Nisha, Sonal and Mary Pt. 01

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This story is my own retelling of a fantasy shared with me by a married mother of two I met through this very site. And needless to say that she’s very interested in both this final product and any replies which this tale might garner. So the following is dedicated to you MK.


“It’s okay Mommy. I’m nineteen now. That makes this consensual.”

“Does it really though Sonal? I think the rules are different when it comes to incest.”

“Oh please stop using that ugly word. I’m your daughter not your son. There’s a difference and you know it!”

“Fair enough. But there’s still a psychological aspect involved with all of this which needs to be considered.”

“And I say phooey to all of that mumble-jumble. We’re as close as close can be and have been ever since I can remember. So I’m sure we can navigate even this together. It’s all about mutual trust afterall. And with the ultimate goal of making one another feel really, really good.”

“While doing something really, really bad with each other.”

That’s a matter of opinion Mommy. Others might say that it’s a beautiful thing.”

“And speaking of beautiful, I at least will admit that you look incredible standing there naked right now.”

“Thank you Mommy. And you look simply divine standing there naked yourself.”

“That’s kind of you to say Sonal. Now remind me again why we’re standing here together without any clothes on in the first place. Mommy needs to hear it.”

“Well… Do you see that other girl standing just over there wearing a lacy red one-piece teddy while brandishing a black leather belt like a whip? That’s my girlfriend Mary. Or make that Mistress Mary. Which is what we both call her by now as you know. And she just ordered us to get naked for her. So we did so without question like the obedient pair of slaves we’ve truly become. Slave Mother Nisha and Slave Daughter Sonal.”

“Tell me this isn’t as bad as it sounds.”

“At least this is our first time being dommed by Mistress Mary together as a duo. So there’s that I guess.”

“C’mon now Sonal. You know as well as I do that this is technically our first time doing anything sexual whatsoever with one another.”

“Then it’s just too bad that we wound up having the same mistress I guess.”

“Which you set up on purpose without my knowledge!”

“For a darn good reason too. And even you can’t deny that.”

“Fair enough. But what’s done is done. The present is all that matters. And it’s just unfortunate that I’m presently showing off my naked body to another girl while my very own daughter is standing next to me and doing the exact same thing.”

“Actually Mommy, I think it pleases Mistress Mary most of all that you and me are standing here naked in front of one another.”

“I think so too Sonal. And especially because it’s obvious to all three of us that Slave Mother Nisha and Slave Daughter Sonal are both sexually aroused right now.”

“As I’m well aware of Mommy. I can see how your nipples too are every bit as swollen in excitement as mine are as well.”

“Only just for Mistress Mary you suppose? Both of us I mean. Or perhaps also somewhat for one another as well.”

“Mommy don’t be silly. Our bodies are fully interacting with each other right now. And look at what they’re telling us. We’re at least both capable of maintaining a heightened state of sexual arousal in one another’s presence. So I can’t help but assume that we’re also both at least somewhat responsible for getting one another turned on like we are.”

“And turned on how? Tell Mommy. Is it only your nipples that are feeling the effects of arousal right now?”

“Well… I might be a little bit damp right now too.”

“I see. And so was I until just now. But what you just said is making me more wet down there instead.”

“You don’t say. And hearing about that from you is now having the same effect on me.”

“I’m honestly more flattered than anything else. I just wish that our mistress would speak up and offer us some guidance from here.”

“Oh Mommy stop it! Isn’t it obvious why she’s staying quiet right now? You and I are right on the cusp of doing something very taboo with one another. We’re about to cross a certain line together that very few actually dare cross. So I think it’s only appropriate that Mistress Mary is simply chilling out for a bit while you and I figure out this part for ourselves.”

“And what part is this anyway? I’m just curious is all. And be a dear and use that certain word that you dislike so much when answering that question. I need to be reassured that you understand the gravity of this situation.”

“You mean the word incest Mommy? What they call sex between relatives?”

“And what some even call a sin. Now go on.”

“Well Mistress Mary got us together like this for the express purpose of watching us commit incest for her viewing pleasure. And neither Slave Mother Nisha nor Slave Daughter Sonal seems to have a problem with being lured into incest as a way of pleasing sakarya escort their mistress.”

“Close enough I suppose. But this next part you mentioned is still going to be really difficult for me.”

