Jimmy , Grandma Rita

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Big Dick

“At last.. Some real cock. And this here’s some cock you’ve got Jimmy. Fuck… I’m fucking loving this.. UGGGH.. so good. I bet you didn’t think your grandmother could be this filthy did you Jimmy.. did you?.. when you’ve cum, I’m gonna suck you hard and clean and then your gonna fuck my ass.. you’d like that baby, I know you would.. ohhhh yeah, harder baby, make me fucking scream… I can feel your big balls slamming into my clit…FUCK..yessss.”

Jimmy just kept pounding into his sexy grandma. He’d wanted this for so long and now he was having his fantasy fulfilled. For years he’d watch his elegant grandmother, surreptitiously, frightened of people noticing that he was paying more attention to her than was acceptable. He hadn’t realised that Rita, even though she had never once given him any sort of come on or any clue to his behaviour, had noticed. Until today. Everything about his grandma was elegant. For a woman of 64, she was totally fuckable. She was always impeccably dressed. Barely a hair out of place and her long fingers tipped by long nails, painted a deep burgundy always sent his pulse racing. That’s not even mentioning her huge bust. He had sneaked a look a few months ago inside the laundry basket and wasn’t at all surprised to find that she had an F cup. It had taken a whole lot of will power not to spunk inside the cups and opted for the basin. Until today, Jimmy had never heard a curse word from his grandma’s mouth. But the filth coming from her now was totally making his balls tighten.

“We’re gonna be doing a lot of this baby.. Every fucking day.. That’s it baby, as hard as you can.. for 19 you certainly know how to fuck.. What would my daughter think if she could see you now? FUCK.. that’s a big cock baby.. What would she say if she could see her baby boy balls deep inside his grandmas hungry snatch..Fuck, she’d have a fucking hissy fit.”

Jimmy kept fucking. Hardly believing it was happening. Ever since he’d arrived the day before he’d been on the edge. He’d driven the 100 odd miles to spend a week here helping his grandma Rita around the house. But ever since he’d arrived she still hadn’t told him what she needed doing. All she’d done was give him tantalising glimpses of her sexy body and cause him burgeoning hard-ons that wouldn’t go down. And then she’d leant across him to place his dinner in front of him and he’d felt her nipples pressing into his shoulders. It was all becoming to much for him. His grandmother had sat across from him as they ate. Her huge breasts practically spilling from her blouse. He’d never seen her like this before.

Always conservative in her dress sense, never showing too much cleavage. But today, it was like she was another woman altogether. Jimmy had finished his meal as quick as he could and made excuses to be excused to the toilet. He was already pulling his turgid cock out as he ran down the passage. Closing the door he headed straight to the toilet and began stroking in earnest. One thing he was sure of, it wasn’t gonna take long. Thoughts of his grandma were flashing through his mind. Her huge breasts that she’d been tantalisingly showing him all day. Flashes of thigh as she crossed her slender legs. He knew he was obsessed but he couldn’t help himself. He had always had a penchant for the more mature woman, he thought he was strange, that was until he surfed the net and discovered he wasn’t that strange at all. But his grandma was the main one constantly on his mind. He wanted her in the worst way possible.

“I fucking knew it.” the voice came from behind him. He jumped and spun round. There stood his his grandma. Her left tit in her right hand, whilst her left hand was underneath her skirt.

“It’s taken you long enough.. What a gorgeous naughty boy you are. Ummm, I think your gonna make grandma very happy this week.”

Rita slowly moved towards him. “Grandma, what are you doing?” Jimmy could barely get his words out. His eyes were on stalks as she stood in front of him. Her chest practically bared before his eyes. He took in her areola’s which had to be 2 inches across, her nipples were solid and must have been at least an inch long. Rita’s eyes went down to his cock which was constantly dripping pre-cum onto the floor tiles.

“My.. What a beautiful big cock. I’m gonna enjoy this Jimmy. Here let me help you with that.”

Jimmy watched her long slender fingers grab onto him. She slowly stroked him as she purred into his ear. “It’s been 6 years since your grandfather died and I haven’t had a cock since. I miss it Jimmy. And I love hot hard nasty sex.. I’m only 64 and I still want it.. very much.” Jimmy stared at Maureen’s hand as it slowly squeezed and twisted. He couldn’t believe this fine mature woman had gone without sex for 6 years.

