Lori Ch. 02

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The dreaded call came while I was leaning against the counter in the garage waiting for the completion of her car repairs. “No, I can’t come tonight,” I replied emphatically. “…Tomorrow night…at 7…I look forward to it, Brian,” I said as cheerfully as I could. However, my voice belied my true feelings. I was angry with Brian and especially angry with myself. The voice of the mechanic interrupted my infuriation.

“Ms Stevens, your car is finished and I have some good news and some bad news.” He paused just long enough to catch my eye and then shoved the greased stained bill in front of me. “I was able to fix…” His words faded into the background as I looked at the figures scrawled at the bottom of the bill. The amount was exactly $200 more than the estimate. Anger seethed inside me as I thumbed though the bills in my wallet. I pulled out six $100 bills. There would be little change. “… And now for the bad news,” he continued.

There is more, I thought to myself and bit my lip trying to control my emotions. “…The replacement moldings for your doors and quarter panel came along with and the attachment clips, but I don’t have the time to install them today,” he said as he quickly picked the money from my fingers and moved hastily to the cash register. “I’ve got a hot date with…”

I stopped listening and smoldered. I wanted to scream out “…and I’m paying for that date, you asshole!” but I refrained.

As he dropped the small amount of change into my shaking hand, he remarked. “Young Robin has offered to install the moldings for you. He is just finishing up your complimentary car wash. Walk through that door and you will find him and your car on the far side of the shop. Sorry, I have to run…big date, you know! Just give him a few bucks for his efforts…” His voice trailed off and he turned away and quickly disappeared into the back of the office, while palming something into the pocket of his coveralls.

“You are a total prick,” I muttered to myself as I passed through the door and cautiously walked across the greasy floor towards the figure leaning over my car. I fumed silently to myself, as I approached the car, “Now, I have to pay some young shit to install the moldings when I’ve already paid for…” I stopped mid thought when I saw the car. It gleamed.

He turned at the sound of my approach. Beads of moisture were on his forehead and sweat stained the front of his T-shirt. “Hi, I’m Robin.” He said cheerfully. “I’m just finishing up your car. Mike said,” he pointed towards the office indicating that his instructions came from the departing owner, “that I should give it a fast wax and then you would give me a little something to install the molding.” I could feel again my anger welling up inside me. It was about to explode. Then I looked at the car. The exterior shone. I opened the passenger door to place my purse on the seat and noticed the interior. The coffee cups and wrappers, which had littered the floor, were gone. The carpets were clean and the leather upholstery spotless. I was dumbfounded and quietly closed the door.

“I’m Lori,” I divulged. Yet, my voice must have betrayed my surprise and delight.

With a broad smile he continued, “I tried my best to make your car…” Then Robin’s voice trailed off when he saw my look of displeasure. My annoyance had returned when I looked at the new passenger-side moldings piled carelessly at the side of the car. I looked straight up at him. He was young and good-looking in the boy next-door sort of way. He obviously wanted to please. His momentary apprehension soon changed to a broad smile, which evaporated the little anger I had left. His voice was soft and confident as he said, “…I know you are disappointed that the car is not finished. However, it will only take a few minutes to complete, especially if you are willing to lend a hand. Besides, it will have to go quickly. I only have an hour before my girlfriend comes to pick me up.” His final statement somehow made me feel a little jilted, but encourage by his smile and the twinkle in his blue eyes I agreed to help. Besides, what other choice did I have?

Helping was not hard. The two door moldings went on without difficulty. However, the rear fender molding was a different story. It was short and Robin seemed to have difficulty attaching it. We had to work in close proximity to one another. Repeatedly our arms intertwined. My breasts often rubbed against his young muscular shoulders or his forearms. My thin cotton-jogging jacket easily transferred his body heat to my bare arms and shoulders underneath. I could feel my nipples hardening. My eyes roamed over his chest and thighs. I liked what I saw. In spite of the fact that I was twenty years older, I was in lust. His sweet, sweaty smell tantalized. I t seemed to take a very long time to place the clips and molding. I remained as close to him as I could, enjoying the inadvertent touches, and all the time fantasizing about what he would tuzla escort be like in bed.

