Expect the Unexpected

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Natasha had always told Paul to expect the unexpected and true to her word, he was surprised to receive a text message from the crazy ex-girlfriend he’d last seen three years ago.

However, his curiosity was roused and he read her message as his mind flickered back to the year he and Natasha had dated.

It had been a wild ride indeed and in spite of the ten-year age gap between them, they’d been good for each other…most of the time. Physically they’d been highly suited and their sex life had been satisfying and kinky for both of them.

Paul had liked her a lot but Tasha, as she preferred to be called, had also been very high maintenance for the now 43 year-old business manager.

Impulsive, impetuous, selfish and usually dancing to her own tune, Tasha had never been shy of speaking her mind or of confrontation. This had forced Paul to extricate himself from a few incidents, especially at work or social occasions where she’d drank too much and began shooting her mouth off to his friends or colleagues.

While Paul liked her unpredictability, it had become a problem for him. By the end Paul admitted It had been fun but too crazy for his own sanity and reputation to bear. He’d ended it and naturally, Tasha hadn’t reacted well as they argued and fought during their final blazing argument.

Since then three years ago, Paul hadn’t heard a peep from her. Until now, on this random midweek summers evening.

He picked up his phone and read the message.

Tasha – “Hey Paul, it’s Tasha! Are you still living in Belvedere Court? I’m just around the corner! Xx.”

Paul sighed and smiled with the resignation of someone who’d knew a storm was likely headed their way. This was typical of Tasha he thought, randomly calling like nothing had happened despite what occurred those few years ago. He could’ve ignored the message or told her he lived elsewhere but despite himself, curiosity tempted him into replying.

Paul – “Hey Tasha! Yes, I’m still at the same place. Did you want to pop in?”

Her reply came through almost instantly.

Tasha – “Yes please that would be great. I have a surprise for you! See you in five minutes xx.”

A slight chill ran down his back. Surprises from Tasha could be both good and bad in Paul’s experience.

Now though, he was curious. Tasha was late twenties when they first got together and he wondered whether she’d calmed down in her early thirties. He got up and put the kettle on.

As he waited for the water to boil, Pauls’ mind cast his mind to the times they had together.

Tasha was a tall girl at 5’10”, with long wavy dark brown hair and piercing blue eyes that could radiate warmth and intelligence or turn sly and devious in a heartbeat.

Paul had been quickly attracted to her figure; broad shoulders, a flat stomach below a lovely firm pair of 34c tits tipped with oval dark pink nipples. She had a peach shaped bottom and curvy hips and he remembered fondly how quickly her trimmed pussy would drip profusely when sucking his hard cock.

Tasha was a self-confessed slut and openly talked about the many one-night stands she’d enjoyed when she was single. Paul loved the candour in discussing her prior sex life and knew that when she wanted a fuck, she had no trouble in going out and getting one. Her sexual confidence was something that attracted him in the first place and something she knew how to manipulate well.

Now as he waited for the kettle to boil, her ‘surprise’ was beginning to play on his mind.

He heard the lift chime as it arrived on the 8th floor of his apartment block, followed by a soft knock on his front door. Calmly he opened it to see his crazy ex for the first time in three years.

Initially, Paul was impressed at how well she looked. Shiny glossy hair cut just above her shoulders, her skin glowing and radiating good health. Part of him had expected to see her looking a bit rough but Tasha looked great. Paul quickly realised why.

The real surprise gently ballooned between her firm round tits and wide hips. It took a moment to process, but he now clearly saw the growth filling out her belly beneath the long summer dress she wore. He stood silently for a moment at the sight of her pregnant body.

Surprise indeed.

“Are you going to let me in or what?” Tasha smiled, noticing where his eyes had transfixed themselves. “I’m bursting for the toilet!” She added desperately.

“Of course Tasha! Come in you know where the loo is.” Paul replied, watching her round firm arse swing by as she quickly rushed passed him.

He finished the brews for them both in the kitchen, his mind blown at seeing his ex with a bun in the oven. His old mistrust of her nagged away him. Why had she suddenly turned up now?

– – – – –

Tasha returned from the toilet and they greeted each other properly. Kisses on cheeks and the type of hugs old friends have when seeing each other again after a long time. They sat down on the couch, side by side.

“So, how are you hakkari escort bayan Paul?” Tasha opened, cradling her cup as she sipped.

