Kelly’s Interview Ch. 03 – The Morning After

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Kelly groaned as she woke from the morning after her drunken escapades. She was naked and lying on her front, wither her large breasts pressed against the white carpet of the studio floor and her face resting on a couch cushion. A thin black bed sheet covered so that the air-conditioned room wasn’t too cold for her. The nearby windows had blinds but there was just enough light coming through that she could vaguely make out the room she was in.

Kelly was slightly hung over and tired but the drunken memories of the previous evening flooded back to her. She remembered the time Mike and her had spent together. Part of her felt shameful and slutty for sleeping with him so quickly.

The fact that he was connected to her job felt wrong to her well, but Kelly was still hurting from recently discovering that her longtime boyfriend was cheating on her. Getting fucked by Mike, who was much more attractive… and endowed, felt like just what she needed.

Kelly rolled over and realized Mike was lying to her right. Mike was on his back and was clearly suffering from the tradition of “morning wood” men suffered from. Kelly’s eyes widened at the sight. Mike’s cock was covered by the bed sheet but the phallus was impossible to miss as it stood up in an almost angry fashion.

A dirty thought came to Kelly’s mind. She was sore from last night’s fucking, she’d never been fucked like that before and wasn’t ready for round two yet… but such a lovely hard on shouldn’t go to waste. She ducked under the covers and moved toward the object that had brought her so much pleasure the night before. Kelly approached Mike’s formidable cock as she gently pushed up on the sheet. She gently climbed over Mike’s left leg and gently pushed his legs apart. Mike didn’t make any sound but easily complied.

The blanket was sheer and the light from the room enabled Kelly to see the excitement underneath. Mike’s cock thrust up proudly like some totem. It was only inches from Kelly’s face and she smiled with the thrill of the control she felt in this situation. This cock was all hers to do with as she wanted.

Kelly took her right arm and gently grasped the base of Mike’s cock while using her left hand to cradle Mike’s scrotum. Mike groaned with pleasure as he clearly began to wake up. He widened his legs further and rested his hands on her shoulders above the sheet.

Kelly smiled and began to cup Mike’s nutsack and fondle it. She could tell Mike’s balls were bloated and were ready to cum even after having been used so recently! She continued rubbing and playing with his balls as she began to stroke his cock. She formed a ring with her thumb ankara eryaman escort and index finger and began to move in a steady jacking motion.

Kelly enjoyed watching her hand run up and down Mike’s shaft. She’d run her hand from the base to the point where the glans started and then back. She enjoyed watching the cock head swell as she brought her hand up. Mike groaned with pleasure and began to twitch his pelvis upward in response to Kelly’s ownership of his cock.

Kelly smiled as she watched this large python in front of her. This cock was so big and so intimidating…but it was under her control. It was going to cum but it was going to cum because she made it cum. It couldn’t refuse. These thoughts of control made her wet, so wet.

Kelly continued beating Mike’s cock with her right hand as she stared at the cock in awe. She raised his balls and moved her left hand back to play with her clit. The visibility wasn’t perfect under the sheet but she was pretty sure she could see fluid seeping from the reservoir of Mike’s glans. Her suspicions were proven true when she slid her hand up in her latest pump and felt the pre cum with her hand.

Mike’s approaching cum brought focus back to Kelly. She enjoyed fingering herself but she wanted to be fully present for when Mike’s cum flooded. She pushed down on Mike’s lower abs with her left hand, to hold him in place, as she began pumping more vigorously with her right hand.

Mike’s groans grew in frequency and began to buck his pelvis up with greater strength. Kelly applied more pressure to both hands. She pressed Mike down to the floor with her left hand and leaned forward with her knees in an effort to hold him down. She gripped her right hand sternly and continued pumping up and down further, faster, harder.

Kelly felt like she was mastering a bull or something. He was bigger and stronger, but she had him under her spell. Mike lay rigid doing his best to stay still as directed. His breathing had become more labored and may have edged toward panting. Kelly knew what was coming. Her eyes were fixated on the shaft she grasped in her hand. She kept running her hand up and down it and enjoyed watching the glans swell with blood as she began adding more and more pressure to it with each upward thrust.

Mike let out a gasp, “Oh god, I’m about to cum, don’t stop!”

Kelly smiled in triumph. She moved her left hand back to Mike’s nutsack and lightly but firmly gripped it away from his body to add pressure to it. She pumped back and forth on the cock. She could feel Mike tensing up. On impulse, she’d never been so uninhibited in the past with escort elvankent men she’d met so recently, she brought her mouth forward and engulfed Mike’s cock with her mouth.

