Last Train

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“Oh no not again!” I gasped as I realised that I had missed the early morning alarm again. This was the third time in the last month I would have to really rush to catch the 7.06 train commute to work.

I had started at this big firm in the city less than 6 months ago moving here from the sticks after a desperately failed relationship went belly up.

A new start was what I needed to clear my head and get my life back on track so I upped and left the small town where I had been raised to find myself in the big city. It was still hard to feel I belonged here, I didn’t know that many people only the few I immediately worked with but they all seemed to have such busy lives, meeting deadlines and having a boss that expected everyone to do what they were paid to do without idle chit chat, so they didn’t really stop and socialise with other work colleagues.

I ran to the train station and luckily just managed to jump in the carriage before the doors closed behind me. Feeling utterly bedraggled and flustered I tried to apply a little lipstick and some mascara, not very successfully I admit due to the jostling of the crowded carriage and the movement of the train over the tracks.

“Oh well I can always rush into the rest room at work before going up to the tenth floor. Thankfully the elevator was mirrored so I could put some finishing touches together before reaching my floor.”

I muttered to myself.

I arrived at my desk with barely two minutes to spare before the boss appeared as he did every morning to check his troops were in place and issue orders and allocate tasks to be completed before disappearing into his own office at the end of the corridor.

With head down I set to work and didn’t stop except to grab a sandwich from the machine in the hall way outside our large office when my stomach started to grumble as I hadn’t eaten breakfast. I ate it at my desk, no one was chatting, all were too busy and conscious of the boss just down the hall and the half yearly assessment report which was due on each employee. A good report could mean a raise in the pay packet and for some the possibility of moving up the pecking order, so everyone was concentrating on their own particular task and not bothering with anyone else.

Finally the clock showed it was time to close down the computers and tidy desks before joining the hordes of other commuters on the streets and at the train station.

I arrived at my little one bedroomed apartment tired and miserable after a soul destroying day.

“Why oh why can’t city people be friendly and talk to each other? All they do is rush around and keep their heads down not making eye contact, not smiling at others. Ah I miss my old life in the small town. ” I gloomily thought.

I didn’t even have a pet to talk to as they weren’t allowed in this building so had to revert to talking to myself.

After rustling up something to eat I grabbed a bottle of wine from the fridge and settled down on the sofa with only the old TV for company. Flicking through the channels I couldn’t find anything I wanted to watch it all seemed to be doom and gloom or boring talk shows. A couple of glasses of wine later I decided to go to bed and try to sleep although what I really wanted was some one to talk to and even have a cuddle with. I missed the contact of being part of a couple, the closeness and sense of belonging, the warm feeling inside when that special person is around.

The following week was much the same as the previous one, rushing to catch the train because the alarm clock was definitely on its way out, I must buy a new one very soon I thought as for the umpteenth time the alarm did not go off at the designated time. Luckily I always managed to get to work before the boss showed up for his daily inspection of his troops and allocation of tasks but it was always a struggle to arrive before him.

Monday arrived again after an uneventful weekend spent doing household chores and lounging around in my pjs, the weather was wet and cold outside and for some reason I couldn’t motivate myself to go out even to buy a new alarm clock.

“Oh shit!!” I grumbled in a panic, not only had the alarm not gone off but when I looked outside I could see flurries of snow coming down which would inevitable make the traffic much slower canlı bahis than it normally is. Grabbing my coat and scarf I rushed to the train station to see the back end of the carriages pulling out of the station.

“Oh shit shit shit!’ I moaned “I’ve definitely missed my train. Now I’ll be late for work and the boss is bound to notice I am not sat at my desk when he does his rounds”

The next one was due on another platform in four minutes so rushing and hurrying through the crowds I just managed to jump on before that too left the station.

This carriage wasn’t quite as crowded as my usual one so I was able to find a seat thankfully and try to apply some lipstick and mascara in relative comfort. The rocking of the carriage didn’t help but somehow I managed and made myself a little bit more presentable. Finishing up and putting my items back in my bag I looked up and saw someone watching me with what looked like a shy smile playing on his face.

Embarrassed I quickly looked away, although I am now used to applying my make up on the train I don’t usually get noticed much, because other women are doing much the same and the train is too crowded to stand out.

During the journey I kept finding my eyes drawn to the young man further down the carriage. He had light brown hair neatly cut, he was dressed in a smart suit with what looked like good muscular shoulders filling it out. He was taller than me I guessed about 6′ or a tad more. What really stood out for me was his eyes – they were a sparkling blue that seemed to twinkle when he looked at me.

