Office “Administrator” Ch. 01

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I sat in the waiting room of the law office, nervously picking at my nails. I was 15 minutes early for my job interview, so I had a little bit of a wait still. I picked up my phone and texted Leslie.

“Thanks for the lead, Les! Here goes nothin!”

A few seconds later, my phone buzzed her response.

“No worries, love. You’ll be great. Just remember to keep an open mind. I know you’ll love this job!”

…Keep an open mind? That seemed a bit of an odd comment, considering I was just here for an Office Administration job. I shrugged it off as some well-intentioned, if misleading, advice, and looked around the waiting room.

It was a nice place, that’s for sure. Dark brown leather chairs, glass tables, gleaming tile floors. The secretary sat behind a huge desk, behind her on the wall a waterfall sculpture that descended into the pond below, where Koi and goldfish swam lazily. The thought of how much they must pay their employees excited me, while at the same time increased my nervousness. I really needed this job.

“Deanne?”, chirped the secretary. “Mr. Stevenson will see you now. You can go on in.”

I thanked the secretary and stood up, smoothing my pencil skirt to ensure there were no creases or wrinkles from sitting on the leather chair. I moved towards to the large, double doors across from the waiting room and knocked gently before entering.

My first impression was to drop my jaw at the beauty of the office. If I had thought the waiting room was something — this was spectacular. It was huge, the back wall made entirely of windows that overlooked the city. Tall shelves of books decorated one side of the office, while the other side boasted a chaise lounging chair, a small mini bar with an impressive selection of Scotch, and a large TV screen inserted into the wall. Mr. Stevenson stood behind his immense desk in front of the windowed wall, smiling and welcoming me in.

“Miss.Emerson? Thank you so much for coming in. Welcome!” He extended his hand and I shook it, immediately at ease in front of this man. There was something about him that was indeed welcoming, as well as friendly and warm. His handshake was firm but gentle, which I took as a good sign.

He looked to be in his late 40’s, but still very attractive. Brown hair in a clean cut, with grey beginning to show a bit at the temples. Eyes that sparkled and the most sexy dimples I had ever seen on a man. My nervousness returned.

“Thank you so much for seeing me, Mr.Stevenson.” I said, as I took the seat in front of his desk that he offered. He waited for me to sit, then returned to his wingback chair, taking a seat and leaning over the desk, his hands intertwined over his many papers.

“Of course, Miss.Emerson. You come very highly recommended from Miss.Winters. How do yo know her, exactly? She said you used to be co-workers?”

“Yes, Leslie and I used to work together at a small law firm, years ago. She’s a wonderful person and now one of my good friends.”

“She is indeed. A good worker, too. We’ll miss her here, but of course we understand that life goes on. Especially for an expectant Mother!”

We continued in that vain for some time, chit-chatting and discussing my resume. There was little on it, but it showed my loyalty to the companies that I had worked for by the simple fact that I had worked there for so long. He seemed a bit more interested in my personal details, asking me questions such as was I married or in a relationship (no), was I relatively healthy (yes), or what I liked to do to keep happy and physically fit (yoga and swimming). At first I thought these questions a bit unnecessary and perhaps too personal, but he was so nice and professional I figured it was just idle curiousity and he was making conversation, perhaps gleaning information about my character. After a little while, he sat back and smiled.

“Well, Miss.Emerson, I have to say, I am impressed so far. I think you’d be an excellent fit here. I must ask you though, did Miss. Winters give you any idea as to what this job entails?”

“In all honesty Mr.Stevenson, not really. She mentioned that it was a sort of administrative job, and that I would ensure all the lawyers and law officers that worked here would have whatever they needed, and help in any way I can. That certainly sounds like something I am qualified for!”

He smiled, and said “I have no doubt that you are qualified, Miss.Emerson. However, I have a feeling this job isn’t exactly what you think it might be.”

I didn’t know how to respond to that, so I stammered a small “…oh?” and waited for him to continue.

He stared at me for a moment, and I found myself staring back, trying not to think about his dimples.

“Miss. Emerson, we here at Stevenson & Hutch law are among the top lawyers and officers in the city. We deal with only high-profile cases and high-demand clients.”

“Yes, sir.” I bostancı escort had certainly heard of Stevenson & Hutch Law before coming to my interview today, so this was no surprise to me. He continued.