“I’m good cheers. You know, still working at the same place and hanging about with the same old reprobates. What about you? I can tell there’s been a few changes in your life.” Paul pointed at her belly.

“Oh, nothing much. Just got this alien living inside me for now.” She said patting the bump.

“How far gone are you?”

“Twenty-five weeks now, nearly six months pregnant. Can you believe I’m going become a Mum?” She replied with a laugh. Indeed, Paul could barely believe it.

The bump was there, but not huge yet. Six months pregnant seemed about right to him, judging by the size of the swell below her dress. His ex-wife had gone through pregnancy twice and he knew the different stages well.

“Congratulations!” Paul offered “Is the Dad looking after you?” He asked, loading the question.

Tasha screwed her face slightly in displeasure.

“He’s not involved.” She replied slightly bitterly. “He’s married and we had an affair. Except now I’m up the duff with his kid, he doesn’t want anything to do with it.”

So, Paul thought, his ex fucked the wrong guy and was now pregnant and on her own. Somehow, it didn’t surprise him.

“I’m sorry Tasha. That sucks.” Paul commiserated.

“Don’t be sorry.” She replied. “He was a dick anyway. I got careless and wasn’t on the pill. My own fault and yet another bad life choice.” She laughed.

“I’m over it.” She added pragmatically.

Paul was glad to hear her at last taking responsibility for mistakes she made. In his experience, she was usually the victim and placed any blame on someone or something else. It seemed her pregnancy had forced her to grow up, he thought.

“Besides, in another 15 weeks, I get to meet my mini me.” She chuckled.

Paul was unsure whether the world was ready for two of her.

“Are you working? Where are you living? Are your folks helping you out?” He asked her.

“Not working. No one’s interested in hiring me in this condition.” She lamented. “I’m in a shared house between the motorway and the airport. Mum and Dad help as much as they can but as you know, they’re miles away so only visit now and again.” Tasha explained.

Paul wasn’t shocked she was not working, she could barely hold down a job at the best of times with her temperament. He also guessed the location of her house was within the dodgy sprawling council estate, where taxi drivers insisted you paid up front before taking you. That’s if they were brave enough to go there at night in the first place.

He nodded in understanding as she talked, his eyes glancing at her round pregnant tits and belly pushing against the material of her dress. She wasn’t wearing a bra and Paul noticed her nipples poking through the thin material.

“So, what are you doing round this way?” He asked, genuinely curious.

“I had a check-up in town earlier.” She began. “I was supposed to meet a friend, but they bailed on me. Then I realised I wasn’t far from here. I just thought it would be nice to see you, we’ve not spoken since…”

“…I kicked you out?” Paul completed her sentence with a chuckle.

“Well yeah!” She laughed. “Don’t worry though, I’m not pissed off about it anymore. I was a bitch and a pain in your arse for a year. I should’ve seen it coming when I think back.” She reflected sadly.

Now Paul really was wondering whether leopards could change their spots. While very relaxed and self-effacing, he knew that her mood could switch quickly. As long as she was playing nice and this wasn’t a front, Paul thought, he’d play along nicely too. Besides, the sight and company of a pregnant woman had always aroused him.

They talked with the familiarity of friendly former lovers, without any awkwardness or sense of the way they’re relationship had unravelled. Their shared irreverent and wicked sense of humour showed the chemistry they still had together as they reminisced about different times and places they’d enjoyed. The atmosphere between them quickly grew warm and relaxed.

Paul couldn’t help but steal glances at Tasha’s swelling tits pushing against her dress as they talked, her bump straining against the buttons of her dress. He could feel a slow building throb between his legs.

A couple of times, Tasha had touched his arm or leg during their conversation and let it linger there a little longer than just mere friends would.

As they chatted, he continued to ponder her motivation for visiting. She was single, pregnant, probably struggling financially and he knew there was more to her visit than just being in the area. What was she after?

Expect the unexpected, he remembered.

They’d been talking for a while now, both caught up in deep conversation when she noticed the time.

“Shit, it’s way later than I thought!” She proclaimed, looking at the clock on the wall opposite. “I think hakkari escort I’ve missed my last bus from town!”

How very convenient, Paul mused.

“Do you reckon a taxi will drop you off down that shithole at this time of night?” He chuckled.

“I doubt it.” Tasha shrugged. “Another two got robbed there last night.”