“Uggh.. Fuck gran, that’s so good.” he couldn’t take his eyes away from her stroking hand. “Why haven’t you had sex for so long gran? F..f..f Fuck, your beautiful.” he managed to look up into Maureen’s smiling eyes. “I didn’t say I hadn’t had sex Jimmy.. I said that I hadn’t had a cock in 6 years.. I have my toys and guess yozgat escort what Jimmy.. I have my friends.” Jimmy’s pulse raced. The thoughts running through his mind were almost incomprehensible. Jimmy closed his eyes and tried to hold on, not wanting this to end. Rita was having none of it. Squeezing a little harder she whispered in his ear, “Let it go honey.. we have a whole week and maybe more if you want to stay longer.. maybe you’ll get to meet the girls and we can all have fun.” With that Jimmy’s cock swelled and spurted cum across the loo seat. Maureen kept squeezing and stroking until just dribbles were oozing down her fingers. Jimmy eyes followed her hand as she bought it to her mouth and sucked his cum off.

“Nan, wow, that’s so nasty. I’ve only seen porn stars do that. None of my girlfriends ever did it.” Rita laughed out loud.

“That’s because they’re girls sweetheart. I’m a woman. I know how to keep your engine running. Your gonna learn so much this week baby. Grandma’s gonna show you what real fucking is. Come on, follow me. Its time you had your first lesson.”

Jimmy didn’t even have to think about it. He shuffled along behind her, trying to get his jeans off that were still half way down his legs. He watched as Maureen’s short skirt hit the floor. He could see she was wearing a thong. He hadn’t expected that. He actually hadn’t expected anything like this at all. His grandma Rita had always given him hard-ons. She just had this way about her. He didn’t think anybody else in the family noticed it, but he sure did. His grandma had good dress sense. Always conservative, but as far as Jimmy was concerned, you couldn’t hide yourself behind your clothes. He thought the sex just oozed from her. He’d often wondered if she had lovers. The thought of some man between her legs used to drive him insane. Now here she was, telling him that no man’s cock had been near her since his grandfather had passed away. Then his mind shot to what she’d said about ‘her friends’. Wow, nan had sex with other women, this was beyond incredible. He had to see that, no matter how long he had to stay here.

“I used to see you look at me Jimmy… I used to see the lust in your eyes as you stared at my tits and legs. I used to love giving you little peaks up my skirt. It was fun. I saw your hard-on lots of times Jimmy, even the wet spots… I’ve waited a long time for this Jimmy. I’ve been very patient. Come to me honey, I really want to suck that big cock.. I’ve waited long enough, too long”

He thought he’d been discreet. Obviously not. He looked at her as she spoke. She now stood in front of him in her heels and thong. She looked so damn sexy, she was pushing all his buttons. Her hands came up and grabbed her tits, her finger and thumb gripping each nipple and started squeezing and pulling.

He moved towards her, his erection was pulsing with need. He was glad he was young, getting erections and maintaining them wasn’t a problem, as his nan was about to find out.

“Do you want me Jimmy?.. Do you want to get nasty with grandma?”

“Oh fuck grandma… God yes.” he said as Rita pulled his head towards her and their lips met in a searing wet kiss. He pulled her towards him, mashing her big tits against his chest. He could feel her long nails raking gently down his back. Finally, Jimmy had reached nirvana. This was his idea of heaven. He had his grandma in his grasp, and couldn’t be happier.

Rita broke the kiss and pushed Jimmy onto the bed. She stood before him between his open legs mauling her tits. “Was it my tits Jimmy?… is that what made you so hot for me mmm?”

“It was everything grandma. Your just so fucking sexy. You drive me nuts.”

“Mmm, good answer honey.. I’ll tell you a secret baby. You drive me nuts too. Did you know, when we skyped together, I was playing with myself? I’d have my fingers deep inside my snatch as we were talking about stuff, but imagining that it was you under the table eating my cunt out… as soon as we disconnected I would come like crazy… Sometimes I’d have one of my friends under the desk actually doing it for me. Ohhh, look at your cock twitch, you like that baby, you like the idea of grandma and her friends eating each other out?”

“Fuck grandma, you really are a nasty bitch. I wanted to wank while I was talking to you, but I was always frightened that you’d noticed. I would wait until we went offline and do it then. I’d come so fucking much.”

Rita got down on her knees and used her nails on Jimmy’s ball sack. His large cock throbbed and a large bubble of pre-cum oozed out. She carried on using her nails even as she leant forward and licked it from his engorged rod. She ran them down his inner thighs, amused as he squirmed around on the bed.

“Do you want to make grandma gag baby? I bet you’re just like your grandfather was. He was a dirty bastard too Jimmy. He just loved fucking me. He would fuck me anywhere, at any time. I loved teasing him. He couldn’t wait to get his big cock in me. Even my butt. He liked that the best. I always yozgat escort bayan kept my bum hole oiled, I just never knew when he wanted to fuck it. I’ll do that for you honey, would you like to take grandma up her ass?”

