Miss Danvers Christmas Ball

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Miss Danvers Christmas Ball had grown in stature and attendance since its meager beginnings, each year progressing to larger and rather more palatial surroundings. This was partly due to her increasing involvement in her various business ventures and her unwavering desire to empower the women she met. It was her mantra that each woman she helped would then teach the next and so on.

And so it was that the attendance increased annually and so too the caliber of the women involved. It was not unknown to see familiar faces from business, media, sports, and politics rubbing shoulders with the many wives who’d benefitted through Miss Danver’s marriage guidance. It was a celebration of women’s self-improvement and increasing upward mobility.

This year the ball took place in the luxurious surrounding of The Grand Hotel, the only Grade two listed building in the area. The ballrooms large marble floor hosting the dinner and entertainment amid the chandeliers and stone columns. The marble floor and oak tables shone amid the finery of the room. The ladies would all be dressed appropriately in their ball gowns and finery, making this their one real chance to really dress to the hilt.

To an outsider, the sight of so many men might seem odd at an event that said strictly Women only on the invite but bitches do not count. The act of bringing a bitch was started at the very first ball by Miss Danvers who produced a semi-naked man on a leash and what most saw as a joke had progressed to an essential fashion item. To not be accompanied by a prettied-up bitch boy was to be almost naked and the experienced women got their boy in the best shape just for the show.

The man would arrive with his mistress dressed formally for the ball but would have to undress before they would be allowed to enter and never without their better. The strict dress policy only allowed them to wear a thong, a jockstrap, or obscenely small shorts and their only job was to look pretty and obey their mistress. One of the most enjoyable parts of the night was recognizing a bitch from their normal life and relishing their little secret.

The only other men allowed in the event were the waiters and only in their tiniest of outfits. Their pay was always higher than average to compensate for their tiny uniform of a g-string and bowtie and for accepting the aggressive attention of the women without complaint. None of the waiters would return home with an unbruised bottom and their dignity intact. What they did after the ball with any of the guests was purely left in their own hands.

By the time of the doors unlocking the Christmas lights flickered on the hotel reception and glittering tinsel shone in the reception. The all-female staff donned their Christmas hats and reveled in this one night of total control. They giggled as they watched the barely clad waiters being barked at by the kitchen staff and having to accept their position in silence.

All guests were greeted by the formidable sight of the security for the night, six butch tuxedo-clad women who checked all invitations before any entrance. The women had supplied security for Miss Danvers on several occasions and would always place her at the front of any job request. The pay was always higher and on time and many times the extra benefits the job gave them, would keep the gossips going for the year.

The head of security was Shannon Marshall, who trained as a mixed martial artist but paid the bills with the security night work. She first heard of Miss Danvers through the gym and the various girls she trained with, like most people she was bewitched by her in the flesh. The events she had worked on had definitely been an eye-opener and she had been a more willing participant on many occasions.

The only fly in the ointment for tonight’s proceedings was the scattering of male protesters belonging to the ‘Men on Top’ group who bothered the ladies at the entrance. Their vocal leader Kevin Ordish had become a press darling, never failing to get his face in the papers or on television. The group’s main issue was male empowerment and proving the growing threat of the rising female dominance over men.

A ladies-only ball would have surely gained their attention and extra security had been lade on but the protest turnout had been disappointingly small. The few men who had arrived stood cold and angry as the ladies mocked them in passing. Even their notorious leader had failed to show his face, this made their annoyance grow as he had personally organized the protest.

But unbeknownst to the lower ranking members, Kevin had shown up earlier in the day, the protest had only been stage one part of his plan. The main aim of the day had been sabotage, his inner circle was planning a special surprise for the ladies. In the small hours of the morning they rolled in the steel barrels via the rear entrance, they could barely contain their grins.

The target of the attack was to be the mysterious head of the manisa escort membership, Miss Danvers. The often talked about but rarely seen figure who they had uncovered to be behind most of the rising female businesses in the area. This shadowy figure would have to be brought out into the open in the most satisfying way possible, Carrie style.

