Pacific Coast Highway

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I was cruising along my favourite Highway in the US, Highway # 1, the Pacific Coast Highway which runs the length of Westcoast of the continental US. It was a fall day in late September, but today was hot, with a storm brewing along the coast and moving in fast.

I was about 40 miles south of Ft Bragg CA, when I happened to pass a fellow biker on the shoulder of the road. He had placed his helmet on the ground behind his bike which is a universal signal for fellow bikers that he is in need of assistance.

I was processing this in my mind as I passed him by. He looked up as he heard my Harley slowing and pulling over on the grass shoulder. There is not much for shoulders along this section of the highway, it is asphalt to the edge of the road, then tall brown grass yielding to the wind as it blows in from the ocean in this northern section of Sonoma County.

I circled back and pulled up behind his bike, the other rider approached me as I was taking my helmet off. We exchanged casualties, and he explained the ailment that was plaguing his bike. He introduced himself and gave me the low down on his bike and the problem — it was an older model Road King with obvious modifications and an S he reached down and grasped my swelling cock and gave it a squeeze and a tug. A sigh osmaniye escort escaped my lips as he did this…

The water was starting to cool off, so we turned off the water, the rain was still coming down, so we dashed into his cabin to towel off. He only had the one towel handy, so he towelled my back first and then turned me around to dry my front. Once he had me dry he dried himself and finished his beer. Grabbing another beer for each of us I got the feeling that my day of riding was done…

Ken once again reached out and grabbed my cock, he went down on his knees and started to lick my semi hard cock, which immediately grew to full mast. He led me by my cock to his bedroom where he sat me on his bed with his cock right in front of my face. I instinctively reached out and stroked it slowly, then bent in and licked the flow of pre-cum that he was leaking, before taking his cock deep into my mouth. Ken’s turn to sigh as he was enjoying my tongue working over the underside tip of his large, now fully erect penis.

After a minute or so he pushed me back such that I was lying on his bed, he moved down between my legs and started giving me an incredible blow job. I was enjoying his skills and soon gave up my first load of the day. osmaniye escort bayan Ken slurped it all down like a pro and came up with cum on his lips and big smile. I apologized for cumming so quickly but he wasn’t even listening. He grasped my legs and rolled me over onto my stomach, without hesitation he moved in and spread my ass cheeks, then dived in to rim my hole… A good rimming is very pleasurable for me and Ken was an expert, probing into my hole with his tongue. He soon started working his thumb into my wet hole, then two fingers…

Ken reached over to his bedside table for some lotion that was there. He squeezed some out and applied it to his fingers and my hole. With two fingers of his right hand in me, he then slid two fingers from his left hand into me, curling his fingers inside and pulling away from each other, stretching and opening me up… I was enjoying his attention while his large cock rested on my legs, it felt heavy lying there!

Ken slid his body up with his cock now resting on my ass crack, his legs straddling mine. He lined his cock head up with my loosened hole and started to ease into me. After a few slow strokes he dropped some saliva down onto his cock as it slid into me… a few more slow strokes escort osmaniye allowed the saliva to lube me up adequately for him to pick up his pace. Soon he was thrusting into me with force, each time his balls rammed home he would thrust his hips further into my ass, ensuring that I was receiving his full nine inches of hard cock.

Ken rocked away on me for a while, then grabbed me by the hip and rolled me over. He pulled my legs up and pushed them back over my chest. He again lined up and forced his large hard cock into my hole, full depth in one stroke… I reached down and stroked my hard cock while he pumped away at my hole. I sensed that Ken was getting close as his tempo increased along with his guttural groans…

I was hard and near ready to blast out another load with Ken pumping into me…. I yielded to the pleasure and shot a series of thick ropes of cum out and up across my own face while Ken was filling my guts with his huge, big cock pumping and blasting his seed into me. Sometimes you can just feel the cock pumping out the cum and this was one of those times… Ken kept slowly working in and out, ensuring that his balls were completely drained, cum was splattered on my cheeks and seeping out of my loosened hole. He lifted off and flopped down beside me. We lay there enjoying the euphoria for several minutes.

Ken suggested that as the rain was still coming down, perhaps I should just plan on spending the night. Which I did of course. We enjoyed another session the next morning before I got back on my way…

I look forward to getting back down that way again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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