Literotica Ch. 02

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DISCLAIMER: the second chapter is just to get the story back to a secret work crush (it’s what most people enjoyed about the story.) This is also my first time doing a male first person. I’m really excited for chapter 3 so should you if you’re tagging along 🙂

Thanks to chris (headitor) for helping me edit and clarify the story. With luck the lack of grammatical errors will boost my score 🙂


“I must be crazy.”

That’s all I can think looking at Sarah now. We’ve been going for hours banging like animals. Her sexual appetite is amazing and her body is even better then I’d been imagining. We’ve taken a short, but needed break. I had a call I had to make and she needed to finish a paper for her class.

Since she came over, we haven’t talked at all about work. First she’s going to take a shower, and I’m pleased to see she’s left the door open so I can watch.

In the stories I wrote about her I portrayed her as a tease, but in reality she is completely unaware of how beautiful she is. A slim 5’9 with long, toned legs; she says she’s a size 4 but her waist is so tiny. I imagine it’s her round, firm ass that takes her up a size in jeans. She admitted to the hours of squats she would do and the results were in that flawless, tanned flesh I’d cupped with pleasure more than a few times already.

We are nearly 18 years apart in age, but the way she looks at me makes me feel so young.

Her bright green eyes are so passionate as she grips my shoulders and stares penetratingly into mine. I watch her lips part to moan and beg for more and I’m lost.

At first, when she said that she’d never imagined being with me, I felt offended, but that quickly changed to surprise when she said she it was because she didn’t think I would be interested in a girl like her.

Watching her now slipping out of the large shirt I gave her to wear, I knew she couldn’t be more wrong. Her back arched perfectly and although her tits were small they were perky and flawless. Solid Bs, I had licked and played with them until she pleaded with me to fuck her.

I love her pleading: when she is beneath me looking into my eyes. I love that she waits by the shower not even assuming that I’m looking at her. Her pussy is shaved so smooth, and tastes heavenly. I’d already brought her to an intense climax twice with my tongue and lips. Each time she has begged me to stop but she never pushed me away.

I’ve never met a woman so determined to please me before she took her pleasure. She admitted she wasn’t use to being pleased and she felt guilty. I still don’t understand that, but assured her I was going to help her get over it. My over-used cock is swelling again just watching her as she hops into the shower, but I can’t follow her in just yet.

Sarah had asked me when I first started to be attracted to her, but I didn’t know if it would sound too weird to say “before I met you.”

My divorce had been final for over a year and my subsequent dating life had been horrendous. My ex-wife and I had worked well together; playing well seemed to be more of a challenge after 18 years.

We were both alphas, and as much as I loved her spirit I hated her constant need to be the aggressor in bed. I finally divorced her when I found out she was sleeping with my best friend; I always knew he was a piece of shit. The divorce was cordial and we went our separate ways, though in reality we’d been done for years.

Shortly after the divorce was final, I hired a hot assistant and the rumours went flying. Fellow lawyers would comment cynically that I was banging the buxom blonde and the stories were getting me a bad reputation. Funnily enough I never once touched her, and after 5 months I fired her – for being a total idiot!

Although I’d hired her as eye candy as I really didn’t need much assistance at the time, shortly after I began taking on more cases until my workload was insane and I was desperate to find the right person. I admit I was looking for something a little extreme: I wanted the most experienced and probably oldest woman I could find, which was proving to be a challenge.

I was down to my last 3 candidates when I got the resumé from Sarah. She did not meet the requirements very well, but I was getting desperate. She had a lot of experience as an assistant and was studying to be a paralegal but had never worked in a law office.

The requirements I’d set were so high most didn’t even try, but Sarah was not put off and went out of her way with the application. I liked her cover letter, and then went through her LinkedIn account. Her profile photo was only head and shoulders, but showed a little cleavage from a white button down shirt; her hair was pinned up tightly in a bun. I must have stared at her picture for a good thirty minutes enjoying her huge smile.

