Lascivious Initiation

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My name is Cillian. I’ve known my best friend Dean since primary school. Sixteen years now. My dear man! How time flies! We are both 22 years old now.

It’s a hot, humid afternoon in midsummer. We both understand each other blindly, our birthdays are in May, just a week apart, and have similar interests. We both love films, preferably from the horror genre and books, fantasy.

He already lives in his own little apartment and I with my parents. Our family owns a house in the third generation. We are both students.

He prefers to hang out with me this Sunday because his apartment heats up quickly and becomes unbearable. Not only that we can hang out in our spacious garden, no, we have a swimming pool. An advantage that should not be underestimated in such weather conditions. My parents drove away over the weekend. We had the house to ourselves.

Dean lay with his eyes closed next to me on the sun lounger and let himself be roasted. I could only shake my head at this behavior of his. He really wanted to be tanned. He used the highest sun protection factor, with which he always carefully rubbed his slim, athletically trained body beforehand, but still, well, what the heck? I had joked that he would soon look like a roast chicken. «Like an appetizing one that makes your mouth water?» he replied jokingly and winked at me.

I sat under my parasol and immersed myself in A. A. Arnold’s “The daring swordsman”. That was a new sub-category of fantasy at the time that I had never read before. Dean had bought me this book as a gift. Dark fantasy, but with homoerotic elements. Yes, and I liked it from the first erotic scene in the book. I had just got to the next one and was totally lost in it.

“Hrothgar, this closet of a man who always seemed to be invincible, came staggering into the chamber with several bruises. His love, the young magician, Kendrick, had never seen the swordsman in such bad shape.

He jumped up, supported him, laid him carefully on the bed, undressed him completely so as not to miss a wound. He let the warm, healing magic flow from his hands, which tingled over Hrothgar’s skin and restored its integrity within a very short time.

Hrothgar looked at Kendrick with warm auburn eyes, gratitude and lust. Yes, lust. Tenderly he grabbed Kendrick’s neck, pulled him down and kissed him first gently and then more and more wildly. Their tongues seemed to devour each other. ‘By the goddess Mordreda! He’s completely healed!’ Kendrick rejoiced in his thoughts and noticed quickly and clearly that another power was awakening in Hrothgar, which pressed karaman escort hard and demanding against Kendrick’s thigh.

Desire seized him. He had to get out of this annoying tunic and trousers quickly, only to let Hrothgar take him hard and unbridled again until the hot proof of his lust burned into his body …”

Here I paused reading because I was amazed to find that I was reacting in my swimming trunks and that my closest friend was waking hard to life. Wow! I’m excited about it! I grinned. I didn’t expect that.

I suddenly felt that I was being watched. I looked up and Dean was standing next to me, looking down at my bulge. That was a little embarrassing, at least for me.

«Ah! Look at that one! I state that, firstly, you seem to like the queer fantasy book I got you and, secondly, that you are obviously reacting to it», he said with a rough voice and sparkling eyes.

I looked at him confused and perplexed.

«Well, the erotic actually turns me on. I wouldn’t have thought!» I smiled.

«I see!» He leaned over and ran his index finger over my lower lip. With the other hand he touched my erection as light as a feather. I groaned involuntarily. That felt good. Though I widened my eyes at being stupefied, I wasn’t worried or uncomfortable.

He kissed me on the mouth, licked my lips tenderly. A sigh escaped me.

«Ready for an adventure and new experiences?» he breathed in my ear and then nibbled at the same that I got goose bumps and shuddered wonderfully.

«Yes!» I gasped. He didn’t have to be told twice. He gently pulled me down onto the lawn, embraced and kissed me, with ever greater fervor. His tongue demanded admission and I let him go. What a great feeling. To be explored by another man in such an intimate way. Our tongues performed a wild dance around one another. Meanwhile I also felt his growing excitement in the middle of his body.

He then let go of my wet, hot, willing mouth and licked me all over as if I were an extraordinary delicacy. He devoted himself to my nipples, which stood up hard, whether this caress, so that I exhaled sharply. His hand went into my swimming trunks, covered with his hand my throbbing, hot, pulsating cock, massaged it skillfully, rubbed my precum with his fingers on my glans.

Then he took off this textile part and my prick could finally “breathe”. At the same time, Dean rushed eagerly onto my dick. He licked, sucked and nibbled masterfully. With pleasure he licked more precum from me and held my shaft while he made my cock acquaintanted with his sultry karaman escort bayan oral cavity.

