Like No Other

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The screen name on the e-mail was vaguely familiar, like I should know who it was but couldn’t quite place it. I was at work and our system had a good firewall and virus protection so I wasn’t too worried. Usually I just delete e-mails if I don’t know who they are from. But this name stuck with me and after a few minutes I just had to see who it was from. God, am I glad I did.

The e-mail was from Jamie, my oldest friend in the world. We had known each other since we were babies, literally. Well, since she was a baby, anyway. I was a whopping three years older than she!! Our parents had been best friends and we grew up together for most of our pre-teen years. Even with the age difference we were always very close. There was always a bond between us that neither of us could explain, but that both of us felt.

As soon as I opened the e-mail I knew who it was from. It was her married name that I thought I recognized but wasn’t quite sure. After all, I hadn’t seen her in almost ten years and had only seen her once in about twenty. She had run into my sister while shopping one day and had asked about me. When she heard I was divorced, she decided to contact me since she was in the middle of a divorce herself. After all, we were old and dear friends.

Her e-mail told me of meeting my sister, of hearing about the recent events in my life, and a little about hers. She left it open for me to respond if I was interested in talking to her. Of course, I sent her a response immediately. I didn’t hear back from her until the next day but after that we were talking via e-mail every day. After about a week I decided I wanted to hear her voice and asked for her phone number. She sent both her home and cell. I called her immediately. She sounded exactly as I remembered and it was wonderful to hear her voice again.

I don’t remember exactly when it was that she told me she was getting divorced but at that moment I knew there was a good chance something could be developing between us. Our telephone conversations became more and more involved and more intimate and within a few weeks we were talking about sex. Those conversations led to me making plans to go see her, which, in turn, led to discussions of what was going to happen when we did see each other. Finally, after talking about it for several days and both getting extremely horny for each other, I asked her to have phone sex with me. She happily obliged and we made love that night via long distance. She was totally uninhibited and we had an incredible experience, touching ourselves physically but loving each other verbally and mentally. I like to talk during sex anyway and this was working out well. She came twice that night before I joined her on her third. Although I had known her all my life, this was definitely not the same “good girl” I knew as a teenager.

I give you this background because it leads up to the best part of this story, one simply unbelievable night that I will never forget. I had gone up to visit Jamie a couple of times and the visits were incredible. From the very first time, we made love like we’d been together forever. Her body was wonderful, even at 42 with two kids. Her face was as beautiful as I remembered and her smile still took my breath away. In bed she was almost insatiable. It took several minutes for her to warm up but once she did, she could keep going for hours. We have had several marathon fuck sessions – one in particular that lasted about six hours. I tell you, the woman is the most amazing lover I have ever known. As the title says – “Like no other.”

Ok, on to the good part. I was visiting yet again and Jamie had farmed the kids out for the weekend so we could be alone. We started the evening with a couple of strong drinks apiece, just to relax and let our blood flow. Still in the kitchen, I began kissing her beautiful lips and tasting her tongue, while my hands reached behind her and gently grasped both of her ass cheeks, pulling her tightly into my body. She could feel me already beginning to grow and moaned into my mouth, wiggling her hips against my rising erection. She moved back a few inches and I felt her hand reach down and begin to caress my throbbing, growing cock. It felt wonderful and I buried my tongue in her mouth, sucking her tongue and trying to show her my excitement.

She broke the kiss and whispered huskily “Let’s go upstairs.” We each picked up our drinks and I let her lead the way. I loved to watch her cute little ass as she climbed the stairs and I could never resist reaching out and goosing her. This time was no different except for her reaction. When my hand pushed up between her cheeks, instead of squealing and running on up the stairs, she stopped in her tracks, stuck her ass back toward my face and spread her legs a little. I took the hint and rubbed her pussy vigorously through her jeans. I couldn’t feel much but she moaned and said “Oh man, that feels good. Let’s go!” Then she hurried on up the stairs and into the bedroom.

