Lust Rekindled Pt. 01

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My wife and I have been married 14 years. We chose to have careers over having children. You would think this gives us enough time to have as much sex as we wanted, but quite the opposite. Our jobs seem to keep us too busy to schedule anytime for ourselves. Finally we got to share a long weekend to ourselves, and that turned out to be the wildest weekend we ever had. It was a Saturday, and not much actually led up to where the story begins. The day had been pretty nice weather wise, and so we decided to spend the remaining hours of the sunlight sitting on our back porch. The sun was about to set and the fireflies were dancing about in the evening breeze…

It was a nice warm evening with a soft cool breeze blowing as we sat on the back porch watching the fireflies dance around the trees. We had been out there for a while talking about our day till just after the sun set, and now we were enjoying a comfortable silence as we listened to the breeze rustle the leaves of the trees and watched the fireflies dance around the back yard. Periodically I stole quick glimpses of my wife just sitting next to me and relaxing. Images of her soft supple body naked in my arms flashed through my head in beautiful and erotic positions. My cock began to stiffen with anticipation at the thought of parting her soft southern lips and slipping deep inside her warm, wet pussy.

Surrounded in just enough darkness so that only the two of us can see each other and anyone other potential voyeurs could only make out dark silhouettes, I decide to act on my desire to have her. I stood up, moved to where she was sitting, and pulled her to her feet. I quickly placed my hands around her head and pulled her mouth into mine as I tasted her lips with a soft passionate kiss. That soft kiss only lasted a moment before I slipped my tongue into her mouth and began kissing her with fevered desire. With our lips still embraced, my hands begin moving down to her pants. I unbuttoned and unzipped the front, then slid my hands beneath her panties, and maneuvered them around to grasp her amazing ass as I pulled her into me. A moan escaped her mouth into mine as she gave herself over to the pleasure.

With a little maneuvering I was able to slide her panties and pants over her perfectly shaped bottom, so that they dropped down to her ankles in a pile without interrupting the erotic dance of our tongues. My hands then slid my hands up underneath her shirt and made my way to her bra, where I quickly unhooked it releasing those gorgeous breasts from their bondage. I then lifted her arms with mine, pulling her shirt up over top of her head. Her bra fell freely off her shoulders and down her arms, coming to rest in a pile at her feet. She stepped out of her pants and panties, leaving her bare and vulnerable to me and the evening breeze.

I took a firm grip of her hair in one hand and pulled her head back. Her eyes were still closed and her mouth still open waiting for my tongue to dip back inside, but she could feel me hesitate. As she opened her eyes she see a certain look on my face, the very same she had seen before. The look of insatiable desire that could only be quenched by a night of unbridled sexual release, in which nothing was off limits, and all of her was open and mine to command. Her lips stretched out in a lustful smile as she made the conscious decision to give herself completely over to me for an unforgettable night of pleasure.

I started kissing her again and she decided it is time I joined her birthday suit club. She reached for my crotch and felt my rock hard dick pressed tightly against my pants. Using both hands she undid my pants so she could reach in a grab ahold of my cock in your bare hands. My cock pulsated in her grip and precum oozed from the tip making it slippery. Mimicking my movements from earlier she slid my pants down to my ankles where I stepped out of them. She then took off my shirt, so that I now stood as naked alongside her. The cool breeze felt good against our fever pitched bodies.

She gently rubbed her hands down my neck, torso, and lower body. Her heart beat with anticipation in feeling my cock in her hands. She started illegal bahis to massage my cock and balls, rubbing gently, feeling the pre-cum on drip on her fingers. She began to moan with excitement. The gentle breeze and cool air felt so good on her naked skin. We continue to kiss as she rubbed my cock with her soft hands. I was touching and caressing her ass in return.

She whispered in my ear, “Oh Daddy, I can’t wait to feel your big hard cock inside me.”

That aroused me, and I became more forceful pulling her into my body. I begin to pull her hair while kissing her neck just like she loved. She began to moan louder and louder. Her mouth became wet and juicy. She slowly bent down, looked in my eyes one last time before impaling her mouth on my cock. She began to slowly move her lips up and down my shaft sucking and tickling my shaft with her lips and tongue. My cock was dripping wet from her mouth after only a few strokes.

I grabbed the back of her head and uttered, “I love it when you suck my cock, you naughty girl.”

She continued to give me wet, juicy head as I thrust my cock deeper into her mouth. Her mouth was dripping with saliva and pre-cum when she finally finished teasing my cock and stood up. We kissed each other’s mouth deeply.

