It’s Just Me

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[I know everyone probably thinks I’m some fat old guy sitting in a recliner and drinking a beer while I write this. But in reality I’m a 26 year old stay-at-home mom with two children. While my husband goes into the office every day and brings home most of the cash I stay at home raising our children. By profession I teach calculus at the local Community College but while I’m on maternity leave I’m working on my first children’s novel. When I need a break I sign-on to “Literotica” and let my sexual fantasies spill out.]

While Shelly was doing her yoga exercises in the living room she saw Jimmy across the street mowing his lawn. He was all hot and sweaty and if he crossed the street and knocked on Shelly’s door right then she would have fucked him on the spot.

Shelly knew Jimmy was home for the summer from college. He was a junior at Centre College in Kentucky and only 3 years younger than she was.

She always did her yoga exercises bare-ass-naked. It didn’t bother her being naked in front of the living room windows because during the day it was so bright outside it was nearly impossible to see in the windows from outside unless you were up close.

She continued her yoga exercises in front of the windows but couldn’t stop watching Jimmy. He was getting sweatier and sweatier by the moment and the thought of licking all that sweat off his body broke her concentration.

Pulling a sleeveless sundress over her head Shelly headed out the door to ask Jimmy if he would mow her lawn when he was done with the neighbors. Shelly had worked up a sweat from her yoga exercises and the sundress clung to her muş escort body. She may as well have been naked.

“Hey, Jimmy, can you mow my lawn next?”

Jimmy looked at Shelly. The damp sundress was wedged between her legs. “She’s not wearing panties,” Jimmy thought. “Fuck yeah,” he thought. He’d mow her lawn anytime.

“Would you like some water? Or perhaps water or a beer?” Shelly asked when Jimmy was finished mowing the lawn.

“A beer, please,” said Jimmy. “Do you mind if I jump in your pool while you get the beer?”

“Of course.”

Before bringing the beer back Shelly took off her sweaty sundress and changed into her favorite bikini. A jet black string bikini. She like the way it set off her blonde hair.

“Here’s your beer.”

Jimmy climbed out of the pool naked. “I hope you don’t mind if I skinny dipped.”

“No, not at all.” Shelly was looking at his dick. It hung down half way to his knees.

Jimmy looked her up and down. “You look hot in that bikini.” He motioned towards the lounge chairs and asked, “Mind if I sit down?”

Shelly nodded

“I have to pee.” Jimmy said.

“Bathroom’s the first door on the right. Help yourself.” Shelly closed her eyes and settled down to daydream about Jimmy’s cock.

At first Shelly thought it was starting to sprinkle but when she opened her eyes she saw Jimmy standing over her hold his dick. A bright yellow stream of urine was streaming out all over her body.

“Stop it!” Shelly screamed. “Why the fuck are you peeing on me?”

“I couldn’t help it. You were lying on your chair with your tiny black bikini muş escort bayan and golden blonde hair and all of sudden I had my dick in my hand and I was peeing on you.”

[Having someone pee on me has always been one of my fantasies. I’ve asked my husband many times but he just won’t do it. Before I wash our bed linens I always lie down on our dirty sheets with my panties on and pee until my bladder’s empty. At first the urine is warm when it soaks my panties. I like to lie there on the soiled sheets until the urine is cold.]

Shelly got up and jumped in the pool. Jimmy watched as she took off her bikini top and rinsed it out. The water was too shallow where she was standing to cover her breasts. She gave the bikini top a quick squeeze and placed it on the edge of the pool.

Next, she pulled off her bikini bottom. Jimmy couldn’t see a dark triangle between Shelly’s legs. “She must be a natural blonde or she shaves her pussy. Maybe she shaves and is blonde,” he thought.

Shelly climbed out of the pool and picked up the wet bikini. Jimmy saw the thick blonde curls and knew that Shelly was a natural blonde.

“I’m going in to put on a clean swim suit,” she said. She looked at Jimmy standing there. His cock was making small jerking motions and getting noticeably larger and stiffer. “Put some clothes on before you poke someone’s eye out with your dick.”

Jimmy was lying back in the lounge chair drinking his beer when Shelly reappeared. She was wearing her white bikini. She liked her black bikini better but this one fit her well and looked good. Jimmy had put his shorts escort muş back on but they didn’t do much to hide his erection. It looked like it was 2 feet long. “How the hell did he fit that in his shorts?” Shelly wondered.

“If you keep my lawn mowed this summer you can use my pool whenever you want.”

“It’s a deal,” Jimmy said. “Do i have to wear a swim suit?”

“No, not as long as you keep your dick under control.”

As soon as Jimmy went home Shelly went inside in search of her dildo. She kept it locked in her safe because it was made of solid ivory. She inherited it from her grandmother whose father was a whaler.

It wasn’t as big as most of the dildos she saw on the internet, but she loved this one. It was carved with veins running up its entire length to the perfectly carved mushroom knob.

She got on her bed and pushed the hard ivory into her pussy and dreamed of Jimmy’s cock slamming into her as she masturbated.

Shelly wasn’t really sure why, but when she recovered from her climax she peed all over herself (and her bed) with her ivory dildo still deep in her pussy.

[I have a scrimshaw dildo made from whale bone that was passed down from my great-grandmother. It was given to the eldest daughter of each generation. My great-grandfather was a Captain of a whaling ship that sailed out of Marblehead, Massachusetts in the mid-1800’s. The dildo is intricately carved up and down its length with whaling scenes intertwined with the life-like veins.

Shelly was distracted on her morning run. All she could think of was Jimmy peeing on her and then peeing on herself. “Why was she so turned on by being peed upon?” she wondered.

Slowing down to a walk she saw Jimmy in his yard as she neared her house. Getting a sudden urge, she stopped in front of Jimmy and started peeing in her running shorts and letting the urine run down her legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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