the other. Club music booms out of the speakers of the radio, she begins to get the idea.

“Oh, perfect, they told me they’d send me a hot one. What’s your specialty?” he asks her, guaging her interest in this role-playing and trying to get her involved.

“If you’re good enough, you might just find out,” she replies, caught off-guard by the question and not sure on how to respond. His hand raises the video camera and lets it travel the length of her body. Playing along, she sculpts her body into risque poses, smiling fiendishly.

Swerving her hips seductively she walks over to his chair slowly. Moving rythmically with the beats she spins herself and pushes out her ass at him. She straddles him and hovers her naked pussy directly over his crotch while unbuttoning and removing his shirt. Her hands press on his chest as she moans and briefly rubs herself on his lap before standing back again, flipping her hair back, and squeezing her breasts with both hands.

His arm moves, stuffing bills in the edges of her dress, the other catching her dance on film. She turns away from him and bends her knees, lowering herself to the ground before bouncing back up. She turns to face him and does the same move, this time her breasts coming within inches of his face as she straightens herself again. Her hands slide up his thighs from his knees and unbutton his pants. A quick look is all he needs to lift his hips off the chair for her to remove them completely.

Now naked, he runs out of money to stuff in her dress. With her hair tassled and make-up perfect, moving her body slinginly to the music with dollar bills pouring out of her skin-tight dress while dancing on high-heels, she looks like a pro.

She knows it too, and it shows when she turns away from him and bends fully at her waist, her dress riding up over her hips now, baring her perfect ass at first, and as she bends further, her pink little pussy gleams through in the middle, damp now with excitement. Her head sways around from her leg, her hair falling everywhere as she devilishy watches his eyes, and his camera, ogle her body. She reaches between her legs and begins tracing herself with her middle finger, and then inserting it, pleasuring herself for him to see.

And see it he did. His cock was now completely hard, and he was tempted to stroke it with his free hand. He watched her masturbate ass-up for him and ached with anticipation. It was then that her surprise for him came: she reached with her other hand and spreading her asscheek, begins tracing her asshole with her now-moistened finger.

“So, maybe that’s my specialty tonight,” she says as she turns back to him. Taking the camera out of his hands she sets it on the tripod, angling it at the chair and bed.

“Just maybe?” he says, trying to play it cool while almost losing it just at the thought.

“As I said, it depends on how good you are,” she says coyly, passing the chair now and laying on the bed, her legs spread before him. He gets out of the chair, and kneels on the end of the bed. Lifting her calf in his hand he places kisses all along it, kartal escort enjoying its beautiful tautness as his tongue traces up and down the back of it, tickling the edge of her knee in the process.

He lunges, hands sliding under the sides of her dress, lifting her just enough to peel it over her head before tossing it to the side and dropping her heavily back on the bed. He attacks her breasts now, her shoulders, her throat, quickly and aggresively tracing up and down her body from stomache to earlobes and then traveling further and further down each leg, tasting, tickling, his hands unstrapping the shoes from her feet and grabbing her feet, kneading them as his mouth went everywhere.

Finally, as his mouth settled to plunge into her now soaking wet pussy, he tongued up her inner thigh to find that she was already there, using one hand to stretch tight her lips while the other worked fervishly on her swollen clit. He decides to let her do herself and continue kissing. As soon as his mouth begins to attend elsewhere she utters a muffled “ugh” and arches her hips up to allow access to her asshole.

His hands groped under her ass to lift her slightly as he plunged his tongue around her tight pink ring. Juices from her pussy slid down her body and sweetened the moment as she continued to masturbate, not just in front of him, but literally spreading, fingering, and pleasuring herself just inches away from his eyes. He circled more and more, occasionally kissing and nibbling at her cheeks as he slowly worked the tip of his tongue into her ass. The scent of her sex was overwhelming and his cock was literally covered in his own liquid now.

As her legs quivered under pleasure he reached to the bedside and grabbed some lubricant. Pouring it onto his hand he began working a single finger into her asshole as he tongued and licked her entrance. As it grew comfortable around him, he urged a second finger in. She moaned slightly but continued to work on herself.

After allowing time for her muscle ring to adjust to his presence, he began stroking his cock with the lubricant. When he was lathered well he used his dry hand to roll her body over. Her face became lost in the pillows as he pressed the tip of his cock into her little pink hole, his other hand now replacing hers on her pussy. He fingered her now, stroking his own cock from inside of her as he slowly pressed each inch of his cock in. When she would moan or sigh he would pause with his cock, but let his hand act more strongly, filling her pussy as if he was fucking her hard and fast.

Her asshole finally relaxed enough for him to begin a full stroke, and full stroke he did. He plunged himself mercilessly into her, her ass pounding against his hips and abdomen as she cried out. His moans joined hers and even the bed’s springs began to scream from the pleasure surmounting in the room. Her hips fell flat against the bed and he used his weight now to drive each push of himself harder and harder into her, his hand passing his balls each time he sent it deeper into her pussy.

Finally, her legs tensed. Her thighs first, then her calfs, ultimately her toes spanned rigid as her body quivered beneath him. As the muscles of her pussy milked his fingers for more her asshole spasmed around his cock, squeezing harder and harder as she came around him and he came, squirting deep inside her, the heat overwhelming each of them as he collapsed on top of her.

Each panting for breath, the moment subsided as his hardon now faded away and he slipped out of her.

“My lord!” was all he could utter.

“Yeah!” was her simple reply.

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A Friend in Need

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I was walking home rather tipsy from another lousy party.

Well, maybe a bit more drunk than that. I couldn’t believe I had actually wasted my time like that. Why did I even go?

I’d gone for one reason and one reason only. I wanted to get laid. I hadn’t had sex for 5 months and I was getting desperate.

My roommate and best friend, Kate, had talked me into going.

“If you don’t go out, you’ll never meet a guy,” she’d said. She was right off course. So I went.

What a waste of time. Don’t get me wrong. There were a couple of really good-looking guys at the party, but most of them were already spoken for,

and the rest were complete assholes. So I decided to go home.

As I approached my flat I already knew that was a bad idea as well. I could clearly hear Kate having a good time with her boyfriend Frank.

I could hear her moans as Frank obviously was giving her a good time. One thing about Kate, when she enjoyed something, she let the whole world know,

and right now, she was obviously having the time of her life. I didn’t know what Frank was doing to her, but I envied her.

Kate, bless her, knowing of my frustrations of not finding a guy had decided not to have sex while I was around. I really appreciated it. I love her.

Don’t get me wrong, I meant as a friend. She was the nicest person I had ever met, so selfless and considerate to other people.

She deserved the fuck she was having.

I slowly turned the key to the flat and sneaked in. Didn’t want to interrupt anything. I quietly went to my bedroom, though with the noises them two

were making, I didn’t think I needed to make much effort.

I got undressed and went to bed. I normally wear pyjamas, but it was hot so I had settled for sleeping in my knickers. As I lay on my bed, trying to

go to sleep, my head was spinning. Not sure if it was the excessive alcohol or the noises from the Kate’s bedroom. My hands slowly drifted to my boobs,

gently squeezing them as I imagined what my friend was up to when all of a sudden it went quiet. I started to think they’d finally stopped when Kate’s

moans started again, louder this time. What on earth could give her such a pleasure. My imaginations were driving me mad, and my hands started moving

all over my body. I was soaking wet, my fingers rubbing my pussy, when I suddenly realised what I was doing.

“Damn, stop it!” I told myself. This was not what I needed. I wanted a real dick, not some imaginative stuff that couldn’t fill me.

I turned over in bed and pulled my pillow over my head. Were they ever going to stop?

I lay there for what felt like ages, but was probably just a couple of minutes, when I finally couldn’t take it anymore.

I got up and went to Kate’s bedroom, ribbed the door open and loudly said:

“PLEASE! Can’t you keep the noise down a b…” What had I done? How stupid could I be? It must have been the alcohol, it must have been!

They’d both stopped what they were doing, staring at me.

But what met my eyes was beyond anything I could have imagined. Kate was lying naked on the bed with her legs pulled as far up towards herself while

Frank’s dick was in her…

“Uh, I think Frank kind of missed the target?” I said hoarsely. Damn, that alcohol again. When will I ever learn to shut up!

“What do you mean?” Kate asked, smiling. How could she smile at me like that when I’d just interrupted her?

“Uh, he’s up your ass!” I stammered, pendik escort tears starting to get in my eyes. “Oh, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to… It’s just…”

I turned around, ran to my bedroom and threw myself on the bed. Now I felt really miserable. Not only couldn’t I get laid, but I had just stopped my

friend. How could I do that?

I heard my door opening and knew Kate was coming in. Off course, kind, considerate, selfless Kate was more concerned about me, than the fuck of her life.

Great. Now I felt better.

I sensed her sitting on the bed next to me, putting an arm on my back.

“Didn’t work out tonight, did it?”, she said kindly.

“No,” I replied. “Look, I am so sorry. I don’t know what came over me.”

“Don’t worry about it. I can understand.”

She started rubbing my back. She always knew what to do to make me feel better. Her hands moved up to my shoulders and started giving them a gentle massage.

My body slowly started to relax. I loved her massages. I had never met anybody who knew my body so well. She would always find the right spots, and right now

I needed it more than ever.

I started drifting as Kate’s hands rubbed my shoulders, every now and again moving down my back. I was in heaven. I thought I could even feel hands rubbing

my legs, slowly massagin all the stress and frustration out of my body.

Kate started kneeding my ass cheeks. I was a bit surprised, because she’d never done that before, but it felt so good and with the hands continuing to rub

my legs, I didn’t even think twice, when she pulled my knickers down.

I moaned softly, as she continued circling around my ass. I could feel my pussy starting to react to the erotic carresses of my body, but it felt too good

to worry about it. The hands on my legs were rubbing up and down my thighs, ever getting closer to my wet spot. Without thinking I spread my legs slightly,

so those gentle hands could reach a bit higher.

“Turn over,” Kate said gently.

I complied, and soon felt her hands on my stomach, gently massaging and rubbing, while those hands on my legs continued to move further and further up.

“Mmmm…”, I thought. “Didn’t know Kate had four hands, but it felt great.”


My eyes flew open and I was shocked to see Kate sitting next to me and Frank at the bottom of the bed, their hands rubbing all over my body.

They were both naked… As was I!!!

I stared at Kate, and she must have seen the panic in my eyes, because she only smiled at me, pushed my head gently back down on the bed and said.

“Don’t worry, Liz. It’s okay. Enjoy it.”

Her hands kept rubbing my stomach, moving up towards my breasts, gently massaging them, while Frank continued to stroke my legs.

“But…” was all I could say.

Kate only smiled at me.

“Relax. This is your night.”

I gave in. My body was so overcome with the emotions from their massage and my pussy was screaming at me, that this was my chance for a fuck and I was not

to let it pass.

I started to relax and when Frank’s hands moved closer to my pussy, I spread my legs to give him access.

I felt his gentle hands slowly rubbing up and down my wet pussy, my hips starting to move in sync with his carresses.

Kate looked down at Frank and nodded. He smiled up at her, then at me, and moved forward, placing a kiss right on my clit.

It was nearly enough to make me cum.

My maltepe escort pussy was soaking, and his tongue started darting all over it. I looked at Kate, who just smiled at me. She started massaging her own breasts as she

was getting turned on by what she saw.

Frank spread my pussy wide with his thumbs before ramming his tongue into my soaking pussy. I gasped and moaned as I was about to explode in an orgasm.

His tongue surged up towards my clit and circled it fast. I screamed out as I was grasped by the first orgasm I’d had in such a long time.

Kate rubbed her pussy hard as I came and I couldn’t help myself, but reached out for her and beckoned her to let me lick her pussy.

