One Bed Left

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The sales conference had been long and boring, with speaker after speaker droning on and on about their new techniques for getting and retaining prospective customers. As the days continued to progress and the speakers and their presentations became more and more redundant and dull, everyone started to talk more about the coming storm rather than any sales strategies and tactics. The last day came and it was apparent that many associates had already left to beat the weather, but Lacy and her friend and co-worker Martin were dutiful professionals and toughed it out.

Both were tired and wanted nothing more than to get back home to their significant others and forget about the past four days. When they left the sales conference they were certain that they could beat the terrible weather that had been forecast to hit the region. The weather reports had the storm turning north and had a high probability of missing their route. So much for probabilities. As they drove toward their homes six hours away (at five above the speed limit), it was quickly becoming apparent that it wasn’t going to happen. Their average speed dropped as the first three hours past, and they found themselves only a quarter of the way home.

Lacy looked concerned in the passenger seat as they drove the interstate heading west. Martin watched as large flakes of snow hit the warm windshield and melted into water only to become a slushy mess clumped to the windshield wipers that were starting to not push off anything. He looked ahead at the small amount of road his headlights would allow him. This state had not bothered to send road crews out and according to the radio was contemplating shutting down the interstate. They would need to stop.

Martin and Lacy began searching for an exit with a hotel, motel—any kind of lodging really—where they could get off the road for a night and reevaluate the next morning. Luckily, they were coming close to an exit for a small yet popular amusement park that during the summer drew a lot of visitors. It had three or four motels there, so they felt lucky. The parking lots and lobbies of each made them feel otherwise. Each one was packed with families looking for a place to get some food, a shower, and some rest before they braved the roads again the next day. Reaching to the final motel, Martin parked at the front entrance and Lacy ran through the automatic doors to the front desk.

“Please tell me you have a room left,” she begged the elderly lady behind the desk.

“Well young lady, it’s your lucky day. We have one room left.” Martin came behind Lacy as the woman continued. “It’s smoking, is that okay,” the lady asked.

“Yes; anything!” Lacy was so relieved to hear that she would get a shower and a warm bed to sleep in that she could care less if there was a tobacco barn in the middle of the room. She was afraid that any more time on the road would certainly lead to an accident. She looked back at Martin and smiled. “Are the beds king-size,” Lacy asked, imagining a large bed she could sprawl out on under a warm down comforter.

“Oh, I’m sorry miss. The room is a single, but you two will have plenty of room. Our beds are queen-sized,” the lady smiled looking at the two of them standing side by side. “Uh, well, we aren’t…” Lacy began.

“…that particular. Hell, I’ll sleep on a box of rocks right about now. Right honey?” Martin’s interruption surprised Lacy. She looked up at him blankly.

“Uh, yeah. Honey.” Lacy said the last word while letting a smile cross her lips. Martin slapped down his credit card and put his left arm over Lacy’s shoulders, covered by her bulky black wool winter coat. The lady printed the receipt, had him sign it, and slid two key cards over to him. He took them, thanked the elderly lady who wished them a good night, and pulled Lacy towards the door of the motel to go get their bags out of the car.

Lacy started. “What the hell was that all about?”

“You see all these families getting stuck without places having to stay out here? I don’t want ol’ Mother Hubbard in there getting misty-eyed and having second thoughts about giving a room to a bunch of city yuppies. Just be glad we got a place,” Martin replied.

Lacy felt a little better after his response. It quickly dissipated the awkward feeling the earlier exchange created between them. They grabbed their bags from the car and went to their second story room.

After opening the door, they each found spots to put their stuff, not speaking. Both of them were avoiding the obvious disturbing fact that lay in the middle of the room. One bed. Two people. The subject came more to the fore as Martin picked up his cell phone to make a call. Lacy mouthed that she was going to the bathroom as she motioned to it letting Martin know where she was going.

“Hey baby.” Martin spoke into the phone. “Looks like it’s going to be another night.” Lacy listened as she organized her toiletries on the bathroom counter. “We had to stop at a motel. It’s not so bad. I can’t complain considering all the places are packed tonight. What? Lacy? Of course she’s got her own room. What do you think? She’s staying with me?”