“Because we work with cases such as these, our men – for, while we are by no means a sexist law firm, the majority of our lawyers and officers are indeed men — are constantly and consistently under a great deal of stress. They work long hours and are constantly under pressure by their clients and their employers.” He continued to gaze at me, and I wondered where he was going with this.

“Your job here, is essentially to help these men relax, by whatever means they need, to ensure they can do their best work and remain focused. We market this job as an ‘administrative’ job, because really there is no other title for it.”

“…Alright”, I said slowly. I was beginning to understand why Les had told me to ‘keep an open mind’. “So, is it safe to assume you’re not just talking about bringing coffee and booking massage appointments?”

He chuckled, and said “No, Miss. Emerson. There is a great deal more to it than that,” and in that moment I knew exactly what he was asking of me. He looked at me levelly, and continued. “It’s a very safe environment, Miss.Emerson. You would be given a list of your ‘clients’, so to speak, their offices and information about them. Each man has taken a full STI test, you will be given the paperwork to prove it. They will be required to wear condoms, and you will have the ability to book at your own schedule. You can decline a client whenever you feel necessary, and you will have your own office — which will include a full bathroom and anything else you would require. Your safety is the utmost concern to us, and I think your friend Miss.Winters would tell you the same thing.”

His last comment jarred me. With a shock, I realized that this was the job that Leslie had before she left for Maternity leave (I quickly wondered if she was pregnant from one of the lawyers, but dismissed it immediately). I knew she had loved this job, and when she told me what the pay scale was, I wasn’t surprised. I was even less surprised now, knowing what the job truly entailed. One of the things Leslie and I shared was a great love of sex. I knew now why she told me I would love it.

I took my time before answering, thinking it over. I knew what he was saying — I would be the ‘sex worker’ of the office. I considered the fact that most people would think it essentially prostitution, but at the same time — how many prostitutes out there worked in such a safe environment? I would have my own space, my own schedule, I could say no whenever I wanted, and I was guaranteed these men were clean and healthy. Not to mention the fact that the simple idea of taking this job was beginning to turn me on — I could feel myself getting wet as I considered it.

Mr. Stevenson sat patiently, watching me think. His air of warmth and openness made me feel at ease and comfortable. Knowing that this man would be my boss made the decision for me.

“Alright, Mr.Stevenson. Shall I take it you are offering me the job?” I asked.

“Indeed I am, Miss. Emerson.”

“Then I accept.” He smiled as soon as I said it, and reached into one of the many drawers of his desk, withdrawing some papers.

“Excellent! I’m sure you’ll be happy here, Miss. Emerson, and know that you can always come to me if ever you need anything. I want to ensure that you are happy and comfortable here, just as much as our officers are.” He made a few notes on the papers, then handed them over to me. “This is your contract and legal forms. Take a moment to read through them, sign them, and let me know if you have any questions.”

I did as he asked, and sat reading through the forms. Alot of it was legalese, which I didn’t understand, but much of it also went through further details. The more I read, the more I began to understand that I would be in control of my job here. I would only be asked to do what I was comfortable with. I signed the forms, confident I was making the right decision, and handed them back to him.

He grinned and stood up to shake my hand. “Welcome aboard, Miss. Emerson. Would you like to see your office?”

I squealed with excitement (as professionally as I could) and followed him out the doors. He led me down the tiled hall, turning a corner here and there. As we walked I looked around, getting quick glimpses into some of the lawyer’s offices and at the lawyers themselves. So far, I was looking forward to starting my employment.

We stopped at a white door with a silver door handle, which contrasted to all the other deep mahogany doors in the building. He unlocked it with a key, which he then handed to me, and we walked inside. I gasped and my hand flew to my mouth. It was bigger and more beautiful than my own studio sancaktepe escort apartment. In one corner — in front of a large window sat a computer table with a brand-new MacBook on it. Beautiful plants were draped around the desk. Across from it was a long, suede couch, facing a TV inserted into the wall, much like in Mr.Stevenson’s office. Beside the couch was an overstuffed chair, and across from it another chaise lounge. A mini bar stood in one corner, next to a Credenza with a large mirror atop it. On the other side of the room was a little hallway. I followed it and it led to a small bedroom with a huge king size bed taking up the majority of it, covered with a beautiful duvet and lots of pillows. Again, two large windows opened up the room, keeping it bright and airy. A closet and chest of drawers sat next to the bed. The hallway also led to a beautiful bathroom, with a long marbletop counter, a deep sink inserted into it. A European walk-in shower stood at the other end of the room, with only a tiled wall separating it from the rest of the room. Under the sink was a pile of fluffy towels and lightly scented bath products.

