Never Let You Go Ch. 06

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The next few days went by too slow and Max was aching for Saturday to finally come. He spent every night outside Jenna’s apartment that week, fantasizing about what would happen on their date. He played so many different scenarios in his head. He couldn’t wait.

Work was long, the days dragged, the evenings dragged even more since Jenna hadn’t been to Greg’s since he’d asked her out. She apparently had a lot going on at work before she got her two week winter break at school.

When Saturday did finally come, Max couldn’t contain his excitement. He was up early, after barely sleeping at all. He had gotten back from watching Jenna’s place around 3 a.m. He had trouble sleeping and gave up and got around at 7 a.m. He used his bundled energy to shovel the driveway; they had had a big snowfall the night before. He did about 200 pushups and ate breakfast.

He went through his clothes several times over before he decided on a pair of jeans, a grey undershirt and a blue and black button up flannel. The blue in the shirt made his brown eyes look almost black. He wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not. He looked at himself in the mirror for a long time, deciding he looked menacing, but only when he frowned. He looked over his features, to himself; he was a scary looking man. But he hadn’t scared Jenna away, not yet. Furthermore, he knew he wouldn’t be frowning tonight, so he decided to keep the outfit.

He changed out and laid the outfit on his bed, he didn’t want to stain or wrinkle it. He did more pushups, then he showered and for the first time since he’d been out of prison, he completely shaved his beard off. Afterwards he looked at himself and instantly regretted it. He looked like a completely different person. He looked about ten years younger, his skin was pale and he didn’t recognize his cheeks or chin. They weren’t things he saw often. ‘Jenna’s going to think you look disgusting,’ he thought to himself. ‘Fuck, I’ve ruined everything.’

Max stood in his room stressed about his beard for over an hour, he kept slapping himself in the head telling himself how stupid he was. He paced the small room like a lion in a cage. He felt like he was in prison again. But then he’d tell himself, ‘no maybe she’ll like it.’ He contemplated this over and over until he noticed it was already time to get ready and go.

He got dressed, ran his fingers through his wavy hair a few times, sprayed on some cologne he had bought, stopped at the store and picked up a bouquet of pink roses and headed to Jenna’s. His nerves were shot; his heart was beating harder than ever before, his stomach churned with anxiety and butterflies. He was worried, excited, nervous and turned on, all at the same time. When he made it to her door he took a big deep breath and knocked.

Max stared at the flowers in his hand, waiting for the door to open, he tried to control his breathing, but it was tough. He heard shuffling inside and then the door opened. He looked up and there stood the most incredibly gorgeous human being he’d ever laid eyes on. Jenna always looked beautiful, but tonight she looked her best.

Max looked over her body, taking in her perfect shape. She had black leggings on, hugging her body beautifully. She was also wearing a tight navy blue sweater. He looked up at her face, flawless and glowing. Her cheeks were flushed, he didn’t know if it was makeup or her natural tone, but it was adorable. Her full lips were tinted slightly with a dark pink and looked so soft. Then he met her eyes, her blue eyes wide, outlined with black liner and mascara, her lashes full and long. They sparkled as she smiled at him.

“Hi!” she said, opening her door up for him. She looked over his face, then down to the flowers. “Come in.” She stepped aside and let him in; he stood for a moment by her door before handing her the flowers.

“Here, these are for you.” Max said. He felt like an idiot, standing there, shoving flowers in her face. ‘Smooth,’ he thought.

“Oh, thank you Max, they’re beautiful. I love them.”She gushed as she took them and walked into the kitchen. As Max kicked off his shoes, Jenna placed the flowers in a vase she got out of a cupboard. Max stood near the door, unaware of where to go next. He felt dumbfounded. He just watched her as she went about the kitchen. She looked over at him and smiled, “Come in, silly,” waving her hand for him to come over. He nodded and walked towards the kitchen. Jenna smiled up at his face, looking him over. “Hey, wow, you look…so different with your face shaved,” Jenna’s eyes scanned over his skin, the smile never faltering.