Lacy looked in the bakırköy escort mirror and stifled a giggle. Martin’s girlfriend Cindy was being as jealous as ever. And why not? At 5’11, 190 pounds of solid athleticism, Martin was no slouch. There was a reason he was so successful at sales other than his suave charm. Lacy looked at herself in the mirror and thought Cindy had plenty to be worried about. Lacy noted her own 5’4″ athletic figure nestled under the jeans and sweatshirt she had changed into for the drive home. She pulled her blond hair forward over her shoulder, letting it hang over her ample left breast. She put her hands on her 34 inch hips and smiled knowing that despite Cindy’s suspicions, she and Martin were just friends.

They had known each other through shared acquaintances in college and once they started working at Layton-Crawford as sales associates, their shared past quickly made them friends. They often joked and flirted with each other, shared lunches, and always chose to spend time together at conferences. She enjoyed the light sexual tension that existed between the two, but it was hardly overt or overpowering. They were friends, pure and simple.

“I love you too baby. I’ll call you once we’re on our way tomorrow.” The end of Martin’s phone call pulled her from her thoughts.

“Thanks. You reminded me to call Charlie,” Lacy said to Martin as she came out of the bathroom.

Martin went into the bathroom and pushed the door shut but leaving it barely cracked. He pulled items out of his shaving bag and started laying them on the counter opposite hers.

“Charlie? Can you hear me? Okay, there it is. I can hear you now. Look, we’re stuck. We stopped at a motel. Yes me and Martin. Who else would it be?” Lacy was annoyed at her boyfriend’s obvious suspicions and jealousy. She turned to look toward the bathroom and was surprised to see Martin in the mirror through the cracked door. She squinted as she saw him pick up her bottle of perfume and hold it to his nose. A small, confusing wave went through her. Her boyfriend’s voice on the other line brought her back to the conversation. “What? No! Of course he’s got his own room silly.” A small amount of guilt moved through her as she told what she categorized as a white lie. “Alright. I love you too. Talk to you tomorrow. Bye!”

She saw him quickly put the perfume back on the counter. She pretended to unpack her clothes for tomorrow when she made a realization. She had no clothes to wear to bed, at least not suitable for sleeping in the same room as a coworker. All she had was a skimpy nightshirt and she had thrown that on the floor the last night of the conference after a long third day. She hadn’t seen the need to protect it and she wasn’t about to put it back on after it lay on the funk of a hotel floor. Her anxiety was interrupted by Martin.

“Lacy? What’s wrong,” he asked.

“What? Oh, nothing. I just don’t have anything to wear to sleep tonight,” she quickly realized her choice of words was all wrong. “I mean I only had sleep clothes for three nights, not four.”

“It’s fine. I have a t-shirt you can wear. I didn’t hit the gym last night because I got sucked into going to the hotel bar with the guys from the Cincinnati office.” Martin reached into his bag and pulled out a folded white t-shirt that had the logo of a local gym emblazoned on the back. She took it from him.

“Thanks. It’s really nice of you,” she said uncomfortably as she took it from him. They were both smiling at the exchange as they went about arranging their bags. They both found each other attractive, though they never admitted it to themselves, let alone each other. Despite occasional flirting and enjoying their time together, they had been content just being friends. For the first time, the sexual tension that was always there became palpable enough to make the interaction in the room uncomfortable. Each of them was keeping themselves busy essentially trying to keep from speaking to the other.

Lacy finally had to break the silence. “Who’s sleeping on the chair,” she asked about to offer the flip of a coin.

“I’ve got it. Don’t worry about that. It’s cool,” he replied quickly. She imagined his quick response was an attempt to douse the uncomfortable feeling between them before it grew unbearable.

“Are you sure,” she asked, actually relieved he was gentleman enough to volunteer.

“Yeah, no problem,” Martin answered. “Go ahead and get showered” he encouraged her. “I’m going to grab a soda from the machine. You need anything?” he asked her as he moved toward the door.

“No thank you. Thanks for asking,” she responded as he turned and left the room. Lacy took the shirt he had given her and then reached into her bag. She grabbed the only clean pair of underwear she had left: sheer white silk french cut panties that had only strings to hug the hips, a small patch to cover her luscious ass, and a smaller patch to cover her shaved pussy. She brought them to minimize the signature of her panties while in her skirts. She’d never gotten into thongs, so this was as close as she would get. She balled them up and hid them in the beşiktaş escort t-shirt as she scampered to the shower a bit embarrassed at her fashion predicament. Now she really wished she had packed a pair of shorts.