I walked back to Mr.Stevenson who was still standing in the front of my ‘office’. He noticed my smile and asked “Shall I assume you’ll be happy here, Miss. Emerson? Let me know if there will ever be anything else you require.”

Because I felt so giddy, my professionalism was heading out the window. I took off my suit jacket and threw it on top of the suede couch, and did a little spin in the middle of the room. He laughed.

“Yes, Mr.Stevenson. This is wonderful. I will be more than happy here.” I walked back over to him with the intention of shaking his hand, and as I did, I noticed his eyes briefly flick downwards to my cleavage. I realized that the blouse I was wearing was indeed cut quite low, and offered him quite a view.

I stopped for a moment, gazing at him and thinking. I was still quite turned on from the idea of taking this job, and his sexy dimples really were getting to me. Plus, he himself was a lawyer under stress, was he not? I walked past him and shut the door, turning the lock. I turned back to him, unbuttoning my blouse as I did so.

“Yes, Mr. Stevenson. I will be happy here. But you know, there is something else I will require. Right. Now.” I flung my blouse over the couch to meet my jacket. I walked towards him in my pencil skirt, heels, and now my bra, my breasts capturing his gaze.

“…Oh?” he stammered. I could tell he was unprepared for this, and had not been expecting it. Even better. I stopped in front of him, and confidently reached for his belt.

“Yes”, I whispered. “I need your cock in my mouth, Mr. Stevenson. Let your cock be the first one I taste here. Please?” I looked him in the eye as I undid his pants, letting them fall to the floor. He groaned and stammered “Miss.Emerson, you really don’t have to — it’s not for me that — I don’t need you to – “

“Sssssh.” I whispered. “I know you want this. I want it to. Please?” I leaned in to kiss him lightly on the lips, as I freed his hardened cock from his boxer briefs, and massaged it gently. He moaned again. “I…I…um…” words failed him. That’s all the answer I needed. I dropped to my knees and pulled down his underwear, freeing him completely. He had a beautiful cock, and my mouth moved towards it automatically.

I held him in one hand, massaging his balls with the other, as I dropped little kisses along the length of him. I began to use my tongue in tiny licks, working from the base of his cock up to the tip, and then using broader strokes with the flat of my tongue. When I pressed into his cock with my tongue, using a little more pressure, he moaned and flexed his hands in the air beside me. I knew what he wanted, and so I reached out and guided his hands to the back of my head.

“Let me suck you how you like it, Mr. Stevenson. Tell me how you like it.” I looked up at him as I licked and sucked on his cock, and as he made eye contact with me, I could tell something in him was letting go. He needed this. I began to moan as well as I sucked on him, massaging the base of his dick with one hand as I sucked and licked the head. I bit down ever so gently, and he gasped and dug his fingers into my hair.

“Yes, Miss.Emerson…yes…” he moaned. I smiled as I sucked him, thinking it was adorable how he still maintained his professionalism and used my last name, even as I was giving him a blowjob. I needed to break that professionalism right away, or he would never fully enjoy this.

I leaned back and spat on his cock, massaging my salivia into him, working it into dripping wet mess. I leaned back in and took his whole length in my mouth, slowly pulling back as I pressed my tongue into the base of his cock. He moaned again and whispered “Oh…Jesus…Miss.Emerson…”. I sat back zeytinburnu escort and worked my hand up and down his cock, as I said “Mr.Stevenson, right now, I am not Miss. Emerson. I am whatever and whoever you want me to be. Call me Dee, if you like. That’s my nickname. Or call me something else…” He smiled at me, and I winked and went back to deep throating him.