“Oh, istanbul escort yeah, I don’t know why I shaved, it doesn’t look all that good,” Max muttered rubbing his jaw.

“What? No, it does. You look…you look very handsome. I mean, I like the beard, but this is nice too. You can see your dimples better now.” Jenna reached her arm up and gently placed her hand on his newly shaven cheek. Max froze and stiffened at her touch. Just as soon as he stiffened he relaxed. He leaned his head against her hand, but suddenly there was nothing there. She had quickly pulled her hand away. She smiled, with a look of embarrassment on her face and turned away to the table.

She had the table set for a delicious meal. They went and sat and ate. The food was remarkable. She had made all sorts of homemade sides, some fried, and some baked. Some things neither he, nor she could pronounce, but she said she just followed the recipe. She had a lot of options for them to choose from. She admitted it she couldn’t decide what to make so she had went a little overboard. She had found different recipes on Pinterest, she explained.

They talked and laughed and finished up, he helped her clean up the dishes and she told him there were a few different deserts options for later, chilling in the refrigerator. They sat casually on the couch, turned towards each other’s bodies. Max rested his arm on the couch and placed his head in his hand. Jenna pulled her legs under her and did the same with her arm. She ran her fingers through her dark, straight hair, a habit Max had noticed she did often.

They talked about her job, how much she loved teaching and the kids. They talked about her family and how she wasn’t close to any of them. He kept asking questions, trying to keep the topic off him; he didn’t want to lie tonight. Hours went by just talking; it was so comfortable, so natural. He felt so happy in her presence. It just seemed right.

“I’m glad we did this,” Jenna mused, tilting her head into her hand, looking at him.

“Me too,” Max replied. He shifted his position on the couch and scooted a little closer to Jenna. She looked over his body and smiled to herself. She was on to him, he thought.

“Do you want dessert?” Jenna asked, her voice hushed, her breathing seemed heavier. She blinked at him, her eyes heavy with anticipation. Max felt the ache getting stronger inside him. He had felt it all night, but now sitting this close to her, it was unbearable. Max licked his lips slowly and scanned his eyes over her lips, back up to her eyes, and down to her lips again. He breathed out deeply and shook his head yes.

Max knew they weren’t talking about food anymore. He looked up into Jenna’s eyes, back and forth, not blinking. She blushed a little and smiled big. She looked down at her hand in her lap and bit down onto her bottom lip. Max scooted closer to her on the couch, smoothly. She looked up at him, her eyes sparkling with need and excitement. She wanted him, just as much as he wanted her, he could tell. Max leaned closer to her and placed his right hand on her neck, cupping her face, rubbing gently into her neck and hair. She leaned into his touch and exhaled. Her eyes fluttered quickly.

He leaned in and gently touched his lips to hers. Max’s head spun, he felt so dizzy. He tried to focus on what was actually happening, rather than getting caught up in his nerves. Her lips were even softer than he had imagined, they fit his mouth perfect. He pressed harder and she was the first to open her mouth and take his top lip in between hers. She tugged slightly on it and sucked gently. Max moaned unconsciously.

Suddenly Max felt her hands on either side of his face, pulling him closer. Their kiss deepened and he licked her lips, dipping his tongue into her mouth, caressing her tongue with his. Jenna whimpered softly, making Max as hard as he could possibly get.

Her hands roamed into his hair, she pulled him even closer to her now, he was leaning over her body, and she moved her position so she was now laying down, her legs out and around Max. He moved with her, slowly sliding on top of her body, as he moved closer her legs wrapped around his hips.

He had to brace himself on the couch, he didn’t want to squish her, he knew he was a heavy guy, but it was hard to get distance, he didn’t want distance, he wanted to be as close to her as he could. He pushed his hips into hers, running his hand down her body, feeling her curves, she had a tight body. His hand ran along to her hip and around to her avcılar escort bottom, he grabbed her there, and pulled her closer to him.