Jimmy could only nod in response, her words and nails were driving him insane. He’d always felt his grandma was horny, but he had never realised that she could be this nasty. His cock was throbbing like crazy. He’d never experienced anything like this. He’d hankered over mature women ever since he’d had the internet in his room, his grandma most of all, it was his greatest fantasy.

“I’m gonna suck the shit out of this fat cock Jimmy… better than those little bitches you’ve had before… watch me Jimmy…watch my lips as I suck in this fat piece of man meat.. Hmmmmm.”

Jimmy raised himself up on his elbows and was astounded to see her suck his 10″ cock right down to the root. Her long nails were still raking his nuts and he was finding the pleasure unlike anything he’d ever experienced before. She’d definitely been right; none of his girlfriends had ever sucked him like this. His grandma was like a porn-star, sucking him better than he’d ever had. Drool was running from her mouth as she raised and lowered her mouth on his dick, soaking down to his pubes and balls.

“By the time I’ve finished with you Jimmy, you won’t fuck any more girls your own age, you’re always gonna fuck old ladies like me.. Because we’re better.. We know what men want.. We know how to be nasty Jimmy..” He watched her hand as it slid up and down his length, drool and pre-cum was lathering up over her knuckles as she slurped away happily.

This was it for Rita. The ultimate sin. She’d told Jimmy that she’d been patient and she had. She’d wanted him in her bed since his 18th birthday. On his 19th she’d decided that was it. She’d spent hundreds of pounds going to her daughters, just so she could see her grandson. He’d developed nicely over the years. She’d sit with him, listening to his tales of womanising with some jealousy and a lot of want. He was going to be hers if it killed her. She knew it was wrong, but he looked so like his grandfather at that age, she couldn’t help herself. She had to have him. Even if it was just this one week. But she had a feeling that it would be longer. A lot longer if she had her way. Her and her friends had plans for this man-boy, and they didn’t include going back to his mothers. The beauty of it was, it was his mother who had asked him to come up and help his poor old grandma out for the week. It hadn’t taken much to convince him. He’d arrived the very next day. Just as Rita knew he would.

“Fuck grandma… Go easy…I’m gonna cum soon.. so fucking good.. You sure you haven’t had any cock lately?”……….. “It’s ok baby… I want you to cum.. Lots of cum.. I want you to cum in my mouth.. Give me it all.. The next load can go in my pussy…”

“Shit.. FUCK grandma…its cumming…I’m cumming NNooowww..” Rita engulfed him straight away. His cock had just hit her throat when he let out a mighty howl and jettisoned a huge amount of spunk right down her swallowing gullet. “Fuck grandma.. That was so fucking good..”

“Thought you’d like it…Now why don’t we do some serious fucking…Hmmm… I’ve been wanting that cock since forever…Ohhh look, I like them young, always hard… come on up here Jimmy baby, you know you want to fuck grandma.” Rita rolled onto her back, raised her legs and slipped her thong off. “Come on Jimmy..fuck me good and hard..” Jimmy was surprised, his grandma was completely bald. Not a hair to be seen.

Jimmy didn’t need to be told twice. He quickly climbed between Rita’s legs, lined himself up and slammed his cock straight into her. “At last.. Some real cock. And this here’s some cock you’ve got Jimmy. Fuck… I’m fucking loving this.. UGGGH.. so good. I bet you didn’t think your grandmother could be this filthy did you Jimmy.. did you?.. when you’ve cum, I’m gonna suck you hard and clean and then your gonna fuck my ass.. you’d like that baby, I know you would.. ohhhh yeah, harder baby, make me fucking scream… I can feel your big balls slamming into my clit…FUCK..yessss.”

There was no finesse in Jimmy’s fucking, he just wanted to pound the living shit out of her. For 2 days straight he’d been teased mercilessly by Rita. Now he was gonna make her pay. Or so he thought. Rita might not have had a cock for years, but she used her dildo regularly and her and her friends often used a strap-on on each other. They were well trained, they could fuck for hours. Jimmy had more than met his match with his grandma Rita.

“Is this what you wanted grandma…? you wanted your grandsons cock in you.. fuck..you feel so fucking good… I knew you’d be a good fuck…How did you get to be so fucking nasty..?”

Jimmy put his arms under Rita’s knees, bent them right up to her large breasts and really pounded into her. This was entirely new to Jimmy. The best sex he’d ever had and it was with his own grandma. “You think this is nasty baby… escort yozgat I haven’t even started yet.. Unngggh..fuck, that’s good… I bet you thought you would get this big cock in me and teach me a lesson… didn’t you?… Harder baby… fuck yesss.. I bet you thought I’d be putty in your hands and be a slave to this cock… god yesss, but that’s not what’s going to happen… I’ve waited far too long and I always get what I want.”