I increased my rhythm and pressure, and his moans got louder and his breathing more frantic. I lifted my hands to circle the base of his cock, applying pressure as I sucked and licked. Once more I gently used my teeth on him, and that was all it took. He gasped again, dug his hands even harder into my hair, and growled “Yes, you slut. That’s what I like. Use your fucking teeth on my cock!” I obeyed, incredibly turned on at how quickly he changed from professional boss to dirty-talking dominant. I continued to suck hard, using my tongue and my teeth to change the pressure on his cock. I wanted to taste his balls, so I used my hand to pump him hard and fast while I dipped underneath his cock and sucked one into my mouth. His knees began to buckle and I felt him hold on to my hair even tighter.

“Jesus fucking Christ, that feels good. Don’t stop, you slut. Don’t you fucking stop.” I sucked on his balls, licking and slurping, and I couldn’t keep from letting a few moans escape my mouth as well. My hand began to tire as I pumped his cock, so I went back to it with my mouth, taking him all the way inside, down to my throat.

“Yesss….” he growled. I looked up at him, and he was gazing down at me with an intensity that turned me on even more. He pushed his cock deeper into my mouth, and for a moment I choked, before opening my throat more and allowing him even deeper.

“That’s right you slut. Let me face fuck you. Take all of it in. You want this cock, huh? You want it face-fucking you?” He spoke low and quiet, as he began to buck his hips, moving in and out of my mouth. I whimpered and nodded as best as I could, as he had a tight hold on my head and I wasn’t able to move it much.

He withdrew his cock and pulled my hair back, arching my neck so I looked up at him.

“…beg me for it”, he commanded. “Beg me for this cock.”

“Please, sir! Please let me suck your cock”, I panted. My face was wet with my own saliva, my eyes stinging from how hard he was gripping my hair, but it only turned me on more. “Please face fuck me with your cock and let me make you cum. Please!”

On my last word, he shoved his cock back into my mouth, gripping my head with both hands, and began fucking my face in a fast and furious rhythm. All I could do was grip his thighs and hold on, breathing through my nose, moaning and whimpering as he pounded into my throat.

“Fuck…fuck…yes…yes…oh…fuck…” he muttered with each thrust. “Oh fuck, you slut, you’re going to make me cum. Do you want that? Do you want this cum?” I whimpered a “yes please” sound, and he somehow increased his rhythm even more. At this point I was so turned on, I was close to cumming myself. I removed one of my hands from his legs and shoved it down my skirt, pushing my panties aside, and furiously rubbed on my clit. He noticed me doing so and laughed, saying “that’s right, you slut. You love sucking my cock so much you that have to cum too, don’t you?” I couldn’t move or say anything, so I just moaned as he fucked my face and I rubbed my clit. I could feel the pressure building, and I began to tremble.

“Are you going to cum, you slut? Are you? Are you going to cum while I fuck your face hard?” I whimpered again, and repositioned his hands in my hair so that he had a more stable grip. “Alright bitch…you asked for it. I want you to cum so hard. I want to watch you cum so I can cum all over your tits. You want that?” His words were exciting me so much. My jaw was beginning to cramp, but I didn’t care. He was fucking my mouth so hard and so fast, and my fingers felt so good on my clit…I kept rubbing, and within seconds I was beginning to orgasm.

“mmm…MMmmmm….MMMMMMM!!!!!” I screamed into his cock as I came. He gripped my hair tighter as I screamed, his balls slapping hard against my chin.

“Yeah, that’s right, you slut. Cum hard for your boss. Yeah…” He pulled his cock out of my mouth, and vigorously jacked on it, leaning over my chest. “I’m gonna cum, baby, I’m gonna cum…” I arched my back and watched as he grunted and groaned, load after load shooting out of his cock and onto my cleavage and bra.

He stood there panting, much as I sat there panting. Quietly, I got up and went to the washroom, returning with a damp washcloth. I gently wiped myself down, and did the same to him. He put his pants back on, as I buttoned my blouse back up, and I walked him to the door of the office.

“Well, Miss.Emerson,” he sad, his professionalism returning completely. “I definitely think you’ll fit in well here.” He shook my hand, winked, and left my office, leaving me alone. I shut the door behind him, and went and flopped over on my chaise lounge. I was still a bit of a mess, so the thought occured to me to go have a shower. Perhaps I’ll have a quick nap first, I thought. I did just work hard to please the Boss, after all.

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