Leslie Takes a Ski Trip

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On the surface it was an odd proposal between the two female college roommates. But Leslie and Corrie had an unusual friendship and few off-center things come together make it, Corrie’s proposal, seem normal.

The two freshman coeds were roommates that had been randomly paired together. Corrie had a “Barbie Girl” body with brunette hair and light brown eyes. She was a pretty girl partier while Leslie was cute and had a tomboy built, except for her voluptuous backside, coed that put more focus on her academics. Over the months they had found common ground and learned to appreciate their differences. They got a kick out of each other and their different outlooks. Corrie thought Leslie really needed to open up some and Leslie could not help but chide Corrie now and again about how education should be more of a priority.

In addition to being the smarter of the two Leslie was more athletic. Leslie had been a diver and swimmer in high school. She kept her conditioning up through intramural sports and activities and kept her thick sandy brown hair short and off her cute face. Corrie wore her dark brown long and straight. Corrie had the blessing, curse, depending on how one sees things, of being built like a Barbie Doll. She didn’t have the lopsided top of the doll but she was blessed with well rounded c-cups that looked slightly out of proportion in her otherwise thin 5′ 5″ frame. Even with her large for her body breasts she barely weighed over a hundred and ten. Whereas, Leslie had a swimmers build her round and just short of b-cup size breasts fitting comfortably on her frame. Leslie did possess “matronly” hips. You know, “she has back.”

The proposal: For Leslie to go on an overnight ski trip with Frank.

The college they attended was in the Midwest and had a very popular ski resort a couple hours north of campus. It was common for the students to go there on weekends to ski and party.

Frank was Corrie’s boyfriend — to the extent Corrie had boyfriends anyway. A better description would be to say that Frank was the one lover that she hung around with as a friend too. Corrie always had a small stable of lovers. She was not a slut per se, but she was wild child. She falls into the wild child category given she had been with nearly twenty different guys at the age of nineteen. But to say she was a slut would to unfair given she was very selective and if she had a one night stand it was due to the fact that she had over estimated the guy she had been smitten with.

Corrie did have standards and she did have plans of a stable life down the road, maybe not a house with a white picket fence around it but both stable and down the road. Corrie agreed with Leslie that college was for preparing for the business world. Conversely though, she thought the college years were also for free exploration. This was her justification for the partying, the out of town trips and the small and ever changing, with the exception of Frank, small stable of male companions for sex.

Leslie was equally social. But being social to her was being on many different sports teams and fully participating in college forums and clubs. A big difference between the two of them was their outlook on relationships. Leslie enjoyed having a boyfriend but her relationships were more about being connected and the sex was an expression of this. Leslie had just broken up with her fifth boyfriend. This boyfriend was only the third guy she had had sex with. A pretty low number all things considered.

What lead Corrie to make the proposal for Leslie to go on over night ski trip with Frank was that Leslie had been moping around for three weeks running. Leslie and her boyfriend had broken up. When pressed by Corrie, Leslie agreed that she probably could use a get away. She had gotten to the point where she was admitting that she had been set back by the break up too deeply for too long and that a get away might clear her thoughts and would help her to get on with things. She originally objected to it being with Frank though. She expressed to Corrie that she would go on the ski trip, that it sounded perfect, but that it would be best to go alone. Leslie teasingly pointed out that she can find her own man there.

Corrie flat out told her that though that was true that she, Leslie, would be playing the odds, whereas Frank was a sure thing. “Trust me Leslie, you will be thrilled”, Corrie had said in closing.

It was clear that she had some meaning to the closing statement, Leslie took the obvious that Frank was awesome in bed. Corrie’s wry smile and the emphasis on the last part of her statement made it clear she was not referring to the fact that Frank was an avid skier and that Leslie could get some free lessons.

“Corrie, you know the type of guys I like. Frank is so skinny and tall.”

“Yeah, yeah that he is. You like the rugby type. Your last beau had shoulders as wide as a couch but let me ask you something if don’t mind okay?”

There was a pause. Corrie had asked the question rhetorically canlı bahis but still paused for clearance. Leslie nodded and then gave a chortle knowing Corrie was going to talk about sex.

