My Exception is You Ch. 04

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***All characters are 18+ years old***

If you’ve ready any of my other stories you know I like to use music to find a certain tone. The first half of the story was written while I had Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman” on repeat. Nothing says good old sloppy gay sex like some Ariana Grande…? Hope this chapter is enjoyable. I had a fun time writing it.

I love the feedback and read all comments – by the end of Ch. 03 I was almost in tears with how well received this story has been so far. I appreciate all of you who are still reading along and staying tuned to the tumultuous, fiery relationship that is Clay and Bruno!

PS: let me know want you would love to see for a Ch. 05!


I kept my cool, my ears burning with his whisper as if it was still on my ear… I’m not done with you… my body was boiling as my mind raced. He wanted to do as much as I’d let him. Did that mean anal? Would we both have our own fun? How did this work for him? How did I want it to go for me?

“Hey Clay, you brought your soccer friend again!” one of his roommates smiled at me. She was a cute Asian chick, obviously just getting up. She held a mug by her lips in a baggy t-shirt and pajama pants. “This early?” she looked confused, but just innocently curious as Clay glanced at me with a shrug.

“We had the weekend off and we’re both all caught up on our work,” he offered, turning then to head upstairs. I waved quickly, following behind him as my heart pounded against my chest. He pushed the door open and I stepped in. As soon as I heard the door latch I felt his hand on my wrist, his body brushing against mine as he pulled me to the bed.

“Wait Clay!” I gasped as his weight made both of us fall over. His hands were already pushing my shirt up, his lips on my neck as he started panting.

“Bruno I can’t wait,” his voice was rough, his hands clawing at my skin as his teeth sunk into my neck. I wrapped my arms around him, my head rolling back slightly as I hissed. It hurt but felt so good. “Being with you, like this?” his face hovered over mine as he ground his body into mine. I was panting already, my face flushed and warm as I studied his.

“What do you want?” I choked out as his lips danced against mine. He smiled, his eyes locking onto mine. I felt his lips capture mine gently, his tongue and teeth tantalizing as they teased my mouth as well. Our lips parted after a moment, his tongue gliding along mine maddeningly. No one had ever kissed me like this. His body pushed into mine, the heat of our breath and skin coaxing this passionate fire to a steady blaze inside me. I could feel all of my blood surging to my aching cock as our tongues and mouths coiled in a sexy tango.

“I’ll take anything you want to give me,” he panted, before closing his mouth around mine again. A deep moan echoed in my ears, and I realized it was from both of us as we clung to one another. In a frenzy of desperation we rolled around on his bed, tossing clothes aside haphazardly until we were both just in our briefs.

“You look so sexy,” I muttered, my hand pressed into his pec as the other trailed along his soft line of hair. His stomach heaved and tensed with his deep breaths under my fingers, his body hot as we watched my hand. My wrist turned, my fingers pushing under the band of his briefs. I was met with the unruly but mesmerizing bush of hair and then his throbbing cock. I looked up to see his face twist with pleasure as he bit his lip. He held his breath for a moment until my hand fully wrapped around his shaft.

“Fuck me Bruno,” he growled, exhaling sharply as his eyes met mine. They were wild, burning with a passion I hadn’t seen from him before. His arms pressed up under me, his fingers clawing at my shoulders as my free hand ran down his side. I stretched up, sucking his lips into mine as I teased his cock. His head pushed mine down into the pillow, his tongue and lips following my lead now as I worked his shaft. It was a bit awkward but he seemed to be loving it.

“Clay I want you to tell me what you want,” I whispered, my hand sliding into his briefs. I cupped his one cheek and he shuddered, his lips capturing mine with a soft moan before he sighed and pulled away. We studied one another and then he took a deep breath.

“I want everything with you. Being with you, all of this, it feels so right. So fucking free,” he groaned, kissing me again. I whimpered, overwhelmed with his torrent of emotions. The combination of his passion and his emotional desire was almost too much to handle.

“Be gentle with me,” I gasped when he pressed his lips to my neck. We both went rigid as we realized what I just said. And then as if a switch flipped he went into overdrive. His hands started massaging and running all over my body, touching where ever his lips weren’t. As he adjusted, my hands slid up his body and to his shoulders. Soon enough my briefs were being coerced from my hips, his breath and lips spreading a hot fire mardin escort between my thighs as he started kissing and sucking at my shaft.