Once we had set our drinks down safely, she turned toward me and began canlı bahis unbuttoning her blouse. “Wait,” I said. “Let me do it.” I looked at her beautiful face, framed by her short, blonde hair and those deep brown eyes and fell in love. I began by kissing her lips, then her neck. (She loves her neck being kissed and it tastes wonderful.) I gently rubbed my hands up her sides and over her full, round breasts, just lightly touching and not lingering. I then began unbuttoning her blouse, very slowly. As the blouse parted and skin appeared, my mouth and tongue were on it. Little by little her cleavage began to show, then the top of her bra cups. The bra seemed just a little too small which made her breasts push up over the top of each cup, a sight that was not at all unpleasant. I kissed the top curve of each breast, running my tongue over each one and eliciting a quick gasp from Jamie. She was fumbling with my belt and I had to stop her, saying “Not yet. Don’t be impatient. You’ll get what you want.”

“I want you now! I want you inside me!”, she said in desperation.

“Patience, Sweet Jamie. You’ll get it, I promise.”

She let go of my belt and I began removing her clothes again. I opened the blouse all the way up and beheld her beautiful chest and belly. Jamie was a few pounds overweight (according to the “average” chart) but it was attractive on her and only added to her beauty and sexual magnetism. And she wasn’t really self conscious about it with me because she knew the physical effect she had on me was incredible. By her own words, she’d never seen a man express or demonstrate such desire for her as I did. I have to tell you, after being with this woman once, I was hooked. She is that good.

I let her blouse drop to the floor and turned her around. I kissed her shoulders and back, licking and nibbling my way down to the top of her jeans. I unhooked her bra but said “Hold it against your breasts – don’t take if off yet.” Then I turned her back around. I tongued her belly button (something I love to do) and began kissing upward on her belly. Jamie was panting and whimpering and I knew she would soon be begging me to fuck her. One by one I slid her bra straps down her arms. She was still holding the cups in place with one arm. I gently placed my hands under her arm and told her to lift it. I was then holding her bra in place myself.

Gently I lifted the right one away from the gorgeous mountain of flesh that it covered. Jamie was an avid tanner, going to the tanning booth in the winter and getting as much sun as was healthy in the summer. She had no tan lines because she liked to tan naked. I love the sight of tanned breasts – it’s an insight into a woman’s open mindedness. I leaned in and planted a warm, wet, sloppy tongue kiss right on her nipple, which was hard and erect. She moaned loudly. “Do the other one, please!” she begged. I was getting the effect I desired.

I moved the other cup from her left breast and dropped her bra to the floor. Again I planted my tongue and lips on her nipple, sucking this one into my mouth like a nursing baby. I moaned as I sucked her and she panted “God, I want you so much. Please fuck me!!”

“Working on that, Baby” was my response. I popped open the button on her jeans and pulled the zipper down. She was wearing my favorite, tiny, thong underwear in my honor. “Good girl” I whispered in her ear before I put my tongue into it. Again she moaned. “Hurry, please hurry” she begged. I love it when she gets this excited. It was going to be a great evening.

I slid her jeans down over her hips and all the way to her ankles. She stepped out of them quickly and tried to pull down the panties. I stopped her and got on my knees in front of her. Gently, I hooked my fingers under the tiny elastic bands and slid them down a little. Another pleasant surprise – she had shaved her pussy for me. She knows I love that and had obliged me once again.

I gently kissed her mound above her clit, not wanting to go there yet. I was enjoying her excitement and the tension building in her. I knew when I finally did touch her, orgasm would come almost immediately. I slid her thong the rest of the way down and took one long lick from the bottom of her lips all the way up across her clit, but only one. She took a deep breath and I felt her knees give a little. I held her for a few seconds until I felt her stabilize, then turned her around. There was something I wanted to see. As I said, Jamie likes to tan naked, particularly in the tanning bed. Her all over tan is beautiful but I knew there was one place she didn’t tan. The only white area on this beautiful blonde woman was in the crack of her ass and just at the top of it, where her ass cheeks kept the tanning light out when she was laying down. It was a huge turn-on to see this one, small, white area of skin in such an intimate place.

I stood up, turned her back around and kissed this beautiful lady, and slowly guided her back to her big, king sized bed. She lay on her back and I started with her left foot and began kissing and licking bahis siteleri my way up her leg. When I got to her mid-thigh, I moved to the right foot and started over. “Aaaagghh!” she groaned when I went back down. “I want you! Come up here!” she complained.

