My Sexy Sister in Law Pt. 02

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I opened my eyes, it was 7 AM, and I could smell the aroma of cooking going on downstairs. I stretched, yawned, swung out of bed, and headed for the door. I went downstairs, and saw Kittie at the range top, cooking up scrambled eggs and bacon, I saw her from behind as I entered the kitchen, and I could feel my cock tent up, bulging against my pajamas, the sight of my sister in law, and what she was wearing, made my cock swell quickly. She was wearing a tight pink T-shirt, that ended just above her navel, and a tight, form-fitting pair of black tanga panties, that just barely covered half of her ass cheeks, leaving my eyes locked on her half-naked globes. The panties clung to her shapely globes, clearly outlining the crevice between those sexy ass cheeks. Having been an ass man since I was in my teens, I filled my eyes with the sight of Kittie’s glorious globes.

She turned to me, her eyes bright, her succulent breasts pushed out her T-shirt, I could see her hard nipples poking out the fabric. I could see that smile as she positioned herself like she was posing for me to display her awesome body to its finest. My eyes wandered lower, I could see a very fine, blonde trail of hair, like peach fuzz, stretching down from her navel, almost like an arrow pointing to her golden triangle, ending just above where her panties started. My cock throbbed to see her panties covering her sparse, well-trimmed bush, the same awesome sight I had witnessed just last night.

“Good morning Jason, hope you slept well.”

She quickly crossed the distance, I felt her arms go around me, and her lips pressed against mine, giving me a smooch that was less than a lover’s kiss, but more than an In-law’s kiss. When she pulled back, her eyes were bright. My lips tingled from the kiss.

“Your brother will be right down, I’ve always been the early riser, and I wanted to make a nice hot breakfast for my men. Did you enjoy what you saw last night?”

“Yes, very much so.”

She giggled, “Rhetorical question, I know, considering I saw your approval bursting forth.”

Just at that moment, we heard the guest bedroom door close, and Kevin started down the stairs, yawning sleepily. Kittie stepped forward, giving me a mug of just brewed coffee, and handing one to Kevin.

At breakfast, it was very normal, fethiye escort all of us devouring Kittie’s breakfast.

Kevin said, “Well, I gotta get to work, I’ll stop off and see how the renovation is going on our house.”

I stood up, and said, “Yeah, me too, I got a pile of paperwork to wade through.”

Kittie said, “Will you both be home for the usual dinner time?”

As we both answered yes, Kittie smiled and said, “I’ll make a nice leg of lamb, it’s all defrosted and ready to roast.”

Kittie and Kevin had only been here a week, but damn, she was an awesome cook. It made me realize how my meal times before had been so boring and not exciting. It was estimated to take 2 months for the renovations on their house to be completed, they had bought the house when it went on the market, as a fixer-upper. I was going to savor every meal, and, if the gleam in her eyes was any indication, more hot sights.


It was just reaching lunchtime when my smartphone chimed. I opened it, a message from Kittie popped up.

“Do you have a private place to watch this?”

I closed and locked my office door, made sure the blinds were closed and opened up the file.

Kittie was in the guest bedroom, fully dressed, but she started to strip until she was just down to her panties. She lay back on the bed, spreading her thighs and running her hand down, rubbing gently against the crotch of her lacy red panties.

“You have made me so wet, I want you to stroke that cock while you watch me make myself cum like a horny little slut.”

She slipped the panties down and tossed them to the floor.

“When you get home, Jason, those panties will be on your bed.”

She reached behind herself and picked up a gold-colored vibrator. She started to rub it on the outside of her pussy, letting out little coos of pleasure. She readjusted the camera so it was few feet from her pussy entrance, I could see how juicy her lips were getting.

“Mmmm, I am so wet. Now, on with your own private show.”

My cock was stone hard as she started to play more seriously, she let out a moan as she pushed the vibe in, slowly, while her other hand was tweaking at her stiff nipples.

She purred, “Wish I could watch you stroking fethiye escort bayan that cock. Fuck your cock with your hand, imagine that my vibe is your cock.”