There had to be fifty people or more ranting about what an amazing worker she was. She had pictures of herself volunteering, and professors validating her skills even while pendik escort she was still in class with them. I tried to find her on Facebook. I wanted to see more of her. I wanted to see her body and how far her hair fell down, but I couldn’t find her anywhere. Not her name, phone number or even e-mail. I should have just given up and let it be, instead, I was hooked, and called her in for an interview.

She showed up in a tight black skirt and a pale pink button down top. She wore little make up and almost no jewellery, but her purse and heels were designer – she clearly put all her money in to those accessories. I’m not huge into feet but seeing her black heels walking through my office door I knew I was in trouble.

I still wonder how slowly I looked her over from foot to head. When I reached her face I was greeted with that smile. She put her hand forward to shake mine. She was introducing herself and all I could do was be stunned. It was like her body emanated happiness. She had an infectious energy that made me want to run laps.

She answered all my questions professionally. Polite and interested, she would return my gaze intently, and listen as if what I had to say could save her life. She wanted to develop herself and insisted working with me was the best way she could do that.

I was done for and will always wonder if she knew it. I thanked her and gave her the speech about having other candidates to review. She firmly shook my hand and replied “I look forward to working with you.” She held so much confidence I felt silly for even trying to pretend there was someone else.

I had been attracted to her the first time I saw her, and I’d started to imagine fucking her almost two months later. It was during this period that I discovered her confidence was a front to mask her meek, uncertain side.

The day came when I lost my temper and let her have it. She just stood there shaking, her eyes wide. She looked as if she might shatter into a hundred pieces if I reached out and touched her, before apologising as if my outburst was her fault. She remained silent the rest of the day and said nothing to me.

Her normally chatty demeanour had just disappeared, to the point where I was afraid she wouldn’t revert to her former self. However, when I came into the office the next day it looked amazing. We have cleaners to do basic work, but this was something else, resulting from a lot of effort.

Papers I kept meaning to file were away, everything dusted and cleaned. There were donuts and coffee waiting for me. “Good morning Sir!” I can still see her. She was back to her usual self but her eyes pleaded for approval. Later, I went through the computer logs and saw she had stayed nearly five hours late to get this done. There was no way she did it out of fear for her job: she wasn’t going anywhere. I realized she was doing it out of a desperate need to please me, to be an assistant that would make me happy.

I tried to distance myself by bombarding her with work, but everything I gave her she would conquer. Then she waited hungry for more beside me. I ran out of things to give her so I started taking on new contracts just so she could have something to do.

One day I had decided to teach her how to write some simple briefs I needed, when my self-control broke. She was standing next to me, leaning over to point to something on my screen, so close and yet I could just barely smell her perfume. This was to feature in the first story I wrote about her, with me telling her how lovely it smelled, followed by my asking her to stay late that night.

What really happened was I was a total ass. I told her I didn’t like her perfume and she needed to stop wearing it. The truth was a little different, I swear I could smell her on me. It was so subtle and she used so little but each waft of it made me want to tear her clothes off. I needed her to stop smelling like her.

I know now that doesn’t make much sense, but that was just the start. The rest of the day I was cruel to her. I actually think she left to cry at one point though I will never ask her. She just came back red faced and her eyes seemed to glow darker in contrast.

I’d stare at my 46 year old self in the mirror and feel idiotic. The lines on my face were getting worse. I have all my hair but the dark brown is speckled with gray. I work out, even did Iron man, I’m just getting old. The thought of pursuing someone that could be my daughter made me feel creepy.

When I got back to work the next day I had planned to apologize and fire her. My blood pressure was going to kill me. I was torn between lusting after her and trying to keep her away from me.

I got to my office earlier than usual. There were 4 perfume bottles on my desk with a note which said simply “These are the four perfumes I own. If none of these are satisfactory please tell me of one you prefer so I can buy it. I apologize if my smell has been bothering you.”

I felt like a total dick.

I couldn’t escort pendik fire her. I also couldn’t keep denying myself. I had given her the name of a perfume I loved but my ex hated. “Pure Poison” it was like $80 a bottle. She bought it and started wearing it the next day.

It was at this point I started writing on Literotica to fulfil in my imagination something I was too afraid to pursue in real life.

I opened my laptop and pulled out the original draft of my first story. In this first draft my character was harsh and distanced himself from Noel. I ended up changing it and posting something different.

