First Sex Experiences Pt. 02

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*FIRST SEX EXPERIENCES Pt 2. All names are changed. Everyone is over 18.

Girls called Julia a bra-stuffer. I asked why? She casually took off her bra to show me the padding. But Julia was topless–with her titties out! She asked if I liked them. I said her boobs were ‘awesome!’ Julia giggled as I sucked on her nipples. She let me see her fuzzy slit and whispered, “Let’s do it.” Just as I slid into Julia’s pussy, her dad drove up. She pushed me off. Next day Julia texted me to come over and “poke” her again. We fucked twice. — Grego 30

First girlfriend- First kiss- First tit squeeze- First fingering a pussy hole. We were messing around in my car. She asked if I wanted to do it. I’ll never forget that look on her face when my cock stabbed into her virgin pussy.– Lenny 28

First Anal was a birthday gift to my boyfriend… even put a bow on my butthole. It wasn’t great, but I let him keep fucking. When he pulled out my anus burned and throbbed like I’d sat on a baseball bat. Not fun at all, but fucking my ass brought us closer together. Now he’s my ass-fucking fiancé.– Angelica 23

Fucked Uncle Ron in his cabin. He was a rugged guy and I was curious about cocks. When he got my clothes off his cock got even bigger… and was all panicky. Uncle really wanted inside my pussy, so I let him fuck me. It hurt bad the first time. Uncle said it’d get better. And ‘IT’ gets better every time we screw.– Niecy 20

I loved tongue. But after 2 lesbo flings I was curious about cock. A bartender asked me to be in a 3-some with him and his girl. The idea made me tingle. Shaving my twat I joined them in bed. My pussy was aroused by cock, but it hurt…I wasn’t used to penetration. His GF licked his cum out of my pussy, and kept carpet munching until I climaxed. Later the guy showed me anal. THAT FUCKING HURT! –Lilith 20

New Year’s Eve. Julz got some booze, we partied on a blanket by the train tracks. I fondled Julz tits, and she unzipped me. My dick stood at full attention. Julz said I could do whatever I wanted. After fingering, my boner plowed into her warm wet pussy. She was tight–cherry tight! I shoved all the way in just as the train went by. PEOPLE SAW US SCREWING. I laughed but Julz covered her face. “OHMYGOD… I can’t believe this happening!!!”– Deon 21

Necking outside in the cold. Sucked GF’s rock-hard nipples and fingered her when she said, “Do it–stick it in me!” I TRIED but she was virgin tight, only got my tip in before spurting on her blond pubes. 2nd fuck was better. We fucked a lot in that park. Then I took her to a motel. She trembled like a schoolgirl when I carried her thru the door. It was nice to screw in a bed and in a warm shower. Before she left for college I talked her into an around-the-world fuck, for good luck. — Manny 20

I helped a sexy lady clean her basement. As we cleaned I checked out her nice ass. But the job left me smelling like a zoo. The lady INSISTED I take a shower. While I was showering she stepped in naked! Big boobs and a bushy brown pussy…pubes long enough to braid. Instantly I was stiff as steel. She smiled, moving my hard-on to her silky hole… My first great experience with pussy. — Ned 33

A boyfriend in the next town. We met on Facebook. Our first screw was after I sent him a naked pic, said I was ready. He drove for 2 hours to get in my virgin pussy. Some pain, and awkward as hell, but after that I was hooked on fucking. He found a cheap motel halfway between and we screw weekly. — Felicia 22

BFF gave me a vibrator as a gag gift. One horny night I gave it a try, used it on my clit. OMG!!! My body was utterly exhausted after my very first climax. I remember lying there, high on sex with my pussy throbbing…and doing it again. — Nina 21

Grew mecidiyeköy escort up with no internet & no porn. Guys talked about twats, clits & doing both holes. ‘BOTH?’ Soon I got a GF. She told me to put it in. ‘Where?’ I fucked her… pussy…and spewed quickly. She asked how was it? I said Great, asked if I could fuck her 2nd hole, her clit hole. She laughed, showed me her clit, said her 2nd hole was her ass. So I fucked her ass. GF squealed so loud the walls shook. — Seth 24

Marci insisted I see her new apartment. Going up the stairs I saw her naked ass wiggling under her skirt. She had me sit on the sofa, said she’d be right back. After a few minutes I went looking for her. Marci was in bed pretending to be asleep. Lifting the cover I saw her naked and giggling. She spread her legs, showed me her “pink place” and asked if I knew what to do. I plunged in, all the way.– Henry 28

Dry humping the girl next door. Couldn’t believe she let me hump her. She licked my ear, I creamed my pants. Then we did it naked. Her coarse pubes felt like warm steel wool. I rammed my boner against her slit. “Ouch guy, let me fix it.” She moved my cock to her hole, and her pussy lifted in synch with my fucking. After a dozen strokes she gasped, “Ohhh shit…you hit my G-spot!” (Didn’t know what a g-spot was). But her claws digging in my back made me orgasm. — Parker 19