I’d never done anything like this before, but I was so caught up in the moment, and I wanted to please my friend who had willingly offered her boyfriend.

She straddled herself on top of me, placing her pussy just above my face, so I could see her pussy. I’d never seen one so close before and I was

mesmerised by the beauty.

I slowly let my tongue slide up and down her vagina walls while getting used to the sweet tastes of her womanhood. I had never tasted anything like it.

I had never bothered with trying my own juices, thinking it was revolting, but Kate’s juices were so sweet and I wanted more.

Kate moaned loudly when I inserted a finger, letting explore and getting used to this new feeling.

Meanwhile, Frank was having a good go at my own pussy. I could feel, I was slowly building up for another orgasm, my hips moving in motion with his teasing

kisses. Kate could see I was getting excited again and her own juices flowed more vigourously.

“Go on, Frank. Take her. Fuck her hard.”

Frank didn’t wait. He moved away from my pussy, only for me to feel the head of his cock rubbing against my vagina. I moaned, duck my head into Kate’s pussy,

trying to muffle the sounds of anticipation coming from deep inside me.

Suddenly, Frank rammed his hard dick pass the pussy walls and all the way in. I instantly came. My muffled screams and moans must have triggered Kate off as

she came with me in a loud scream. She slammed her pussy into my face beckoning for my tongue to ram her pussy while she was riding the waves of ecstacy.

I complied, though it was hard for me to concentrate, as I was having a huge orgasm myself. My body was shaking from the longing and feeling of finally

having a cock inside me.

Kate’s orgasm finally subsided and she climbed off me, allowing Frank more room to manouver. He started thrusting, gently at first, then harder and faster.

I couldn’t believe it. I was actually being fucked! And by my best friend’s boyfriend!

I moaned with every thrust, enjoying every moment. As I had just come down from my second orgasm, I much doubted, I would get another, so I lay there feeling

an ecstacy of the cock inside me. It had been so long. It felt so good.

Suddenly, Frank pulled out and I looked up in disappointment.

“Turn over,” Kate told me.

I happily complied. I lay on my front, pulled my legs up towards me, so Frank could get easier access.

Frank moved behind me and shoved his dick inside my pussy. We found a steady rythm and I could feel my body starting to respond again.

“No way,” I thought. “Can I really be cumming again?”

Kate grabbed my cheeks and started to massage them, rubbing the inside and around the hole. That felt good.

Suddenly, kartal escort I felt a wet finger pushing it’s way inside my asshole. I opened my eyes in shock, but Frank’s continual thrusting and the finger inside my ass at

the same time felt great, so I relaxed and my moans clearly showed the couple I was enjoying it.

I felt a second finger around my ass and I started to get worried.

“Please don’t,” I whispered huskily.

“Relax,” Kate replied.

I was too far spent. The continual fuck of my pussy and ass was having it’s affect and I didn’t make any resistance as the second finger slided in.

It hurt a bit, but in a strange pleasing way. I moaned loudly as Kate moved her fingers in and out of my ass, stretching it and forcing it to get used

to the violation. Frank had slowed down his thrusts in order for Kate to have more room.

I couldn’t believe the feelings that was raging through my body. Part of me wanted to cum again, but another part just wanted to prolong these amazing

feeling that were pulling my body apart. I started breathing harder and started thrusting my ass towards Kate’s fingers forcing them deeper inside my ass.

“I think she’s ready,” I heard Kate say.

I felt Frank’s dick pulling out of my pussy and Kate gently removed her fingers. I didn’t have time to utter any disappontment, when I felt Frank’s cock

at the entrance of my asshole.

My eyes flew open in panic.

“No, please don’t,” I said with a lot less conviction than I meant.

“Don’t worry, Liz. It’s fine. Just relax,” I heard Kate say.

Frank pushed very slowly towards my rear opening. I could feel his dick slowly moving inside, but he soon felt resistance.

“I can’t take him,” I pleaded. “He is too big!”

“Relax,” Kate repeated. “You will like it. Just let him move in slowly.”

I felt Frank pushed farther in. It hurt, and I whimpered. Suddenly the head was inside and Frank started moving in and out in very gentle motions.

It felt amazing. With each stroke Frank managed to move a bit further in and the pain started to subside and change to something else.

I can’t describe the feeling. My ass was filled with Frank’s cock and I was enjoying every minute of it.

I started screaming for him to fuck my ass faster. He complied and I could hear his grunts as he was obviously enjoying it too.

I was so hot and my pussy was dripping in excitement. I knew I was going to come a third time.

“I’m cumming!” I screamed. “Harder. Please!”

Frank kept thrusting as hard as he could. Suddenly I felt Kate’s hand on my pussy, rubbing my clit.

Frank started moaning, and I could feel he was about to come too.

“Come in my ass!” I screamed. “I want to feel your cum inside my ass.”

Frank gave a big grunt and I felt his dick contract inside my ass, spewing liquid far up inside me.

I screamed out loud. My whole body shuddered in ecstacy. It felt like I came again and again. My body shuddering, my pussy contracting and my ass gribbing

tightly around the hard cock inside me, forcing every bit of liquid out of him.

Our bodies finally collapsed in a heap on the bed. I was still gasping for air, still feeling my body jerking as I realised what had just happened.

I looked up at Kate who sat over me, smiling gently.

“Still think he missed the target?” she teased.

I was too exhausted to answer, I just looked up at her, my eyes in shock over the gigantic orgasm I had just felt. I closed my eyes, remembering every

bit of excitement that had just taken place.

“Didn’t think so,” I heard her say.

Her gentle laughter was the last thing I heard as I drifted off to a pleasant dream.

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The Test

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My daughter wanted to start dating this kid named Kyle. She met him in her Ceramic Arts class, at the community college. Naturally I wanted to meet this Kyle, and make sure that he would be a good choice for my precious little Princess.

After a few weak protestations from my daughter, she agreed to set up a meeting. That Friday afternoon, I met Kyle at the coffee shop near the campus. He looked a little weird, with spiky hair and a gangly body, but these days I suppose that’s considered “normal.”

He saw me wave him over to the table and came over to sit down. “Your Mr. Grant, right?” he asked.

“That’s right,” I said, offering my hand. He shook it and took his seat.

We chatted idly over a couple of cappuccinos for a few minutes. He explained that he had a job, didn’t get into drugs, and was basically and honest kid. Then I turned the conversation toward the topic I was most interested in…

“So, Kyle,” I said, lowering my voice, “have you had sex with my little girl?”

The kid nearly choked on his coffee. “Uh, no,” he said, “not yet.”

“I see,” I said, grunting. “And why not?” I asked, looking him in the eye.

He seemed puzzled. “Sir?”

I glanced around, making a show of checking for eavesdroppers. “Confidentially,” I said in a low voice, “if I were you, I would have fucked the shit out of her, by now.” I took a casual sip of my cappuccino, leaning back in my chair.

Kyle shook visibly, as he considered his response. “This is a test, isn’t it?”

“Hm? A test?” I said, innocently. “Why would I do that?”

Kyle leaned forward, glaring at me. “Don’t jerk me around, Mr. G! Why else would you make such a strange comment?” He sat back. “I haven’t had sex with Marcie,” he stated flatly. “I haven’t had sex with anyone for two months.” He lowered his eyes and sipped his drink.

I leaned forward, resting my elbows on the table. “You poor kid,” I said. “What’s wrong, don’t women find you exciting?” He looked up with a questioning look in his eyes. “Your not gay, are you?”

“Look, Mr. Grant,” said Kyle, “this is getting kind of weird.” He stood up. “If you don’t want me to date your daughter, just say so.”

I stood up and tossed a few bills on the table as the teenager stood fuming. I turned to him and chuckled lightly. “Relax, my boy,” I said. “Come with me. Let’s go for a drive.” I put an arm on his shoulder and led the boy out to my car.

We drove around the campus and the nearby park, as we talked. I told Kyle that, yes, in a way, I had been testing him. “However,” I explained, “there is something I need to know.”

“What’s that, Mr. G?”

“Would you think me a monster, if I told you that I had sexual fantasies about Marcie?”

Kyle hesitated before responding. “Not really,” he said. “She is a really hot girl… I guess that would be natural.” Then he asked, “Have you?”

“Well,” I answered, “as you said, it’s only natural. She is a hot girl.” I turned into the parking lot of the park. We got out and went to sit at the bench by the duck pond. I continued, “Ever since my wife left, I have been having these dreams… About Marcie.”

“Oh, I see,” said Kyle. “So, you haven’t been getting any, since pendik escort your wife left?”

“Put flatly, yes,” I said, frowning at the boy. “I haven’t been ‘getting any’.” I told Kyle about my sexual fantasies regarding Marcie, and he listened carefully. “So, you see, Kyle,” I went on, “what I want to know is; would you mind if I peeked in, when you and Marcie, you know, did it…?”

“Wow,” the boy said. “I’ve never had a father ask that before.” He seemed to consider my request. “I guess that would be okay.”

“Good,” I said, slapping the boy’s leg. I stood up, heading back to the car. “Of course, Marcie must not know about this. It’ll be our little secret.”

Kyle fell in step beside me and asked, “So, when do you want to do this? …and where?”

“Tonight,” I said, opening the car door. “I can come over to your place. Just give me the address, and your cell number.” We drove back to the campus, where I dropped Kyle off at class. “Don’t forget,” I said, putting my finger to the side of my nose, “Mum’s the word.”

Kyle waved and walked away, slinging his book bag over his shoulder. I drove home feeling a sense of exhilaration. I could feel my dick getting hard, just anticipating the upcoming event. When I got home, I changed into my bathrobe and sat in my big comfy chair with a beer. My mind wandered into another sexual fantasy.

I imagined Marcie, coming home from school and finding me sitting in my favorite chair. She came to me and sat in my lap. As she gave me a big, wet kiss, I ran my hand up her thigh, only to discover that she wore no panties under her short skirt.

I stroked myself as I imagined fingering Marcie’s wet little hole. She stopped kissing me long enough to remove her T-shirt, exposing her pert little breasts. I sucked a tiny nipple into my mouth as I continued to explore her shaved mound. My daughter moaned, “Oh, Daddy… I wish you would put that big tool of yours in my…”

The doorbell rang, jerking me out of the fantasy. Cursing and tying my bathrobe, I went to the door. “What is it?” I barked at the young man standing outside.

Startled, the delivery boy held out a brown sack with dark stains around the bottom. “You order Chinese food?” he said, cautiously.

“No,” I said curtly, slamming the door. I opened the door and yelled, “Boy!” When he returned, looking scared, I asked, “What have you got there?”

He looked at the delivery slip and said, “Kung Pao Chicken and a side of Egg Rolls.”

“Screw whoever ordered it,” I said, turning to grab my wallet. “I’ll take it.” I shoved a wad of bills in the boy’s hand, and took the bag. I closed the door as he began to protest.

Later that evening, I got a call from Kyle. He told me that he and Marcie were at a club and that I should go to his apartment. He had hidden a spare key so I could go inside and find a good hiding place from which to watch as he and Marcie consummated their relationship.

I arrived and found the key under a potted geranium. My heart raced as I poked around Kyle’s apartment looking for a hiding place. Kyle said he planned on taking Marcie into his bedroom for a little standard action, so I found a spot in his closet where, with maltepe escort the door cracked slightly, I had a good view of the bed.

I heard the door open and Kyle and Marcie laughing and chatting. From the sounds, they were making coffee and poking around in the kitchen. I settled in, listening to the idle chatter and waiting for Kyle to get around to suggesting they move to the bedroom. There were footsteps coming near the closet door, then Kyle’s face appeared.

“Mr. G.,” he whispered, “I wondered if you’d be here…”

“What’s the holdup?” I whispered back.

“Nothing,” he replied, “I just wanted to check you out before I…” He jerked a thumb toward the bed.