“How big was Dave?” Corrie asked, Dave being the name of Leslie’s last boyfriend.

Leslie paused before answering. She was rather naïve about sex only having been with three guys. The pause was from her about to answer the question with height and weight of Dave but quickly realizing Corrie was actually inquiring about penis size.

“He was pretty big down there” was her answer.

Corrie knew that Leslie had no reference and really didn’t know how to answer the question. She went to one of her drawers and pulled out a vibrator.

“Oh, don’t give me that look Leslie. I know you have a ‘pocket rocket’ that you keep in your pillow case.”

They both laughed.

With the blue colored vibrator in her hand Corrie said, “I put my lovers in five categories: small, modest, average, large and huge.”

Corrie had made faces as she listed out the sizes. She had shaken her head back and forth and frowned when she had said “small.” She had shrugged her shoulders when at the next size, grinned and nodded her head up and down at “large” and mockingly bulged her eyes when she said “huge”. They laughed together again.

“This vibrator is a slightly thin average size.”

Corrie then looked at Leslie awaiting an answer. “He was average, I guess.”

“Well, the others?” Corrie wanted details.

“I thought so Leslie” Corrie said not needing to hear Leslie’s answer.

Leslie had paused and Corrie took this pause correctly to mean the other two had been average at best.

Corrie let part of a minute pass as she put her vibrator back. Then she turned to Leslie with a soft look of seriousness.

“Frank has a tremendous cock Leslie.”

Leslie nervously smiled at the revelation. She had never thought about why Frank was the one constant in Corrie’s love life. Frank was a fun guy. The three of them had done things together and spent time just hanging out. Frank was fun and easy to be around. Leslie had just figured that their, Frank’s and Corrie’s, personalities just clicked and all that.

She couldn’t help but to have her curiosity piqued. She wanted to know more about the word “tremendous” but was too shy to ask directly.

“I thought you two were pretty close, you know, friends and lovers.”

“Frank is a dear friend Leslie.”

Corrie paused for a dramatic effect. She wanted Leslie to hear her clearly.

“He also has a huge cock. I mean huge!”

They laughed again. Leslie’s laugh letting off shock and nervousness, while Corrie’s was along the lines of “I am your friend, I am setting you up with Frank for your own good.”

They didn’t need to cover the territory issue. It was understood that Corrie had no sense of ownership with Frank. Leslie and Frank going out on the ski date would not be an encroachment of a relationship.

Originally Leslie was open to the proposal as an acknowledgement that she needed to get on with things. Now she was surprisingly eager. Yes, that was a good word for it. Leslie was kind of surprised at herself. Her interest level had just been dramatically increased and it was due to finding out Frank was packing. It was such a purely sexual curiosity that had been piqued. You know, whatever a guy had down there or what he did in bed, how long he lasted, his moves, whether or not he was good at giving oral sex were just part of the relationship. Yet, here she was admittedly curious and even thrilled at the very base and sexual thought of experiencing a big penis. The way Corrie had made her proclamation it was not a big penis it was a “cock.”

Leslie was no longer near the fence, she was over the top. The only real issue she wanted to bring up was whether or not Frank would be interested. Leslie carried herself with confidence, but wanted to know if Frank was actually interested in her or just going with the flow created by Corrie.

“Does he even know about this?” Leslie asked.

“Oh my Leslie, he thinks you are absolutely hot. He is always asking me to invite you along for a threesome. Maybe you are game? Just kidding, I know that type of thing is not your style, yet.”

Corrie had tilted her head downward and gave a devilish grin. It made them both chuckle. Leslie had never even thought about such a thing but gathered there actually was something, almost a playful “dare”, being tossed out there by Corrie. But Leslie’s thoughts were too consumed with her blatantly sexual thoughts to give the comment, the tease, a second thought.

“Plus, I have seen his eyes wander, oh, he just seems to like backsides like you are lucky enough to have.” Corrie was referring to the fact that Leslie had a spectacular ass.