Kelly moved her left hand to wrap under Mike’s ass and grip him as she used her right hand to pull his monster into her mouth. She began to bob up and down on him.

Mike was already close to cumming but the obvious sensation of Kelly’s warm saliva coating his member, and what that meant, shocked him. His body spasmed as Kelly began working her mouth bath and forth upon him. Mike yanked the sheet off of Kelly so that he could watch her work.

Kelly felt the sheet as it was pulled off of her. That was fine, the time for artful seduction was long since passed. She continued bobbing up and down Mike’s cock but now she raised her eyes upward so she could watch him looking at her as she sucked his cock.

Mike saw those pretty blue eyes watching him as her mouth was full with his meat. It was too much for him, he felt his balls begin to release their semen. Mike took both his hands and suddenly grabbed the back of Kelly’s head and brought her forward. Kelly moved in compliance with his direction, never breaking eye contact.

Mike didn’t have long. He continued to marvel at her pretty blue eyes as the pressure built in his balls. He pulled her head towards his cock, he felt his cum begin to release. Mike’s glans pushed through Kelly’s lip another time and a wave of hot pearly cum gushed out into her mouth. Mike gripped Kelly’s head and felt his cock head mash against the back of her throat.

Mike rose from the carpet while taking Kelly’s head, and her, along with her. He held on to her head like his life depended on it.

Kelly rose an assumed a kneeling position as Mike stood over her and held her head. She was hardly aware of what was happening. She was too busy trying to process all the cum that was flooding her mouth. The first blast mostly launched down into her throat with some tendrils seeping out from the corners of her mouth. Then Mike’s cock released another shot of cum and this one flood her mouth so much that she had no choice but to try and swallow as much of it as she could. She gulped and breathed through her nose as best she could.

Mike looked down on Kelly, relaxing as he felt his cum being pulled off his cock by Kelly’s mouth. She’d broken eye contact because she had more pressing matters to worry about. He bore witness as his own cum ran down the side of her lips. Her cheeks puffed up to accommodate room for his flooding sperm. Then they relaxed as she managed to chug his seed down her throat. etimesgut escort bayan Kelly’s pale skin flushed pink as she struggled.

The sight before Mike was too much for him. He’d just cum but he felt himself get stiff again and felt a sharp sensation in his balls and suddenly he came again!

Kelly could feel Mike looking down on her as she continued her best to swallow his creamy load. She’d managed to get most of it down when suddenly he retightened his hold on her head.

Mike pulled Kelly’s head forward again and blasted her mouth again! Kelly leaned forward and held Mike’s ass and waist for support. She felt another torrent jet into her mouth. It was too much for her. It backed into the load that had been resting in her upper throat and came back into her mouth. Kelly fought off of Mike’s hold so she could back up off of his cock and get some air.

Kelly backed off of Mike’s cock. She was gasping for air, her tits thrust up and quaking as she struggled for air. Mike’s semen began running down her chin.

Mike looked down on Kelly. Kelly’s tits were heaving from her labored breathing. Mike’s pearly cum was running down her chin and she looked almost like she had some bizarre cum goatee. He was still cumming and began jacking off towards Kelly as he finished his release. He’d emptied most of what he had but a few strands and drops found their way on to Kelly’s tits and neck as he sighed in relief.

Kelly watched in awe as Mike stroked his cock in front of her. She could feel the his cum running down her chin and throat and watched as an occasional shot of cum slapped on to her tits, throat, or face. Kelly watched, as if she was mesmerized by the beast before her as it started to shrink as it’s load was finally set free.

Kelly looked up at Mike and he smiled. She felt his right hand grasp her left breast and gently squeeze it. He ran his hand along upward, smearing some of his cum over her tit as he did. “Kelly, that was great. I don’t know if I’ve ever cum like that.”

Kelly smiled, it felt good to make this man happy. His hand moved to her chin and wiped his spunk off of it. Then he presented his finger, loaded with his cum, for her. She complied and licked it off.

They then went back and napped.

Hours went by and both woke ready to greet the day. The studio had a shower and Kelly was able to clean herself up. She and Mike exchanged numbers. She was excited but she had to focus on her hopeful career. She had to hope that Eros would be able to find work for her with the photo shoot she’d done yesterday.

She also had to talk to that creepy Raymond Clemens to find out what she needed to do next to get some modeling work. She smiled to herself, sure she’d sucked that scummy troll’s cock to get the photo shoot… but if she hadn’t… she never would have met Mike or gotten to meet his majestic member. Things seemed to be working out well.

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