“We now have everything in place.” His words broke the spell, “If you could just hold the molding in place while I get the mallet, we will be all set.” My eyes followed the cheeks of his ass, nicely outlined in his jeans, to the workbench. As he returned with the mallet, I noticed a distinct bulge in the front of his pants. His self-conscious attempts to hide his excitement with the hammer only drew attention to it. I felt the familiar warmth begin to grow in my lower abdomen.

Robin knelt by the rear fender and prepared to beat on the molding. Following his instructions, I bent forward and held the ends of the thick rubber strip in place. The cotton jacket I wore gapped, when I bent forward. Now my spaghetti strapped halter-top to give him a full and clear view of my breasts. It seemed to take Robin a long time to tap the molding into place. When he finished and stood up his arm accidentally brushed across my chest as I straighten up. Then I found myself kissing him.

The kiss lingered and then his lips and fingers traced down my neck and then to my shoulders. Time and feelings blurred. Soon my jacket found a place beside my purse on the passenger seat of the car. I was enjoying the sensations of his lips and tongue on the bare sin of my shoulders. His hands cupped my breasts and he thumbed my nipples through the thin material of my halter-top. I moaned in pleasure and my knees grew weak. I faltered. Robin grabbed me and gently steered me through the open front passenger door to the edge of the seat. There I sat, legs spread, and with Robin standing in front of me.

Desire overcame me. The bulge in his pants was all I could see. My hands went for his waist. My fingers slithered beneath his T-shirt, touched his hard stomach, and then found their way to his belt buckle. He did not protest as I quickly invaded his pants, tugged at his underwear elastic, and exposed his rock hard cock to my gaze. He just stepped closer.

Large drops of precum slowly oozed down the sides of the purple head. I reached out and gently used my fingertips to spread the clear liquid over the length of his shaft. With each touch, his gleaming rod twitched and his pelvis involuntarily arched forward. I increased the pace and pressure of my touches. Robin moaned encouragement. My mouth met his quivering penis. Its heat seared my lips. The smell of sweat and male musk enveloped me. Driven by pure lust, I licked and sucked with total abandon until he convulsed and splashed the back of my throat with his cum. Robin’s sweet, salty taste filled my mouth. I continued to lick and suck until he limply slipped from my lips.

Suddenly Robin began to jump about and frantically try to rearrange his clothing. “Shiiiit, she’s early!” I heard as I wiped my chin with a tissue and applied new lipstick. I slipped into my jacket and slung my purse over my shoulder, and stood by the car.

I rummaged in my purse for my checkbook and meekly said, “Robin, I’m a little short of cash at the moment could I write a check for what I owe…” He did not seem to be listening to me as he glanced through the garage door windows towards the small blue car now parked outside.

“Ahh…well,” he spoke to me between glances at the car. “You have to go now…Lori…well, I mean…I would really like to see you again.” He spoke in an anxious, halting, voice. “I’ve never felt… Ahh, could I have your number? Would you let me call you, sometime?” I looked up at the embarrassed, red-faced young man, I quickly scribbled my phone number on the back of a blank check, and pushed it into his hand.

Robin walked beside the car as I backed it out of the garage. He leaned down and whispered through the open window. “Thank you. I will call you.”

My index finger rubbed over his cheek and I cooed, “You do that, sweetie. I will look forward to it.” The power window whirred as I drove past the young brunette who sat behind the wheel in the small blue coupe. I could feel the anger smoldering in the car.

My mid-day shift at the coffee shop had passed slowly. The monotony only heightened my apprehension about what had occurred in the garage the previous afternoon and what was about to occur that evening. Over the two weeks since I had last seen Brian, I had used the $6,000 he had placed in the envelope to pay off all of my debts including my overdue rent, repair the car, and revitalize my wardrobe using the local consignment store. After all, of that, I still had nearly $2,000 left. A significant amount of that money I had placed in an account at the savings and loan. While I was relieved that there was an answer to my money woes, the fact that I was now trading sex for money and services was a difficult awareness.

I rationalized that it as just another job. I was no different from any other worker. Whether a coal miner, a factory worker, a news reporter, a waitress, or a university professor, tuzla escort bayan everyone who provided a service to an employer or consumer, wished to get a fair rate of return for that efforts and to work in a safe environment. The service that I provided was companionship and pleasure. Like any new job, I explained to myself, it was going to take some time for me to learn and become comfortable with its expectations.