He stopped and looked at her for a moment, wanting to make sure this was OK, that he wasn’t going too far, too fast. Her eyes were heavy and cloudy with lust. She looked into him, burning into his soul. He was frozen for a moment by her gaze, mesmerized by her beauty, by the feeling of her body, by this moment. She grabbed a hold of his hair and pulled his face down to hers.

Max’s hands fumbled like he was a preteen, rubbing her tits through her sweater, he moved his hand down to her legs and dipped his hand between them. He turned his hand slightly and rubbed her soft spot with his finger, pushing gently, to create slight pressure. Jenna gasped and kissed him deeper. He grabbed hold of her leggings and pulled them down gently, Jenna’s body cooperated, making it easy and fast. He pulled them completely off and tossed them to the side.

Max trailed his hand up her inner thigh, taking in the sight of her. Her legs were toned and smooth. He could see her muscles flexing from his touch. He smiled to himself at the fact that he was causing her pleasure. He ran his hands along her legs several times, building up her need. He could tell she was growing more and more excited. She squirmed against his body, she whimpered to herself as he kissed her lips, her cheek, her neck. Her smell was intoxicating. Max breathed it in deeply. Then finally gave her what they both wanted.

Max rubbed her pussy through her panties softly. She was unbelievably wet already. He could feel the dampness through her soft panties. He could also feel the heat. He rubbed there for a moment, then traced up to the top of her panties, dipping his fingers into them. She was closely shaven and trimmed. He ran his fingers down her pubic hair to her clit and rubbed there. Jenna moaned and Max looked at her. She had her eyes closed and was biting down on her lip. She looked so sexy.

Max rubbed her clit in a massaging circle, then took his middle finger and stroked her lips. They spread for him instantly and the moisture engulfed him. His finger sank into her. She closed around him and he could feel her squeeze him. She was so soft and warm, he loved the way she felt, he wanted his cock to feel her surround him. He didn’t think it was time for that yet though. He took turns with his fingers, he would finger her, then pull out and rub her juices onto her clit, it didn’t take long before he noticed Jenna breathing harder. He could tell her climax was coming soon.

He picked up the pace on her clit, rubbing faster; he looked at her, wanting to see her face for this moment. He leaned into her, his face inches from hers, he looked into her eyes, and she stared back at him. Her mouth was open and her breaths got bigger. Her eyebrows turned in and she grabbed onto his hair, he could feel her tug at him. As he felt her come, he dipped his finger back into her pussy and he felt her body tighten and un-tighten around his finger. Jenna arched her back , pushing her pelvis agiast his hand. She sighed to herself, licking her lips. She closed her eyes and smiled. Her hand went up into her hair and she ran her fingers through it, leaving her hand up there, pushing her hair out of her face.

Max slowly removed his hand from her panties and fought the urge to lick his fingers and taste her. He would in time; he didn’t want to look like a creep. He put an arm on either side of her and lay between her legs. He just looked at her, waiting for her to say something; he wasn’t sure what to say himself. After a few moments, she opened her eyes and looked at him. She blushed instantly and looked down at their bodies instead.

“You OK?” Max questioned his voice husky and deep. Concern took him over; maybe he had gone too fast. Maybe she regretted it. Too much, too soon? Fear clenched in his gut, Fuck. But she smiled and looked back up at him.

“Yeah, I’m…” She hesitated, frowning. “Is it OK I don’t want to stop?” She looked at him with a look of embarrassment. She was worried what he would think of her moving too quickly. A smile spread on Max’s face and he chuckled.

“Of course,” he moved his hands to her hips and wrapped his arms around her, lifting her up; she wrapped her legs around his waist. She put her arms around his neck placing kisses on his neck as he made his way into her bedroom. He sat down on the edge of her bed and she stood up, she stripped out of her sweater. She was now in her bra and panties. Her breasts were pushed up şirinevler escort and looked delicious in her black bra. He looked down her body now, taking her in, her body was absolute perfection. It was obvious she took amazing care of herself. She was muscular, yet curvy, she was tight and firm, yet soft and supple in all the right areas.