With some of his members secreted amongst the hotel staff, they planned to set up the trap before any of their female replacements would arrive and then creep back in later to administer the comeuppance. Spilling blood seemed more than an apt punishment for the ladies, the visual mockery would certainly bring them down a peg or two.

Kevin shook hands with his two comrades and made his exit, to show his face around town as his alibi before returning to personally deliver the coup de gras. Their grins fell as they locked the door and turned to be faced by several large burly angry looking women, who lunged at them without warning and manhandled them away with ease.


The security guards kept the protestors quiet and in their place, Shannon reported back to Miss Danvers that all was secure and controlled. “Good Girl, if any do get out of hand I’m sure you’ll know how to handle them,” Miss Danvers gave that confident smirk and bade her farewell. She checked herself in the full-length mirror and pleased with her outfit she strode to greet her guests.

Of course, she stole the show, as usual, she arrived with two burly muscular men on a leash each. Dressed in a shocking red leather catsuit with white fur edges, looking like a dominatrix Mrs. Santa. She hugged and kissed her away around the room, making sure she missed no one. Remarkably she seemed to remember everyone and showed genuine interest in how they were improving. Every successful woman was a success for them all.

She swooped in and hugged one attractive lady, “Helen, so lovely to see you here tonight and looking so good.” She kissed her on both cheeks leaving her red lipstick mark behind, “and I love what you’ve done with your bitch boy.”

Helen beamed from meeting Miss Danvers, “thank you, I can never thank you enough.” She spun her husband in his tiny pink shorts with bitch sewn on the butt and gave a nice hard spank to her bitches bottom, “Darren has never looked better.”

Miss Danvers perused the full spectacle of her bitch, “you really have done a marvelous job.” Smacking her bitches arse for old times sake.

It was impossible for her to pass unaccosted through the crowd, so many of the women wanted to hug her. Some like Sally got an especially long hug being one of her many early proteges, “oh it’s so good to see how you’ve blossomed and William is quite a little hotty now too.”

Sally blushed before her long-time crush and yanked on her bitches leash, “well he was so well trained from the beginning.” Both women laughed as they bounced several spanks off his cute butt.

The Domina girls walked around with their eyes on sticks, partly from the amount of male nudity on show but mainly from recognizing many of the faces of the men. The local tv celebrity Emma Bradley pulled a very pretty boy behind her who Nadia knew from school and Angela saw an old boyfriend trying to hide his face as she giggled at him.

Emily and Cassie were the only girls to bring a bitch, much to the surprise of the team who had no idea they owned one. Mike knelt beside Cassie and Steve proudly by Emily and both girls had risen in esteem in the eyes of the girls

Both boys got complimentary remarks from the other guests but Steve was catching many an eye. Emily had to put a stop to a few wandering hands in his direction and to show who his mistress was. So many powerful women stopped her to tell her how pretty he was and how lucky she was to have found him. She smiled demurely and then reminded them he wasn’t found, he was made, by her.

To commence proceedings Miss Danvers stepped to the microphone to introduce various dignitaries ready to hand out the awards in their respective areas. The first award of the evening went to the local MP Amelia Grant for her diligent work in the community. Many of the ladies present had been helped by Amelia in navigating the intricacies of the legal regulations and for approving female-led businesses for council contracts.

Miss Danvers herself had been greatly assisted by her and in her own special way had more than returned the favor. The two women hugged generously and passed a knowing smile, their secrets safe between them.

The media award went to Sam Murray, a journalist working for the local newspaper. In celebration of her rise through the boys club and even though only in her early thirties paving the way for more women entering the business. Sam had also assisted the membership with positive female stories and had killed some of the more contentious ones involving members.

The Domina’s table was by far the most escort manisa raucous, the alcohol and the ample male nudity turned the ladies into rowdy teenagers out for their first drink. The decibels only increased when the team won the sports award and Cara stepped forward to rapturous applause. The girls were joined in their rowdiness by the whole venue as the domina name was called out, the girl’s reputation and the often seen video had placed them in the bosom of the attendant’s hearts.