“I’m too young for you grandma.. fuck.. I can’t believe how wet you are, fuck, your amazing.”

“Is that what you think..? just because you’ve got this nice fit tight body, big cock with big balls that you can out do me?.. you’d better get ready… fuck..so fucking good..I’m gonna be bringing you to my bed every night drained.. you won’t be able to keep your eyes open..god, this is so good baby.. Look at you now, all sexed up over an old lady…you should be fucking some young slut, but no, you got the hots for me..Your own sweet grandma.”

The sweat was dripping off Jimmy onto his grandma’s tits. He looked down and realised that he hadn’t even touched them yet. He’d have to rectify that soon. But they did look good in this position. Both were flattened by her knees as he forced them down with his weight.

“I’m gonna make you my whore grandma… you want to be your grandson’s dirty fuck slut…? Fuck…I’m gonna cum soon.. Fuck, this is so fucking amazing..”

“Go for it Jimmy honey.. We’ll see who becomes whose whore… I give you two fucking days before your crying for your momma.. That’s it baby..Nice and deep.. Fuck..I love this big thick cock..Your making me come baby.. Fuck harder..OOHHHHhFUCK…..”

Jimmy screwed his grandma like a machine, no holding back. He pushed her legs up on top of his shoulder and leant right across her. If she wanted it harder, she was gonna get it harder. It wasn’t long before he felt his balls tighten and he knew he couldn’t last much longer. Rita closed her eyes, her long nails dug into his back and then he felt it. Her squirting ejaculate sprayed his balls. They both let out a wail as they hit their climaxes together. He carried on fucking her through her orgasm until his cock softened. Letting her legs down, her rested on top of her. His lips searched for her and they met for a soul searching kiss.

Totally spent, he rolled off and laid next to her. Rolled his head to the side and watched his grandma as she tried to regain her breath and calm down. He raised himself up on one elbow so he could look down on her. Rita looked up at him. “Don’t look so worried honey. You haven’t broken me. You fucked me good though. Been a long time since I’ve been fucked like that.”

“Good.. I didn’t want to hurt you.”

“You didn’t love. You’re a good boy Jimmy. Always doing what grandma wants. I feel so fucking good now.”

“Grandma, I’ve never once heard you swear until today. You’re always so proper and ladylike. How come?” Rita laughed.

“That’s because I’m in my inner slut mode honey. Used to be reserved for when me and the girls got together, but now that includes you darling.” Jimmy smiled, but he had to ask, it was burning him up wanting to know.

“So, you gonna tell me about your friends.”

“Of course., what do want to know?”

“Everything, don’t leave anything out.”

“Oh, don’t worry I won’t. Do me a favour first. My throats a little dry and a touch sore after that big thing went inside it, run to the kitchen and grab that jug of water, no scrap that, bring us a beer each. Oh and Jimmy, don’t forget to take the lids off. No bottle opener here. While you do that I’ll run to the bathroom and have quick clean,” Jimmy shot off the bed, and Rita was amused by the excitement in his eyes.

Jimmy was back in short order. Handing a bottle over to his grandma, who immediately took a good swallow and he settled down to wait. “Go on then grandma. Please.”

“Eager aren’t we? Ok. You remember Barbara, my best friend?” Jimmy nodded his head. He remembered her only too well. About his grandma’s age, another woman who’d featured in his fantasies.

“I’m sure you do.” Rita laughed. “Well just after your grandfather died we became closer. She was here every day to help me as I grieved. It’s thanks to her that I was able to come through it. As you know, I was totally devastated and totally lost. I had no idea what I was supposed to do next. Barbara took it upon herself to help and be there for me and I’ll love her always for that.”

Jimmy remembered that all too well. His mother had travelled up as soon as her father had died. Jimmy had come up later with his father and sisters. He remembered the look in his grandma’s eyes. It had shaken him pretty badly. Enough so that he’d thought he’d lost her altogether.

“Anyway, a few months down the road, Barb thinks it’s about time we went out, did something socially. I wasn’t keen on the idea, but went along with it for her sake. Well, we got dressed up to the nines and I have to be honest we looked pretty fucking good. Both tall and big busted, I was sure we were going to pull a lot of attention. And we did. But I didn’t want anyone and became an expert at turning men down. We were out only a short time but I was ready to come home. She stayed with me that night as she’d been drinking, we shared my bed. We laid there talking, about lots of things. Then you came up..”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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