“I’m coming, Baby. Trust me – you’ll be OK. It will all be worth the wait.” When I got up to her mid-thigh again, I began going back and forth between them, kissing, sucking and licking my way up slowly to the wonderful treasure at the junction. Her beautiful, shaved lips were glistening with the first hints of the warm, wet liquid she was producing. I was working my way up to taste that liquid when I heard her say “Damn it – hurry up! I need you now!”

I decided it was time to give her a break. I moved quickly up to those gorgeous lips and began licking them from the bottom up. I licked and sucked on one side, then moved to the other. Finally I stuck my tongue between them and pushed it in, instantly feeling and tasting a wash of her wonderful, sweet pussy juices. It was like a dam broke as her excitement flowed out of her like a river. I pushed my face forward, sticking my tongue as deeply into her as I could and getting my face covered with her slick wetness. I was in heaven.

“My clit. Suck my clit. I’m ready to cum!” I pulled my tongue out and slid up to her waiting button. Knowing how to please her, I licked it a couple times, then sucked it into my mouth, pressing my lips firmly around it and sucking on it like a nipple. She screamed out “Oh God!” followed by several audible, high-pitched moans as her first orgasm ripped through her body. It lasted about 20 seconds and she came down slowly, breathing hard and smiling. I continued to gently lick and kiss her pussy all over, staying away from her clit at this point. She continued to breathe deeply and I knew what was happening.

You see, Jamie is an exceptional lover. She has this ability, once she’s reached her first orgasm, to make herself cum again in only a couple of minutes. When she is really worked up, she lets go of everything except the physical, carnal pleasure she’s experiencing and it’s like her body won’t stop making it happen. I had already planned that today was the day to find out just how far that would go. Unbeknownst to her, I was going to see how many times this woman could cum in one day.

I began pushing my tongue into her a little at a time, letting the feeling gradually get stronger again. Jamie is a woman who’s clit doesn’t get extremely sensitive after orgasm (unlike my ex-wife) and she can be licked to two or three before she makes me stop. I stuck my tongue deeply into her dripping slit at the bottom most point and dragged slowly up, licking her entire vaginal opening as deeply as I could until I reached that magic button again. She moaned in pleasure and I began licking all around her clit, teasing it with my tongue. Her breathing became faster and heavier and I knew it was getting close again. I reached up for her breasts and began to tease them, rolling her nipples between my fingers. I felt Jamie’s hand on the back of my head and I knew it was time. Once again I sucked her clit forcefully into my mouth and sucked on it like a baby bottle. I heard that familiar squeal begin and felt her legs stiffen as the second orgasm hit her. Her body ran up that mountain and leaped off the other side, not caring where it landed. She called out my name over and over as this one took her. I felt like the king of the world.

After she had rested a few minutes, I decided it was time for something different. I moved up beside her on the bed and kissed her deeply. I then began lightly stroking her gorgeous body. I rubbed my fingertips over her skin, starting at her shoulders and down her chest, playing with each nipple briefly before continuing down to her belly. I rubbed my palm over her tanned belly, stopping at her belly button to caress it, then on down to her mound. I could feel her slightly lift her hips toward my hand and knew what I had to do next. I ran my fingers down each side of her soaking wet pussy, only touching the outside lips. She gasped and then moaned. I kissed her and her tongue invaded my mouth like a paint mixer, swirling around my tongue and tasting every inch of my mouth.

I flattened my hand out and rubbed it over her entire vaginal area and up over her clit, putting direct pressure on her clit before starting back down. She was so wet it was as if I was spreading oil around. My hand was drenched and I raised it up to my mouth, licking some of the juices off, then moved it to her mouth so she could do the same. (When we first got back together, tasting herself was something new to her. The first time I took my fingers out of her and held them to her lips, she looked at me like I was crazy. But after trying it a couple of times, she was hooked. She told me now she even tastes her sweet juices when she masturbates. Score one for me!)