Martin returned with his soda in hand. He took a swig and then placed the lounge chair with the desk chair opposite it and looked at the setup unhappily. “It’s going to be a long, uncomfortable night,” he thought to himself. “At least I get to drive tomorrow,” he whispered to himself sarcastically. Thoughts of him spooning Lacy in the nice, comfortable, warm bed now coursed through his mind. He suppressed the thoughts just as his cock twitched. “Man, control yourself tonight.”

Just then, Lacy’s voice came from the cracked bathroom door. “Martin, do you mind turning around for a second so I can get into the bed?”

“Sure. No problem.” He turned and suppressed a surprised gasp as he noticed the room’s window gave a fairly clear reflection of the room. He watched as Lacy’s form walked across the room. His penis twitched with excitement as he noted her tan thighs coming from beneath the loaned t-shirt. The bottom of the t-shirt just passed her pussy. Martin wondered if she had any panties on. He looked up and noticed her nipples pressed against the white cotton t-shirt. Her form turned away from him as she leaned over to pull down the covers of the bed and he got his answer. A pair of white silky panties covered her ass crack, visible through the sheer material. She quickly climbed under the covers and pulled the covers up to her neck.

“Okay, you can turn now,” she chirped. At any other time he would have called her actions cute, but tonight, they were driving him nuts. Her damp blond hair was sprawled out and made a nice contrast with the pure white sheets. Her tan face looked beautiful poking out from under the thick white down comforter.

“I’m going to get a quick shower now.” He tried hard to keep his body turned so she couldn’t see the bulge in his pants but she saw it anyway. He didn’t notice her eyes widen when she caught a glimpse of his obvious arousal. As he turned the corner away from her eyes, he asked her, “Do you mind turning on a light while I’m in the shower to help me get situated when I get out?”

“Yeah, of course,” she replied smiling while thinking about his aroused penis.

He closed the bathroom door and jumped into the shower. He instantly went to his cock and began stroking it. He knew he had to relieve the cum built up in his scrotum or it would be an embarrassing walk back to the chair he was to sleep on tonight. It only took him a half minute until he spewed his seed onto the shower curtain. He was sure to turn the shower head onto it to get rid of the evidence.

Lacy turned on the lamp next to the bed and tried to sleep. The effort was futile considering what she had just seen. The view of Martin’s penis straining against his jeans caused her to think about sex. Evenings at the conference brought dinners, drinking, and dancing on the large hotel’s dance floor. More than a few guys from other offices had copped drunken feels of her breasts and ass and the thought of them caused a warmth between her legs. Now, she was lying in a motel room with only one bed with her friend and (now she let herself admit) very hot coworker in the bathroom probably nursing his aroused cock. The thought of him stroking his cock while thinking of her made her take her right hand and move it to her stomach. She lifted the t-shirt until it rested under her braless breasts and she began dragging the tip of her index finger over her exposed abdomen. She drew circles around her navel and then began running that same fingertip under the waistband of her panties.

“Coming out,” Martin called from the bathroom. She was shocked when he walked out with just a towel covering his bottom half. “Sorry, I didn’t bring a change of clothes into the bathroom with me,” he sheepishly explained.

“That’s quite alright,” she replied, her hand now frozen with the tips of four fingers lying on her mons, combing her pubes. She looked down as he turned away from her as he pulled out a pair of boxers, leaned over and began to bring them up to his waist. As he did, the towel prematurely fell away giving her a quick glimpse of his tight attractive ass as he quickly pulled the boxers up to cover it. The glimpse made the warmth between her legs increase. She was now sure she was getting wet but dare not run her hands further down for fear of being caught. She took the opportunity to study his chiseled back as he pulled a tight t-shirt over his torso, then turning to move to his chair four feet from her covered body.

“Good night Lacy. I’m sorry I couldn’t get you home tonight,” Martin said.

Lacy was touched by his gentlemanly words and quickly felt sorry for him as he sat down in the chair and put his feet up on the opposite chair. “Martin, it’s not your fault.” She felt really guilty as he adjusted in the chair trying to find a comfortable position. She then remembered that he paid for the place. Sure, the company would pay him back, but without hesitation, he dropped his credit beylikdüzü escort card down. “Can I handle this hot-ass guy lying in the same bed as me without going crazy,” she thought to herself.

“I just wish I had listened to the weathermen. We should have stayed at the conference hotel another night,” he said to her.