With our lips still locked together, I lowered my hand between her thighs and ran my fingers along her sensitive labia, tracing its outline with the tips and tickling her outer pussy ever so gently. After gently touching her sensitive labia, I slipped a finger into her open slit causing electricity to shoot through her body, making her moan and shiver. Her pussy was unbelievable wet to the touch. It felt so warm and inviting, and my cock ached to feel her slippery wetness glide down my pulsating rod and wrap it in its velvety warmth.

As my finger massaged her womanhood she began to push her tongue deeper and deeper into my mouth, as if secretly willing my finger to probe deeper inside her tight little twat. Her legs unconsciously parted just a little bit more trying to give me easier access to her inner sanctum. With a firm grip of her hair I pulled her away and gave her a seductive smile that she reciprocated.

“I love it when you act like such a naughty little slut. It makes me want you that much more.” I said with lustful anticipation.

Her reply was so unexpected, yet so fucking hot, “Kiss me like that one more time Daddy and you can fuck me like the dirty fucking whore I am. I will let you do whatever you want to me!”

Images of all the hot, sexual things I wanted to do to her raced through my mind in an erotic blur. I couldn’t believe the open invitation she just gave me, so I asked, “What do you mean I can do whatever I want?”

Again she replied, “Kiss me like you just did Daddy, and you can stick your cock a.n.y.w.h.e.r.e you want. And I mean a.n.y.w.h.e.r.e you want!”

She stressed the word anywhere slow and deliberately. As she finished her statement her eyes closed again, and I could feel her fight my pull on her hair as she tried to press her mouth to mine once more. I loosen my hold just enough to allow her to draw her lips to mine, and I kissed her with passion and lust again. Time seemed to stand still as our tongues massage each other. She grabbed my hands and guided them to her tits, where they showed me how to she wanted them rubbed. Then she let go and took hold of my cock as she gently stroked it in return.

Once I began to gyrate my hips to match her strokes of my cock, she let go and pushed me away this time. “I have a game I want to play with you Daddy. Take me inside and 69 my pussy. The first person to cum in the other’s mouth loses and has to do whatever the winner says no matter what. Want to play?”

“Fuck yeah!” I reply.

She grabbed my hand and led me inside the house. I walked behind her and said, “Oh God, I love your ass!”

She slowly bent over to give me a full view of it and then shook it seductively. She then turned her head back towards me and commanded, “Spank my ass, Daddy!”

I smacked your ass a few time, and she begged for me to spanker her harder. “I love it when you illegal bahis siteleri act like a naughty little slut” I said.

She led me to the bedroom so we could play our game. She laid down on the bed and spread her legs wide, giving me full view of the delicate flower that only opened for me. She began to play with herself as I watched. She rubbed her clit and outer lips, then her fingers slipped inside her pink slit.

I was so turned on that I jumped on top of her, and as I penetrated her mouth with my cock I said, “Suck my dick, you dirty slut!”

I dipped my head between her thighs and began licking her warm, wet pussy. Apparently my tongue felt amazing on your clit as her body responded with moans of joy and her pelvis was thrust upward into my mouth. I slipped my tongue deeper into her velvety folds and she moaned with such pleasure she began to inadvertently giving me a hummer while sucking my cock.

She devoured my cock with eagerness. She loved the way it tasted and felt in her mouth. She began having trouble sucking my big hard cock as I pleasured her tight little twat with my tongue. Wanting to return the pleasure I was giving her she deep breath, wrapped her mouth around my manhood, grabbed my butt, and pulled me down into her. She forced herself to swallow all of my cock until my balls came to rest on her face. I was completely stunned. That was the first time she had ever taken all of me into her mouth like that. She has always had a horrible gag reflex. I thought I could feel the back of her throat rub up against my cock as she gagged horribly on my cock. She held me there for only a few seconds before I felt her push me off. I didn’t hesitate pulling up to assist. She took several deep breaths, and before I knew it she took me deep into her mouth again. Not quite as far this time, nor that far for the rest of the night, but still farther than she ever had in the past. I did my best to reciprocate the gift she had just given me. I first traced the letters of the alphabet, and then I spelled out naughty messages with my tongue against her clit. Later I would learn that she really had to concentrate hard to keeping from cumming before me so she wouldn’t lose the bet. She said my tongue felt so fucking good all over her pussy that she really wanted to give into the orgasm and gush all of her sweet nectar into my mouth, and she had come real close on two occasions.

Fighting to stay in control of her orgasm she continued to suck my cock in an unbelievable manner. Soon she could feel my cock begin to pulsate faster and harder. With my face firmly pressed into her muff I moaned uncontrollably with pleasure. I started to cum, but for the first time she kept her lips wrapped firmly around the head of my dick. This feeling was so hot and new that I shot several huge loads of cum inside my wife’s mouth.

When she thought I was done she quickly gurgled, “I won!”

