Good Neighbors Ch. 028

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I was up by seven the next morning. As I was getting ready to do laundry, I noticed that I was out of detergent. I kicked myself in the head because I went food shopping the day before with my neighbor. I debated making another trip to the store but decided to go next door to borrow some. I put on a pair of athletic shorts and a t-shirt and a pair of flip flops before walking over.

As I walked up her driveway, I started to feel self-conscious about what I was wearing. The fears disappeared when I remembered her telling me that “I could just walk over naked” the day before. I knocked on the door with a smile on my face remembering the night before. She opened the door wearing the same robe as the night before, except it was closed this time.

“Back for more, Romeo?” she asked.


I suddenly forgot what I came over for. It was a moment before she grabbed her coffee and motioned for me to go into the living room. I followed her and watched as she sat down elegantly. She set the coffee down on her end table and crossed her legs in front of me. She looked at me seductively.

“I wonder why you came over, Romeo. Do you want breakfast?”

She accented that remark while opening her robe, revealing her nude body underneath. I was ready to jump on her in a moment before my mind eskişehir escort finally clicked. I can not remember why it remembered at that moment. I walked closer and started to kneel before her before I heard a familiar buzzer.

“Damn dryer! Talk about bad timing. I’ll be right back, Romeo.”

She walked towards her laundry room. I waited a moment before I followed her. I watched as she redid her robe before bending over, her ass exposed to my view. I was unsure whether she knew I was behind her or not. I took the opportunity to kneel behind her and plunge my tongue deep in her box.

“Fuck!” she yelled as I kept licking.

The way I saw it, she openly invited me to do it when she opened her robe. I started to smack her ass with my palms as I kept licking. I could feel her wiggling on my face as I feasted on her. I took a moment to stand up and drop my athletic shorts before teasing her pussy with my cock. I heard one more moan before I slammed in.

“Oh my God!” she yelled as I started roughly taking her at that moment.

I started to play with her ass while she was still bent over. My thumb soon found its mark as I kept working on her. I then pulled out and stopped before looking down on her.

“Clean off my cock like a good girl.”

She eskişehir escort bayan turned around and took my cock in her mouth, cleaning it off with her tongue and lips while I had her hair in my hand. She was ravenous, taking me as deep down her throat with every stroke she could. Her hand reached up and started to stroke it towards her open mouth. It took some effort to keep from shooting on her face.

I bent down and pulled her towards me before slipping her onto the dryer. I closed the dryer door and set the timer before hitting the button and burying my face into her pussy again. She started moaning as she felt the vibration of the machine while my tongue drove her crazy. Her hands fell to my hair and pulled it while she struggled to maintain her composure. Luckily for me, she failed, and my face had a super dose of her essence all over it. I then moved forward and slid into her and started fucking her erratically. It was hard to maintain a rhythm while the machine moved. As I started edging towards climax, I slid out and she fell to the ground on her knees, her hand finding my cock and stroking it towards her open mouth. I started shooting as cum fell on her face and chest. I fell against the wall as she looked at me smiling.

“That’s the escort eskişehir kind of breakfast I need in the morning,” she said before she grabbed a nearby towel and wiped her face. “I think someone needs to join me in the shower.”

I followed her to her bathroom, and we enjoyed a sensual shower before she handed me a robe to put on. I followed her into the kitchen and joined her for a cup of coffee. As we sat down, we started spontaneously laughing with each other. She then looked at me smiling.

“You forgot laundry soap, didn’t you?”

“How did you know?”

“I grabbed it and hid it from you here. Figured you’d come over to borrow some or something. It worked huh?”

I looked at her smiling before I spoke.

“That will cost you a spanking.”

“Good, I’ve been a bad girl and need one. Bedroom or living room?”

I backed away from the table.

“How bout right here?”

Like a good sub, she bent over my knees before I pulled her robe off to make her naked. I started to spank her, and she started to wiggle again before I stuck two fingers in her ass. From the intake of breath, she was not expecting that. I started working her ass while she moaned. I then smacked her ass a few times as she moaned for me.

She slid off my knees and leaned against the table as I stroked my cock a few times and slid in. She took her punishment like a champ until her ass looked like a strawberry Suzy-Q. She reached back and felt it as she looked at me smiling.

“If I tell you where I hid it, will you promise to fill my pussy too?”

I smiled. I never did get back to doing laundry that day.

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