First anal. I did it to please my boyfriend. He kept bugging me. Then, in his mom’s kitchen he said, “No one’s looking,” bent me over the table, shoving his cock way up my asshole. Naughty as fuck, but I actually enjoyed it. Now it’s part of our sex routine. (Tip: If you’ve never done it, have the guy finger your ass first.)– Lia 22

My friend’s 18th birthday. His youngish mom threw a bash… We drank copious amounts of wine. His mom didn’t care until I spilled some on myself. She led me upstairs for dry clothes. I undressed– she kissed my chest and went lower, sucking my cock. Soon we’re fucking in her son’s bed. She moved on top, bouncing on my boner while feeding me her puffy nipples. It was beyond awesome. — J.D. 20

Mrs. Goldie made me dinner, trying to fix me up with her daughter Rosa. Rosa flipped me off and left. But Goldie offered me ‘dessert’ and took off her blouse – she had knockers like a porn star! Soon I was balls deep in my first pussy, fucking her with Goldie clawing my back. I nibbled her chocolate nips and she loved it. –XL 19

Me and BF alone for a weekend. We kissed and caressed. At first I only let him feel my chest. We watched a movie with lots of sex, and he fingered my hole. On the screen a girl was giving head. Boyfriend showed me his upright dick. I knew what he wanted. It was gross, but I sucked his cock and swallowed his gunk. –Yolli 31

Studying algebra. Max leaned over me to fix a number. I felt his boner on my back….Drove me wild. I wiggled against Max’s zipper. His boner grew bigger. He tore my clothes off. I was so fucking wet my panties stuck in my crack. His boner punched into my pussy. I winced but was too horny to care. We fucked until his mom called. Max drove me home, feeling up my tits. We had to stop & fuck again.–Allina 19

We kissed, BF rubbed my slit. He got my panties off. Stuck it in. It was fun.–JT 18

Kissed a new boyfriend, moaning while he pulled on my nipples. Bf asked me to suck him and yanked out his ‘jimmy.’ Leaning over I licked his tip like a popsicle. He pushed my head down, told me to suck. I had no skills but lots of enthusiasm. My mouth lapped and slurped. When he spurted I gagged but swallowed most of it. Very proud that I’d actually made a guy cum in my mouth. — Dani 23

“It was so romantic”–just kidding! mecidiyeköy escort bayan It was awkward and squishy. Me and BF were hot and ready. When my clothes came off he ‘entered me.’ Hurt so bad I pushed his cock out, he asked if was okay. NO! He fucked me slow, until his jism shot into me, and there was blood. Screwing didn’t get good for a while. But now my pussy’s happy as a clam. A shaved pink clam! — Carly 24

A high school play. From the look in Emma’s eyes I knew she had a crush on me. So I wrote a kissing scene. She melted in my arms. Out in my car, Emma’s clothes fell off. Her virgin pussy was warm and clutching… the best damn thing I ever felt. That winter we wore out my backseat. –Hammy 24

Prom date, in my car feeling up her big ‘uns. She said ‘no more’ but my hand slid up her skirt. My first touch of pussy hair was like an electric zap. Soon we were naked, our bodies joined in the squishy sounds of hot screwing. — Draco 25

Watching a porno. This guy shoved his huge cock up a slut’s ass. It turned me on. I don’t know why – but I wanted to try it and showed BF the video. He got some lube and fingered my anus and pussy before we tried. Laying on my back, I spread wide with my butt on the edge of the bed. After some fumbling, he pushed his prick at my asshole. It popped in. Anal sex wasn’t as fun as I thought, but I got used to it. Now boyfriend likes fucking my ass more than my pussy. WTF?– Winnie 23

First Anal: OUCH! Second time: Better. By third time I was used to it, and I loved when he fingers my pussy at the same time. Now if the stud knows what he’s doing… and uses LOTS of lube… anal is fabulous. –Reargirl 29

First time for us. I pulled out my stiffy. She cried, “You want to stick THAT in ME?” Mandy’s pussy tensed up so much I couldn’t get my cock in. Found out later it was Vaginismus- her twat locked up tight. A day later in my car, Mandy slobbered my shaft then mounted it. She twisted her sweet little pussy around until my cock popped in. FINALLY I was deep inside the pink promised land… — D. Colin 22

Flirted with a chick while shooting hoops. She wanted to play Horse. I bet $40, she bet her boobs. Awesome! The girl had game, but lost. When I reached for her tits, she fell to her knees, sucking my cock. First blowjob was like–HOLY FUCK!–Jim 22

Every hole is a pleasure hole. The sooner a woman knows that the more sexually satisfied she’ll be. I pride myself on fully fucking– and pounding every hole, asses included! — BossDick 27