I gripped the pillow behind my head, closing my eyes tight as my legs spread slowly. His hands ran down my thighs until they pressed into my hips. His fingers dug into the tops of them, pulling them apart more as his lips parted over my tip. One swipe of his tongue flitted across my tip before he swallowed me entirely. I gasped, groaning as my eyes rolled back and my body trembled. He was bobbing his head, working the entire length of my shaft with his lips and tongue. He’d moan occasionally which sent delicious thrills through my shaft and balls.

My hands flew to his hair as my back throbbed. I had never felt this kind of deep fire, this yearning before. It was like my whole body was ready to burst into flames. His hands were roaming all over me again; he teased my nipples, my ass, my thighs, my neck, and he even occasionally fingered my mouth. My head was swimming, my body feeling electrified as my muscles trembled. This need was scorching hot, pulsing with every beat of my heart as he worked my entire body over.

“Clay I’m so close!” I cried out, trying to be quiet as my heels pressed into the bed. I pushed his head down onto my shaft. My balls were heavy and tight, craving sweet release. But before I could get there he pulled away with a slurp and gasp, his eyes burning. His lips looked swollen, glistening with his spit as they parted with his breaths. His nose, cheeks, and ears were rosy as he studied me.

“Can I have your ass?” he sounded nervous but so aroused as he studied me. My heart was still racing, my cock twitching from the edged climax. I was desperate for relief and so fucking horny it was disturbing.

“Whatever you fucking want, just please I need to cum!” I begged and he bit his lip, sliding off the bed. I couldn’t help but stroke my aching shaft as my balls churned torturously. The bed shifted and I watched as he knelt between my legs. He was naked, his dick sticking almost straight up. The tip was swollen and angry looking as if he was holding back his own monstrous load. His hands slid a condom on his dick in one swift motion and then I heard a bottle cap.

“Lube,” he assured me and I bit my lip, nodding slowly as nerves started to kick in. They weren’t strong enough to change my mind but I heard the voice in the back of my mind doubting my decision. But my dick and balls were the ones screaming for any type of release and they overpowered all rational parts of my brain. His hand was hot as he gripped my balls and dick, pushing them against me. It felt rough, almost painful, but the touch alone was enough to make me tremble and moan.

I felt the cool liquid pour over my balls and slide down between my cheeks. After a moment I felt his other hand slide over my balls and across my taint in the same path. The heat of his touch and the cool texture of the lube had me in a haze. He started massaging my balls gently, his fingers brushing my shaft. I whimpered and then groaned as a pressure and stiffness pushed into my ass.

“Fuck!” I hissed, trembling as the pain consumed me first. He held still, his one hand still massaging my balls as I panted and relaxed. My thighs unclenched, my hands releasing the pillow as I took a few deep breaths.

“Pull your legs back, it’ll help,” he whispered gently and I bit my lip, blushing as I grabbed my legs and pulled them toward my chest. “Oh fuck,” he moaned and then I felt more pressure, my eyes going wide as I groaned. “That’s two,” he huffed, both his hands moving now. “Bruno you look so fucking hot stretched around my fingers,” his voice was so soft but so heavy it was mind numbing.

“I-it feels weird,” I whimpered as my stomach and balls churned and twitched. I had never felt this before, not even when I fingered my own ass that one time. Maybe it was because he could reach deeper? I felt stretched and stuffed. I couldn’t tell if it hurt or if it was just overwhelmingly pleasurable.

“We can stop,” he offered, slowing down and I groaned as my balls screamed out for his warm palm.

“No! Oh fuck please I need to cum,” I insisted again and he groaned, working at my ass as his palm cupped my balls again. Suddenly my back snapped, shoving my chest into the air as my toes spread. I cried out, feeling a powerful jolt of pleasure shoot through me.

“Fuck, found it,” he muttered and before I could say anything I felt it again. My breath hitched, my head falling to the side as I cried out. “Shit, Bruno shhh,” he let my balls go, his hand over my mouth as he continued fingering my ass. My eyes crossed and then rolled back as he continue to rub and caress that delicious spot. My fucking prostate. What an amazing thing!

I was so close to exploding, my balls on fire and churning with excitement as he worked my ass. But just like before he pulled away before I could cum. I groaned, frustrated and even hornier as he pulled his mardin escort bayan hand away from my mouth. I glanced down and licked my lip as he poured some lube onto his shaft. He rubbed it all over, his muscles and veins twitching in his arms and hands. Shit he looked so sexy.