“Don’t worry Mommy. I’ll ease you into this gently. Just please answer a question for me first. It hurt when you gave birth to me, right?”

Well… Yes. Of course. Childbirth does indeed hurt. But it doesn’t last very long though. And besides, being rewarded with a bundle of joy at the end of the whole thing makes it all worth it.”

“Still though. I hurt you down there before. Accidentally of course.”

“In a sense I suppose. What about it?”

“Well maybe I feel that I owe you something in return for enduring the pain necessary to bring me into the world in the first place.”

“How though? Tell Mommy.”

“By giving you pleasure down there instead. But only to offset the pain I gave you down there about nineteen years ago now.”

“Sexual pleasure you mean.”

“Of course. And also of course also for the viewing pleasure of that lady over there we both call Mistress Mary.”

“Obviously. Like a two-for-one special. But how would you propose to grant me this sexual gratification that you’re offering me?”

“That’s easy. Just grant me permission to kiss you right where it hurt when I was being born.”

“That’s an awfully big step Sonal. And I’m assuming that you’re planning on kissing me more than just once down there too.”

“Well yeah. I’m not stopping until Mistress Mary tells me to stop. So you won’t have a say in the matter by then.”

“You won’t either Slave Daughter Sonal.”

“Which is perfectly fine by me Slave Mother Nisha.”

“Fine then. In that case, get on your knees for your Mommy.”

“Like this Mommy? With my face right next to the place where I was born?”

“Call it ‘Mommy’s pussy’ please Sonal.”

“Yes of course. Mommy’s pussy. Mommy’s pretty pussy. Mommy’s kissable pussy.”

“Yes I suppose it is kissable to an incest-loving girl such as yourself. But would it still be deserving of your affection even if it didn’t belong to your mother?”

“More than deserving Mommy.”

“Then show me Sonal. Kiss it for me please. Make it feel all better now all these years after you made it hurt while I was giving birth to you.”

“I’m about to. But look over there first Mommy. Mistress Mary is already playing with herself!”

“Mmm hmm. And she has been for at least the past thirty seconds sweetie.”

“Oh Mommy. She looks so sexy rubbing her pussy like that through the fabric of her teddy!”

“Yeah she really does. And look at how aggressive she’s being with all of that rubbing too. And so soon after she just started at that!”

“So I see. This little talk we’ve been having seems to have turned her on like crazy! But now I think it’s time for me to really give her something to masturbate to.”

“I think you should. Show her what incest looks like and kiss me where you were born Sonal.”

“Mommy’s pussy you mean?”

“Yes Sonal. I want you to kiss Mommy’s pussy.”

“And kiss it like this you mean?”

“Oh my God! I can’t believe my very own daughter just did that to me!”

“Oh but I did. And here’s another kiss too for Mommy’s pretty pussy.”

“This is so wrong! Sonal! This is so wrong!”

“What’s that Mommy? You want me to kiss your pretty pussy again? Well… If you insist.”

“And it feels wrong too! I swear that it does!”

“You know what? Since Mistress Mary hasn’t told me to stop yet… Here’s a whole bunch of kisses right in a row for Mommy’s pretty pussy.”

“Holy shit! How can something so wrong feel so fucking amazing?! Sonal you better stop! Seriously! This is insane! I’m right on the verge of getting addicted to this!”


Hello, my name is Nisha. I am originally from India but moved to the United States shortly after I married my husband. Now as a forty-eight year-old mother of two, not to brag but I hardly look my age and, instead, could pass for being a full decade younger than I really am. And I’m also blessed with an hourglass size-four figure featuring a fully formed but smooth and taut rear-end and breasts that fit best inside of bras labeled as ’34-DD.’ And needless to say that my skin is light-brown in hue while my long and straight mane of hair is jet-black in color and naturally shiny.

And that description also mostly applies to Sonal, the younger of my two children. She looks a lot like me in body, hair and face all. Although I have to admit that she’s a tad bit prettier than yours truly. But I at least have her bested in the chest-department as she wears bras labeled as ’34-D’ instead.

My story begins roughly a year ago now as I’m writing these words. Sonal had just turned nineteen and was only about three weeks into her first semester at college. Unlike her older brother who was off at a university located in a completely different part of the country, Sonal chose to pursue her studies at a college escort sakarya located only about a ninety minute car ride away from our hometown. She was living by herself in a single-room dorm located on-campus and was yet undecided on a major.