Cara flushed nervously as she accepted the award, thanking Miss Danvers and the team and the many men who helped play their part in making them as notorious as they had become. The loudness of the laughter and the cheers she received from her joke slightly puzzled Cara for a moment till she realized footage of the girl’s France trip had been projected behind her. As she peered behind her to the sight of the girls in action she could do nothing but pump her fist in the air in triumph and return to the celebrating she-devils on her table.

As the other girls proudly bowed to the applauding audience and milked the attention, Cara sat back pleased and confident in yet another trophy to lord over the men’s team. The only people not applauding were the two bitch boys who both looked quite upset having to watch their mistresses on the screen enjoying themselves immensely.

After the awards, came the Christmas meal and the barely clad waiters wiggled between tables balancing plates amid gropes. The food brought a calming hush to the room, it’s hard to shout with a mouthful of turkey. Miss Danvers slipped away to ready for the night’s entertainment and to give her performers a pep talk.

Each year she had a surprise in store for the end of proceedings, a prominent MP had taken been sissied for their entertainment and last year they screened the full video of the infamous Domina FC strapon gangbang of the men’s football players. Quite a watch on the huge cinema screen and had made many of the girls local stars. So many of the audience waited with bated breath as to tonight’s climax and Miss Danvers would not disappoint.

The first live entertainment of the night was some intergender wrestling between Ravishing Rick and The Mighty Meela, the slim Rick ran to the ring to boos and catcalls from the audience and he milked it appropriately. Meela strode out to a huge roar from the crowd, living up to the name convincingly. Six feet of muscle and menace she ushered the crowd to go louder and they obeyed automatically.

She climbed over the top rope and stalked Rick around the ring as she dwarfed the man. Rick played his part magnificently hiding behind the referee and working the crowd. The show was perfect in raising the atmosphere and noise level after the restrained dinner, watching the Magnificent Meela dominating the puny man relentlessly. Several times he tried to escape but the now raucous crowd threw him back for Meela to destroy.

By the time she pinned him for victory, the elegant venue was rocking to the sound of screaming female voices and applause. Magnificent Meela threw the beaten body of Rick over her shoulder and paraded him back through the throng of women, allowing them the chance to spank his firm butt as he squirmed helplessly.

The buzz had barely subsided when the following event was announced, the slightly more serious inter-gender boxing match between local boy Calum Williams and obvious crown favorite Molly Fahey. A hush grew in the crowd as both boxers entered the ring and unlike the previous match, the outcome was not a forgone conclusion.

Both fighters were evenly matched weight-wise but not by experience, Calum was a part-time amateur boxer with few matches under his belt. Molly was a full-time professional boxer with over 30 female and several behind closed doors inter-gender fights to her name. Callum’s superior strength and power caused much consternation in the early rounds causing gasps from the audience. The sight of a bloodied Molly returning to her corner had considerably quietened the room and she seethed from his grinning face mocking her.

Callum had taken the fight because of a much-increased purse for any fight he’d been offered previously, which eased his disquiet at fighting a woman. The trainer when he arrived assured him it was little more than an exhibition match and as long as he made her look good everything was fine. As the fight progressed he knew Molly wasn’t taking it that way and one left hook to his jaw made him forget about taking it easy on her.

With each round, his confidence grew as he landed big shots rocking her back and cutting into her confidence. The screaming voices of the ladies had also died down reaffirming his position on top and he couldn’t stop himself smiling at his opponent as he landed at will. The only doubt in his mind was his stamina, she wasn’t pushing him hard but he hadn’t gone many real rounds outside of sparring and he had thought manisa escort bayan he would have had her out of there by now but the bloodied figure still bobbed before him.

Molly’s experience and fitness now started to turn the contest into her favor as Callum was noticeably tired and every missed lunge was now being punished with sharp counter punches to the body. With each punch, the energy sapped from his body and he couldn’t help but whimper as they landed. This drew a growing smirk from Molly’s face as she circled her prey and the crowd level rose with each blow.

