Girlfriend Catches Her Boyfriend

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It was a few years ago that this took place and everything is a true story but I have switched the people involved name’s. Sara and I were dating at the time in our fifth year. Sara was drop dead gorgeous and a true southern blond. She stood 5’6″ about a 115 pounds, blonde long hair. Skinny frame with nice handful of tits and a clean small vagina with a sexy bubble butt. She had zero hair down below which was amazing. She was 24 at the time.

Sara and I met while I was in college and she was the first girl I had a real fuck sessions with. I am 5’6″ skinny average build, athletic, white with short brown hair. I have a honest 6.5″ uncircumcised cock and a nice bubble butt from being an athlete. I can hardly grow any facial hair and it would explain why I have little hair down below. As a boy I always was horny and definitely picked up and heard the gossip from friends.

Over time one thing was repetitive that uncircumcised guys were nasty. That stuck with me until I met Sara. I would make out with girls, eat girls out, fuck them and finger them but I would never let them touch with their hands or suck my cock because I was so paranoid they would find out I’m uncircumcised.

I noticed in porn growing up that a lot of gay porn seemed to have a favor towards uncircumcised cock. I liked watching it and only kept it fantasy swearing to my self I would never actually act upon it. I would join all my friends and make fun of gays and put on this show I didn’t like them at all when really I was cumming to them at night.

Back to Sara and I. We were living together and really in love with each other. Being young we got fucked up and enjoyed our partying. We loved doing cocaine and drinking beer. I would always get so horny on cocaine that my secret of watching gay porn would engulf my thoughts and make me think about having gay sex. Every time I did use the drug I kept having more and more gay thoughts and intense ones at that. Very passionate older naked big cocked men would have me suck their big cocks and then bend me over to fuck me hard. These thoughts were hard to pass up being high from the drug. My girlfriend Sara would also get horny and one night during sex she started rubbing my balls when we were 69ing and sure enough she would tease my taint. I started to grind against her hands and she got the hint. She teased my hole and fingered me while I ate her pussy until we both came. Soon after we would fall asleep and never really mention or do it again…

I was working at a restaurant during college and one kıbrıs escort day at work we got a new employee named Drew. Drew was 6 ft white skinny and was your average looking kid. He had short brown hair and no facial hair. He was funny as hell. He didn’t have a car and always had someone pick him up I noticed. I asked him if he wanted to come over after work one night to smoke and drink with me and Sara. He agreed and we headed to my house, we picked up beers and smokes along the way. When we got to my place my girlfriend Sara had gotten home from work early and had an 8ball waiting for us! So Drew loosened up on the couch and sprawled out, my girlfriend was wearing booty shorts and a small bra-less white tank top. Yeah, you could faintly see her whole tit. She was sitting in the recliner half with it half not.

There I was coming back from peeing and I went to regain my position on the couch. I moved Drew’s legs and sat down. I guess I woke him up from his daze. He looked for Sara and saw she was passing out. He asked if he could get a bump so I passed him the mirror and he sat up next to me and did his share, same with me. He then swiped some on his finger and sucked it seductively looking at me. He asked if I wanted a numby and I said sure expecting him to pass the mirror. But he took his finger swiped some and put it in my mouth before I knew what hit me. I hesitated then just sucked his finger so he would take it out of my mouth. He then grabbed the back of my head and kissed me hard. So hard I tried to resist but he didn’t let go and he was stronger than me in that position. I let his tongue in my mouth and im telling you I felt so damn horny. I then started to match his lips and tongue with mine and we were fully making out with my girlfriend passed out 6 feet away. After 3 minutes of heavy tongue kissing he whispered to me that he knew I was gay.

I looked at him and said no I’m not! He laughed and grabbed my head again and forced his tongue back in my mouth. I just gave in and started to kiss him back. We were into it and his hands were on my butt while mine were rubbing his arms and back. I can’t tell you what was going through my mind especially with Sara a blink away from catching me. It felt so good though and naughty, I was so turned up. Soon we stopped and looked at each other and I went outside to smoke a cigarette. He followed me out back. Before I could light it he grabbed the cigarette and threw it infront of me on the ground. Then just like before he grabbed me kıbrıs escort bayan behind my head but this time I knew what was coming and I met his lips and tongue with mine. We were being really really gay and naughty. He would break the kiss and whisper in my ear that he was right and could tell I was gay.