“Well, get on with it,” I urged, waving a hand. “I’m starting to get a cramp.” I reached into my pocket and pulled out a scarf that I’d brought. “Take this. Put it over Marcie’s eyes. Tell her it’s a sex game, or whatever…”

Kyle looked at the scarf with a puzzled expression, which changed to a sly smile. “Right,” he said. “Add a little excitement…”

“Yes, yes,” I said impatiently, “now get to it!”

After that, it got pretty quiet. The sounds I could make out indicated that the young couple was “necking” on the couch. When I heard my little girl moaning, I knew Kyle was making his move. My cock started to throb as the moaning increased and I heard them grappling at each other. Then they moved into the bedroom.

I saw glimpses of the pair as they passed in front of the closet door. At one point, Marcie pushed the door, almost closing it. I silently cursed and pushed carefully at the door to restore my view. They were naked and had just climbed into bed. Marcie started to pull the covers up, but Kyle insisted they “do it” in the open.

The boy wasted no time in getting his face into Marcie’s crotch. She moaned as his head bobbed up and down over her pussy. I could imagine my own tongue lapping at her young pink lips, tickling her nubbin of a clit… Oh, how my cock throbbed! I unzipped my pants and began stroking myself, as Kyle worked his way up Marcie’s torso, kissing her stomach, then her perky little breasts.

I thought maybe he had forgotten about the blindfold, but before they got any further, he talked my daughter into allowing him to put it on her. This was the part of my plan I had not discussed with Kyle. I pushed the door further open and pulled down my pants, standing in the open doorway, naked from the waist down.

Kyle had Marcie by the knees, holding them up as he plowed his young cock into her pussy. With the blindfold in place, I no longer needed to hide in the closet. And Marcie would not notice if someone took Kyle’s place…

I took off my shirt and stood behind Kyle, watching as his big, young cock slid in and out of Marcie’s vagina. I knelt down to get a better view, stroking my own cock in time with Kyle’s thrusts. Marcie squealed with delight as he pumped vigorously on. Then I stood and moved around to where he could see me.

He gave me a questioning look, pausing in his attention to duty. I made a shushing gesture, then pointed at Marcie. He didn’t understand, so I pointed back and forth between her and myself. Kyle’s expression kartal escort turned to astonishment. I was afraid he would blow everything, right then.

Marcie groaned, “Kyle, what’s wrong? Why did you stop?”

I made another gesture, and Kyle said, “Nothing’s wrong. I just want to try something else. Turn over, and let’s do it doggie-style, okay?”

“Sure,” said Marcie, turning over on the bed.

As she was turning over, I pulled Kyle back, once more admonishing him to be silent. I then climbed up on the bed, right behind Marcie’s sweet little ass. I felt my heart pounding rapidly in my chest as I grabbed her firm cheeks. Knowing she was expecting her boyfriend, I quickly inserted my dick and began pumping my daughter’s pussy.

“Oh! Kyle,” said Marcie, “you’ve gotten bigger! Oh! Aah!”

I held Marcie’s hips as I pumped away at her sweet, tight vagina. I was so hard, I thought I might cum right away. Fortunately, I was able to hold off my orgasm. I was finally living out one of my incestuous fantasies, fucking my own daughter! It didn’t matter that she thought I was Kyle, as long as I got into her sweet pussy!

After a few minutes, I started fingering her anus, which made her squeal again. I gave Kyle, who stood on the side stroking himself, a meaningful look. His eyes widened in disbelief, but he said, “Marcie, honey… Can I… do it in your ass?”

Marcie gasped, then said, “Sure… yeah. Let’s try it!”

I took my cock out of her pussy and spit into her little brown hole. Then I started to work the head of my cock into her anus. This brought about more squealing, as Marcie grabbed the sheets in her fists and pressed her face into the pillow. I pressed slowly forward, savoring the feel of her sphincter sliding up my cock and the warmth of her rectum.

Kyle stared, wide-eyed as I began pumping Marcie’s ass. “Oh, shit!” he said aloud. He slapped his hand over his mouth, but it was too late.

Marcie heard Kyle’s remark coming from the wrong direction. She pulled at the scarf, which covered her eyes and stared at Kyle. She craned her neck to see me, cock still pumping her ass, and she screamed, “Daddy!? Oh, my GOD!”

I felt an overpowering surge of energy as I dumped my huge load of cum in Marcie’s ass. She screamed again, realizing that her father had just filled her ass with jism. Then I felt a different shuddering, as my daughter moaned loudly and gasped for air. I pulled my cock out of her soggy ass, and ran my fingers over her pussy.

Marcie’d had an orgasm just as I creamed her ass. I turned her over and crawled up to her face, which she had covered with a pillow. I pulled the pillow away, expecting her to be crying, or fuming with anger. She surprised me. When I pulled away the pillow, she was smiling broadly.

“Marcie, honey, I’m so sorry,” I began. She put a finger on my lips.

“It’s okay, Daddy,” she whispered. She kissed me on the mouth, just as she had in my fantasy. “I’ve always dreamed of being fucked by my Daddy. I never thought it would actually come true.” She kissed me again and reached a hand down to my cock. “It still feels hard, Daddy… Do you want to do it again?”

My heart jumped. I gave Marcie a kiss and said, “I think we should invite Kyle to join us. He looks a little… anxious.”

Kyle sighed and sat on the bed. “Does this mean I’ve passed the test, Mr. G.?”

I laughed and smacked him on the shoulder. “It sure does, son. It sure does.”

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The Tangled Web Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: September 1998 – Mixed Doubles

The Tangled Web is a story spanning several years and is based on the complicated lives of a brother and sister and those they live with. Set in the English Midlands, the tale is told through a series of interlocking short stories. Although designed to be read in sequence, I have tried to make each chapter stand as a complete and satisfying story in itself.

Sara and her older brother Sam returned from their holiday in Spain determined to continue their new relationship. After careful thought, they eventually found a way to meet in secret whenever they felt the desire – and they felt it often. They simply joined the tennis league in the sports club to which they both belonged. By entering the mixed doubles competitions as a pair, they had a perfectly acceptable reason to be together one or two evenings a week for matches (real or not) and especially for club training on a Thursday night.

Sam’s wife Lynn worked on Thursday evenings as a Personal Trainer at a rival club. Sara’s boyfriend David was not a member of either club, so neither partner was in a position to notice that the training sessions were often only 30 minutes long rather than the 2 or 3 hours that Sara and Sam were away for, or that they were usually lamentably behind in playing their league matches.

It was a Thursday night. Sara, who still lived with her parents while she was at University, was due to visit Sam at his and Lynn’s house. She was getting ready carefully in her bedroom.


Sara stood upright before the full-length bedroom mirror and inspected her preparations. She was, she felt, pleased on the whole with the results. She hoped Sam would be pleased too. Sara had been counting the hours impatiently since his call that morning to confirm their arrangement, and the time for her to go had now finally arrived. She pulled her white sleeveless tennis top firmly down over her small, firm breasts, and straightened the pleats of her short tennis skirt. Her smooth, slender legs, still nicely tanned from their summer holiday in Spain – Sara smiled and blushed when she remembered that magical first night with Sam – were framed top and bottom by her short white skirt and white cotton socks. Her brown, shoulder length hair was shiny, sleek and just a little sun bleached. She leaned forwards to check her lightly applied make-up, and nodded in satisfaction

To outward appearances she looked as she should look to play a serious game of tennis. A perceptive observer might have noticed that her make up was perhaps a little heavier than it would normally have been for sport, that her breasts were surprisingly unsupported for such strenuous exercise – even for small breasts like hers, and that her new g-string panties were hardly the norm for Centre Court. But then, Sara thought happily to herself, she did not expect to be involved in much racquet work that night.

With an excited shiver, Sara smiled broadly at her reflection, turned and grabbed her green Slazenger bag from the bed, then swept from the room and down the stairs.

“Off now?” her mother called from the kitchen.

“Ye-es.” she sang back happily.

“Would you tell Sam we’ll expect him and Lynn at around 12 on Saturday? Oh – and good luck in your match.”

“Okay Mum. Thanks. Bye.” she replied and disappeared through the front door.

In his modern semi detached house, Sara’s brother Sam was feeling anxious. His wife Lynn seemed to be taking an age to get ready and leave for her exercise class. As an Instructor, Lynn always had to really look the part – something for the rest of the class to aim at – but even so, Sam thought, she could have been quicker. The result was, he had to confess, always worth the wait. Lynn was simply stunning and he was a very lucky man, he knew. But Sam had discovered needed more. He wanted and needed Sara very badly. He tried to relax a little. After all, he told himself, it would not be too difficult to explain things away if Sara arrived before Lynn had left. They were supposed to be playing tennis that night, and he could always say she was picking him up on her way to the club.

But tennis was the last thing Sam wanted to play with his beautiful, sexy sister.

To keep up the tennis deception and for his own peace of mind -and to give Sara the opportunity to change her mind and really play tennis – he had changed into his own tennis clothes. Sam could not bear the thought of Sara being anything but a full and willing partner, and on each occasion they had ‘met’ since that first unbelievable night in Spain, he had tried to give her an easy way out if she wanted one. He had tried hard never to take her for granted, and always tried to appear as if anything that happened was a pleasant surprise for him. In fact, had he but known it, Sara desired him even more than he desired her and their sexual compatibility was growing quickly.

Finally, Lynn rose from the dressing table and turned to kiss him lightly on the cheek before gracefully descending the stairs. Sam heard the front door slam and the sound of her pendik escort car engine revving up in the driveway. He looked out of the bedroom window and waved as his wife drove speedily away along the narrow road. Sam turned and sat on the bed, gazing at his reflection in the wardrobe door mirror. He could hear his heart pounding in his chest, and forced himself to take long, slow breaths to calm himself.

After only a few minutes, another car engine sounded outside and Sam jumped to his feet. Dashing to the window, he saw Sara’s small car turning into the driveway. He rose slowly, and descended the stairs just as a soft knock sounded on the front door. Sam opened it wide.

Sara stood outside the door, her bag over her shoulder, feeling the slight coldness of the evening air on her bare legs and arms. She knocked and waited, goose bumps beginning to appear on her soft brown skin, and was pleased when Sam opened the door promptly. He looked good; very good, she thought, in his white shorts and polo shirt.

“Hi Sam. Sorry I’m a bit late.” she said, a shiver of excitement joining the shiver the cool air had brought and with a broad smile she squeezed past him into the warm house.

Dropping her sports bag in the hallway, Sara walked through to the kitchen. Sam followed, admiring his sister’s slim, athletic body. Why had he never noticed her attractiveness over the many years they had lived in the same house? Why had it taken so long for them to discover each other’s bodies? Sam shook his head at the wasted opportunities and entered the brightly-lit kitchen close behind her.

“Did you book a court, Midge?” he asked hesitatingly, as always allowing her to signal whether she really wanted to play tennis or……

“Oh no! I forgot!” Sara grinned back. Sam felt a warm glow of excitement inside him. It would be all right tonight.

“So did I. Funny isn’t it?” He crossed to the fridge. “In that case, how about a drink?” he asked. “A glass of wine?”

“Mmmm. Yes please.”

Sam opened the fridge door and poured two large glasses from an open bottle. He passed one to Sara who clinked it against his.

“Cheers!” She said, and sat down on a tall wooden stool at the kitchen table. She took a large sip of the cool, dry wine and let it wash around her mouth. She watched as Sam sat on the stool next to her, their bare knees almost, but not quite touching. Sara looked at Sam’s fit, Muscular body and positively ached with desire. She had quickly realized that Sam felt insecure in their sexual relationship and was leaving her to set the pace and in principle she respected that. But there were times – and tonight was one of them – when she wanted him to forget the sensitive New Man act and, yes she would use the word – fuck her passionately. She turned slightly on the stool until their thighs touched.