“Oh lord he’s gorgeous and I bet he knows it too. I bet he’s got loads of girlfriends or will even be married. Just my luck. The first time I see someone that wakes my libido and he’ll be unavailable!’

I thought

Arriving at work ( luckily for me the snow had made the boss late and I was at my desk when he finally arrived) my mind kept drifting to the stranger on the train and I could not concentrate fully on my allocated tasks so when the end of the day came round I was glad to be able to go home and fantasise.

After grabbing a bite to eat and a glass or two of wine I had a shower and I lay on my bed with my dildo for company and let my imagination take over.

It had been a long time since I had felt the aching and tremors deep inside. Sometime during the six months of being in the city I had bought the sex toy with which to help relieve my frustrations I had forcibly refused to dwell on the things I was missing preferring to let myself believe I was better off without a man rather than be in an unhappy relationship. I had concentrated on work and trying to settle in the big city.

The following days and nights I spent a great deal of time thinking of the Adonis (and making use of my imagination and dildo) and hoping I would see him again even from a distance but alas he was not on my usual train.

I accepted and got used to the thought he and I would not see each other again not while I had to catch the 7.06 train to get to work on time and I couldn’t afford to be late for work too often unless I was willing to be fired.

“Drat shit and double shit; When is my life going to be improved and how am I going to find someone to hold and love, when all I do is go to work, go home, go to work , go home, go to work…”

Because of the snow which was hanging about and cloaking everything white it was then I decided to risk catching the later train again and blaming the weather if the boss saw me come in to work later than I should have.

Yes yes yes there he is standing at the end near the doors reading his newspaper.

Every now and again he looked around the carriage as if looking for an empty seat and I was praying the woman sat next to me would get off at the next station and he would come and sit next to me.

Our eyes met over the back of the seats and he smiled at me, and I’m sure there was a twinkle in his sparkling blue eyes when he recognised me from previously. I smiled shyly back at him and hoped he was into telepathy as the thoughts I was thinking featured him and me sated after a night of wild passion. I felt myself heat up and felt a damp patch as I blushed. Adonis must have noticed the change of colour to my cheeks because his smile widened and he winked at me before getting off the bahis siteleri train, (when did we reach the station?) It was my destination so I hurriedly untangled myself from the seat and practically climbed over the woman who sat next to me, so I would not lose sight of Adonis in the jostling crowds.

There he is just up ahead. Pushing myself through the throng I was almost within reach when some sixth sense must have made him stop and turn round so I practically fell over him! He caught me in his arms and that smile lit up my world and his face. Beautiful straight white teeth and lips so kissable were only inches away from mine. Oh the will power I needed not to take full advantage and act the damsel in distress!

“I am so sorry” he said quietly “I didn’t mean to stop so suddenly, …but I was just thinking of you and decided to go back to the carriage and see if you were still there.”

“My lordy, no need to apologise at all I shouldn’t have been too close, …but I didn’t want to lose sight of you. I’ve been thinking of you as well since I first saw you.”

We both looked into each others’ eyes and the smiles lit up our faces and we laughed together. Feeling like a teenager with an infatuation we linked arms to get out of the station and found a coffee bar nearby where we both ordered a latte.

“I can’t believe I am sat here with a perfect stranger, and I mean perfect, drinking coffee instead of going into work. My boss will go ape shit but what the hell I will phone him and say I’m sick and won’t be in today.”

“Yeh me too. You have been on my mind since that first day I saw you on the train and I have been looking out for you ever since. I had almost given up, today was to be my last day on the late train. I normally travel on the 7.06 but that morning I had overslept so was on the one after.”

I gasped and burst out laughing almost choking on the mouthful of coffee as I explained that was my usual train but I was hoping to see him on the later train thinking that was his normal one. I had only caught the later train because I had overslept too.

Having decided to play hookey from work we spent the time together talking and laughing, it seemed we had known each other for years rather than just a few hours. He showed me a few of the sights and we had lunch in a small intimate restaurant we found down a short street among the shopping area. Later we arranged to meet that evening for dinner and to get to know each other some more. As we parted he gave me a kiss on the lips with the promise of better to come. Mmm it tasted delicious and I was on a floating cloud all the way home.

Reaching my one bedroomed apartment I began to search through my meagre wardrobe for something to wear this evening. I wanted it to be sexy but not tarty, feminine but not fussy. It had been a long time since I had been on a date. Eventually I chose my all time stand by favourite, a knee length black dress. It had a shrug to cover my shoulders and a short slit at the side that reached half way up my thigh. With the right jewellery, a simple gold chain and bracelet and matching shoes and handbag the outfit looked real classy.

