Neighborhood Fuck Friends

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Sal and I were the same age, 18. One night as I was returning home, I saw two silhouettes in the classic pose: one bent over and the other, whom I recognized as Sal, was upright holding the others ass and moving back and forth. I would have joined the fun but hurried home instead. I had realized that I was more excited with boys rather than girls. I have had a few discrete encounters with neighbors, but the effect of culture and societal taboos kept me in the closet,

“Hey Adam! Over here! Where have you been?” Sal yelled from across the street. “I missed you at the Gym.” He accosted me few days later as I was coming home from high school. “I saw you the other night. Should have joined us, but that guy is a loose ass.” He grabbed my hand and hugged me tightly. “I’ll wait for you tonight by the Milk Shop, I have something to show you.” Sal was a classmate till tenth grade but he had quit school and joined his family’s dairy business.

I was excited and a little afraid to meet him as he had a tough guy repute. Also his tone conveyed that he was aware of my sexual preference. Anyway, I showed up that night and he was there in a Dhoti, (a wrap around sheet, tied at the waist.) and a wife beater. He had a book to give me, It was a World Atlas, hard bound in art paper.

“My Uncle got it for me. But I think you will enjoy it more..” I thanked him and he hugged me again. Imagine my surprise when i felt his hard cock almost jumping out of the dhoti.

“Come let’s walk a bit.” He led me to a nearby doorway, As we entered the dark hallway he grabbed my shoulders, turning me around he untied and dropped my shalwar. He smeared his spit on my asshole and pushed two fingers in. Bending me over mersin escort the balustrade he got his cock in position and smoothly slipped it in. He grabbed my cock and handled it so expertly that we came together.

From that time he was my regular top and he let it be known in the hood that I was his “boy.” I was never molested or abused. He would always discretely signal me to come over to one of his hide-outs and we would have a satisfying fuck session

Sal had the most perfect fuck technique. His Lund was smooth, pliable, soft and hot. It wasn’t flaccid or limp. After insertion, it would swell and fill the gand. He never talked or showed his cock. From the very first time he entered painlessly only using thook. (spit) When straddling on top, he would drop a hot stream of spit directly on the asshole. spreading it with his cock head. He would push it in slowly and when it was in an inch or so in, he would lie fully on top of me and pulling up my navel from below, would start pumping and fucking rapidly till he filled the ass with his cock.He made each stroke count. Rubbing while going in and squeezing when he pulled it back.

His Lund increased in size over the years, but he always penetrated full length. His cock would swell after being full in and he always came inside the ass. At times, conditions allowing, he would take off his lower garment and squeeze my butt with his rounded hairless thighs and knees. He knew that I loved his body’s touch and rubbing, so he always lingered after he had cum to help me do my muth (wanking) by keeping his lund inside and keep it moving. When in mood, after he had cum, he would bang his bare knee in my crack and I would come mersin escort bayan right away. He had several bottoms in the neighborhood and was not sex starved. He liked me owing to my education and a tanned plump bottom that was not overly loose. Top rating in sexual satisfaction


This was happenstance. He was sleeping on a cot with his bedding set out in the lane. As I passed by he got up and said salaam. At 18, he was younger than me. He asked me about higher education as I stood by his cot and found that he had attended regular school to the 8th grade only. The Vocational school in another city was a fuck house where older students and teachers forced fucked the 18-year-old students

I lingered by the cot and he sensed my desire. He flashed out of his Dhoti (wrap) his very fat and throbbing Lorra (big cock): the largest of my experience save the Captain

“A gand is what this my cock needs, and I don’t know of a bottoms here.” He moved closer and pulled me down to sit beside him, putting my hand on his hot, fat stubby but hard lorra. Untying the drawstring and pushing me on my side, he opened my ass cheeks with his fingers and put his throbbing cock next to it. My ass was moist and his cock was wet with pre cum. He rolled it around and fitted it on the hole like an expert top and with easy pushes loosened the a ass muscle. He gave it a shake and discharged his load right there. My desire took over and I pushed back on his cum smeared throbbing fat, hard, cock, and the head penetrated smoothly. He pushed me face down on the cot and removing his wrap he pulled my shalwar down, climbed on top of me and pulled apart my pelvis with his fat hairy escort mersin legs; he stroked his formidable cock in. It filled up my ass and as he started fucking me in earnest, he was moaning and grunting, saying he never had a fuck like this. With each stroke he went in further till his balls were hitting my ass. He fucked me for a long time and shot another load in my ass as I, too, came. There was never another cot episode but he fucked me several times standing in dark corners at night, ramming his cock up to the ass. Later, we found an empty room in the house next door that had a table. He would make me bend over it and himself squatted on top. He would push his cock perpendicularly down without any fuss. Later he would just shove his big cock in the spit smeared ass, pulling back on my shoulders.


A few nights later, another neighbor pulled me in his street door room, and chided me for not taking care as he had espied my sexual actions with Gil. To my surprise, he believed that I was the top and the fatter, shorter and uneducated younger man was the bottom! I did not disabuse him. He grabbed my cock and totally against culture and ritual nibbled on my cock and as it grew harder, sucked with abandon. When he had pulled me to a hard erection, he took off his yoga pants and bent over a sofa arm; pulling apart his ass cheeks he said:

“Insert slowly, please.” He whined as I tried to shove my cock in his palpitating asshole. I slowed down but he looked over his shoulder and whined again

“A little faster, please!” I pulled it out all the way and rammed it in, “Aah,” he exclaimed and tried to move back and forth in sync with me. His ass was not a tight fit but was not too loose, either. Ina few minutes he discharged and his jizz was all over the floor. He moved my cock from his ass and took it in his mouth and sucked me dry.

I had a few fucks with him before I moved away to the college. My parting gift to both him and Gil was an introduction to each other. I never met either again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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