Sam’s early tension had evaporated now that he knew that they had come with the same end in mind, but he talked slightly awkwardly of their parents, of Lynn and David, and of Sara’s forthcoming exams. Sara reluctantly joined in the chat, knowing that Sam needed it, but all the time her body was silently screaming “Touch me!”

Suddenly a car engine sounded close by in the street outside. Sara jumped up and went to the window to investigate.

“It can’t be Lynn this early.” Insisted Sam in a hoarse whisper.

“It isn’t. Whose car is that?”

Sam crossed to stand close behind her and followed her finger with his eyes.

“It’s just Mr. Jackson next door in his new car. He’s not very good at parking it yet. It looks like he needs both driveways.”

Sara felt the warmth of Sam’s body close behind her and knew she couldn’t wait any longer. She reached back with her hands until they rested slightly clumsily on Sam’s hips. She leaned back against his chest.

“Lynn will be back soon, I suppose.” She said aloud, giving Sam a meaningful look.

Sam took his cue. “I reckon so.” He replied and placed his palms on Sara’s upper arms. He bent his lips to her ear and whispered “We’ve not got much time, Midge.”

Sara nodded silently and Sam buried his nose in her hair as he pulled her into his chest, her firm buttocks pressing against his groin. His hands slid down over her hips to caress her firm taut buttocks and thighs through her skirt, before sliding under her tight white top where his fingertips danced on her flat stomach. He felt Sara shiver against him, and she turned her head to one side, her chin tilted upwards, her soft lips offered to his. He kissed her lightly, their lips barely touching, then more passionately, as their tongues entwined. Sam’s hands slid further up his sister’s tight top until his fingers found at last her small, firm breasts. Her erect nipples slid between his fingers and he nipped them lightly. Sara giggled and, grasping the hem of her top with both hands, slowly rolled it up her body and over her head before casting it aside. Sam felt the warmth of her naked brown back against his chest and the strain of his hardening cock within his pants. His hands cupped her small, naked breasts, the maltepe escort coolness of his fingers exciting her. Sara ground her buttocks into Sam’s groin, his cock now a firm, growing pressure in her lower back.

Sam let his hands slide down Sara’s slim body as he bent his knees and gently lowered himself to the ground behind her. He looked up at her long slender legs, loving the contrast between her brown tanned skin and the fresh clean whiteness of her skirt and socks. He ran his hands over her ankles and saw her grasp the edge of the kitchen table in front of her. She said nothing, but Sam thought he felt her brace herself. He lowered his head and, as his fingertips began to stroke the outside of her ankles, he drew his tongue in a long straight line up the inside of her right calf, to rest momentarily behind her knee. Sara held her breath, her body’s sensitivity heightened to an almost unbearable degree.

Sam lowered his head again, and gently licked the back of her left calf, again his fingers stroking her soft flesh as his tongue drew a cool wet line across her skin. Sara held the table more tightly still. Pausing only to adjust his position, Sam now gently slid his palms up the outside of Sara’s thighs, up to the hem of her skirt, then back to her knees. He waited for her response and found it in a distinct hesitation in the rhythm of her breathing above him. Sam felt bolder now, and began to draw his firm, moist tongue up the inside of her thighs as his hands once again began their journey up their outsides. He paused as his face met the hem of her skirt and his tongue moved to her other leg, descending to her knees once again. After a moment’s pause, he began to ascend her thighs again, his tongue now flattened, reaching far between her thighs to touch the soft flesh within. He was rewarded by Sara opening her legs the merest fraction and he tongued further between her inviting thighs, as she so clearly desired. His head once again touched the hem of her skirt, but this time when he paused, Sara opened her legs yet further and bent over from the waist over the table. Sam’s face was merely inches from her vulva, covered as it was by her fresh white g-string panties. He opened his eyes to see her cheeks opening further as she bent over the table, and her moisture beginning to darken the narrow strip of cloth of her g-string as it passed between her cheeks in front of his face.

Sam placed one hand gently on each cheek and spread them further apart, at the same time boldly drawing his tongue between them, over the strap of her panties, and between her buttocks. Sara gasped with delight at the unfamiliar feeling and gripped the tabletop firmly. She opened her legs an inch wider in anticipation. Sam recognized this silent invitation and sliding both hands up under her skirt, gripped the sides of her panties in his fingers and drew them down over her buttocks to her ankles. Sara tried to kick them off, but her left tennis shoe caught in the elastic. Sam helped her free herself and placed the moist panties on the table before her before returning to his knees behind her. Her vulva now naked, Sara could clearly see the damp patch on her panties and bent yet further over the table. Now with her legs open wide just inches from his face, Sam could barely control himself. Holding Sara’s buttocks apart, his lithe, active tongue darted forward to find between her short, tightly curled pubic hair, the soft, moist, warm entrance to her most private place. He licked the full length of her exposed slit, beginning near her hardening clitoris, and then moving upwards between her swelling outer lips to dive deeply into her vagina. Sam moved his firm pointed tongue briefly in and out of her slit, before moving again upwards and across her perineum. With the barest touch of his tongue on her anus, he drew back a little and looked for further encouragement.

Sara closed her eyes to heighten her sensitivity. She felt wonderfully exposed, dangerously vulnerable, unbearably excited. She could feel Sam’s tongue as it explored her body. She felt it soft against her buttocks, then firm against the underside of her clitoris. She felt Sam’s tongue, now firm and pointed, enter her vagina and her legs trembled, knees involuntarily bending as they lowered her precious passage further onto Sam’s waiting face. She could feel herself moistening even more, and with one hand, began to stroke her own naked breasts as they hung over the table. Sam licked her again, at first in long, firm strokes the length of her vulva, then in short sharp stabbing movements in and out of her vagina. Sara’s breath came in gasps. She tried to imagine what Sam was doing, what he looked like, what he could see. She felt herself getting hotter.

Sam opened his eyes in wonder. He could see Sara’s hot, sweet body before him, he could smell her mounting excitement in his nostrils, he could taste her honey on his tongue, he could feel the bitter sweetness of her juices contrasting with the roughness of her pubic hair in his mouth. He could hear her beginning to pant and felt her knees trembling at kartal escort his touch. He needed her now.

Almost reluctantly, Sam drew his mouth back from Sara’s vulva, and rose slowly to his feet. The bulge in his shorts was now painfully tight and with relief, he untied the drawstring and slipped them to the ground. His cock, almost painfully erect, burst ridiculously from his pants, strong and determined. Sam lifted Sara’s skirt up and over her back to expose her buttocks and their precious secret to his gaze. The brownness of her tanned skin contrasted with the white folds of her skirt and the paleness of her exposed buttocks. Sam took his cock in his right hand and, with his left upon Sara’s left buttock, positioned himself with its swollen head poised at her gaping entrance.

Sara felt Sam’s tongue leave her body, and waited in anticipation for what she hoped would quickly follow. Her body, inflamed with passion, desired him inside her. She felt him standing, heard the rustle of clothes, and shuddered as she felt something firm and large push apart her puffy outer lips, pausing at the entrance to her weeping channel. She reached forward to grasp the edges of the table in front of her, and waited.

Sam saw Sara brace herself and in one smooth movement, grasped her hips and drove himself full length into her moist opening. He heard her gasp out loud as he buried himself within her, her hot wetness surrounding his firmness, gripping him tightly. He felt the coolness of her buttocks pressing against his lower stomach and hips in sharp contrast to the heat now surrounding his cock. He drew himself back slowly and paused, before driving himself into her again and again, each time drawing right back so that only the head of his cock was still within her.

Sara felt her body open for Sam as he repeatedly penetrated her. She tightened herself around him and was gratified to hear him moan. Her body was on fire, she could feel herself losing control, but wanted more. Without thinking, Sara crossed her ankles, closing herself tightly around Sam as he thrust in and out of her. The sensations, already powerful, increased tenfold. Through the new tightness she could feel the ridges on his cock as they rubbed along her passage, and the pressure of the base of his swelling head as it reamed up and down inside her. She knew what would happen next, and happen it did.

Sam could barely believe the sensations passing through his body. Sara’s tightness was burning him as he drove into her body, but he loved the burning. He felt the head of his cock begin to swell and familiar warmth begin to appear high up between his legs. He could hear the loud slapping sounds of his body against Sara’s and could smell their juices as his pounding churned them into white foam around his cock. Suddenly he heard Sara’s orgasm beginning. Her panting became grunting, her grunting became moaning and as her orgasm intensified, her moaning became repeated screams of ecstasy. The volume increased as her passion increased and, even above his own approaching climax, Sam was aware enough to croak “Midge! Noisy! Noisy!”

Through the deep cloud of the orgasm now racking her body, Sara understood and grabbed the nearest thing she could find, stuffed it in her mouth and bit hard upon it as Sam finally lost control of his thrusting. She heard him grunt loudly as the warm wetness of his orgasm burned through his thighs, his spine and into his cock, and the animal within him in took over, slamming his cock hard into Sara’s body with the full force of his thighs, loud slapping noises accompanying his thrusts as he pumped his seed into her.

The power of his passion was frightening as Sam’s final thrusts lifted her bodily from the ground, literally impaled on his manhood. Sara bit hard onto the gag to stifle the cries escaping her throat as Sam came within her. Suddenly her mouth filled with musk and she realized that her gag was in fact the moist g-string Sam had so recently torn form her, soaked in her own juices. She felt unable to breathe as the final waves of passion flowed through her, tightening her throat and Sam’s wildling pulsing cock filling her with his precious seed. She screamed into the gag, her features screwed up, her eyes tightly closed as her legs turned to jelly and a tidal wave of pleasure washed over her body.

Sara’s toes once again touched the ground, her legs unsteady as Sam’s climax faded, and she felt the warmth of his chest as he collapsed across her back, his cock slowly beginning to soften within her.

They stood locked together for what seemed like an age; Sam’s hot, sweating body moulded smoothly to Sara’s. His hardness softened further. Sara listened to his heavy breathing in her ear, his sweat mingling with hers as it dripped onto the table top beneath them. Sam kissed her on the shoulder, and ran his fingers through her hair, then very slowly began to stand up, gently sliding his cock out of Sara’s hot, sore body. As his body left hers, Sara felt light headed and as the cool air in the room caught the wetness of her vulva, she felt a shiver pass through her. Slowly, carefully, she pushed herself upright, and then turned to face her brother. He stood in his shirt alone, his strong hairy legs firm and attractive beneath its loose hem, his cock, red and wet with their juices, hanging down below.

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When Fantasy Becomes Reality

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Sarah Benson looked at the clock on the wall again, although she knew that only a few minutes had passed since she last checked the time. She was just so excited for her husband, Charlie, to get home from work. Sarah and Charlie had been married for five years and, as happens with most relationships, things had grown stale, especially in the bedroom. Then, while discussing her problems with her girlfriend, Marie, Sarah had received some very interesting advice.

“Have you two ever talked about your fantasies”, Marie had asked Sarah. “Not really”, Sarah admitted. Truth be told, Charlie had never seemed like the adventurous type when it came to sex. But, wanting to change what her marriage had become, Sarah followed Marie’s advice. To her pleasant surprise, she discovered that her husband did indeed have a kinky side.

Together they’d found out that they shared many of the same fantasies; both wanted Sarah to have a train ran on her, while Charlie watched; both of them wanted to have another woman join them in bed. But the one that excited Sarah the most was what was happening tonight, as soon as Charlie got home from work.

The plan was for him to enter the house and overpower her, while Sarah pretended she didn’t want it to happen. Sarah had always had rape fantasies, for as long as she could remember. She had just never expected to be able to act on them. But it was finally happening and Sarah couldn’t have been more excited. She felt her pussy getting wet at the thought of her husband “forcing” himself on her and having his way with her.

