Meet the Neighbors

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I was sitting on my office chair, in my work from home office. My laptop was open and my pants were around my ankles as I stroked my cock. I had a small stainless steel tear drop anal plug inserted. I was watching a slideshow of pictures I had taken over the summer. The pics were of my neighbor enjoying my backyard pool. Trisha was over often, enjoying the sun and water with my wife, Jean. Trisha usually wore a skimpy bright white bikini when she came over. My wife, Jean, usually wore a small blue flowered bikini when she was at the pool.

When I was home I often took photos of the two of them. I always shared the photos with them from my phone, except the ones I took when they weren’t aware I was there. These usually were taken from a second story window that looked over the pool.

Trisha was a tall, lean blond. She has shoulder length hair that has a mild curl to it. Her breasts were maybe a C cup, nothing too large, but perfectly proportioned to her body. For most of the summer I wanted to see her naked, or at least topless. I knew that she had fairly dark nipples, as they showed through her bikini top when she came out of the water. Several times I had to attempt* to hide my erection when I was at the pool. I guessed her to be around 30 years of age, about 15 years younger than Jean. And 20 years younger than me.

Jean is not quite as tall and a bit more curvy, while still being fairly slim hipped. With dark, shoulder length hair, her nipples match; large with dark areola. She has been blessed with D cups. Her tits sag down her chest some. I have grown to love her hanging tits. Jean keeps in great shape, with strong, shapely legs. She keeps a shaved pussy that accentuates her large protruding clit. When excited her clit grows and pushes out from her labia, appearing to simulate a small cock head.

Jean often is topless at the pool. We have some friends that love to be invited to the pool and it isn’t to see me. The men, and some of the women, all come to see Jean’s large tits. Trisha is comfortable around Jean being topless now. Jean waited a couple of weeks before asking Trisha if she minded. So now after sunbathing and sunning her back, Jean doesn’t tie her top again. She is topless while they swim, drink and chat. Trisha kept her top on until just recently. I’ve never been at the pool when she is topless, but I’ve taken pics from the house.

Those were the pics that were in the slide show that provided the inspiration for my erection. I had been stroking my cock for a few minutes, when I looked up and saw Jean leaning against the door frame watching me. She couldn’t see the slideshow on my laptop.

“What porn are you watching? Girl on girl or perhaps cuckold vids?”

“Come and take a look honey. These are the pics of you and Trisha I showed you last week. She has a gorgeous body.”

“She does. I think of her when I have my vibrator on my clit. She takes me over the edge.”

“How about we invite them over for a cookout this weekend? Just them. I’d like to get to know them better. I’ve hardly ever talked to Trisha’s husband, Tony.”

I continued to stroke my cock as we talked. Jean came closer and leaned over me. “Lean back in your chair.” She grabbed my balls hard and pulled them toward her. Then she let go and slid her hand beyond them and slowly pulled out my anal plug. She started fethiye escort to massage my asshole. Then her finger penetrated my ass.

“Stroke that cock. I want to see you spurt cum all over yourself. I bet Trisha would love to see you jerking your cock.”

Jean inserted another finger in my ass and with that and the vision of Trisha in my mind, my cock started to get ready to come. Jean shoved her fingers as far up my ass as she could, and I came, spurting my seed on my chest and pecs.

Jean took her fingers out of my ass and with her other hand scooped up some of my cum. Then she placed those fingers in my mouth. “Suck the cum off my fingers you horn dog.” She repeated this until I had sucked all my cum from her fingers.


Trisha and Tony were coming to dinner tonight. We had filet mignon and lobster as the main course. My wife, Jean, and I had prepared the rest of the dinner as well. Tony and Trisha were bringing the wine.

They were arriving at any time and Jean told me, “I want to fuck and suck Tony tonight.”

We had never been “swingers” and this would be a first for us, at least together. I didn’t know if I wanted to see my wife with another man’s cock in her. Of course I wanted to fuck Trisha so I figured I could live with Jean enjoying Tony.