I decided from the second edit that I didn’t want people hating my character; Ethan, was ALWAYS kind to Sarah’s character, Noel. This was truly how I had wanted our relationship to go, however in real life, after I told her I didn’t like her perfume, she left me to work on her own for the rest of the day. I just sat in my office writing this before I had to go and jack off imagining her body and perfume – I had it bad.

I looked over my first draft. The one Sarah hadn’t seen. She’d never know how much I lusted after her in that moment. In the story she saw on Literotica Ethan had coaxed Noel and touched her so tenderly. I was hungry and my first draft showed it.


Noel bent further, her silk green blouse falling a little lower in front. She continued to ask thoughtful questions and all I could do was imagine sliding my hand into that blouse, squeezing those breasts, then pulling them out to play with them. I suddenly realised she asked me a question, and tried to bring myself back to reality.

I inhaled deeply through my nose; her perfume is heaven. “What’s the perfume you’re wearing Noel?” She flashes me a beautiful smile “It’s called Twirl! It’s my favourite.”

Despite myself I managed to force a glare. The name was fitting. The soft floral aroma that seemed to enhance my effervescent assistant. “It’s not appropriate for work Mrs. Meadows.”

I can’t believe I just said that. It doesn’t even make sense, I love her smell. I just can’t take her so close. I need her to withdraw. I need her to hate me, to not feel comfortable so close. Instead I just get this look of utter sadness.

Her face seems broken and she mumbles “I’m sorry sir.” She closes in as if I just told her I shot her dog.

“STOP IT!” I stand up glaring pushing my chair back. “Stop acting as if what I say has any bearing on your actions.”

I can’t seem to break my glare. My sexual tension has turned into some sort of angry outburst. I look at Noel and feel like she’s a field mouse looking at a hawk. I want to grab her and shake her and tell her to run.

I watch her shake then take a deep breath and whisper “What you say is important to me. I’m sorry if my actions have implied otherwise Sir. I won’t wear my perfume again.” She sticks her chin out gritting her teeth. That fake facade of confidence is what got her this job. It’s also what makes me grab her.

She reaches to take her folder from my desk and I grab her wrist. Her tiny wrist is engulfed by my hand. I tug her arm so she’s forced to face me. She looks mostly confused while I try to stop myself.

I tell myself to let her go and to take a deep breath. She still hasn’t pulled away or said anything. Instead I move forward. My free hand grabs her face and I kiss her. At first she responds positively. Her mouth opening and kissing me back. I can taste her strawberry lip gloss and her mouth seems perfect, but in a split second she draws back.

“Please don’t! You’re my boss!” She’s the only one thinking. My blood is flowing in the wrong direction for that. My hands release her only to grab her waist and push her back. I kiss her again this time pinning her against the wall.

“Tell me to stop Noel and I will. Please tell me to stop. I’ve wanted you so bad for so long, I can’t stop unless you tell me now.” I release her waist and put my hands on the wall. She’s still pinned there as I kiss her neck. It takes all my strength to keep my hips from grinding into her.

She says nothing as I move back to her mouth. I push my tongue in between her lips and she whimpers. I feel her grip my shirt. She’s applying pressure as if to push me off. I know I could keep going but silence isn’t enough of consent for me.

Somehow I manage to pull my lips away from her. My body feels like I will pass out if I can’t get back to tasting her. I keep my hands on the walls afraid if I touch her I won’t be able to stop myself. I look into her eyes to find her staring so timidly up at me.

I can’t be the predator. I have to hear it from her. “I have to hear you say you want this Noel. I swear if you say no I will respect that and you’ll never have to worry about me again. I’m a tough guy I can take it. I just know I can’t go further thinking you’re staying quiet because you’re afraid of what I’ll do.”

I watch her release my shirt crossing her arms over her chest. “If I pendik escort bayan didn’t want this would you fire me?” My mood is instantly killed. I have, before me, a woman I just sexually harassed. I pull away from the wall quickly, as if my palms were burning.