“Fuck it. I’ll have to walk.” She said unconvincingly.

Paul knew full well Tasha wasn’t going to walk an hour across town at night, through an industrial estate, under a motorway bridge and home when she was six months pregnant.

Paul began to see she’d played this little game deliberately. Turning up unexpected, revealing her pregnancy, casually flirting or touching him and now the old ‘oops I missed the last bus’ routine. She was good, but he could see it becoming a little obvious.

He had to admit it was a standard play by his ex and he’d allowed himself to be played. He chuckled inwardly, both at his own failings and also at how leopards might not change their spots after all .

Paul had noticed her signals becoming more obvious during the evening and knowing her like he did, there was a good chance she had turned up hoping for a fuck. Even though he was wary of her intentions, he wanted to fuck her pregnant cunt too. The thought of Tasha’s ripening body underneath her dress was getting harder for his cock to ignore.

“Don’t be daft, you’re not walking anywhere tonight.” He laughed. “You can crash here if you like?”

Tasha looked on in ‘surprise’ and ‘delight’ at his suggestion. She’s still a bad actor, Paul mused to himself.

“Do you mind? I don’t mind sleeping on the couch.” She said hesitantly.

“No way, you’re pregnant. I’ll take the couch. You can have the bed.” Paul offered.

“Oh, ok.” She smiled with a hint of disappointment in her voice.

“Put the kettle on again and I’ll sort the bed out for you.” He winked.

– – – – –

As he made double bed, Paul considered the consequences of fucking Tasha again after not seeing her for three years.

He wasn’t interested in taking her back, pregnant or not. She’d done his head in while they’d been together and while he held no malice towards her, had no desire to go back. At forty-three, he was happy with his life the way it was.

But it was obvious to him she was making a move of some kind. Paul was single, owned a decent flat near the city centre, had a good career and money in the bank. He knew Tasha far too well not to suspect she was plotting something.

But at this moment the fact he knew she was an amazing fuck and six months pregnant was his kryptonite. He hadn’t fucked a pregnant woman since his ex-wife and the experiences had given him the taste for more if the opportunity ever presented itself. Now it appeared his opportunity was staying over for the night.

His cock was already at half-mast at the thought of having her.

– – – – –

Tasha stood by the large window overlooking the sprawling city of tiny lights when Paul returned.

“I always did like this view.” She said fondly to him as he stood by her.

Paul decided to cut to the chase.

“So tell me, what did you really come here for tonight Tasha?” He asked.

“I told you. I was in the area and thought it would be nice to see you Paul.” She said innocently.

“Really?” He chuckled. “Is that all?”

“Why? What do you think I’m here for Paul?” She replied, her penetrating eyes looking deeply into his.

“Well.” Paul began. “You’re either broke, lonely or horny. So I’m imagining you want either money, a place to live or a shag.” He said bluntly.

“Which is it?”

Tasha paused for a moment, her eyes flashing the anger he knew so well. Ah there she is, he thought.

Then her expression changed to one of resigned desperation.

“OK. I’m really fucking horny.” Tasha whispered meekly.

“Like, uncontrollably horny.” She continued. “These hormones are driving me crazy and I can’t stand it. My pussy is constantly wet. I was nearby and thought about you, thought of your gorgeous cock and about all the fun we used to have together.” She sighed desperately.

Her words trailed off as she lowered her eyes down Paul’s body to the semi erect bulge now appearing in his trousers. Paul smiled as his own eyes travelled down her tall pregnant body, her ripening tits and round bump.

“Look, if you just came here for a fuck Tasha, then yeah I’m down with that.” Paul started.

“But if you’re here to snag yourself a baby daddy, sorry I’m not him.”

Tasha smiled wickedly, moving her mouth next to Pauls ear as her hand found the bulge in his crotch.

“I didn’t come here for a baby daddy. I came here for this. For your cock.” She whispered as her hand reached out and cupped his swelling package. Pauls cock twitched in her hand as she spoke.

Slipping one strap from her shoulder, Tasha deftly exposed a large ripe breast for Paul’s attention. Her nipple was thick escort hakan and rubbery and had turned a darker brown colour from the rose-pink nubs he remembered. Paul swallowed hard, seeing the swollen creamy flesh looking heavier and fuller as they’d filled with milk.