I stepped under the warm water of the shower and using the rose scented soap I soaped my breasts and noticed my nipples were stood out proud and I was aware of a tingling in my pussy which I took as an indication of what could be happening in a few hours when my Adonis came to pick me up.

In my bedroom I stood in front of the full length mirror in my bedroom and scrutinised my body,

“I hope I don’t disappoint him or he disappoint me” I thought as I turned and twisted to see my reflection.

Now I am no model, but at 26 years of age I do have a nice body, good firm 36c boobs and a small waist and well proportioned hips. My legs are shapely and end with my true blonde mound which I prefer to be natural. Waxing is so painful why go to that bother? While looking at myself I found my fingers had travelled to my pussy and was gently rubbing my clit making me wet and even hornier than ever. Oh that felt so nice.

“No need for my toys tonight hopefully,” I said to my reflection smiling.


At 7pm on the dot my bell sounded and there stood Tom ( this was Adonis’ name but to me he will always be Adonis) dressed very smartly in a dark blue suit bahis şirketleri with a lighter blue shirt casually undone at the neck.

“Hello my darling”, he silkily uttered, “I hope I’m not too early but I couldn’t wait much longer to see you again.”

My knees felt weak as I fell into his arms and whispered he was just in time, in between his soft kisses.

The kisses went on for ages and when we eventually came up for air we started giggling like a couple of adolescents.

“Suzi you look amazing. Good enough to eat in fact.” he murmured in my ear making me feel wetter still. “Instead of going out to eat, how about we stay in and eat?”

“Yeh that would be perfect, only problem is I haven’t done any food shopping and the cupboards are almost bare!”

“Oh I wasn’t thinking of eating food, I would much rather eat you Suzi” he grinned covering my face, neck and shoulders in sweet warm kisses.

I could feel a warmth rise up from somewhere and then his hands slid down my body caressing me until they found my perky nipples, he slipped the zip of my dress and undid my bra with one hand while the other was exploring areas untouched for months by anyone but me and my faithful dildo.

His kisses were soft and delicious and sent a tingling all through me as he sucked on my nipples, and massaged my tits.

I began undoing his shirt buttons and stroking his nice firm muscular chest (he had just the right amount of manly chest hair) my fingers caressed his nipples and I slid my hand down his tight stomach to undo his button and zip. I could see and feel the bulge and was eager to touch it and see it without clothes in the way.

Murmuring softly we undressed each other as we stood in my lounge.

“Wow what a specimen!” I thought as he stood there with his 7inch dick pointing at me and dripping pre cum.

I dropped to my knees and began to lick his dick and gently suck the pre cum around its head. Delicious juices played on the tip of my tongue as I took his throbbing dick into my mouth. Adonis gasped and gave out a soft moan as his full girth and length entered and my head bobbed backwards and forwards along his long shaft at the same time as I was stroking his balls

Playing and licking, sucking and licking I could sense the moment of climax arriving as his balls tightened and his body started to tremble, I looked up from my position still with his dick wrapped in my lips and smiled (as best as I could considering I had my mouth full!), he had his eyes closed and a smile of pure pleasure on his face. His hands were gently stroking and tugging my hair keeping it away from my face saying,

“OMG I am gonna cum any minute Yes Yes Yeees! I want to come all over you”

My mouth actions became faster and more urgent as I sucked and licked his cum out squeezing every last drop and swallowing what I could. There was so much, the strings of jeez were dripping down my chin onto my tits and in my hair. I sucked and squeezed with my lips and tongue every last drop and Adonis went weak at the knees until eventually his dick softened.

He lifted me up and carried me over to the bedroom where he laid me down saying he was now going to give me some of the pleasure.

Laying down above and next to me he began to suckle on my tits which were stood at attention and played lightly with his long tongue, around my aureoles almost bringing me to climax. Wow he sure could use his tongue!

Soon he began travelling over my flat belly making delicate touches around my belly button and down to the edge of my lower lips following with sweet kisses and sucking.

His fingers found my clit and began to massage and rub in small circles until I thought I would burst. His tongue licked and played around my clit arousing me even more (if that was possible!)

I was so wet and eager for his dick I was groaning and pushing my pussy up and down into his mouth to feel his tongue enter me. After a while he positioned himself above me and taking hold of his now hard dick entered my pussy, I was so wet he went in so easily, his shaft was beautiful and hard and filled me completely. I could feel his balls as he pushed and pounded into me and the sensation was electrifying sending me into spasms of ecstasy.

“Yes Yes Yes I’m cumming Oh yes!”

Groaning and murmuring, bucking and pulsating we had mind blowing sex for a couple of hours before we were spent up and were forced to take a break.

Wrapped in each others arms we slept for a short while before resuming where we had left off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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