Sarah jumped a little as the alarm on her phone went off, letting her know that it was six o’clock. In her excitement, she had forgotten that she had set an alarm. Now it was time for her to get into character, and into position, for when Charlie came home. As Sarah went into the kitchen, she imagined herself as a single woman, alone and preparing her evening meal, with no idea that something horrible was about to happen.

Just as she got started on chopping up vegetable for a salad, Sarah heard the front door open. She did her best to conceal her excitement and continue with what she was doing, acting as if she had heard nothing. Moments later, she heard footsteps behind her and she had to force herself not to turn around. She wanted this to feel realistic or it would ruin the fantasy.

Suddenly her world plunged into darkness as a thick, cloth sack was put over her head and a drawstring was tightened around her neck. It wasn’t impossible to breathe, but neither was it easy. “Damn, he’s going all out for this”, Sarah thought. She hadn’t been aware that he was going to effectively blind her like this, but she found that it turned her on like crazy. “What’s going on”, she asked, trying to make her voice sound frightened.

Her husband didn’t respond, but she suddenly felt something cold and sharp press against her neck, just below the drawstring for the sack. “What the fuck”, she said aloud. “You brought a knife?” Sarah couldn’t believe that Charlie was actually using a weapon for this and she felt her desire to continue this roleplay drain away. “Get this bag off my head, Charlie”, she demanded.

“Shut your mouth, bitch”, she heard a voice say, a voice that definitely didn’t belong to her husband. Sarah opened her mouth to scream, but the man who held the knife must have anticipated this. An explosion of pain rushed through her as he slapped her, hard, then pressed the knife to her neck once more. “If you scream, I’ll cut you.” “What do you want”, Sarah asked, her voice little more than a whisper as tears spilled from her eyes. “Why, I want to give you what you wanted. You wanted to be raped, so I’m giving you that opportunity.”

Before she could respond, Sarah felt the man turn her around so that she faced him. Then his hand wrapped around her neck and he shoved her backwards, until she hit the refrigerator. He held her there and suddenly Sarah felt the point of the knife pressing against her throat, just below the strong hand that held her still. pendik escort Then he began to cut.

Sarah could feel cool air on her skin as he cut off her blouse and then her bra, baring her chest to his gaze. “Damn, those are some fine tits”, he said and she suddenly felt his mouth wrap around a nipple and begin sucking. Nausea welled in her stomach and she felt like she might vomit, but that wasn’t the worst part. Sarah couldn’t stop her body from responding to the stimulation, especially since her nipples had always been extremely sensitive.

As his tongue and teeth played with her hardening nipples, Sarah felt a bolt of desire shoot straight to her cunt. Moments later, the smell of her arousal filled the air. “Seems like you are enjoying this”, the man said, his mouth close to her ear now. “You must be desperate to get raped if you’re getting this turned on, just from me playing with those sexy titties.”

She vehemently wanted to deny his words, but her body betrayed her. Suddenly she felt his knife at her waist and he quickly cut away the yoga pants she wore. He also made quick work of her thing, leaving Sarah standing nude before him. “Well damn, I hit the jackpot”, the man said and Sarah could hear the hunger in his voice.

Suddenly she felt two large fingers shoving into her twat, stretching it out painfully. Her husband had a good sized cock, seven inches long and one and half inches thick. But these two fingers had more girth than her husband’s dick and it hurt like crazy. “Please, stop”, she begged, her pussy feeling like it was being torn apart. “Trust me, this isn’t anything, compared to what’s coming”, the man said.

Even as he spoke, she felt a third large finger force it’s way into her wet box. She cried out, mostly in pain; although she couldn’t deny that a part of herself loved how it felt to be stretched so full. Suddenly, as if he had sensed that she was beginning to enjoy the fingering, the man yanked his fingers out if her pussy. Her hole felt empty and she knew it had to be gaping wide after being stretched so wide.

The next thing she knew, she was thrown against the kitchen table and bent over it, her tits pressing against the cold wood. Suddenly she felt the unmistakable shape of a dickhead pressing against her wet cunt, although it felt much larger than her husband’s dick. Two large hands gripped her tightly around her waist and Sarah screamed as what felt like an enormous cock rammed deep inside her.

The pain was intense and extreme as she felt her pussy being stretched further than she thought possible. She had no idea how big the man’s cock was, but it was much bigger than anything she had ever experienced before. “Goddamn, you’re tight”, the man groaned. “And to think, you’ve only got half of me inside you.” Those words scared Sarah more than anything else. How could she possibly take more of this monster cock, especially when it already felt like it was ripping her apart?

She felt the man pull back and then thrust forward again and new levels of pain surged through her body as the dick inside her buried deep into her cervix. “That’s it, bitch”, the man growled, leaning close to her ear. “How does it feel to have twelve inches inside that tight snatch?” “That’s impossible”, Sarah thought, but she knew it had to be true. It was the only explanation for why her pussy was so full, stretched beyond any former capacity.

Sarah cried out in pain as the man started ramming his huge dick in and out of her cunt. However, pain wasn’t the only feeling she was experiencing. The sheer girth of the cock inside her meant that every place inside her was being affected. Every thrust of his dick rubbed against her g-spot, causing waves of pleasure to mix with the sharp bolts of pain. As a result, Sarah felt her juices flowing and her pussy beginning to contract, signaling an imminent orgasm.

The man must have been able to feel her cunt spasming, because he leaned forward again and whispered in her ear. “Getting turned on, are you, slut? You enjoy being molested, maltepe escort like you’re nothing more than a piece of meat?” She wanted to refute his words, but Sarah didn’t trust her own voice. She became especially distrustful of her body when a low moan escaped her lips. The man laughed and she felt his large hand slap her bare ass cheek, eliciting a cry of pain from her lips.

As he continued to slam deep into her cunt, Sarah knew that she couldn’t stop what was about to happen. With a deep thrust, the man’s huge dick pushed her over the edge of orgasm. She cried out in ecstasy as a powerful orgasm tore through her body, waves of pleasure causing her to arch her back, even as the man continued driving deep into her womb.

“Fuck, that feels amazing”, the man said and she could feel his cock beginning to twitch inside her. “Please, don’t”, she started to say, but, as she felt his cum erupting out of his dick, she knew it was too late. His cock spurted his jizz straight into her cervix, the hot, sticky substance splashing against the walls of her womb. Sarah felt a sob welling in her throat as she felt him pumping his seed into her cunt.

She didn’t have long to cry though; she felt him slide his cock out of her pussy, leaving her feeling incredibly empty and hoping that he hadn’t wrecked her pussy permanently. For a moment, she dared to hope that he was done with her. Alas, it was not to be.

She felt his shaft, slick with the mixture of their juices, sliding up from her cunt, as he used his hands to separate her ass cheeks. Horror gripped her as she felt his dickhead resting against her asshole. “Please”, she begged, although she knew it wouldn’t do any good. I’ve never had my ass fucked. Please stop.” “I can tell”, the man said, his voice filled with sadistic delight. “It looks so tight and virginal, just the way I like it.”

As he pressed his rock hard cock against her sphincter, Sarah did her very best to prevent him from entering her hole. She couldn’t fight back, because of how he held her down. But that didn’t mean she’d make it easy for him. She clenched her ass as hard as she could, satisfied when she heard a grunt of displeasure come from the man. Seconds later, she cried out as she felt the sharp edge of the knife cut into her right ass cheek. The cut was small and quick, but she could already feel it bleeding.

“You either quit fighting or I’m going to use this knife to loosen up your asshole”, he growled and Sarah sobbed. She knew he was deadly serious and she didn’t want him to hurt her again. As she felt his dickhead pressing against her anus again, she forced herself to relax, despite knowing that it was going to be incredibly painful.

Sure enough, as Sarah’s asshole stretched wide around the man’s dick, she felt searing bolts of pain tearing through her entire body. She screamed as it felt like he tore her open, his large cock forcing itself deeper into her bowels. “Goddamn, that feels good”, the man said when, nearly ten minutes later, he bottomed out inside her ass. Sarah had never known she could feel so full, but she had also never had twelve inches of hard cock deep in her rectum.

As the man pulled backward and then thrust forward again, Sarah screamed once more. The friction of his thrusts coupled with the intense pain of her freshly ravaged asshole to send her into a state of agony that she hadn’t known existed before that very moment. The pain was horribly intense that she almost blacked out, but she somehow remained conscious as he rammed his dick into her asshole over and over again.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Sarah could feel the man speeding up his thrusts as his cock began to twitch. He thrust forward hard, going as deep as possible, and then Sarah felt him explode. He groaned as he sent spurt after spurt of white, hot jizz deep into her bowels. The feeling was strange and, although she was loathe to admit it, not altogether unpleasant. If he had gone slower and been more gentle, and perhaps had a smaller dick, she might kartal escort have even enjoyed having her ass fucked.

As it was though, Sarah breathed a sigh of relief as she felt him sliding his cock out of her hole. She could feel his cum leaking out of her ass, running down to her cunt, and she knew both of her holes must be gaping messes. She felt the man moving moving suddenly sensed that he was standing in front of her. The next thing she knew, the tip of the knife cut a slit in the fabric of the bag over her head.

Seconds later, the man’s dick poked through the hole. “Open your mouth, slut. And don’t even think about biting me or I’ll slit your throat.” Sarah didn’t want to risk death, so she obediently opened her mouth. The man shoved his dick into her oral cavity, stretching her lips wide around the girth of his shaft. “Suck on it, slut”, he ordered. “Use that tongue to clean your filth off of my dick.”

Sarah nearly gagged as she tasted the blood and the sour flavor of her ass that coated the man’s cock. It became even worse as he pushed his dick deep, going into her throat. For several minutes, he slowly slid his shaft in and out of her mouth. Finally he stopped and she wondered what else he was going to do to her. As if he heard her thoughts, the man spoke.

“For now, I’m done with you”, the man said. “But just know that, if I get bored, I’ll be back to visit you again.” Sarah was completely still and silent for several moments, until she heard the front door to her house open and then close again. After she heard nothing more, she reached for the drawstring of the sack and pulled at it, loosening the sack and quickly pulled it over her head. Even though she was sure he was gone, Sarah looked around for the man. Seeing no one, she breathed a sigh of relief as she realized that her ordeal was finally over.


The next week passed quickly for Sarah. After she had gotten dressed that night, she had found Charlie, bound and gagged, on the floor of their garage. He had been horrified when she told him what happened. At first he had wanted to call the police, but she stopped him. After all, she couldn’t explain to the police why she hadn’t tried to stop the man from the beginning. So she told him that it was better to just try to move on.

The truth was, though, that Sarah was unsure how she felt about what had happened. She knew that she had been in very real danger and the man had done things to her that were incredibly painful and humiliating. But, in a strange way, that had made it incredibly hot. Every time she thought about the experience, along with a sharp pang of fear, she felt her pussy growing wet.

Sarah’s emotions and feelings about the man who had raped her were a complete and messy jumble. Until she sorted them out, she decided to just try and move on as if life were normal. Then the envelope came.

Exactly one week after her ordeal, Sarah came home to find a large manilla envelope leaning against her front door. There was no indication of where it had come from, only the word “Sarah” written on the front. As she entered her house, she opened the envelope and found nothing but a single USB stick inside. Curious, she went to her laptop and inserted the drive in one of the slots on the side.

A video immediately began playing and Sarah recognized it within seconds. “He was filming the whole thing”, she said as she watched, from the rapist’s point of view, herself having a sack pulled over her head and then the knife held to her throat. As Sarah watched the man use her body, caring only about his own pleasure, she didn’t feel the pain and anger she had expected. Instead, she felt herself growing horny and, as the man on the video forced his cock into her then virgin asshole, Sarah found her fingers slipping into her pussy.