It was just after seven as I parked my car in front of Brian’s place. I checked my make-up in the visor mirror. In the glow of the mirror light, I applied more lip-gloss and then checked the contents of my purse. There were some new items in the purse bottom, which I was not used to carrying. When I glanced at them, my stomach tightened. I swallowed hard, quickly closed my purse, and opened the car door.

Brian warmly welcomed me at the door. He led me into the candle lit living room. Wine and o’dourves were on the coffee table. I stood for a moment by the sofa and glanced at Brian. It was obvious from the look on his face that snacks and red wine were not the only things on his mind. Time to entice, I thought. I placed my purse on the table and twirled before him. My V-necked, red cocktail dress billowed slightly, briefly exposing the lace at the top of my stockings. The entire consignment shop ensemble flattered my figure and highlighted my brunette hair. My concessions to extravagance were the new lacey red bra and panties and matching stockings. I figured if I was going to be naughty, at least I should dress the part. Upon completing the tease, I sat at the end of the sofa and allowed my dress to expose a good portion of my thigh. I slipped out of my shoes, which had already begun to hurt, and looked at Brian. A Cheshire cat smile lit up his face and he was trying to surreptitiously re-adjust his pants.

I sipped wine and politely nibbled at the cheese, crackers, and sausage rolls. Brian sat beside me and tried to make small talk. Nevertheless, it was clear he as only being polite. He was not interested in discovering how my life was going. He held his wine in one hand and delicately stroked my calf and the back of my knee with the other. He constantly tried to inch closer but I managed to keep him at a comfortable distance by balancing my elbow on the back of the couch and holding my wine glass in front of him. Gradually the nervous knots in my stomach began to loosen when I realized that I could control not only his body position, but by crafting the questions, the conversation as well. Empowered, my confidence grew with the awareness that while I was in Brian’s house and fulfilling a bond of indenture, which he had designed, I was in control.

I placed my wine glass on the coffee table and slid closer to him. With the fingers of one hand, I traced small circles over the nape of his neck while softly brushing his chest with the fingers of the other hand. We kissed. Our mouths opened and our tongues entwined. I tasted his last sip of wine. The kisses grew more passionate. Eventually, I broke the embrace, removed his wine glass from his hand and placed it on the table, and began to unbutton his shirt. My fingers touched his chest. His face flushed and his breath quickened.

Encouraged, by my actions, he grew bolder. His hand slowly crept up my exposed inner thigh. Realizing his intentions, I smiled and I grabbed is hand stopping its movement. My other hand brushed over his cheek and then grasped his chin. I hesitated. Then forcing back my nervousness, I looked in his eyes and softly but emphatically proclaimed the words which I had been rehearsing all afternoon, “Sweetie, we must get something straight before we go any further.” A quizzical look came over Brian’s face. “I’ve been doing a little research. While I’m no spring chicken, I am rather good looking for my age and you obviously find me attractive.” Brian started to say something, but I stifled his words with my finger. “Just listen,” I insisted. “Women who provide the services, which I am about to bestow on you receive between $200 and $300 per hour. I feel that $200 is a fair rate for our repayment process, don’t you?” I did not allow him to respond. I just released his hand, placed it against my thigh, and passionately kissed him. When his fingers began to rub my mound and tug at the elastic sides of my panties, I felt he had agreed to my offer.

Shortly thereafter, I took my purse from the coffee table and led Brian down the hall to his bedroom. It like the living room was candle lit. I placed my purse on the bedside table and turned my back to Brian. I languidly stretched and Brian took the hint. His fingers found the zipper of my dress. In one swift movement, my back was bare, his hands slipped the straps from my shoulders, and the dress fell to the floor. I stepped out of the dress and bent over to pick it up and place it on the chair by the bed. A noticeable husky gasp came from his throat. He was obviously appreciating the view escort tuzla of my backside through my lacy, see through panties. I slowly straightened and turned to face him. My matching thin, lacy, red bra gave him a tantalizing view of breasts. His eyes focused on my hardening nipples, which now pushed against the gossamer material. I stepped into his open arms and kissed him passionately. Brian fumbled with my bra strap. I undid his shirt buttons and then proceeded to undo his belt and pants. Soon he stood naked before me. I knelt before him and pressed my bare breasts against his legs as I stroked his semi-hardness. My lips found the tip of his manhood. Its taste and the feel of his cock hardening within my mouth excited me. Stimulated by the power and the eroticism of the moment, my passion grew.

