Drunken Nylon Passion

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My friend James and his wife Sue are a professional couple in their early 30’s and we had been close friends for a number of years. James had invited me round for a few drinks as Sue was out for the evening on a “girly” night out, as she wasn’t due back till late he had made the spare room up for me to save the cost of a taxi.

I arrived just after 7pm and Sue let me in, she looked gorgeous all dressed for the evening in a clingy black dress, black tights and heels. We kissed each other on the cheeks and I cheekily squeezed her cute bottom and she gave me a playful slap and told me that she’d have to tell my wife about me. I told her that she was looking as beautiful as ever and her face flushed as she glanced away. James came into the hallway and jokingly told me to stop flirting with his wife which made Sue laugh. He kissed her goodbye and she left for the evening.

We went into the living room and James poured me a large scotch and we sat on the sofa just chatting about things, I asked him if he had a movie or anything to watch and he smiled and produced a blank DVD which he put into the player. James had a big grin on his face as the DVD menu popped up, clearly an illegal porn DVD which he had somehow got his hands on, I laughed and said did he really want to watch this and he told me it was really hot. I was a little uncomfortable at watching the DVD in the company of another guy and asked him what it was about, I don’t do pissing or any dirty stuff like that, he told me that it was just regular hard core pornography with a tights fetish. James laughed at the expression on my face and said that he had seen my eyes on Sue’s gorgeous legs and had noticed that my wife always wore tights when we were out.

We sat back and watched the “film” which was the usual style of poor acting and we fast forwarded to the actual sex scenes which were pretty good, very graphic and well shot. I found myself quite aroused at seeing the men and ladies both wearing tights for sex and during a scene where the woman was sucking her guy through the tights I began to wish that I was the woman, the thought of hard nylon covered cock in between my hands and deep into my mouth made me very hard.

James took a gulp from his whisky, his erection clearly bulging in his jeans as was mine. We watched mainly in silence, except to comment on which girl looked the best in tights and which one would “get it”…The usual machismo comments from two guys when the ladies aren’t around.

I shifted my seating position as my erection forcing against the restriction of my jeans was causing me some discomfort and James glanced down then quickly away as I saw him looking at my visible package. I swallowed the last of my Whisky and asked James if I could have another drink, he stood up and went to get us both one, his bulge still clearly visible as he walked across the room.

Several large drinks later and with the DVD finished our inhibitions were beginning to fade as we chatted about our respective wives and the tights they wore. I was telling James that I loved to have my wife on the bed wearing nothing but a pair of sheer tights, the pleasure of feeling her soft nylon legs, the soft moist feeling of her pussy through the nylon crotch. gaziantep escort I was obviously getting carried away as I could see James had another noticeable bulge in his jeans, as did I, and I described how I loved to lick her through the nylon crotch.

James had a big grin on his face as he confessed that he loved doing that with Sue as well, then he told me that he would love to have her suck him through a pair of tights and suddenly went very quiet and looked very uncomfortable as he realised that he had confessed a little bit more than intended. I told him not to worry and that after watching the DVD I quite liked the idea myself.

James took my empty glass and, saying nothing, went and poured us both yet another drink, draining the bottle into his glass and muttering that we hadn’t taken long to drink that bottle. He handed me my glass and I took another gulp, beginning to feel quite drunk as the gold liquid left the warm feeling in my mouth and throat.

James sat down next to me on the sofa, still looking uncomfortable and I told him that we had been close friends for twenty years and to stop worrying. James smiled and said that maybe we should talk about something else, I laughed and stood up, telling him I was just going to the toilet and left him sitting on the sofa as I walked upstairs.

I walked into the master bedroom and rummaged through the drawers until I found what I was looking for, pulling open the top drawer I was greeted by a mass of tangled nylon, it seemed that Sue had a lot of tights! I grabbed a handful and walked back downstairs.

James was sitting on the sofa, glass empty and beginning to look quite drunk now. He looked up and saw me with a handful of tights and asked me what I was up to, I told him that he needed to get over his hang up, tossed a pair of black tights at him and told him to put them on. He looked at the nylon garments in his hands then up at me and asked if I was having a laugh. I told him to stop being such a pussy and said that I was going to try a pair of black tights too.

I sat on the sofa and pulled my socks off, stood up and pushed my boxer shorts down and discarded them. My erection sprang free from the restriction of my trunks and stood proud and throbbing in anticipation. James’s eyes were wide as he stared at my cock watching me as I rolled up one leg of the black tights, putting my foot into the sheer nylon and carefully pulling the sensuous fabric up my left leg. I looked over and saw him transfixed by what I was doing. I smiled at him and encouraged him to follow suit and pull on the black hosiery. He undid his belt and took off his T-shirt as I pulled the black tights up over my right leg then stood up to adjust them, pulling the gusset tight around my hard cock, my buttocks and waist.

I stood in front of James and watched as stripped naked except for his underwear. He began to roll the tights up to put them on when I pointed out that he still had his briefs on. His face flushed as he stood and stepped out of them revealing a very hard and generous cock. I watched him, stroking my own cock as he pulled the tights on and up over his erection.