The doubts now grew in Callum’s mind as his body ached from her relentless bodywork and he gasped for air through his gum shield while she now stalked him seemingly fresh and reenergized. His wild swings now hit nothing but air and were relentlessly punished by vicious hooks and exacerbated by her verbal mockery of him as a man. Callum struggled to understand how this girl was beating him so easily and hurting him so badly. As the bell saved him from another humiliating attack his tormentor bade the crowd for more and they responded audibly.

It was Callum who now slumped painfully in his corner, the crowds taunting filling his ears. The trainer threw water in his face to reawaken him as gasped hopelessly for air His sides ached as he watched his opponent bounce in her corner mocking over to him. The bell rang and as Callum struggled slowly to rise on stiff legs, Molly leapt like a shark scenting blood. She connected with an uppercut as he desperately tried to cover up, her punches which had no effect on him earlier now stunned and pained him. Reeling across the ring for safety he stumbled against the ropes and stood like a sacrifice for Molly.

She showed no mercy as she pummelled the beaten man, her fists connecting unopposed into his bloodied face. A hook left him reeling and disconcerted, floating in space before he came back to earth with a thud. Face first he landed on the canvas, his eyes barely conceived the faces of the cheering women watching his defeat. This was not his first loss but it was the first time he was genuinely beaten, outboxed and outfought, and never in front of an audience.

His eyes strained to concentrate on the bouncing boots of Molly as she danced over his prone figure. The female referee’s words echoed in slow motion as she counted in an achingly slow manner towards his defeat. In a last-ditch attempt to rise he stumbled forward and fell with a thud flat back on his face, helplessly he peered up as Molly had her arm raised in victory.

The shame he felt trudging back to his dressing room was compounded by the abuse he received from the passing women. The tears fell from him as failed to comprehend how he had lost to a woman and not in private but in full view of the world. His depression worsened with the loud arrival of the victor who celebrated enthusiastically before him.

“Don’t worry lad, you’re not the first fella to lose to me and you won’t be the last,” Molly mocked over to her beaten foe. She almost felt sorry for the tear-strained young lad who sat before her dejectedly but she knew men like him needed to be taught a vital lesson. “Don’t go anywhere lad, soon as I have my shower I’ll be back for my prize.”

Callum’s face fell to the floor as her words reminded him of the contract he signed, the reason for the high purse was what he had put on the line and now he had to pay the price. Hearing her in the shower he hoped she’d take it as a joke and not go through with it saving his manhood for another day. Her trainer shattered that hope as she smirked over at him and placed a large realistic strap-on cock out on the bench for her arrival. She really was going to teach him a valuable lesson that he would never forget.


At the delivery of the all-set text message Kevin had furtively snook out of an adjacent Christmas party to deliver the killer blow, he’d showed his face and shook hands to cement his alibi and would surreptitiously return before anyone knew he was missing. Tentatively he tapped on the iron back door waiting for their planted waiter to open. “About fucking time, it’s freezing out here,” his words were abruptly finished as he faced the stern countenance of Shannon Marshall.

Her girls grabbed the intruder and forced his arms up behind his back before he had a chance to think. The whimpers it brought from him broke her emotionless face into a wide smirk, “Oh man up Kevin.”

“Do you know who you’re dealing with, I’ll have you arrested for this. I know people.” Kevin’s words ended as with a swift jab to the stomach and the ladies dragged him onward.

“The real question should be, did you know who you were dealing with?” Shannon lead the posse as they navigated their way through the back of the kitchens. “Miss Danvers is the last person you should choose to fuck with.”

Kevin’s eyes darted for help from anyone they passed but all he saw were female staff who smiled and waved mockingly. His attempts to struggle only made them tighten the grip and the pain to grow through his arms.

Shannon held each door open for them to pass through the seemingly endless corridors, “You and your friends really fucked up big time, little man.”

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