Three times Sarah watched the recording that afternoon, stopping only because she heard Charlie’s car pulling up. And each time, she brought herself to orgasm at least once as she watched herself being violated. It was, in fact, one of of hottest things Sarah had ever seen. And, as she hid the USB drive and started preparing supper, Sarah hoped that the man would, as he promised, visit her again.

The End.

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The Taylor Family Affair Ch. 02

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The midday sun shone brightly in the cloudless sky that warmed the air to a comfortable low eighty degrees and there was a slight breeze that was barely able to rustle the leaves of the trees. The large backyard held a pool on one side while an outdoor dining table and bar-b-que station sat on the other side that was connected to an “L” deck on the back side of the house.

Kimberly lay on one of the lounge chairs that sat close to the swimming pool and just lay in the sun, soaking in the warmth. She was going to enjoy the last few weeks of her summer vacation before having to go back to school. She wore a skimpy two piece bathing suit that struggled to contain her ample breasts and round ass. Her sunglasses were so dark you couldn’t see her eyes and her long brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail. Her lightly tanned skin glistened in the sunlight from the sunscreen she had applied earlier. She sighed contentedly as she realized just how good she had it.

Next to Kimberly on the other lounge chair was her best friend Stacy who also wore a skimpy two piece bathing suit, but hers didn’t fit as tightly. Her breasts were a couple of cup sizes smaller as she had a much more slender frame. She often came over to hang out or would often have Kimberly come over to her place. Stacy lifted her sunglasses just enough to take in the sight of Kimberly in her suit, her bright blue eyes staring at her creamy soft skin. She thought about the few times that her and Kimberly had slept together and licked her lips, wanting to taste her again. “You know you get me all excited when you wear such a tiny bikini right?”

Kimberly looked over at Stacy suddenly and had a wicked smile on her face, “Turn around is fair play.”

Stacy giggled and was about to get up when she saw Kyle walk out the back door and go over to the outdoor kitchen that their father had installed. She eyed him and saw that he was wearing a pair of shorts and nothing else, lusting after his lean muscular body and suddenly wanted him as well. The thought was preposterous and she shook it out of her head, after all she was thinking about Kimberly and her brother; there’s no way they would go for it. She whispered just a bit too loud, “It’s so not fair.”

“What’s that,” Kimberly asked, wondering what she was whispering about.

Stacy bit her lip suddenly as she didn’t think she had said it out loud. She decided to be brazen and just tell her the thoughts that were in her head. She had lusted after Kyle for some time now, ever since sophomore year. Now that they were about to go to college she desired him even more for she wasn’t sure if she would see him as often. That and he would suddenly be exposed to a sea of all new women. She took her sunglasses off and looked Kimberly squarely in the eye, “Your brother is so smoking hot, but he’s forbidden fruit.”

Kimberly giggled, thinking about what she had done with him in the last few weeks. “How do you mean?”

“I mean, if he was my brother I don’t think I could keep my hands off of him, and I still can’t touch him because he’s your brother. It would be like doing my own brother anyways, but then again my sister and I have slept together so maybe it’s not as weird as I’m making it seem.”

Kimberly knew that Stacy and her sister had slept together before and often fantasized about joining them. She knew that despite their age difference, they were extremely close and often shared a bed, comforting each other after their father left them several years ago. She heard a banging sound and her thoughts were snapped back to the backyard and looked over at Kyle. He was preparing the kitchen area for their parent’s party in a few days and she watched him move with a grace that almost seemed practiced. She watched his lean muscular body move and flex and she began to think about how nice it felt against her soft body. She watched as he walked back into the house, gently closing the door behind him, a slight grin crossing his lips as he looked at her.

“What’s going on in that head of yours Kimmy?” Stacy asked, noticing how Kimberly was staring at her brother.

Kimberly leaned over onto her side and faced Stacy, “Can you keep a secret? I know you can but this is super secret.”

“Of course I can Kimmy, you should know that.”

“I know but I just have to say it, you know that,” she said, watching Kyle go back inside the house. She watched him turn around and eye them both before closing the sliding glass door. “I swear, you can’t tell Leah or you mom alright? Promise?”

“I promise Kimmy, what is it? Seriously you’re freaking me out.”

“Stacy, listen, I know how you like Kyle and I know for a fact that he likes you too. I’ve paid attention to how you both look at each other.” She looked Stacy in the eyes and saw her face suddenly turned beet red.

“Kimmy, I can’t help it, but don’t worry, I won’t make a move on him, I swear.”

“Stacy, that’s what I’m getting at. I have to tell you something super secret.” Kimberly got up and motioned for Stacy to sit up as well, then sat down next to her, so closely that their thighs touched and she held Stacy’s hand, “You pendik escort know how you said you don’t know how I can keep my hands off of him?”

“Yes,” Stacy answered, her thoughts drifting before quickly putting one and one together in her head. “Oh my goodness, you didn’t!”

“I did,” Kimberly said giggling. “It happened a week after our eighteenth birthday party and I walked in on him masturbating and just had to have him.”

“Oh my goodness, please tell me everything! Please tell me his cock is as big as I think it is.”

Kimberly held her hands about seven inches apart, “It’s nice and thick too, it completely filled me up. It took him forever to fit it inside me for the first time. He knows how to use it too and boy does he know how to eat pussy.”

“Ever since sophomore year when I saw him in gym class I’ve thought about him, but never said anything because I thought you would be mad. I’ve had a thing for him for so long and now that I know about you and him together I want to see for myself. Fuck, you have me all hot and bothered and I wish I could feel that cock of his inside me.” Stacy grabbed one of Kimberly’s hand’s and pushed it between her legs, pushing her fingers between her lips. At this point she didn’t care if Kyle saw them together and actually reveled in the thought of being caught.

“Damn Stacy, pretty excited there!”

“Fuck Kimmy, the picture in my head of you two fucking is just so hot. I love coming over and making love to you and just the thought of him with us is too much.”

Kimberly leaned in and kissed Stacy hard, their passion so much more heated now that she had shared her secret and it had been accepted with such happiness. She pulled back and said in a soft tone, “I bet I can get him to beg us to join us. I know he wouldn’t pass up a chance to be with you.”

“You think so? Wait, do your parents know about you two?”

“Oh no, but I do know that Kyle has a thing for mom.”

Stacy looked at her with a mischievous grin, “Well your mom is pretty hot, I mean shit, I’d fuck her! Hell I’d fuck your dad as well! Kyle really does look like a younger version of him.”

Kimberly laughed hard, causing Stacy to laugh as well. “Daddy really is good looking. I bet his cock is just as big as Kyle’s. You’re still on the pill right? We can’t have either of us getting pregnant.”

“Oh definitely, though I haven’t been fucked in months and I’m crazy horny. Still can’t believe that fucker cheated on me with what’s her name!”

“Well I know Kyle will take good care of you. He’s fucked me quite often and is becoming very good at knowing how to use that big cock of his. I bet you I could get him to join us right now.”

“You’re joking,” Stacy said in disbelief.

“I am so serious! I’ll only get him if you want though. Either way you and I are fucking just because you have me so turned on that I need to cum, either by his cock or your mouth I don’t care!”

Stacy bit her lip and nodded her head in excitement. Her eyes twinkled with a mischievousness that told Kimberly that she was serious.

“Alright, go wait in my room on the bed, I’ll meet you there and I promise I’ll have that big cock in tow,” Kimberly said, getting up to go back in the house. She waited until she saw Stacy go around the corner to go to her room before going into the living room to talk to her brother. She could feel her own pussy juices begin to flow at the thought of finally having Stacy and her brother at the same time. She walked down the hall and into the living room and saw that he was on the couch watching a movie. She quickly tried to figure out the best way to get him to go to her room; at first thinking she should fake a spider problem, but instead decided to get straight to the point. She walked up behind her brother and wrapped her arms around him as she leaned over the back of the couch, her hands rubbing the front of his shorts as she kissed the back of his head.

“Damn Kimmy, that feels so good,” Kyle said in surprise. “Though you probably shouldn’t do that since Stacy is here and we don’t want to get caught.”

Kimberly sighed before pushing one hand into his shorts, feeling his cock jump at her touch, realizing that he wasn’t wearing any boxers, “Going commando when we have company makes you a very bad boy so I think I need to punish you by making you eat my pussy.”

“Fuck sis, you know I can’t deny you and that fantastic pussy of yours, but it’ll have to wait until she leaves.”

“No it won’t, I have a surprise for you but you have to come inside with me.” Kimberly walked around the couch and stood directly in front of him and reached back into his shorts, lightly stroking his cock before gripping it tightly, using her grip on him to get him to stand up and follow her lead.

Kyle willingly followed, not only because of the grip she had on him, but also because he wanted to know what surprise she had for him. She had surprised him a few weeks ago when she threw open his door and caught him masturbating which had been the best thing ever happen to him, so he was curious about this surprise.

Kimberly suddenly maltepe escort stopped when they got to the hallway and turned around to face her brother. She leaned in to kiss him but didn’t, her lips millimeters from his. She could tell he was excited, and extremely curious. She loved how his shorts were tight around his hard cock and how his hard body stood there, ready to do her bidding. “Dearest Kyle, do you trust me?”

“Of course I do Kimmy, with my whole being. Why?”

“Just come with me then,” she said, slowly opening the door to her bedroom.

Kyle stood there, enchanted at what the opening door revealed to him. He wasn’t prepared for what he saw, but he was suddenly very turned on. He let his eyes roam up and down the half naked body of his sister’s best friend who lay on the bed, her fingers pushed under her bikini bottom, stroking her soaking wet pussy for him.

“I’ve always known how much you think about her, and I already told her about us. The next logical step was for you to have the both of us at the same time. Would you like that dear brother? Would you want to fuck your sister and her best friend at the same time?”

Kyle didn’t speak; he simply leaned down and kissed his sister passionately, his hands groping her ass cheeks as he walked her into her own bedroom. He pulled back and almost threw her onto the bed next to Stacy. He looked at them lying next to each other on the bed, enjoying the view in front of him. His sister’s dark hair and slightly darker complexion contrasted nicely against Stacy’s blonde hair and lighter skin tone. He was just about to jump on the bed between them but stopped when he saw his sister wink at him.

Kimberly turned to face Stacy and kissed her passionately, her hands groping her best friend’s small breasts underneath the fabric of the bikini. As Kimberly worked her hands down Stacy’s body, her mouth followed, moving her kisses down to her neck, then between her round tits. She helped Stacy undo the top of her bikini before tossing it at Kyle who stood there in rapt fascination. “Look Stacy, he’s nice and hard for us!”

Stacy looked at Kyle and saw that he was stroking himself through his shorts and saw the noticeable bulge. She saw that her bikini top was lying on his head and started to laugh, “Nice shot Kimmy!”

Kyle laughed as he pulled it off of his head and dropped it on the floor before walking to the bed. He didn’t say a word before he dropped onto the bed between his sister’s legs and spread them apart, kissing his sister’s pussy through her bikini. He could taste her juices and it drove him crazy with lust.

“Fuck Kyle, oh that feels so good,” Kimberly said breathlessly. She reached down and untied the strings that held small patch of cloth over her nether region, giving her brother full access to her wet pussy. Her body began to shudder as she felt Kyle lap at her clit while he pushed a finger inside her. She felt Stacy untie the top of her own bikini and begin to lick and suck on her nipples. She loved the feeling of making love to Stacy and her brother individually, but having them go down on her at the same time was almost too much for her mind to comprehend and she could feel her orgasm building up already. She tightly grasped the blankets underneath her as her body went tense, her legs wrapping themselves around her brothers head. She screamed out in pleasure as her orgasm swept over her, her back arched as she reached down and pressed Kyle’s face hard against her pussy, flooding his mouth with her juices.