So Sonal and I were chatting on the phone one night when she suddenly said, “Mom, there’s a girl here at school who’s bullying me.”

I was livid. How dare anyone bully my precious daughter! She’s the light of my life afterall. “About what?” I wanted to know.

“My race,” Sonal admitted. “She mocks me for being Indian and calls me ‘Brownie.'”

With my blood boiling by then, “I want you to go to the RA and report this immediately!”

“You don’t understand,” Sonal replied. “This girl Mary lives off-campus. She’s in my English Lit class and waits for me in the hallway afterwards most days to insult me for reasons I don’t understand.”

After taking a couple of deep breaths to try and calm myself down, “Listen sweetie,” I said. “Your bully Mary sounds like a bigot plain and simple. So my advice to you is either ignore her completely or bully her right back. She’s white I’m assuming so call her a hillbilly or a cracker or something.”

“She is white yes,” Sonal replied. “And it’s not that simple I’m afraid. She’s trying to turn my friends against me too. The few of them I’ve made since moving here that is. Mary’s trying to convince them that I’m not worthy of their friendship as a first generation Indian-American.”

None of which sounded like the Sonal I knew. My daughter has always been fiercely independent and never one to worry about what others may think about her. So I replied back, “Snap out of it Sonal. What’s gotten into you?”

But it seemed like she was on the verge of tears when Sonal then said, “Please Mom. Things are different now that I’m living on my own for the first time ever. I have all these classes I’m trying to pass with professors I’m trying to impress. And plus I’m still getting used to living in a different city where I really don’t know my way around very well yet. So this thing with Mary is just something I’m having a hard time dealing with on top of all these changes going on in my life right now.”

Suddenly a bit ashamed at myself for failing to understand all that my daughter was going through, “Okay honey,” I replied. “I know how hard growing up can be. But you can’t let some stupid bigot get you down. Your father and I raised you better than that.”

I was then thrown for a total loop when, “Mom I need a favor please,” Sonal said. “Can you drive up here this weekend and talk to Mary yourself? Maybe you can somehow convince her to leave me alone.”

Although I was certainly empathetic to my daughter’s situation, “I don’t think that’s a good idea Sonal,” I decided. “You’re a grown up now and need to learn how to fight your own battles yourself.”

“Mom I’m begging you,” Sonal persisted. “I’ll never ask you for another favor like this ever again. I need help and you’re the only one I can turn to.”

What mother could have resisted those words? Not this one at least. Still though, “Do you even know where this Mary girl lives?” I asked.

“I do,” Sonal replied. “I was sneaky and followed her home one day after she bullied me for about the fifth time. Just don’t ask me why because I’m not even sure myself. But she lives in this house only a couple of blocks away from campus. And I’m assuming that she lives there with another three or four girls.”

Against my better judgement, I then agreed to drive over and meet with my daughter at her dorm on the following Saturday to decide upon a plan of action from there.


And I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t a bit miffed with Sonal by the time I was pulling into her parking lot around eleven that morning. It still didn’t seem right to me that she couldn’t handle the situation with this Mary girl herself.

But my heart softened once Sonal greeted me at her dorm room door with a smile and a hug. Even though it had only been a couple of weeks since we had last seen each other, I suddenly found myself willing to do whatever it might take to make her happy. My kids mean everything to me like that.

So I wound up taking Sonal out to lunch a short time later at a nearby fast food joint. And while we were eating, she apologized for everything and added, “Just this once I promise. I’ll learn to handle things like this on my own from now on.”

Then on our ride back to Sonal’s dorm, she directed me down Mary’s street and pointed out where her bully lived. It was a two-story house in decent shape which I figured contained three or four upstairs bedrooms.

A short time later, dressed for the day in a button-down blouse, ankle-length skirt and flats, alone, I walked up to Mary’s front door and rang the bell before I was greeted by a cute waifish blonde in her early twenties.

“Hello,” I said. ‘I’m looking for Mary. Is she home by any chance?”

“You’re in luck,” the blonde replied. “C’mon in!”

The sakarya escort bayan blonde then shut the door behind me and called upstairs for Mary before I was soon stunned at the vision of sheer beauty that greeted my eyes once I caught sight of her standing at the top of the stairs. I thought to myself that she must have been one of the most gorgeous females I had ever seen in-person before.