We had an enjoyable dinner. I got to know Tony better than I had previously. He was a bit cocky, but I liked his attitude. It was a beautiful evening. A bright sunny day had cooled to a very pleasant mid 70’s. The sun beginning to set in the west. After dinner Jean invited everyone in for a swim. We all seemed in agreement, when Jean stripped and dove in butt naked. Trisha looked at Tony and shrugged as she stripped and dove in as well.

Tony looked at me and said “When in Rome…” and stripped down. He had an erection. He grabbed his shaft and stroked it a few times, and said to me “Let’s see what you got Bill.”

I stripped off my clothes and grabbed my limp cock and started to stroke it. Tony sat down in the nearest chair, watching me stroke my average sized cock. Trisha swam over to the edge of the pool.

“Stroke your cock,Bill,” Trisha urged me on. “Let’s see the cum jump out of your dick.”

I’d never jerked off in front of a women, other than my wife, Jean. And certainly not in front of another man.

“Let it all out,” Tony urged. “Show Trisha how you do it. She loves to watch guys come. She’ll suck it for you if you want her to.”

I immediately looked at Jean, and she gave a thumbs up before she swam over next to Trisha. I went to the side of the pool and sat on the edge so that I could place my cock in her mouth. I continued to have a grip on my cock as I watched Trisha swirl her tongue over my cock head. Jean was right next to us and she urged me to move my ass toward the edge.

“Stick your finger in his ass,” Jean urged Trisha. “He loves taking it in his ass.”

I came right then. Trisha pushed her finger harder in my ass as I spurted a second and third time in her mouth. Trisha then turned to Jean and stuck her tongue in Jean’s mouth, sharing my cum.

Tony had been sitting, watching the whole thing, slowly stroking his cock. As I saw Tony’s cock a second time, I realized that he was hung, pretty long and big around. He made my average cock look small.

Jean and Trisha climbed out of the pool. escort fethiye Jean lay her towel on the pool deck and knelt in front of Tony and grabbed his cock. “I’ve always wanted to play with a big cock. Bill’s is adequate, but this will leave me sore.” Jean started bobbing her mouth up and down on Tony’s cock. Trisha moved behind Tony and used both hands to massage his pecs and pinch his nipples. Then she moved to his side and placed her mouth on his nipple. Her tongue swirled around his nipple and then her lips started to suck his nipple. She moved to the other nipple and started to suck it.

“Bite me,” Tony commanded Trisha. She pulled her lips back a bit and her teeth nipped on Bill’s nipple. Then she bit harder and pulled his nipple away from his chest.

“Oh, fuck, bite me harder.”

Meanwhile Jean pulled Tony’s hips toward her and pushed his legs up so that she could now lick his asshole while she was stroking his cock. Jean was sucking Tony’s balls and then tonguing his asshole, back and forth. Tony was moaning in pleasure as Jean and Trisha worked him over.

I walked behind Trisha and placed my cock between her butt cheeks and reached around to grab her ample tits. I spent time pulling and pinching her nipples as I rubbed my cock in her butt crack. Then I slid my right hand down to her shaved pussy. She was slippery with cunt juice and I massaged her clit then slid one, then two fingers up her pussy. My thumb stayed on her clit as I pushed and pulled my fingers in and out of her cunt. Trisha was responding to my fingers and gave Tony one last bite on his nipple and led me to the patio table. She bent over the table.

“Fuck me.”

I slid my cock in her pussy… hard. I impaled her pussy with all I had, almost 7 inches. I increased my pounding of her pussy and took my right thumb and popped it in her ass. Trisha shuddered and came for the first time that night.

“Oh fuck, that was a great orgasm. Fuck me in the ass now. When you’re ready to come, pull out and give me a facial.”

I placed two fingers at her anus after I spit on her asshole. Both fingers got inserted and pumped in and out several times. Then I placed my cock at the entrance of her anus and pushed in. Quickly it popped by the muscular ring and it gripped my shaft as I plunged in and out of her ass. All of a sudden I had my wife, Jean, next to me and Tony on the other side. Both were urging me on. It didn’t take long for that feeling deep in my balls and I pulled out. Trisha turned around as my hand finished the job and I came for the second time that evening. My cum was on her nose and chin.