Max ran his hand along her waist, feeling the curve of her hip. He ran his hand further down her thigh and cupped the back of her leg, he leaned forward and kissed her tummy. Her skin was so smooth and soft. Every inch of her smelled so sweet, like flowers. He pulled back his head and Jenna began unbuttoning his shirt, he watched her face as she undressed him. She kept her eyes on her hands, making her way down his shirt. She pushed it off his shoulders and then peeled off his under shirt.

Max stood, hovering over her tiny frame. Her eyes were level with his chest. She glanced over his body, and ran her hands along his chest, feeling his muscles, down over his thick frame, her hands trailed down his stomach, tickling his hair, they stopped at his belt and she kissed his chest. His hand went up to her hair and gently grabbed a handful. She kissed and grazed her lips against his skin, she licked at his nipple and bit down gently, giggling to herself. She then began unbuckling his pants, and unzipped them. The sound was so loud in the quiet room.

She began to push his pants down and Max helped. Jenna stared at his member poking through his underwear. Max looked down and it was almost comical. His erection stood tall and straight, trying to break through the barrier. If Max hadn’t been so turned on, he would have laughed out loud. Max thought Jenna would begin to laugh but she looked up at him with passion. She slid her hand into his underwear and pushed them down to his knees. He finished kicking them off as Jenna shoved Max onto the bed and he sat. He watched as she stepped out of her panties and undid her bra. Her tits falling out of the bra, jiggling slightly to her movements. They were perfect. Perky and high, a good handful.

She stepped closer to Max and he quickly took a tit in his mouth. He flicked his tongue over her skin and she moaned into him. She had both hands placed on his shoulders, bracing herself as he pleasured her. Every kiss, every touch made her moan, sigh or whimper in pleasure. Max loved the effect he had on her. He had wanted this so bad. He knew this would be good, but had no idea it’d be this good.

His hands moved around to her back and he trailed down to her backside. Her ass was high and round. He cupped it in both hands and squeezed as he kissed, licked and nibbled on her nipples. He pulled her body down onto him and she straddled him. The light was off in the bedroom but the kitchen light shone into the room, giving a little light and lots of shadows. Jenna held onto Max shoulders for support as she lifted herself up before sliding onto Max’s cock. Max groaned loudly at the sensation of her pussy slowly sliding over his member.

She was so tight, she felt so amazing. Max wrapped his arms around her waist and pressed his forehead to her skin, feeling her move on him. He closed his eyes and just felt the sensations. She rode him slowly, causing a frenzy to build inside him. This felt great, but he wanted her faster, harder. He wanted to pound into her and lose himself in her. Max flipped over and laid her down. He positioned himself in-between her legs that she willingly opened for him, so casually, so trusting. He entered her again, slowly, feeling inch by inch consume him. Once he was in as far as he could go, he kissed her deep.

Her arms wrapped around his back, she tried wrapping her legs around him as well and hooking them around his waist, but he was too large. She felt over his back muscles as they clenched and unclenched as he moved himself in and out of her. She moans became louder and less controlled. She was losing herself in him, too. That’s what he wanted. He wanted to make her feel like no man has ever made her feel. Max pumped into her faster feeling her squeeze his cock. Her legs tensed around him and her grasp on him tightened. She cried out in pleasure as she came again.

The sound and feel of her coming pushed Max over the edge. He came into her, pushing her down into the bed. His entire weight on top of her. Max moaned into her hair, as the rippling waves of pleasure washed over him, he thrust into her one last time before relaxing. He breathed heavily, feeling the sweat around his forehead. He pulled out of her slowly and moved over to her side, keeping one leg in between hers, he lay on the bed.

Both spent and satisfied they laid together for a while not saying anything, just cuddling. Max was no longer horny, he was perfectly satisfied. He had gotten what he wanted more than anything. And this was only the beginning. She was his now. Forever. He knew it.

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