No sooner had she tried to gloat than I rammed my cock back insider her mouth, forcing her to gag on my manhood as I made her take every last drop of my cum. I filled her mouth with so much jizz that it overflowed onto her face. It might have been a mean thing to do, but I figured this was probably going to be the only time she would ever take my load in her mouth, so I made sure I gave her every last drop. When I was done I rolled off of her breathing hard after ejaculating such a massive amount of semen into her mouth. It took me a second to catch my breath as she gagged and spit up the cum she could not swallow; leaving a mixture of saliva and cum glistening on her face. Finally I looked up at her and saw her gazing at my cock with a pouty expression, as it has went limp. I then noticed the mess I made of her face. I thought to myself, my God she looks great with my cum coating her mouth and chin.

She stared back at me, and we stayed locked in each other’s gaze for what seemed like forever, yet felt like only an instance. I smiled at her and she ask, “What are you smiling at Mr. Man, I am pretty sure I won that little contest. Now you owe me big time buster for making such a hot mess in my mouth!”

Jokingly arguing I canlı bahis siteleri replied, “How do I know you didn’t cheat and just kept your orgasm quite?”

She bent over onto all fours, crawled over me, and drew her face close to mine. Some of the saliva and cum mixture dared to fall from her face onto mine as she stared me in the eyes. With a note of playful seriousness she threatened, “Because if you ever want to fuck my face and cum in my mouth with your cock like that again, I won, capisce!!”

“Good point babes. You won.” is all I could think to reply.

Letting a smile cross her face, “That’s right I won. And now it is time to make you my bitch, Daddy!” (She loves to call me daddy during sex)

With a playful little laugh she pressed her lips to mine and gave me the wettest kiss in her life. She tasted the wonderful nectar I slurped up from her juicy sweet pussy as her tongue swirled around in my mouth. I got to taste the hot mess I left in hers, plus every bit of that slimy mixture that covered her face now covered mine. Tasting my own cum was never a number on my bucket list, but tasting it while kissing my wife made it far less disgusting than I had expected. I made a feeble attempt to protest, but she gave me a quick slap and told me to quit my bitching as she continued to force her tongue deep inside my mouth.

The taste of sex in our mouth’s, the smell of fresh cum from my cock and juices dripping from her wet pussy, and the feel of our hands probing each filled our senses. I could feel the intense heat radiating from her cheeks on my face, and the equally intense heat radiating from her pussy as she gyrated near my cock. My cock began to rise again, pulsing with my heartbeat at the anticipation of slipping deep inside the folds of her love tunnel. I feigned a thrust of my dick towards her pussy, and she quickly jerk her pelvis away.

“Not so fast Daddy!” she exclaimed as she broke from our kiss. “I won remember, which means you don’t get to stick your cock in me unless I say. Got it mister? Now go make me a strong drink, so I can wash out this dirty fucking mouth of mine.”

She crawled off and let me get up. She caught me trying to wipe my face clean of the mess she transferred from her mouth, but before I could do anything she yelled, “Don’t you fucking clean your face off until I clean mine off first bitch boy. Now go make me that drink.” I had never seen her this demanding, but it was really turning me on.

I noticed she didn’t even make the slightest gesture to wipe the mess from her face, so I figured fair is fair and trotted off to make her a drink. As I grabbed a glass she strolled into the kitchen. I asked her if there is anything specific she wanted. She looked off to the side and up as if contemplating then pointed to the Kahlua and Bailey’s. I poured an even mixture over ice and hand it to her. She took a nice long gulp of the thick concoction, almost emptying the glass on the first sip.

“God that tastes good Daddy!” she remarked. “If your cum tasted this good I would suck you off every fucking day.” She continued with that line of thinking, “Hey, I think we should call this ‘cum in a glass’.” With a lustful smile on her face, “Put it in a shot glass and we could call it a cum shot. Just put a dab of whipped cream on top. What do you think? Cool right.”

My wife is very quirky, but that is one of those things I love about her. I didn’t tell her that a drink called a cum shot already existed, instead I pushed to see if I could tempt her further.

“I don’t know. I like giving you my version of the ‘cum shot’ better than your version.” I stated coyly.

“Oh, you think you can just cum in mouth anytime you want mister?” she quickly retorted.

Seductively touching her lips, “It’s my mouth to do with as I want!” I told her.

With a quick wit that only she possess on rare occasions she offered up, “I don’t think so buddy. The only way your cum is getting in my mouth tonight is if I decide to lick it off your cock after you fuck me good and hard!”

Completely dumbfounded I could only think to say, “What the fuck did you just say?”

“I didn’t stutter motherfucker. If you fuck me good and hard enough I might let you stick your cock in my mouth while I lick it clean.” she stated with a straight face. “Now make me two more of those ‘cum in a glass’ cause I am fucking thirsty.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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