Leslie’s backside is difficult to describe other than to say if butts were given cup sizes like breasts then Leslie had a double-D butt. She had a really distinct hour glass shape. bahis siteleri She had a nicely shaped b-cup top described before, her athletic shoulders narrowing to her hips then boom, her hips jutted out to a full “apple bottom”. Leslie ran through her schedule in her head. “Saturday would really work for me if he is truly game.”

What Leslie had reviewed was the details of what academic things she had to get done before Monday. She knew she could get everything done by Friday night. It didn’t need to be said that an overnight stay might be involved. Oh boy, Leslie noticed this change in her thoughts. She had originally accepted the idea presuming, knowing Corrie, that sex was implied. Now she was not thinking an overnight might be involved. Instead she was hoping for it.

The ski date was a done deal now. Leslie was now eagerly looking forward to the weekend. She gathered a book she needed to spend some time with and left the room to head to the study hall knowing she would spend more time lost in thought that with the book but she would make the effort to study none the less. There was a spring to her step as she left the room that had been missing for a few weeks. Leslie and Frank left Saturday morning very early and then spent the day skiing. It was fun, very fun.

Leslie had made a short walk to Frank’s apartment; he lived off campus as most upper classmen do, as agreed. Leslie had felt awkward and was not able to make eye contact with Frank when he waltzed out of the apartment with his ski equipment. But within a couple miles of the trip they were chatting comfortably.

Frank was a fun date through the entire day of skiing and food breaks. He was a near elite skier and went off to some of the tougher hills a few times but always circled back to join her and ski with her. The highlight of her day was the time he took her to one of those tougher hills – it took a great deal of coaxing, but he guided her all the way down. He got behind her and held her close locking his skis on the inside of hers and did most of the work. Of course, he avoided the moguls and guiding them in swooping loops all the way down stating that the objective was for her to be able to say she did the slope called “Trash City.”

There were a couple moments where Leslie so enjoyed the date that she let mind wonder about just how close Frank was to Corrie and had decided that if he asked her out again she would gladly accept. In spite of how different he was to her prior boyfriends she was thinking he just might be boyfriend material. Leslie found the stocky, burly types attractive – the “rugged good looks” type. Frank was taller than any of her boyfriends had been at three inches over six feet and rather slim. But she had felt good in his arms during their “co-joined” ski trip down Trash City. He felt strong however slight his build. She felt safe with his lanky and wiry arm holding her in front of him all snug and she had made a mental note to ask him if he played the piano given he had very large sinewy hands.

She would have these pleasant thoughts about Frank being boyfriend material then she would smile to herself hearing Corrie’s voice in her head “he is huge.”

Once Frank had noticed her smiling to herself and asked her, “what’s so funny?”

“This is just so fun Frank. In case you didn’t figure it out yet I have not skied much.”

The day started to fade and so they packed up their skis and headed off to a nice motel. They had made the two hour drive in the morning and determined prior that they would stay over some where and make the drive back home in the morning. It was just a common sense plan to do considering the exhaustion they would feel after a full day of skiing and the fact that the day would be full of stops for drinks. They had enjoyed four shots and a chaser throughout the day. Of course, it was largely burned off but added to the feeling of wanting to rest before making the drive.

“One or two beds sir?” an attendant asked Frank as she took his credit card for payment of the room.

Frank put up one finger and then looked at Leslie and gave her a smile that was both sly and adorably cute. She had so enjoyed the date, she really had, that towards the end of the skiing she had forgotten about the sex she had eagerly been anticipating. The thoughts of what it would be like to be with a hung guy that had never left her thoughts for more than hour over the past few days of anticipation waiting for Saturday. She felt her face flush as she gave him a return smile.

Frank was eager to be with Leslie sexually but liked to take his time with women, especially the first time with them. He had a high sex drive but had learned to not seem too eager and to make them feel special. In the case of Leslie he did really like her, he had found her very attractive from the first time he met her and had been completely taken by her the first time he saw her walking away from him with her tight jeans. Like Leslie had pondered thoughts about Frank being boyfriend material bahis şirketleri Frank had had similar thoughts about Leslie. He had always found her hot and to be interesting. He was becoming smitten with her now.