“It’s really okay Martin.” She saw his obvious discomfort. “Martin, I know this might be weird and all, but why don’t you just sleep in the bed. We’re both adults here.” She wanted to continue, but didn’t know what else to say without stepping on her figurative toes.

“Are you sure,” he asked to make sure. He definitely didn’t want to sleep in that chair when there was a perfectly good bed available to sleep in. Lacy’s beautiful body a foot away would be a very welcome bonus.

“Sure.” She playfully added, “So long as I get to keep this side.”

“Okay, you twisted my arm enough.” He laughed as he got up from the chair. Surprisingly, he climbed over her instead of going around the other side of the bed. His left leg dragged across hers and she inhaled quick and deep at their contact. The temperature under the down comforter instantly increased when he crawled under it. Lacy turned her back to him and feigned an effort to fall asleep. He lay on his back and did the same. For what felt like an eternity, but was more like thirty minutes, they both listened to the silence only broken by each other’s breathing.

Lacy soon became a bit calmer as she realized Martin had fallen asleep. Unbeknownst to her, Martin was thinking the same thing. He pulled slightly at the comforter allowing him to look under the covers. He left the light on in the bathroom and cracked the door to allow a little light into the otherwise darkened room. It was enough for him to see the t-shirt pulled up onto her abdomen and to see the sheer white panties hugging her gorgeous ass. He felt a little guilty checking her out, but his swelling cock soon took his mind off the guilt. He knew he had to take this opportunity, but fear and the lack of a plan made him pause.

Lacy’s curiosity and resultant arousal wouldn’t let her sleep. She really was beginning to want Martin to make a move, but she was sure he was asleep. She decided to make the move. He was surprised as she backed up towards him, closing the gap between the two of them. Martin increased his sleep act by breathing a light snore as she continued to inch her ass back towards him and his right hip.

The outer edge of Martin’s right hip rested firmly against the silk-covered center of her ass. The contact was exactly what she was striving for and she reacted by putting her left hand under the waistband of her panties. She dared not move further in case it would wake him.

Martin’s eyes were now wide open, though he continued his fake sleep sounds. He knew he had no better chance than now to make his move. Quickly, he turned his body towards her and threw his left arm over her abdomen, letting his large hand rest on her belly. He put his nose into her damp hair and enjoyed the smell of her shampoo. Lacy just froze. So did Martin.

Lacy was shocked at this new development. Against the sheer cloth covering the crack of her ass, she felt Martin’s engorged cock pressing. His hand was against her stomach, with his pinky slightly over the waistband of her panties. Lacy had wanted some contact, but this caused a small amount of fear to rise in her belly. Yet still, it was mixed with a sense of anticipation. Lacy didn’t want to cheat on Charlie, but lying like this would make it difficult not to. Fighting her urges, Lacy decided it would be best for her to just try to sleep.

Lacy, trying to keep from waking Martin, slowly and gently rolled onto her back to begin putting some distance between their bodies. Unfortunately for her, the move caused his left hand to slide to her crotch, pushing the loose silk to the side with the weight of his hand. The realization of what had occurred made butterflies flutter in her stomach. She let out a frustrated sigh, blaming herself for sliding over to Martin in the first place.

Little did she know, Martin was hardly asleep and was enacting his own plan. Feigning a restless sleep, Martin used his left arm to pull Lacy to him. At the same time, he brought his left leg over hers and pushed his knee up between Lacy’s legs. The effect was his strong thigh pushing up against her now exposed moist pussy. Martin completed his maneuver by nuzzling his nose into her neck, finally resting it under her left ear. He puckered his lips and kissed Lacy’s neck before mumbling, “good night baby.”

The new developments left Lacy dumbfounded. “He must think I’m Cindy,” she thought to herself. The strong thigh pushing up against her labia was making her pussy increasingly wet. Lacy couldn’t help but notice her breathing increasing. Lacy then was shocked to feel Martin’s hard cock lying across the flesh of her left hip, the tip resting about an inch under her navel. Lacy licked her lips, now dry from the last few minutes’ activity. She was starting to lose her inhibitions now, realizing the position she was in. “Two can play sleepy,” she thought. With that, she let out a soft whimpering moan and reached her left hand down and pulled Martin’s thigh against her pussy. Ever so slightly, she lowered her hips, allowing her clit to rock against his hairy leg. A small jolt ran through her body. She repeated the movement wondering how far she would take this.

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