Night Falls

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The chilly air swirls around my feet as I gather the armload of wood. Just enough to take the chill out of the air, enough to burn for a few hours while I relax and decompress from the day. The house is quiet, everyone asleep but me. I stare into the new flames of the fire, lights out, silence but for the crackling of the wood.

Curling into the couch, closing my eyes, wondering if that new book is worth the walk into my bedroom to retrieve. Grinning as I snuggle deeper into the couch, ready for an evening of…nothing. Closing my eyes and letting the crackle of the fire lull me into a semi-conscious state.

The sudden knock at the door, pulling me up quickly, gasping, as I wonder who is out at this time of night, I hesitantly open the door, and grin as I see him filling the door frame. Without a word, I stand aside and let him enter.

The weeks of separation fueling a fire of its own, he takes me in his arms and turns me, backing me up against the door. The flimsy material of my nightshirt istanbul escort pulling the cold from his body, I shiver, although whether from the chill of the outside air clinging to him, or the heat ravaging my body, I am not sure.

His hands pull at my nightshirt and in a mere breath I am naked, the cold door scraping my ass. His hands seem to be everywhere at once and his lips are seared to mine. Pulling breath forcibly into my lungs as my nether lips are split with thick, work roughened fingers. The juices spilling already from my pussy, slathering his fingers, slippery in my quivering cunt. His voice rough and needy in my ear, “Cum for me, cum on my fingers!”

I push back on the door, lifting one leg to curl around his muscular torso, further exposing my hungry pussy to his delving digits. My hips pushing forward as his thumb finds my clit and with expertise born of familiarity he teases it from its hood, freeing it from its avcılar escort protective coat and coaxing it to a hardened and throbbing nub of flesh.

My breath fast, short and sharp gasps in my throat as a low keening spills over my parted lips. My eyes lock on his and I am lost, bending to his unspoken demands. My body shakes and shudders, the culmination of waiting and wanting him, his fingers playing my body like a fine tuned instrument. Coaxing the notes from my lips, moaning.

The damn bursts and my hips begin an erotic dance, I scream his name, like a song accompanying the wild swaying of my hips. I slump onto him, holding him close as my orgasm peaks, as I cum in a screaming shuddering symphony of sounds.

He grabs my wrist and pulls me along behind him, shedding his clothes as he heads to the bed, tossing me on. I watch him finish undressing, licking my lips. He comes to me in two strides, straddling my chest and feeding me his thick cock. My lips şirinevler escort slippery with my own saliva, it slides effortlessly into my mouth, he pushes til his cock is buried deep in my throat. My eyes wide as I gag, pushing ineffectively at his hips, nails raking his flesh, fighting for air as the thick saliva gurgles up. My hips bouncing up off the bed, struggling, and drawing a breath at last as he pulls out, strings of saliva dripping from his turgid tool.

Strong hands turn me over, and in one motion he enters my ass, one hand guiding his cock into my tight hole, stretching it til I scream, the other delivering spank after spank, the sound joining my screams as I writhe under him. His hips pump hard and true, my ass relaxing as it adjusts to the girth of his steely cock. Flattened to the bed, each thrust grazes over my gspot, working me into a frenzy, my howls echoing the room as I cum again. His guttural moan, the thickening of his cock… and his body, rigid against mine heralds the arrival of his own climax. Hot streams of thick creamy cum painting the inside of my ass, as my sphincter chews on his jetting shaft.

He rolls off of me, and pulls me tenderly to his side, embracing me with strong arms, cooing softly in my ear. Inhaling the intoxicating aroma as I close my eyes, lips nuzzling his neck…soft sighs of contentment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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