I fondled and cupped his balls. I licked his shaft and my lips caressed the throbbing purple head. Brian groaned and shook as he easily slipped inside my mouth. I sucked hard. When my teeth grated along the sides of his shaft, Brian shuddered, and exploded violently. His hot cum splashed against the back of my throat, filling my mouth to overflowing. I swallowed as much as I could of his salty tasting goop yet some dribbled out the corners of my lips.

Brian rocked back on his heels and fell across the bed. Propped up on his elbows he exclaimed with a silly grin, “Oh my God, that was magnificent!” I smiled and continued to kneel at his feet. He was breathing hard and his hand shook as he reached forward and used his index finger to wipe the dribbles of cum from my mouth. He pressed his finger against my lips and I licked the residue. Brian grinned and lay back on the bed. “Come on up here, sexy and join me while I catch my breath.” He patted the bed with his hand to show where he wanted me to lie.

It was not my intention to allow him neither to rest nor to gain control of the situation. My forty year old, energized libido was going to grind his sixty-year-old form into dust. I crawled up onto the bed and straddled his chest. He raised his head and my sopping pussy brushed against his nose. My musky smell told him exactly what I wanted. Within seconds, his tongue found my slit.

Brian’s tongue felt incredible. Long velvet strokes caressed first one side of my clit then the other. When I thought I would cum and could take no more he seemed to sense it. He would stop and blow over my rosebud. Then after a few cooling puffs, he would begin to lick and suck again. The sensations his attentions generated enveloped my entire body. Wave after wave of hot colorful flashes flooded my body and mind. I could not hold out any longer and came in a series of viscously intense orgasms. I fell forward onto my hands panting and shaking. I looked back at Brian through my arms and saw his face silhouetted by my breasts. His head lolled on its side and his mouth hung open. My juices covered his cheeks.

I took a series of deep breaths and forced myself to scramble to the far side of the bed. I stood up, and announced, “I need my wine. Do you want me to bring your glass too?” Brian mumbled something that I did not understand and I left the room. I returned a short time later with two glasses of wine to find him curled up in the fetal position in the center of the bed snoring contently. There was little to do but prop up the pillows, sip wine and watch television.

I finished viewing the second Seinfeld re-run and Brain was still snoring softly at my side. I turned off the TV and decided I had to take matters into my own hands. His recharge time was over. I fished the bottle of warming massage oil from my purse along with a foil package, leaned across the bed, and pushed firmly against Brian’s shoulder. He grunted and rolled onto his back. His snoring continued. I slipped back onto the bed and knelt beside him.

I dribbled the oil over his prostate form. With a devilish grin, I started to spread the oil over his chest, legs, and his genitals. He only stirred slightly. I continued my hand movements and gradually focused on the centre of his being.

Brian’s dick, at this point oil covered, remained limp and shriveled. I parted his legs and ran my fingers up and down his now exposed ball sacks. The warming effect of the oil was beginning to take effect. Brian’s snoring subsided and his cock began to stir. I kneaded his balls with my left hand, while I stroked his shaft with my right. I relished the sensual feel of his dick growing in hand. It gave me a sense of erotic power. Brian moved and I looked up to see him wide-awake with that silly, satisfied grin on his face.

I continued to rub his erection, squeezing his glans at the end of each stroke. While I enjoyed seeing the pleasure build in Brian’s eyes, the way his cock reacted to my touch truly electrified me. His hips moved to the beat of my strokes and his moans and sighs encouraged me. I could feel my own excitement building. My oily left hand fingers found my pussy. The oil mixed with my wetness and its warming effect was to say the very least, stimulating. A hot tingling spread through my abdomen. Brian’s cock twitched in my hand. I reached for the foil wrapper on the bed beside me.

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