As I continued rubbing her, I began dipping fingers into her wet opening. First one, then two, then three. When the bahis şirketleri third finger went in I stopped rubbing and began finger-fucking her sweet, dripping pussy. She began moving her hips up and down to my rhythm, helping me to push further and further into her. I flicked her clit lightly with my thumb and could feel number three headed her way. “Faster”, she whispered. “Keep doing that, just do it faster.” Her wish was my command and I did as she asked. I heard her breathing quicken again and knew she was close. I literally fucked her with my hand for all I was worth and her orgasm took her again in less than thirty seconds. I watched the pain/pleasure look that crossed her face – that look that means you don’t know whether to scream or laugh. My hard-on jumped once, making me aware that he hadn’t had any attention yet. But that was OK. Today I was on a mission and my own pleasure would be the last item on the agenda.

Don’t get me wrong – my own pleasure is always the last item on the agenda. I pride myself in the fact that when I’m with a woman, her pleasure always comes first. I have always enjoyed making and watching a woman cum more than cumming myself. Let’s face it, unless a man has recently cum and it’s too soon, or he’s too drunk to achieve orgasm, he can pretty much always get off. So my orgasm isn’t important to me until I’ve satisfied my partner as much as I possibly can. There was a time with one woman that I erupted all over the bed just from watching her orgasm. I was finger-fucking her while she played with her clit and we were talking really dirty. When she came really loudly, my balls apparently couldn’t take it and I came just after her, without even touching myself. She said it was sweet and it was like we were in high school. She also said it let her know just how hot she made me which made me feel better. Afterward we laughed but she never forgot my excitement for her that day. I’ll tell that story another day.

Anyway, back to Jamie. She had experienced three orgasms in about twenty minutes. I knew this day was going to be exceptional and I was determined to keep it up. I slowed my movements down a little to give her some recovery time, but continued to move my fingers in and out of her. She was really into it now. Her eyes were closed, her hands went to her breasts and she was breathing through her mouth. “Do that again” she said. “That was intense.”

I began pumping my fingers into her quickly again. She squeezed and manipulated her breasts, pinching her nipples and running her tongue around her lips. Her breathing quickened once more and I could tell her orgasm was imminent. “Kiss me!” she said. I bent to her mouth and pushed my tongue into her other orifice. Her orgasm took her almost immediately and she moaned loudly into my mouth, then practically stuck her tongue down my throat. Her hips bucked up off the bed several times before her whole body stiffened, then literally collapsed like a rag doll. I felt her lips break into a smile and pulled my face back to look at her. She was giggling to herself and totally satiated, for the moment. “OK, break time. I need a drink.”

We separated and sat up in the bed, each taking a few large swallows of our drinks. The alcohol was having different effects on each of us. It was making her extremely horny and allowing her to lose her inhibitions. And it was making me completely oblivious to my raging hard-on. I had no thoughts whatsoever about wanting release. All I wanted was to ravish this beauty and make her cum over and over. Jamie even reached out and began stroking him. “Poor baby”, she said. “He needs attention too.”

“Don’t worry – he’ll be fine. Right now it’s all about you. You are amazing.” I smiled and kissed her deeply. “You ready for some more?”

Her smile lit up the room. “I’m ready. What do you have in mind?”

“How about you masturbate for me? You know how much I like to watch you.”

“Can I use my vibrator?”

“You can use anything you want.” I smiled at her. “In fact, why don’t you get your vibrator and your dildo? I think we can put them to good use.”

“Absolutely!” Her face lit up again as she got off the bed and went to her “hiding place”. (Kids in the house, remember?)

She came back a few seconds later with her toys. Her vibrator was a long, straight black instrument that really was made for massages, but it worked really well for her sexual pleasure. It had a large, flat head on it that she held up against her clit and it really did the job for her. The dildo was a small one, about five inches long and only about an inch in diameter. She laid the dildo on the bed between us and laid on her back with her legs spread. She put the “black monster” against her clit and turned it on. Immediately she moaned in pleasure.

“Show me how you do it when I’m not here, Baby. I want to watch you cum.” My cock jumped again at the sight of her pleasuring herself. I think it grew another half inch. She whispered “Play with my breasts, please?” I needed no more encouragement. With my eyes on what she was doing to her pussy, I began squeezing one nipple as I sucked the other one into my mouth. Both nipples reacted immediately, becoming hard. “Oh my God, that feels wonderful. Please don’t stop.” As if I was going to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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