I was stroking, feeling the tingle building in my balls. Her moans and whimpers drove me onwards, watching her vibrator sliding in and out, fucking herself, I could feel my balls ready to unload.

“Imagine that you are deep in my cunt, and my tight pink hole is quivering in climax around your cock! Fuck, oh fuck, going to cum, cum with me Jason, flood my cunt, fuck, FUCK!”

She arched her back, practically sticking her lovely blonde box right in the camera, and I could see her pussy contracting wildly on the 8 inches of vibrator stuffed up her pussy, her other finger polishing her clit wildly to a roaring climax.

I grunted, I could feel the cum surging up my shaft. My cock started pulsing wildly, and my prick exploded, the cum flew out, gushing wildly, I squirted 8 hot ropes of spunk, splattering them in my T-shirt, my body shaking from the force.

I could see her letting out a long breath, then she smiled at the camera. She blew me a kiss.

“I hope you came as hard as I did. See you at dinner Jason.”


I got home a few minutes before my brother, and Kittie was in the kitchen, she turned to me with a smile.

“Go and see what is waiting for you, Jason.”

I virtually sprinted up the stairs, entered my bedroom, and there they were. The sexy red lacy panties, I scooped them up, and let my nose take in the scent, mmmm, the smell of her aroused pussy made my prick stiffen up.

“How do they smell?”

I jumped, turned around and Kittie was there. Her eyes glittered, and I could see she was just as excited to see me enjoying her scents, as he had been making sure they were well scented.

“They smell amazing.”

She smiled, and came closer, cooing, “Did you stroke out a big juicy load?”

When I answered with a resounding Yes, she purred, “Got any leftovers for right now?”

She stepped right up to me, dropped to her knees, and her hands were undoing my belt, my pants and briefs hit the floor. She quickly pulled off her T-shirt, and her bra, those sexy mounds of tit flesh rose up, and I drank in the sight.

She escort fethiye licked at my cock head, running her tongue around the head, making it wet and slick. She pulled back, I felt her hand wrap around my cock, and she started to stroke me, giving me a handjob like no other. God, she knew just how to handle my surging cock.

“Keep sniffing my scent Jason, I am going to stroke you, and I want your load on my tits.”

The idea that I was going to blow my load on her sexy full dairies really powered up my prick, and Kittie noticed.

“Mmmm, you just got a lot harder!”

Her hands took over, and my dick was getting the best stroke job ever. She was ambidextrous, and the switching from one hand to the other was a real erotic thrill. The sight of those big sexy tits, and knowing that I was going to spray them really powered me up.

She brought one hand to her boobs, tweaking and caressing her nipples, letting out little cries of pleasure. I could feel the cum rapidly refilling, moving towards the verge.

“Oh yeah, so hard, I love to stoke a stiff, hard cock. Are you close Jason?”

“Yeah oh yes, gonna cum real soon!”

She took her hand away from her tits, and thrust her chest forward, mere inches from my cock head.

“There’s your place, I want all your cum on my tits. Mark your sister-in-law’s tits, I’m gonna wear your cum all the rest of the day. I will be so fucking horny tonight, I am going to virtually rape my husband! And if you want to peek in and watch, I’d like that very much! Mark me, NOW!”

That did it, my cock jerked and swelled up tight, and started to buck, Kittie was watching with bright eyes as I began to splatter my cum across her breasts. She moved my cock this way and that, and I saw the trails of white spunk crisscross her breasts, a thick glut splattered right against her tits, and started to drip from her rigid swollen nipples. She kept it up, letting the little squirts and dribbles join in, then she pulled back, her mouth came forward, and she took in my cock heard, nursing contently at the last little bits.

She released me, stood up, and with a bright smile, put her bra back on. I watched the shiver of pleasure as my cum was now held against her luscious dairies.

“Mmmm, love the feeling of warm cum marking my tits. You certainly built back quickly, you really frosted my boobs! I am going to ride my husband so hard tonight. I will leave the door ajar, so you can watch us.”

With her clothes back in place, she left, wiggling that sweet little ass at me. Damn straight I was going to watch, I knew another roaring hot scene would await me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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