Jean waited for me to finish my last shot and started to lick it off Trisha’s face. Then Trisha grabbed Tony’s arm and told him, “Be a good guest and help Jean clean this cum of my face.”

Tony stuck his tongue out and started licking. When the cum was cleaned up, Jean leaned into Tony and gave him a big wet cum swapping kiss.

That’s when I noticed that Jean was sporting a strapon. And it was pretty big.

“Bend over the table and spread those cheeks.”

Tony and I did as commanded. Jean let some spit fall onto my asshole and used that for lube as she stuck a finger in my ass. Then she was behind Tony doing the same. Tony groaned with pleasure as Jean inserted a finger in his ass.

Tony moaned, “Fuck my ass! Put that fethiye escort bayan dildo up my ass!”

I was surprised to feel the strapon at the entrance to my anus. Then a strong push as she entered me, tearing me apart. “Holy shit!” I moaned in pain and pleasure as she was pounding my ass. Suddenly she pulled out and started pumping Tony’s ass.

Trisha now knelt under Tony and started to suck his balls. Tony was getting the full treatment. She took her other hand and caressed my cock and balls, occasionally sliding a finger in my asshole.

We continued this way for a bit. I was bent over the table, with my chest resting on it. My next door neighbor was playing with my cock and ass. In the back of my mind I wondered what else would happen tonight. I knew that whatever Jean and Trisha told me to do, I would.

I soon found out. Jean pulled out of Tony and I expected her to fuck my ass. But I was surprised…

Jean told Trisha “Fuck Bill’s ass.” I glanced back and saw Trisha was wearing a strap on. I looked at it, and it was big. Not only long but thick. Now I have had Jean’s fingers and even a dildo or two in my ass. Jean and I had never had a threesome or sex with another couple. But Jean seemed to be having a great time. And this strapon Trisha was wearing was going ream me out. I was excited thinking about it… as well as getting ass fucked by my neighbor.

Trisha grabbed her “cock” then pushed it in my asshole, just a bit. Then relaxed and then went at it again. A bit further in this time. After a couple of these, I thought Trisha was splitting me in half. Her huge cock had to be completely up my ass with each thrust.

Next to me, my wife was back fucking Tony’s ass. She was pounding his ass savagely. Tony grunted with with thrust. Jean had leaned over from her waist and was gripping Tony’s cock, stroking it in rhythm with her thrusts. Jean finally gasped “I’ going to come. I’m going to come.” Next she moaned, starting low and slow, finally letting out a vicious cry to end it. She left her strapon in Tony’s ass all the while until she was calmed down. Then gave him one final thrust and pulled out.

Trisha pulled out of my ass and grabbed Tony’s dick. “Poor baby, you haven’t been allowed to come yet. Come here Jean. Let my hubby come on your face.”

Jean knelt next to Tony as Trisha started to blow him. She placed her hands at the base of his cock and proceeded to swallow the remaining shaft. Then she took her hands off his cock and swallowed right to the base. “Wow, that’s impressive!” I said in admiration, as I watched her throat swell with Tony’s shaft. Jean then grabbed my hand and pulled me closer. I started to stroke my dick, bringing it to full attention. I was expecting her to suck my cock as well. Then Jean told me to kneel next to her. I suddenly realized that I’d be sharing Tony’s cum load with Jean. I started to protest “No, I don’t want his cum on my face.”

“Tough shit. We’re doing this as a couple. Get your face over here and enjoy it.”

Tony pulled his cock from Trisha’s mouth and stroked a couple of times. He shifted so that his cock was now between my wife and me. “Take this” as Tony grunted and sent a rope of jism on my nose and eye. His second rope hit Jean square on her lips. Then he sent a third rope onto Jean’s face.

I had to close my eyes as Tony’s cum was sliding into them. “Open your mouth, Bill” Tricia commanded. I expected Jean to give me a sloppy wet kiss as I opened wide. Instead Tony’s cock filled my mouth.

Jean and Trisha both exclaimed “Suck that cock clean.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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