“I’ll stop if it hurts,” he insisted, reaching up to help me spread my legs a bit more. I didn’t even care that my ass was out in the open. I had one thing on my mind and that was getting this painful fire in my balls to go away. His legs brushed up against my ass and then I felt his dick. It was hot and stiff as it teased up against my ass. Without warning he pushed in and I let my legs go, covering my mouth as I cried out. This was a searing pan as my ass stretched out. His two fingers were nothing compared to this. His dick felt massive as my ass trembled and ached around it.

He leaned over me, his arms sliding up under my back as he kissed all over my neck and chest. I could only whimper and tremor as my body broke out in a sweat. He leaned into me more, my ass burning as I felt more of him push inside. It somehow felt like I was stretching even wider. “Wait!” I hissed, shaking as my hands clawed at his arms.

“Just breathe, I promise once you adjust it’ll feel better,” he whispered and I took a few deep breaths, still trembling as my body worked on relaxing. He pulled my arms around his shoulder, my hands clawing at his back now. One final thrust and I clamped my lips shut, groaning as I shuddered. He was buried all the way in, my body shaking and adjusting to this feeling.

“Shit,” I gasped. His lips were still delicately dancing all over my neck and chest; he was sucking and kissing at my nipples and all my favorite spots on my neck as he let me calm down. When my back and hips finally relaxed he wrapped his arms around me, pressing his lips to my neck as he rolled his hips. With a grunt he thrust into me and I groaned, clawing at his back as a jolt coursed through me. A few more gentle thrusts had me shaking and whimpering again, but my ass was starting to adjust and I could feel a deeper more enjoyable pleasure bubbling under the pain.

He kissed up my neck to my lips, his mouth hot and wet as it worked against mine. I focused on the kiss, how his tongue felt rubbing all over my mouth and lips and the delicious tingles it was giving me. He sucked on my tongue and my cock twitched, my eyes rolling back as he continued to suck on my tongue and lips. It wasn’t until he started going harder and faster did I remember he was driving his behemoth cock inside of me. But his kisses were helping me relax enough to relish in this new and delicious sensation consuming me. It was as if the pain and pleasure were mixing into a dangerously wonderful cocktail, pumping desire into my veins like a new drug. Our lips fell apart, his eyes droopy with lust as I grabbed his hair.

“Deeper,” I whispered and his face contorted, his eyes shutting tight as his hands gripped my body. With a grunt he slammed inside of me. I saw flickers across my eyes, my back stiff as pain surged through me. A few more thrusts though and that pleasure seeped back in feeling even more intoxicating. “Clay, make me cum,” I begged, my balls jostling painfully as he had his way with me.

“Fuck me,” he groaned, closing his lips around mine. His tongue slid past my teeth, his hips relentless as he succumbed entirely. I felt him give in as his shoulders relaxed in my arms, his back and hips moving eagerly now. His whole body was into it, his mouth devouring mine as he used and abused me. But I was loving every moment of it. My mind was a muddied mess, my face hot as we kissed and panted into each other’s mouths. It wasn’t until his hand wrapped around my shaft tightly that I realized he was really trying to get me to cum.

His hand was moving in time with his hips; with every plunge of his hot, throbbing cock deep into my bowels his hand would yank and twist at my shaft. It was exquisite torture, my throbbing shaft pulsing violently in his hand as he continued on. My mouth fell from his as I moaned, my eyes closing tight as I felt that beautiful pulsing and churning in my balls. “So, close!” I encouraged and he groaned, kissing me sloppily before he pulled away. I looked down in shock until he put my hands on my dick and balls. He licked his lip, his eyes admiring my body as his hands gripped my hips.

“I want to watch you cum,” he huffed, slamming into me pointedly. I shuddered, ignoring the tingles coursing through my body as I gripped my balls. I bit my lip, watching him as he watched me. We were both sweaty messes of horny, testosterone induced, sex-crazed maniacs. It looked chaotic as he pounded himself into me. My hand jerked wildly, my dick and balls abused by my desperation. He pulled my hips up slightly, my back arching and then I felt it. I released my balls, tugging on my dick as I screamed into my hand. His dick was rubbing that spot, my eyes crossing as my body erupted into a scorching escort mardin blaze of pleasure. My balls felt like they were contorting as jets of cum pulsed through my shaft. It hurt it was so powerful, my body shaking as I moaned and panted into my hand.