Sonal’s same age, Mary is blessed with a beautiful mane of thick light-brown hair which frames an equally beautiful face highlighted most notably by a pair of full and pouty lips. And her body is equally as impressive even if her breasts are merely C-cup in size (in comparison to Sonal’s pair of D’s and my pair of double-D’s). Otherwise she too is blessed with an alluring hourglass figure.

Dressed in a pair of tight-fitting jeans and t-shirt bearing the name of her and Sonal’s college, Mary made her way down the staircase as the blonde retreated elsewhere into the house. Then after she reached the bottom of the stairs, Mary affixed her gaze on me and said, “Hello. And who might you be?”

A bit off-put for some reason at the look Mary was giving me, “My name is Nisha,” I replied. “I’m Sonal’s mother.”

Mary actually laughed at that before she replied, “But of course. I should have realized so right off the bat. The resemblance is uncanny!”

Still in awe at just how great-looking Sonal’s bully turned out to be, “We get that a lot,” I admitted. “Is there someplace you and I can go to speak in private?”

Suddenly beaming from ear to ear, “Sure,” Mary replied. “Follow me up to my bedroom Nisha.”

And before I could object, Mary spun on her heels and began making her way back up the stairs. And I couldn’t help it as my eyes went straight to the sight of her ass at that.

But only because it’s simply divine. A true work of art in every sense of the phrase. It’s just a bit plump and exceedingly curvaceous yet fit and toned to the max. And oh my goodness did it look spectacular wrapped nice and snug within the skin-tight jeans that Mary was wearing that day.

And by the time I was following Mary into her bedroom seconds later, it was official. I was attracted to her. Attracted to her like that I mean. I just couldn’t help myself.

It just happens to me like that from time to time. A select few fellow females can get my blood pumping in that sort of way. And even though I had never acted upon those certain leanings of mine, I would sometimes even watch girl-on-girl porn as a source of inspiration to help get myself off.

But discreetly of course. I kept an old laptop of mine hidden away inside of my dresser that I would only use for the purpose of downloading and looking at videos of girls being intimate with one another. Always by myself that is. So not even my husband is aware of the fact that I’m secretly bi-curious.

And so what if some of those videos I like watching are of the mother/daughter variety? It didn’t mean anything other than the fact that I’m secretly a bit kinky. I simply like the idea that some mothers and their daughters might be into exploring their sexual sides with one another.

But I had never in truth fantasized about Sonal and me being intimate with one another like that. That wasn’t my thing at all.

None of which was on my mind however once Mary had closed her bedroom door behind us. Aside from the knowledge that I was attracted to her like I mean.

And I have to say that Mary’s room was amazingly neat and tidy for a college student. Her bed was even made! Otherwise, she was apparently a huge fan of classic rock artists like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Queen and The Who based on the smattering of posters hanging on her walls.

Mary then spun around to face me after shutting her door and, “So what’s this all about?” she asked. “Don’t tell me that poor little Sonal went running to her mommy with the news that some of the girls here at school are being mean to her.”

Suddenly aware once again of why I was paying Mary that visit in the first place, I pushed aside my certain feelings for her and replied, “The way Sonal tells it, the only one being mean to her here is you.”

Mary chuckled at that and shot back, “Maybe only because no one else here has the guts to put her in her place.”

I then shook my head and asked, “Just because of her heritage?”

After thinking things over for a bit, “Yes and no,” Mary replied. “It more has to do with the fact that I don’t appreciate being viewed a certain way by a girl so inferior to me.”

Completely confused by then, “What are you talking about?” I wanted to know. “Inferior how? And in what way do you think Sonal views you?”

With a smirk, “Inferior because of her race,” Mary replied. “And I think she views me pretty much the same way I think her mom views me too.”

I just couldn’t help myself when, “You’re nothing but a small-minded bigot!” I snapped back in reply. “And I don’t view you any way other than that!”

Mary then chuckled again and said, “Oh yeah? Then please explain why you’ve been undressing me with your eyes ever since you first caught sight of me coming down the stairs.”

My heart leapt into my throat at that. Was it that obvious to Mary that I was so enraptured by her beauty? And before I could even try to refute her claim…

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