Although I was already 22 years old, I had not yet had any significant sexual experience. Two steadfast girlfriends and only a one night stand. Lynne had blown me once, but hasn’t been as good as Dean now, who played my instrument with virtuosity.

Curiously, Dean had never really discussed his sexuality with me. It was quite common for us guys to talk about it as much and as extensively as possible. He never brought anyone with him, neither man nor woman. So I asked myself, was he gay, bisexual, or adventurous? I couldn’t care less because I enjoyed it indefinitely.

My hips started to move. I wanted to thrust into him. He prevented that by holding on to my club. I increasingly reached the point of no return. What now? My orgasm is about to come. What …?

To my astonishment and delight, I came in his mouth and he enjoyed my cocktail without a murmur. He released my cock and wiped his mouth with a grin.

«Wait!» he said. «I’ll be right back!» He went across the terrace into the living room, took something out of his backpack and came back. He presented me with a condom and lubricant. He took off his swimming trunks and introduced me to his proud, stiff warrior. I was impressed but scared. Nevertheless, the sight excited me immensely.

«Come over! You dare! Touch him!» he whispered to me. Wow! Rock hard, silky, throbbing. «I will carefully deflower you!» he muttered into my ear and licked it. I looked at him startled. Not because I didn’t want to. It was the old song of fear of the unknown.

«You don’t need to be afraid! I will be very careful!» He caressed my stubbly cheek and we sank into a deep kiss again. Then he gently turned me on my side.

My heart was beating like a jungle drum and my pulse rate was increasing. With one finger he penetrated the entrance between my buttocks, which he had previously moistened with gel. I winced, but only briefly.

«Ssh! Just relax!» he hushed into my ear canal. With a second and then a third finger he widened me more and that was an intoxicating feeling. I enjoyed it very much. Then he pulled back briefly and opened the condom pack.

Not long after that I felt his hard glans on my anus. He was extremely generous with the lubricant.

«So! Now it is time! You will be deflowered!» it came deep out of Dean’s throat. I groaned in anticipation. My sphincter initially offered resistance. It was uncomfortable at first, even a little painful, but I was extremely escort karaman aroused and he fondled my shoulders and chest lovingly and tenderly. I gasped and let go, relaxed. Once his glans had passed the gate, it was easy for his shaft to follow.

Inwardly I adapted myself to him and now it was just dreamlike inebriant. He was careful when he slowly thrust inside of me, up and down. My right hand dug into the grass. I gasped and groaned. That was just too good.

Dean got wilder, more uninhibited. «Welcome, Cillian! You are officially deflowered!» he breathed into my ear.

«Dean! That’s so good! More quickly! Harder!» I replied.

«But I’d love to!» It was like unleashed lust the way he took me, his balls slapping against my bum with enthusiasm. We both sweated the sweet scent of sex.

He clung to me tightly, then I felt him twitch wildly inside me when he came. My own cock was also revitalized and I masturbated as if out of my mind and splashed on the unsuspecting but secretive grass shortly after him.

He withdrew from me and went inside to dispose of the condom. I lay there, soaked with sweat and was blown away by this experience.

When he came back we cuddled and had sex again after dark. This time I was allowed to climb him with a condom. His tightness took my breath away. How I loved to let him milk me, even if his behind wouldn’t taste any of it. We looked each other in the eye during sex. He had his long legs wrapped around my waist. We both gasped and groaned, moaning loudly. It’s good that there weren’t any nosy neighbors to the left or right of us.

My loins moved back and forth, back and forth, while my boner was buried deep in his ass. So submerged, so furious. It was like the body’s own psychedelic drug. We climaxed almost at the same time.

At night we slept tightly in my bed. In the morning he gave me a quickie, active, before he had to go to his vacation job. We were in a relationship for half a year. He came out of the closet to my parents as gay and I as bisexual. They were flabbergasted but open and accepted that.

Unfortunately, our beautiful relationship then broke up. Nevertheless, in our monogamous relationship, we both had the pleasure of pumping hot semen into the other. It was an explosive experience for me, both actively and passively.

We remained friends after the end, but increasingly lost sight of each other until he moved to Los Angeles and I to New York. I am currently single, now 37 years old, had alternating boyfriends and girlfriends. It is thanks to Dean that my horizon have been expanded extremely and positively. I will always be grateful to him for that. Had he got me the book “The daring swordsman” with lustful ulterior motives? I grin. I now have all five volumes in the series. Immediately my loins are drawn and the heat spreads inside me. Ooohh yes! He had lustful ulterior motives! Thanks, Dean!

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