Kyle moaned as he lapped at her rush of juices, finally feeling her legs loosen their grip on his head. He pulled back and smiled at the sight of his sister writhing in ecstasy as Stacy pulled her own body back. He pulled himself up and stood over his sister, leaning over her and looked deep into Stacy’s bright blue eyes. He loved how she was looking at him, full of lust yet so innocent looking as she bit her lower lip. He had lusted after her for some time now, and here she was in the flesh, ready to be taken by him. He decided he would make the first move and leaned in to kiss her, pressing his lips against hers.

Stacy was unsure of what to expect and let Kyle take charge. She was so turned on after watching him go down on Kimberly that she was almost frozen in pure bliss. She returned Kyle’s kiss and could taste her best friend’s juices on his lips. Stacy let out a sudden yelp as she felt him stroke her clit through the thin veil of fabric that still covered her pussy. With a sudden tug of his fingers she suddenly felt her pussy free of any constraints, allowing his fingers direct access to her clit, causing her to suddenly yelp and throw herself back onto the bed. She loved feeling his mouth kiss her skin as he worked his way down, kissing each of her large nipples and belly button before landing on her soaking wet pussy. “Oh my God Kyle,” she said as she felt him expertly lick her clit as he pressed a finger inside of her.

Kimberly knew Stacy wouldn’t last long with her brother going down on her. She knew that her ex-boyfriend never went down on her, and when he did, kartal escort he would never get her off. She loved seeing him between Stacy’s legs and decided to make her own move, getting down on the floor and pulling her brother’s shorts off, his hard cock almost slapping her in the face. She grabbed the shaft with both hands and began to suck on his head.

Kyle loved feeling his sister’s mouth on his hard cock, and with her help had learned how to last longer before shooting his load, though he knew this would be the ultimate test of his endurance. He pushed his finger deep inside of Stacy’s pussy and stroked her from the inside, grazing her inner wall with his finger tip. He suddenly knew he found his mark when Stacy suddenly tensed up, her back arched and she yelled out in pleasure. He felt her hands on the back of his head suddenly and push him deeper into her pussy as she ground it against his face.

“Oh fuck Kyle I’m cumming,” Stacy screamed as she felt wave after wave of pure pleasure wash over. She barely felt Kimberly suddenly lying next to her, cuddling her and holding her close. She turned and buried her face into the crook of Kimberly’s neck and lay there, letting the waves of pleasure wash over as they slowly subsided. Her legs and hands released their hold of Kyle and she felt him climb onto the bed and lay next to her. The feelings of not only lust but of love and safety washed over her and she felt at peace here on Kimberly’s bed.

“I told you he was good,” Kimberly said, giggling.

“Oh my goodness you weren’t kidding,” Stacy said, giggling as well.

The giggling was infectious and Kyle joined in, giggling softly at first but soon was roaring with laughter, causing both Stacy and Kimberly to begin laughing out loud. After a few seconds he caught his breathe and began to lightly kiss Stacy’s cheek and neck, lightly nipping at her ear. He loved how her laughter faded to light sounds of moaning. He reached down with his hand and lightly began to stroke her bare skin.

Kimberly sat up and pulled herself up to the head of her bed and sat up, watching her brother caress Stacy’s smooth skin. She had slept with Stacy before numerous times, telling her mom that they were having simple sleep over’s to talk about school and boys, but they were enjoying each other’s bodies. She felt a twinge of jealousy at watching her brother kiss her skin, but she was also excited to watch him have his way with her.

Stacy was enjoying the feeling of being caressed by his soft touch, loving the feelings coursing through her that she had never felt before. She looked up at Kyle, “I need you inside me Kyle, please!”

“Do it Kyle, fuck her pussy good and hard,” Kimberly said. She had a hand between her legs and was stroking her clit.

Kyle was more than happy to oblige and jumped off of the bed and grasped Stacy by the hips and pulled her to the foot of the bed, her ass right on the edge.

Stacy willingly spread her legs and looked down at him as he stroked his hard cock right at her pussy lips. Her eyes widened when she realized this was the first time she had seen him, “Fuck that is a beautiful cock!”

Kyle smiled simply and rubbed the tip of his cock against her lips, feeling her wetness coat him. Her lips spread and invited him inside, coaxing him in, as he pushed forward slowly, allowing her pussy time to stretch to accommodate his dick. He loved her tight feeling pussy around his cock, and was extremely turned on due to the fact that he was pushing his cock into someone he had lusted after for some time. When he was all the way in he just stood there, letting her get used to his cock being in her all the way before taking hold of her hips.

Stacy lay there, her breathing was coming in sharp shallow breathes. She had never felt so full before and was thrilled by it. She felt him begin to pull out before slamming back into her wet pussy, causing her to yelp. “Fuck Kimmy, his cock feels so nice, no wonder you had to have him!”

Kimberly smiled as she continued to stroke her clit, enjoying the sight of her brother fucking her best friend. “That’s it Kyle, give it to her good and hard! Don’t cum in her pussy though; I want you to cum all over those little tits of hers!”

“You got it sis,” Kyle grunted as he fucked Stacy. His pace was quickening and his thrusts were getting harder. His hands moved her thighs and he pushed her legs against her, spreading her legs wide. He loved watching his cock move in and out of her pussy, seeing her juices coat his length. She wasn’t as tight as his sister, but the way she felt on his cock was different and intoxicating. He reached up with one hand and groped one of her bouncing tits, “You like my cock Stacy? You like fucking me?”

Stacy could only nod her head in reply as she was biting her lip; her hands grasped the blanket underneath her, trying to steady herself. Her breathing was coming in short gasps as she began to scream from the pleasure washing over, she could feel the oncoming waves of another orgasm building up. She had never cum from being fucked and it was almost too much for her mind to comprehend. Stacy’s back arched as she screamed, the walls of her pussy clamping down around Kyle’s cock, begging him to empty his seed inside of her. The waves of her orgasm were relentless as she felt his cock continue its onslaught, plowing her soaking wet pussy.

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My King Ch. 04

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There was no better smell than the sea air, nothing more salubrious or more reminiscent of good memories passed. Ulric’s father had often smelled of the sea. The man had sailed on it whenever he could. Passion, he had named his ship. It was one of the smallest in the Crown’s fleet, and by far the fastest. ‘A life without Passion is no life at all,’ Ulric’s father had loved to say. He had thought that so clever. Ulric had taken Passion as his own after his father’s death, but he hadn’t sailed on her for two years now, not since before the War. Ulric had neglected her, her and the sea.

Ulric stood on the sand of the coast, hundreds of feet below the Weswyn city proper and thousands of feet below the palace itself. The sun was on the horizon of the sea, nearly gone. Jagged rocks rose from the water before him, each standing tall and grainy and hard. The water here was far too dangerous for ships to sail. There wasn’t a seaport for five hundred yards in either direction. That gave Ulric some privacy, and he intended to use it well.

An angry wind bit at his ears and rocked the lantern clutched in his hand. Dark clouds marred the sky above him. A blackstorm. Only a few of them struck Weswyn in any given year. The wrath of God, most called them. Centuries ago, when Weswyn was a city of wooden buildings, before it was the Capital, the storms had often leveled whole quarters of the city. The fires it wrought would burn for days.

But as deafening as blackstorms were, Ulric knew he’d sleep soundly tonight all the same. After all, he wouldn’t be alone.

“My cousin Della hates the sea,” Vivian said. She stood beside Ulric, gazing with him out over the West Sea. They’d decided to share Ulric’s bedchambers again tonight, for only the second such time in the three months they’d known each other. Ulric could see that she’d made sure she looked the part for the occasion.

Vivian wore a deeply-blue dress, the color of her eyes, with a long skirt that flowed at her ankles. Her top was of a low cut, and her sizable cleavage breathed the air openly. She looked as though she’d spent hours prettying herself for him. Her lips were glossed with lipstick to the shade of a warm, gentle pink, and the rouge on her cheeks gave them a rosy-red blush. A smoky, black cosmetic sat around her eyes. The harsh winds whipped her long, blonde hair behind her in a wispy trail of gold.

“Heartlanders don’t understand,” She shook her head. “They don’t appreciate it like we do.”

“No,” Ulric smiled to her. “They don’t.”

In unison, they took the sea air deep through their noses, letting it fill their lungs, and let it out with a long, pleasured sigh.

Tonight would be a good one. One to remember. Ulric was sure of it.

Ulric turned and made his way with Vivian further down the beachside, till they were walking through a small inlet hidden in the bedrock directly beneath the palace. Few ever stepped foot in this cove, and even fewer knew its true purpose. In this cove there was a tunnel, carved out of the rock over the course of many years, that spiraled upwards into the bowels of the palace. Should Weswyn ever be sacked by invaders, the royal family could flee down into this cove and be ferried by a dinghy out into the city’s fleet, assuming that fleet was still standing. Only, that sacking had never happened. Not once. As far as Ulric knew, the tunnel had only ever been used to sneak lovers into the King’s bed. To that end, Ulric had a hard time believing he was the first.

That day Ulric first met Vivian, more than three months ago now, Edwin had been the one to bring her through this cove. Ulric had asked Edwin to bring her tonight as well, just as he did before, but the steward refused. He wanted no part in their romance, not anymore. ‘Foolish and reckless,’ he had called it. Ulric supposed he could’ve forced his steward’s hand, made it a binding order, but Edwin had always served him well. The least Ulric owed the man was some dignity. Edwin deserved as much.

The howls and moans of the West Sea’s winds echoed deep through the tunnel. The path forward was utterly black, darker than a moonless night, and Ulric could see only as far as the light of his lantern. A fear began to creep into the back of Ulric’s mind, a fear not of the tunnel’s darkness, but of where the tunnel would take him.

“Ulric?” Vivian chirped up, keeping pace close behind him.

Ulric spared a glance her way as he kept his path onwards. “Yes, love?”

“Have you… thought of our futures together?” She asked him. “What we’ll do?”

Ulric’s face tightened. He looked forward, away from her. “We’ve had this conversation once before.”

“I want to have it again,” Vivian said, obstinate against him.

“What is it you want to say this time, then?”

“You deserve better than her.”

“Why?” Ulric scoffed. “Elise is a woman same as any other. She’s a person. She has wants and needs. She’s not some wicked witch, Vivi. As far as Rosewalls go, she pendik escort may well be the least horrid one I’ve been around.”

Vivian fell quiet for a moment. For the first time, Ulric was grateful for it. He hated it when she did this, when she clawed at his words and clambered for this one thing she simply couldn’t have. But Vivian wasn’t done pressing him. “She doesn’t love you,” She said.

“Love has nothing to do with it. She’s my wife.”

“She doesn’t have to be. You’re King. If commoners can separate, Kings can too.”

“We’ve been over this, Vivi,” Ulric grumbled. “I took Elise as my wife because I need her family. The Rosewalls hold a sixth of my land and a fifth of my people. They’re powerful, and I need them.”

“You don’t have to do this for them. You don’t have to do anything for them. You’re their King. They’re sworn to you.”

Ulric’s patience ran thin. He stopped and spun ’round, towering over Vivian. The flame of his lantern had shadows flickering over his face. To his surprise, as belligerent as Vivian was, there was no anger in her eyes. Instead they had a wistfulness to them, a gentleness. Ulric knew that look. He’d seen it from her before. She was sorry for him.

Though Ulric had turned with the intention to growl at her, her gaze softened him. It was impossible to be angry with her. She was far too sweet of a girl for that, too loving, too compassionate.

“When their ancestors bent the knee to mine and swore fealty,” Ulric told her gently, “The vows they made, they mean nothing now. They’re dead words on dead lips. The Rosewalls don’t care about them. None of the families do. They don’t care about the Crown. They want things from me for their loyalty, Vivi. They want their chamberlains in my court, their officers in my army, their daughters as my wife.”