I take a step back sitting on my desk. “Dear God no Noel, I am so sorry, this is so unprofessional of me. I’d never fire you. You’re the best assistant anyone could ask for. I am so sorry. I swear this will never happen again and if you like…”

The rest is cut off as Noel springs forward, wraps her arms around my neck and begins kissing me. It usually takes me a minute or two to get hard again after a shut down but I can feel I’m rock solid already.

I don’t even know what just happened. I know I should ask her. I should make sure she doesn’t feel bad about this. Instead I continue to sit on the desk but spread my legs. My hands grip her round ass and I pull her into me.

The desk is the perfect height. With her heels, her pussy is right against my cock. I pull her tighter, then slide my hands down. I have to reach down to her knees to get to the bottom of her skirt. I pull it up as quickly as I can.

It’s a tight pencil skirt and I hear a few stitches break as I bring it up over her ass. The second my hands slide down to cup her bare ass I know there is nothing that can stop me now. I squeeze her ass hard and she merely whimpers into our kiss.

I grab her tight and pull her up, her feet leaving the ground. She grips my shoulders gasping. She does what I hoped she would. She leans on me and brings one knee after the other to either side of me. She straddles me and I pull her down hard against me.

As I force her to grind herself against my straining cock, she breaks our kiss. “Please I’m wet, your suit will get dirty.” I want to say something witty but all I can think about is her pussy.

The second she tries to sit up, and pull away from me, I stare down at her freshly waxed pussy. Apparently she hadn’t been wearing panties. My fingers reach out and touch her and her hands grip my shirt again. I like that she holds on to me, grips me to control herself.

I push two fingers between her dripping lips and slide them into her hot pussy. I watch her close her eyes. She is so tight I can’t believe it. Her hot juices are running down my hand. My free hand grabs her shoulder and presses her body down. Her legs split further and I cup her pussy, my palm rubbing her clit softly.

It’s an odd position to keep my hand in but I like it. “Unbuckle my pants Noel.”

Her eyes shoot open. For a moment it seemed she is lost on my fingers. She doesn’t say anything in response, just bites her lip and nods her head.

She releases me to begin working on my belt, whimpering softly as my fingers continue to move in her body. She fumbles with my buckle as I find that spot inside her. She claws at my belt and pants trying to pull them off me while my fingers fuck her quickly, her juices dripping on to us and the desk.

She closes her eyes again. I manage to get my pants undone and never slow my fingers. Her small body is shaking. “Take your top off.” She complies, tossing her shirt off and quickly undoing her bra strap while I pull my dick out.

The second her breasts are free my mouth finds them. I nip and lick at them, sucking her hard nipples into my mouth. Gently at first then more roughly, biting the aureole, knowing she’s still focused on my fingers. My cock has never stood so straight up before.

My entire body is screaming for me to fuck her but I won’t do it until she cums. “Oh god!” My little love Assistant is lost in her pleasure. Her head tilts back and I’m shocked at how much her thighs vibrate. I feel her start to contract. My hand is drenched, my fingers squeezed painfully tight.

She’s gasping for breath and cries out when I pull my fingers quickly from her. As quickly as I can, I get off of the desk. Noel wraps her arms around my neck to keep from falling back.

In one fluid movement, my feet hit the ground, my hips move foreword and my dick presses into her, opening her lips. “You’re so tight Noel!.” She doesn’t say anything as I slide all the way in to her, she just buries her face in my neck whimpering.

Her hot tunnel fits my shaft perfectly, the head pressing against her cervix. I’m not huge but her pussy seems shallow and I know she’s feeling it. I could hold her in the air and fuck her that way but I have a better idea.

I stand straight up holding her. She wraps her legs around me and I turn to face my desk, bend my knees and sit Noel’s ass on the edge of it. “Lay back” I whisper, encouraging her. She lays back and I have to pause to look at her.

Her dark brown hair has come free and is sprawled around her. Her face is flushed and her green eyes are piercing through me, begging me silently to continue. Her breasts move slowly up and down. One of her nipples is red and I want to make the other look the same.

She’s young, beautiful and mine. “Put your legs on my shoulders.” She nods. I keep my hard dick buried deep in her as she straightens her legs and brings them up slowly, her strappy silver heels moving on to my shoulders.

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