“I would like to get cleaned up some while we have to wait for room service” Frank said as they entered the room still decked out in their skiing clothes.

Leslie just took her boots and began to remove her jacket acknowledging that though caught up in the moment, their exchange of smiles, that Frank had asked for a bottle of wine to be sent up to the room. There would be a few minutes to burn.

The line finally gets crossed as Frank gets behind Leslie to help her with her jacket. Frank pulls her arms free of the jacket and she feels a gentle kiss on the nape of neck. It sent a welcomed chill down her spine.

Frank signed for the wine and then wheeled the cart it was placed upon right into the bathroom. “I called a head of time to make sure we got a room with a Jacuzzi, but this is almost a pool” she heard him say, the last part with a chuckle as he disappeared with the wine into the bathroom.

The wine had gotten there sooner than expected removing the time he planned on getting freshened up. So, maybe they would do so together? Leslie heard the water running and then a minute later she heard the jets start to foam up the water.

“It is a little hot but it will cool” Leslie heard Frank say from the bathroom.

He was already in the Jacuzzi. Leslie had taken minute to set her overnight stuff on the dresser and hang her jacket. By the pile near the bathroom door Frank had just disrobed and gotten in the Jacuzzi. Leslie entered the room to join Frank.

“What a great smile” Leslie thought seeing Frank leaning against the far side of the tub already in it and surrounded by bubbles.

The both chuckled as she entered the area. Frank had put too much bubble mix in and the Jacuzzi was overflowing. It was quit a mess. Frank had put the wine bottle on ice next to the tub and held up two glasses implying that it would be her job to fill them.

He nodded to her right. Leslie looked and saw a dimmer switch. That was a nice gesture and appreciated by her. After all, he had gotten disrobed when she was getting settled and given it was their first date it would have been somewhat awkward to stand there under 110 watts given she was the shy type.

Leslie’s playful and spirited side surfaced. She stepped forward pouring wine into both glasses and then took her glass of wine. With three gulps she emptied it. She poured herself another and left the bathroom. Frank smiled at her actions, her pretending to be coy, of standing just outside the door and to the left so she could invisibly to him start to get undressed. He saw her hand snake around the door frame and upon finding the dimmer turned it down nearly three quarters of the way and then she entered.

“Wow!” was the thought that popped into Frank’s head as he saw Leslie’s silhouette.

It was fantastic and perfect, just how he liked a woman to be built. He saw how her strong shoulders fed into her waist and then how her hips so perfectly flared out.

“Just pure beauty” he thought.

Leslie was careful not to slip as she got into the Jacuzzi across from Frank. It was a very large Jacuzzi. Their eyes adjusted so they could see each other now in the dimmed light. They were both smiling. With a broad smile Frank held up his glass and gave a toast “to Trash City”, referring the giant slalom they had traversed together. Leslie leaned forward to click glasses with Frank. He leaned forward too and they both froze upon clicking their glasses together. Frank made the first move but Leslie followed closely as they came together in a kiss. It was soft initially and then became more intense. After a passionate minute Frank eased Leslie back, sliding her to his side and then putting his arm around her as he did. Neither spilled any of their wine.

Frank held his glass up again and said “to a very beautiful girl”.

“I will drink to that” Leslie responded with a chuckle and they both took a large drink.

Frank had thought it would be nice to soak in the Jacuzzi with Leslie for a while. That had been his intent, you know, work up to things. It was a good thought but just a thought. After a few minutes of idle chat and just relaxing Frank turned his head to hers and they began kissing again. Frank reached over his head with his glass and found the sink to place it. Leslie finished off her wine in between kisses and handed him her glass for him to safely get it out of the tub area.

She leaned into Frank and felt her skin tingle. She felt a broad hand cupping her breast. She had moved from feeling comfortable and ready to be frisky to feeling sexually aroused in just the past minute. He was a good kisser and his touch was sensual, soft, and attentive.

Leslie stands in at just over 5’2″, so she fit like a hand in a glove under his arm that was around her. She snuggled into Frank with her head tilted up in their kiss. Their kissing was eager and already filled with lust for each other. They were making even more of a mess of the bathroom floor as they jostled the water about.

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