“It doesn’t have to be that way,” Vivian said weakly.

Ulric breathed a long sigh. “What d’you want from me, Vivi?” He asked her. “You want to be Queen, is that it? Vivian Kargray, Lady of Weswyn? Is that what you want?”

“Ulric, I—”

“—We can’t be more than what we are, Vivian,” Ulric said to her. His voice was stern, but so too was it heavy with regret. He wished his words weren’t true, God did he. But they were, and nothing could change that. “We can’t be what you want us to be. It’s a fantasy. It’ll always be a fantasy.”

Vivian frowned, a look of defeat in her eyes. Ulric’s words were harsh, but he knew she needed to hear them. She needed to know the world, and she needed to know it as it was.

“Ulric,” Vivian said somberly, meeting his eyes. “I just want you to be happy.”

“I know, love,” He nodded. He put his hand to Vivian’s soft cheek, and a smile came to his lips. “And tonight, I will be.”

They let those words be the last. They made their way quietly through the rest of the tunnel, until a wall came to stand before them. Planted firm in the wall’s center was a flat, circular stone emblazoned with the image of the Kargray sigil: the bony, hundred-toothed jaw of the graybelly shark, the largest hunter of the waters of the West Sea. A massive and proud beast, strong and aggressive, quick to lash out at passersby, and always eager to assert its dominance over its peers. There was no beast more like a Kargray, and no beast less like Ulric or his father.

The wall in truth was no wall at all, but rather a clandestine door placed here not long after the palace above was built, no less than thirty generations ago. Five separate locks all sat in the center of the open jaw, all fitted to the same key, the only key of its kind in the world. Ulric took the key from his pocket, eight-pronged and steel-forged, and unsealed each of the five locks, one after the other, until an audible click came from within. He put his open palms to the cool stone of the wall and pushed it open with a grunt, swinging it outwards and into the darkness of the other side.

Ulric held his lantern outwards, casting back the black of the dark. There was a sinking in his chest, a terror tugging at his heart. He had hoped he’d never again set foot in this place, not until his death. As his lantern’s flame brought forth its light, cracked statuettes of men and women emerged from the darkness, sculptures of Kings and Queens, Kargrays of ages long-since passed. The dead lined these halls.

Ulric didn’t want to linger. He swung shut the wall behind them, as the five locks reset with a click, and he started off briskly down the hall, towards the stairwell at the far end.

“Is your father down here?” Vivian asked him, looking to each side.

Ulric tensed at her words. His father’s tomb was the most recent addition to this place, and, God willing, Ulric had hoped he could walk this hall without the thought of him lying here, dead and in the dark. “Yes,” He nodded.

“Can I see him?”

“No,” Ulric said as quick as she asked.

“Why?” Vivian grabbed Ulric’s arm and stopped him. “I want to pay my respects.” maltepe escort

Ulric turned to her. His cheeks had gone pale and white. “Vivian,” He whispered. “Please don’t make me go there.”

Vivian looked surprised by his fear. She had never seen him like that, with that horror in his eyes. She took his free hand in hers and clasped their fingers close and warm. “Okay,” She told him sweetly.

Ulric spared not a single glance left nor right as they made their way quick through the hall, and they started quick up the spiral stairwell out of the crypts. It was a long climb of some several dozen flights of steps, first through the bowels of the palace, then past the dungeons, then past the furnaces, and then finally past the servants’ quarters and kitchens. There was just one more flight of stairs till they reached the palace’s eastern wing, where Ulric’s bedchambers resided. As they climbed the last few steps to that hall, Ulric heard the whining creak of a door swinging open, and a pair of voices emerging from within.

“Bloody idiot,” Jory cursed.

“Still mad at me, are you?” Tomas said dully. “Come off it already. Ain’t my fault the birds like me more than they like you.”

Ulric took Vivian and flattened her and himself against the wall at the top of the stairs, and he held his lantern low as they sank into the shadows. Tomas and Jory passed them by without a glance, walking the hall with their eyes to each other, bickering.

“Bullshit,” Jory growled. “They like your coin more than they like me. They’re whores. You think they actually fancy that little pecker of yours? When they’re with you they might as well be dead between the legs. It doesn’t feel any different.”

“Oh, is that right? You want to compare?” Tomas laughed. “Whip it out, then. Let’s see if you’re…”

Their words faded to silence as the two servants left from earshot. Ulric took Vivian’s arm and rushed down the hall, to the door of his bedchamber, and hurried inside. Ulric swung the door shut behind them and flipped down its iron deadbolt.

“It’s nice to have a bed to ourselves again,” Vivian said.

“It’s been too long, hasn’t it?” Ulric mused. More often than not their need for secrecy had forced the two of them to make love in the cellar of her mother’s store, or in the shadows of the alleyway behind it. Though the thrill of taking his lover within earshot of others had its charms, Ulric much preferred the pleasure of having a bed of a thick mattress and soft sheets beneath them.

The quietly crackling fireplace and a dozen candles kept Ulric’s bedchambers bathed in a gentle light. Though the spring was in its last weeks, the heat of the summer was not yet truly upon them, and the air of his room was warm and pleasant.

Vivian looked over the chambers and turned to Ulric with one brow raised. “No wine?” She questioned.

Ulric set his lantern by the fireplace. “What d’you mean?” He asked.

“You had a pitcher of wine in here last time,” She said. “When Mr. Pollard brought me.”

“I don’t have much thirst for it these days,” He said, grinning. “I’ve got better pleasures to lust for.”

Vivian smiled at that, but it vanished when her eyes came to rest on Ulric’s longsword resting beside his desk, sitting vertically in its stand, sheathed in its leather scabbard. “That wasn’t here before,” She said, looking over the sword with eyes wide with awe and wonder.

“The smith had it,” Ulric told her. “Sharpening the steel.”

Vivian turned to him, holding a finger pointed to his sword. “Can I?” She asked.

“Carefully,” Ulric chuckled.

Vivian took his sword and slowly drew it from its scabbard. The steel hissed sharply, and Vivian gasped at the sound of it.

“Most swords don’t hiss like that,” Ulric said, smiling at her reaction. “That one’s got a brass throat in the scabbard. It’s baroque. The Kingsguard swords are like that too.”

Vivian brought the sword upwards, beside her face, and held the flat of the blade before her eyes. She looked the sword up and down, absorbed in its beauty, almost drooling over the splendor of its steel. The sword was more than four feet from pommel to tip, with a blade of forty-three inches of the finest steel in the Kingdom. The hilt was engraved with the image of the West Sea’s roaring waves.

“This isn’t a greatsword,” Vivian said, tilting her head.

“No, it isn’t.”

Vivian gave him a puzzled look. “Damian said you wielded a greatsword at the Songwood, when you saved him.”

“I did,” Ulric nodded. “That’s the nice thing about the Syderans—they don’t know how to work steel. They don’t wear plate like a knight does. They wear leather and hide. There was no need to half-sword a blade like you’d do if you were fighting a knight. Just had to grab your heaviest sword and swing it as hard as you could. But that greatsword wasn’t mine. I didn’t bring it home. I don’t know where it is now.”

Vivian’s breath slowed as kartal escort she gazed over the sword, enthralled by the blade and how it shined in the light. “Can you show me how to hold it?” She asked him softly.

Ulric started towards Vivian and came to stand behind her. He rested his chin on her head and put his hands over hers on the sword’s hilt. “Don’t grip the hilt too tight,” He warned her, and he saw her shift her fingers as she heeded his words. “You’ll just strain yourself. Just make sure you’ve got it firm in your hands, nothing more.”

Ulric brought her arms and the hilt of the sword down to her waist, just beside her right hip, and helped her hold the blade upwards at an angle, so that the tip of the steel was level with her eyes. “If you keep your sword in your vision,” Ulric adjusted her arms a bit, correcting her pose. “It’s easier to make accurate strikes.”

Vivian listened quietly, engrossed by his words.

“We call this ‘the Plow,'” Ulric said. “The basic stance. A good all-around style. Protects against most every attack. Allows you every kind of strike. And this,” He brought her arms up high until the sword’s pommel was beside her head, with the blade held perfectly parallel to the floor. He put her right hand on the hilt just below the crossguard, and her left hand down on the pommel. “This is ‘the Ox.'”

Ulric let Vivian hold the sword herself, and he put his hand to her thigh and moved it forward, planting her right foot a single pace in front of her left. His left hand he slipped down the cut of her top and under her brassiere, groping one of her fleshy tits. He pressed inwards against her breast and straightened her posture. He craned his head down beside hers and put his lips near her ear. “A countering stance,” He whispered, “But you can kill with it all the same. Get a good thrust with this,” He pressed his groin into her back, just above her curvy arse. “And you’ll gore a man through three sheets of mail. ‘A bull’s horn pierces all.'”

Vivian’s breast flushed with heat in Ulric’s hand, and her nipple grew hard and stiff between his fingers. Ulric took his other hand from her thigh and put it to her cheek, turning her towards him. He took her then into a deep, wet kiss, mingling his tongue with hers. They kissed noisily and with passion, and Ulric pushed his tongue further into Vivian’s mouth, devouring her in his lust.

“That’s enough for now,” Ulric whispered when he pulled his lips from hers. There was a different sword he’d rather Vivian be playing with, a different bit of steel he’d rather her be sheathing. He took his sword from her and slid it back into its scabbard, and Vivian sat on the edge of his bed as he returned the sword to its stand.

“Did you have that sword forged for you?” Vivian asked him.

“No,” Ulric told her as he took a seat beside her on the bed. “It was my father’s.” Ulric put his arms to Vivian and took her quick into another kiss, a kiss even hungrier than before. His manhood raged long and hard beneath his breeches, aching to be returned to the warmth and wetness it had so often made its home.

“And his father’s before him?” Vivian asked him breathlessly.

“No,” Ulric said tersely, almost growling. “Only his.”

Vivian put her hand to Ulric’s chest and broke their embrace. “Only his?” She parroted him with her brows knitted.

“He didn’t want the family sword,” Ulric told her hurriedly, his heart still racing in his lust. “He wanted a sword made special for him. That’s who Father was,” He shrugged. “He wanted to be his own man. The first of his kind.”

“But you don’t?”

Ulric’s brow twitched. “What?” He uttered dumbly.

“Your father had a sword made for him—but you didn’t,” Vivian pointed over to the sword. “You’re using his.”

Ulric looked with her finger to his sword.

“You said he wanted to be his own man, the first of his kind,” She added, and fell quiet for a short moment. “Why don’t you?”

Ulric was silent for a long while as the cloud of lust drifted from his mind. He shrugged again, weaker this time. “I… don’t know,” He mumbled. “I suppose… when I was younger, I didn’t want to be my own man. I wanted to be like Father. I wanted to do everything like he did,” He sighed. “So I did. I walked like him. I talked like him. I did everything just as he did, always. I still do,” Ulric laughed bitterly at his own stupidity. “I’ve lived all my life in his shadow by my own choosing,” He shook his head ruefully. “I’m a goddamned fool.”

Vivian frowned at him, giving Ulric that same pitied look she always did. She put her soft hand to the heavy stubble of his cheek and turned his face to her. “Forgive me, my love,” She whispered. “I didn’t mean to upset you,” She grazed her thumb over his bottom lip. “Tonight isn’t for those feelings. Tonight is for us.”

Ulric took Vivian’s hand and pressed it to his lips. “My love,” He said, kissing her. He took a long breath with her hand to his lips, letting her sweet gaze calm him.

When the unease within him was quelled, Ulric put his other hand to Vivian’s warm thigh, caressing her smooth flesh. It wasn’t long before his hand crawled up her skirt, to her panties, where a lustful heat rolled from her.

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