“My tits grew really quick.” Tasha whispered seductively.” Remember when I was a C cup? Well they’re a D cup now and I’m only halfway through so they’ll probably get even bigger. They feel so firm now, don’t they?” She smiled, pulling his hand up to touch her engorged tit.

Paul murmured approvingly at the feel of her milk laden breast in his hand. Warm, soft and heavy he cupped the underside, rolled his hand all over it and squeezed the flesh gently as her hands undid his zip and his belt buckle.

Reaching inside his trousers, Tasha pulled out Pauls thick cock, now close to its full hardness and moaned feeling his familiar meat in her hands.

“I’ve missed this cock so much.” She rasped quietly, slowly stroking him.

Paul pulled down the other shoulder of her dress and exposed both her bare pregnant tits as his hands roamed and groped them. He loved how different they felt then before, the way they hung lower on her chest yet still protruded with her brown tipped nipples jutting out magnificently.

The skin of her breasts was visibly taut and he could see veins deep within the creamy tissue, spreading like the branches of a tree. Her nipples had retained the same oval shape as before but felt a lot more rubbery as he ran his palms and fingers over them. Her areola puckered tight to his touch as he teased them with his thumbs.

Tasha’s breathing had quickened already, becoming deeper and raspier than before as she stroked and rubbed Pauls cock.

As they stood close enough to feel each others breath on their face, Paul dropped his hand down and raised the long dress, exposing her firm thighs, black knickers and swelling tummy. After briefly stroking her firm arse, he slid his hand down her knickers, through her trimmed patch of hair and felt the boiling furnace of her pregnant cunt.

Tasha gasped as Paul slid his middle finger between her fat pregnant lips as they parted to his touch. Her clit was throbbing and his palm grazing across it caused her knees to sag and buckle. Paul slid his fore finger and thumb over the engorged nub as he toyed with her sticky hot clit.

Pushing his middle finger inside her, he was amazed at how wet and creamy she was. The heat was incredible as he reached deeper into the soft flesh of her swollen pregnant hole. Her hand gripped and stroked him hard when he found her G spot and began wanking him in time to the manipulation of her engorged clitoris.

Paul could feel her panting harder and harder on his cheek as he fingered her standing up.

“When did you last get fucked Tasha?” Paul whispered as his fingers circled her clit.

“Not since I got pregnant.” She replied quickly.

“Don’t lie.” He smiled wickedly as he continued to tease her. “I know you, remember? How long since you were last fucked?”

She moaned into his ear when he called her out.

“Two weeks ago.” She admitted, grinding her pussy against Pauls fingers.

“Dirty bitch.” He smiled. “He knew you were pregnant before you fucked him?”

“Yes.” She nodded. “He picked me up in a pub one afternoon, when I was having lunch there alone.”

“And you went to his to fuck him?”

“I was naked before we got to his bedroom. I was so horny” She smiled wickedly on Pauls fingers. Tasha was always a shameless dirty bitch, he thought.

“Did he give your pregnant cunt a good seeing to?”

She smiled at the question, hearing the perverted Paul she craved beginning to emerge.

“Not as good as you would have done. He wasn’t that great to be honest. But it was a fuck.” She shrugged.

“You must be gagging by now then? All those hormones swimming around your body?” Paul teased as his fingers sped up on her clit.

“I’m wanking three or four times a day. It’s not enough.” She panted desperately, knees buckling slightly.

Paul knew Tasha could get very wet when aroused but never like this, as her pussy smeared his toying fingers. Tasha, a little off balance as her head swam with pleasure, hooked her arms around Paul’s shoulders to steady herself. He could feel her firm tits and pregnant bump pressed against his body as he fingered her.

With one hand free he reached back and groped her rounded arse, his hand and fingers sliding between the soft cheeks and down her crack. Skimming briefly past her tight butt hole, his fingers reached the rounded opening of her cunt, already occupied by fingers from his other hand. Pushing inside he fingered her from both the front and back, Tasha holding him tighter as she her knees buckled again from his little trick.

It took a very short time for her to cum.

Tasha cried into his shoulder as she came hard on his fingers, her cunt pulsing as he felt the thick juices smear his hands. She leaned on him breathing heavily as her knee’s sagged. Slowly Paul removed his soaking fingers from her pregnant hole with a slurp.

Leaning into him, she whispered wickedly into his ear.

“I need your cock Paul. Please let me fuck your cock.” Tasha begged as her legs recovered.

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