Then he would go back to kissing me and I would suck his lips and tongue and he would do the same to me. He pulled his cock out while we were making out and it’s huge! At least 8 inches long and fat. At this point from the coke and alcohol I was super into it. I grabbed ahold of his monster and really started aggressively kissing him and then he forced my head down to suck on that big cock. I was sucking on the best I could from all the gay porn I watched. He was loving it and he pushed down my pants and reached over the top of me to grab my ass and tease my hole. I never felt so sexy and naughty, it gave me this tingly orgasmic feeling just thinking bout it. I’ve experimented on my own time putting my fingers in my butt and use to use a caught off wooden broom stick.

Of course it was smooth as glass and rounded like a dick at the top. I’d put on gay porn after classes and use Vaseline to lube up. I’d work my cock nice and hard and put the handle in my ass. I am not going to lie it felt so much better with someone else doing the fingering tho and wondered how his big cock would feel. I was still sucking his big cock and he was now fingering me still over the back of me while I was working his dick. He pulled me up and kissed me again and looked at me and said I want you to tell me you are gay. I just rolled my eyes and i leaned into kiss him. He then spun me around unexpectedly and bent me over and told me to get down on all fours as he was going to give me what he said I needed and wanted. He wasn’t lying.

He lubed up and slowly put his cock against my hole and pushed. I had read up on it and learned from my broom handle how to take something in your butt. I used the same technique and he guided himself inside of me. Nothing has been so big and round in my ass. It felt like I just took a football in my butt. It was such a full feeling and he slowly went back n fourth. I was wincing in pain and trying not to push him out. After 5 painful minutes the pain subdued.

The pressure from his huge cock remained tho and soon he picked up the pace. He was fully inside and starting to pick up the speed. He moved his mouth behind my head and said tell me now that you are gay. escort kıbrıs He kept insisting as he Fucked me and I was pushing my ass into his thrusts now. He said If I don’t admit to him that I am gay he was going to wake up Sara and tell her everything we just did. He was fucking me good and I felt like my hole was loose. I was now moaning lightly and I kept thinking about him wanting me to say I am gay. He came close to my ear from behind and encouraged me to admit and say it. I felt and heard his balls slam into my butt and I went for it and said faintly in between moans, I am gay.

He spanked me and said to do it again, this time louder. He picked up the pace and was pounding me harder than earlier. I was moaning a little louder then before. I then went for it and said I am gay outloud and loud enough for him to hear it. He pulled out and guided me to flip over as he is going to fuck me missionary. He put it in and started pumping me quicker each time faster. He got close and told me to say it again. I wrapped my legs around his butt and moaned and told him I am gay! Loudly. He leaned in and we started making out again as he kept pumping me but he didn’t last much longer. My legs were still wrapped around his butt pulling him in for more. He then broke our kiss and said he was cumming and he slowed down but kept it in me and unloaded a thick load of cum in me. He slowly pulled out and started gathering his clothes.

I did the same as I led the way back inside to where we were with Sara before I went outside to smoke a cigarette. She must’ve heard us come back in because as soon as we were about to lay back down she mumbled a noise to us. She then got up and went to use the bathroom. Drew thought it would be safe with her gone to kiss me good night. I was laying on the couch and he laid on top of me getting in between my legs like he was fucking me on my back again. He leaned forward and we started to make out and I wrapped my legs around his ass again.

That’s when we heard, what the fuck?! From Sara. She was 6 feet from us with my tongue in Drew’s mouth and my feet resting on the top of his ass as I was beneath him. Drew jumped off me and Sara looked like she saw a ghost. Sara was fuming and screamed at me calling me a faggot and how dare I do that and how could you… it was pretty bad. She told me she was leaving and going to her moms to sleep and she would be by later to get her clothes. It all happened so fast! One minute we are all partying having a good time and then the next thing I have is a mans big cock in my butt and my girlfriend is leaving me now. Drew looked dumbfounded but once Sara slammed the door and we heard her car pull off Drew said he was sorry. He came over to me on the couch and I grabbed him so he fell on to me and before we started making out again, I said, fuck me I am gay now!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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