He was grunting and moaning, his hands clawing at my hips. The slap of our skin was echoing in the room as he hammered himself into me. And then without warning he pulled out, yanking the condom off. My hips fell to the bed when he leaned over and stroked his raging shaft a few times before huge globs of cum shot out all over me.

“Oh shit,” he groaned, looking consumed with pleasure as his hips lurched and body trembled over me. Suddenly, his body collapsed onto mine. Our cum squelched between our sweaty bodies as he pulled me tight against him. My lips were already parting as his tongue found mine. We clung to one another, kissing happily as the high slowly wore off. It took a while but we finally collected ourselves.

He pulled away, his face over mine as he bit his lip and studied me. We were both quiet and he looked a bit worried until I finally smiled.

“So was it ok?” he asked softly and I blew a raspberry, covering my face with my arms as I blushed. “No, come on Bruno look at me,” he sounded happy, even a bit playful, as he coerced my arms away.

“Clay, you’re the best lover I’ve ever had,” I grumbled, my face hot as I stared at the wall next to us. I couldn’t look him in the eye. “I think I’m embarrassed because I’ve never completely lost myself like this before,” I whispered and he sighed, kissing my cheek.

“Is that a bad thing?” he was talking just as quietly.

“I don’t think so,” I admitted finally, looking at his stupidly gorgeous eyes. I sighed and then reached up and pinched his nose. “Stop being so handsome and sexy,” I demanded and he laughed, kissing my neck as we hugged.

“Shower and then we got on a date today?” he asked, pushing away abruptly and I nodded, studying him curiously. “Our first official date,” he mused and I scoffed.

“Feels like we’re out of order here,” I teased and he shrugged, pushing up off me. He strode to the bathroom and I sighed, envious of how confident he was in himself. I could never walk around naked with cum all over my body without some hesitation or embarrassment.

We took a shower together and my aching body was thankful it didn’t amount to anything beyond some gentle kisses here and there. We got dressed and as we were about to head out of his room he hesitated at the door and smirked. “Do you like arcades?” he asked and I shrugged.

“They can be fun, sure,” to be honest I didn’t care what we did. The idea of us having a real date like a real couple was the only thing on my mind. Would he let me hold his hand? Could I kiss him? What wasn’t allowed? My heart was racing as we walked through the house. Did they hear us? I hoped we were quiet but I really had no idea. Thankfully no one was in the living room as we made it out the front door and to the street.

“You look petrified,” Clay teased as he grabbed my hand. His fingers slid between mine, his palm so warm and soft. I looked at our hands with a small smile, watching our fingers intertwine before looking up at him.

“I think I’m still trying to figure this all out. Are there any rules for this date?” I squeezed his hand pointedly and he sighed, shoving his other hand into his pocket before he shrugged.

“For right now, no? We’ll see. This is all new for me too Bruno. Well, this,” he raised our hands pointedly and I nodded slowly. “I know you don’t care but-“

“You do. I get it. If it gets to be a problem just tell me. I’m relying on you to draw the line in the sand, ok?” I muttered and he nodded. We continued along a few different streets until we got to the downtown city center. He led me toward a cool looking arcade, pulling his wallet out. He had a game card. “Come here often?” I teased and he shrugged, looking giddy as he hurried to the machine that loaded money onto the card.

“Games are a guilty pleasure of mine. I discovered this place with a few project members from my junior capstone. We were working late and wanted to take a load off with some drinks. We saw this place,” he thumbed toward the rest of the arcade as he snatched his card from the machine. “I’ve been sneaking here from time to time since,” he grabbed my hand and pulled me toward a shooting game.

It was so interesting to see this side of Clay. He had no reservations, in fact he was smiling and laughing without a care in the world as we made it through each round. It wasn’t until stage 23 that we actually lost. He holstered his toy gun and I set mine down too, turning to him with a smirk.

“High score,” I pointed to the screen and he held his hand up. We high fived and I felt a wave of relief wash over me. This. This was the feeling I wanted with him. An easy going relationship where we could just enjoy each other’s company. We walked over to a stacking game and he swiped his card, gesturing for me to step up to it. Before I could hit start he stood behind me, wrapping his arms around me. His hands were on mine, his body pressed into me. I could feel my face flush as he pressed on the button. My heart was racing and I couldn’t focus on anything except him against me as he played the game.

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