I sat next to him on the sofa and began stroking escort gaziantep my hard cock and slowly jerking myself off through the sheer nylon, James’ eyes barely moved from staring at my hard nylon encased erection as he began to stroke and pleasure himself. We both admired each other as we continued masturbating and I asked James if he wanted a hand, he looked at me speechless and I reached across replacing his hand on his huge nylon erection and began to manipulate his manhood. James closed his eyes, clearly enjoying the experience but at the same time protesting and saying that this was wrong, he was a married straight man. I told him that I was too but I was still enjoying the experience.

Without saying anything I knelt in front of him and began to lick the tip of his cock through the nylon, James panicked and tried to push me away. I resisted and told him to relax, he was going to enjoy this and I took him slightly deeper into my mouth. I felt his hands rest on my head as I took him further, pushing the nylon against the tip of his cock with my tongue. I began sucking him hungrily devouring his nylon-covered cock, feeling the nylon-encased member at the back of my throat and sucking him harder and faster. I felt his hands tense as moaned in pleasure, his cock pulsing in my mouth, hot semen ejaculating through the nylon encasement and into my mouth. I continued sucking, swallowing all I could take, surprised that it didn’t revolt me and went down so easy.

His hands relaxed on my head as his erection began to diminish, I pulled the tights down and revealed a sticky softening cock which I began to lick and suck clean. James seemingly resigning now to the enjoyment of the moment, his hands stroked my hair as I finished my duty of cleaning his cock and then stood in front of him, my encased erection visible and throbbing against the nylon prison. James stared at my cock, aware that he must now return the compliment as he nervously began stroking me before moving his lips to my cock and tentatively began to lick my tip through the nylon. He sucked me through my tights and I gently held his head to my groin as he continued to suck me. The feeling of his mouth on the moist nylon encasing my penis was incredibly arousing and I could feel my orgasm building. I asked him to stop briefly and pulled down the waistband of my tights to expose my naked penis before pulling his lips back onto my cock.

He sucked me harder and faster until I moaned and pushed his head into my groin and exploded into his mouth, he didn’t flinch and he took my offering, swallowing it as he suckled my shaft. I felt my body relax and my erection begin to slowly subside as he continued to suck and caress it milking the last of my semen into his mouth with long slow strokes of his fingers.

I pulled the tights back over my softening cock, sat down next to James and had another slug of my whisky, James seemed to still be struggling to accept what had just happened as I tried to reassure him. I asked him if he enjoyed the experience and he smiled and said that it had been amazing and that he wished he could do that with Sue. I asked him why he hadn’t asked her before and he just told me that he thought she would gaziantep escort bayan think it was weird.

A voice from the doorway said “And this isn’t weird?” we both turned in unison and saw a very bemused Sue standing there, staring at her husband and his friend wearing her tights. James and I both stared, speechless and not knowing what to do or say…eventually James asked her how long she had been there to which she said “Long enough to see you swallow another man’s cum!” James’ eyes dropped to the floor but I noticed a smile creeping to Sue’s face.

Sue walked over to the sofa and squeezed herself in between the two of us, turning to her husband and resting a hand on his leg she spoke softly to him, reassuring him that she wasn’t overly concerned by what she had just witnessed but more concerned that he felt he couldn’t confide in her one of his erotic fantasies. She then turned and looked at me, then down to my growing erection and then back into my eyes, she asked me why I was suddenly getting all excited and if I fancied her or her husband? I laughed and said both, she smiled back and asked me if I wanted to fuck her. I was a little shocked and stared into her eyes, looking for signs that she was winding me up and then past her assessing James’ reaction who looked equally shocked.

Sue placed a hand on my growing erection and whispered into my ear “what would you do to be able to fuck me?” I smiled and then told her that I would do whatever she wanted. Sue smiled at me, a big dirty grin then she told me to bend over and let James fuck me. James looked stunned at his wife’s request but looked excited and aroused.

I moved onto the floor and assumed an all fours position, James knelt behind me and ripped open a small in my tights. By now James was so overcome with lust that he didn’t even try to be gentle; impaled me with one long slow thrust. At first I felt the burning pain as he thrust his entire eight inches deep inside my back passage, his scrotum slapped up against my nylon-clad behind and I felt like my bowels being ripped apart. I gripped the carpet and buried my face into it muffle my cries as he began to thrust in and out of me deep and hard. Slowly the pain subsided and I began to push back against him, maintaining the rhythm as he pumped his steel-hard shaft in and out of me as hard and fast as he could. James’s hand reached round and grabbed my cock caressing me as he fucked me until he shuddered and moaned and emptied himself inside me. I felt his hot semen flood my back passage and I reciprocated into the gusset of my tights as James milked me through the silky nylon.

As my orgasm passed I looked up to see if Sue had enjoyed the show, clearly she had as she had her head back, skirt pulled up over her waist and a hand stuffed into her tights and knickers fingering herself off as James and I watched. Sue’s actions became frantic as she approached her orgasm, loudly moaning and fingering herself hard and fast until we saw her body shudder and relax as her orgasm passed over.

Her orgasm over Sue looked at the two of us with our soft flaccid tools, she took her tights off and threw them at me and told me to have them as a souvenir. Then she looked at James and her face changed. She stared him straight in the eyes and told him that the only fuck he would get was with me from now on, she told him that he should have told her his fantasies and that he would have to earn her back.

James went pale as Sue gave him a parting glance and then left the room and went to bed…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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