Watching porn, wondering what a cock felt like inside me. Beau walked in, saw the porn. I blushed, asking if his was that big. Beau pulled out his chunky boner. I was blown away. “Your turn cuz.” Removing my panties, he stuck his finger in my juicy pussy. Like the pornos I eagerly sucked his cock, gulping his bitter seed. Then spread myself like a porn star. Beau fucked me until his face tensed up, & sperm gushed into my pussy. Finally I knew the feel & taste of stiff cock.– Farah 31

A super hot Latina. She fucked with passion but wouldn’t give up her butt. Booze made her willing! Finally got to screw her curvy ass. I fucked slowly until she told me to go faster. Now I butt-bang her all the time. My dick feels lucky– Cowboy W

Met this freaky woman online, and we hit it off. So I drove to Lake Tahoe to get laid. The first time was quick. Second time was fantastic. Now she’s into Karma Sutra screwing. So I guess we both are. –A.J. 31

Goth girl at a club, spiked collar, and pierced tongue. In the parking lot she sucked off me and my buddy. Swallowed our stuff like it was cum Kool-Aid. And with her pierced tongue goth girl licked up any cum that escort mecidiyeköy spilled from her lips. — Darin 25

Me & BF “fooling around,” squeezing, rubbing and fingering. I yelled, “Don’t stop.” We got naked behind a bush. His erection stuck out and fuck instinct took over. Boyfriend pushed into me in one deep stroke. Our tongues kissed as we screwed for a long time. Then I felt my pussy pulsing around his shaft… my first orgasm was like flying off a cliff… SO. DAMN. GOOD.–Darla 18

Evie snuck in wearing a see-thru nightie, showing off her growing boobs. She let me squeeze them and suck her nipples, but Evie pushed my hand away from her panties. I called her a “cock tease!” Evie squealed when I held her down, stabbing my finger into her juicy pussy. But I wanted to fuck that hole–and she knew it. Evie whispered, “Okay cuz, just a quickie.” Quickie turned into Long-ie.– Junior 24

Me and Super-Cute-Dude. Supposed to be studying trig, but we kissed, and he reached in my panties, tickling my slit. It felt so good that I let him do more… We fucked until mom knocked on the door– Dressed fast as we could!–Sassy 101

Bf used the “Oops-wrong hole” trick while fucking doggy style. I made him pull out. But after much begging I decided to try anal. He was gentle and made sure my clit got plenty of attention. It was great for him–not me! After a few more times I got used to it. Now I let him bang my bootie every other day.– Luvbootie 24

My sorta boyfriend, we’d only kissed. At a party I got tipsy and pulled a prank, lifting my sweatshirt over both our heads – not realizing that could see my naked titties. OMG. I froze when he like inhaled my nipples, stretching them. That made me so horny I couldn’t resist his cock. The guy fucked me to my very first orgasm…When I wiped, his stuff was clear? I thought guy goo was white?–Maggie 23

1st time was at school, with my teacher. Cute with tons of chest hair, the man licked my pussy…I actually had an orgasm! Then he mounted me. Kinda scary. It HURT when his long cock pushed in my pussy. But it felt good as he pumped in and out… until his stuff spurted. That felt weird, having warm goo inside my hole. Later in ballet class, it was so embarrassing when his goo leaked down my leg. –Elia 18

Was it an orgasm–or a frikin heart attack? Boyfriend fingered me, creating a deep ache in my pussy. Suddenly my back arched like a coiled spring. All my clenched muscles let go at once…. And I guess I squirted because his front seat was soaking wet… flooded with my pussy juices. — Carly 33

First anal was with Tisha. Playing in my pool when I pulled off her top. Tisha pulled down my trunks, so I yanked off her bottoms. We wrestled naked. I grabbed her tits from behind and thrust, aiming for her pussy. My cock popped in– she froze. “Oh you didn’t just put your cock in my ASS?” I did. She bounced on her toes, and I kept fucking. Her sweet ass gripped tight and hot around my boner. — Samuel 19

Valentines dance- I got a boner while dancing. This aggressive girl pulled me into a corner. We kissed and she put my hands under her bra. I was thrilled. The horny girl was naked before we even got to my car. She hissed, “Bone me!!” We screwed so hard my nuts hurt. First fuck and I never knew the girl’s name. –Mogo 21

First one was a nipple orgasm. I have puffy, swollen nipples that beg to be sucked… licked…and nibbled. I love nibblers! Nipple orgasms sneak up on me and explode out of nowhere. BAM!!! a powerful spasm shoots up my spine like an electric jolt…. When I’m feeling especially wicked I use nipple clamps. — Freda 28

I wanted to feel a cock inside me, but couldn’t ‘woman-up’ enough to do it. Then Jaq came over. We kissed…he unwrapped my nightgown staring at my naked body. Jaq moved me on the bed. By instinct my legs spread, his fat cock opened me up. It broke through my hymen and hurt. Jaq thrust in and out… I was finally getting fucked. Stiff cock is an amazing feeling. He groaned and spewed. My pussy was a sperm filled mess. Jaq stayed the weekend and I got addicted to dick.–Chloé 18

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