Dr. Baxter’s Bizarre Practice

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Cold Brook is a sleepy little village of about 300 people located well north of Utica, New York, and that’s where this story is based. It’s about an aging doctor names Ulysses Baxter who has been a General Practitioner for the majority of his 69 years in Cold Brook, and while many of his patients have either passed on or started going to big city doctors, Dr. Baxter still has enough clients to make it worthwhile to keep his office open.

Many of those folks are either intensely loyal, set in their ways or unable to travel the considerable distance to Utica and back. Dr. Baxter is also known for being very reasonable regarding payment for his services as well as being willing to accept unconventional ways of paying the bill, like taking eggs, baked goods or other things in lieu of cash.

This story regards those “other things” the kindly and somewhat eccentric took as remuneration for services rendered.


Ulysses Baxter sat in the chair that was once used by the woman who acted as a combination nurse practitioner/secretary in his office, back when he had enough patients to justify the expense, looking out through the blinds at the girl who was walking along the shoulder of the road towards his building.

The anticipation made the elderly doctor’s heart beat faster, just as it always did when he had a young woman scheduled for an exam. He had very few young patients left these days, as the little village continued to die its slow death much like he himself was, so seeing the teen shuffling closer and chewing her gum just as slow and languidly as she walked, excited him.

Becka Enos must have just been at work, given the way she was still wearing the baggy and shapeless lime green uniform top from the Easy Mart, but while the girl wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer the good doctor gave her credit for having the ambition to walk to and from work every day as well as to his office, considerable distances even in this little hamlet.

“Becka Becka Becka,” Ulysses chanted softly as he pulled her file out of the cabinet, the bulky manila folder right between those of her mother Anna and her father Clint – a drunken bum who had taken off a few years back – and the doctor gave the Polaroids inside a brief glance before tucking them back in place and waiting for the door to open.

“Hey Dr. Baxter,” the girl chirped as he entered the reception area and closed the door behind her.

“Becka Enos!” Dr Baxter replied with a smile. “My favorite patient.”

“You say that to everybody I bet,” Becka giggled.

“No Becka. You’re special. You’re loyal, you and your mother,” Ulysses answered, hesitating as he pretended to think about something before continuing. “How is your Mom? I think she’s scheduled for an appointment soon too.”

“Yeah. She’s okay,’ Becky replied. “She said she would settle up with you then for my check-up.”

“I’m not worried honey,” Dr. Baxter said, well aware when her mother was coming in, and the elderly doctor made a mental note to make sure he had enough Viagra for this busy time. “Let’s step back into the torture chamber.”

He followed the gangly girl into the back office, noting that even the over-sized uniform top couldn’t mask her pear shaped body, and as he closed the door behind them he cleared his throat and said,”Becka?”

“Oh. The gum,” the teen said as she took the tissue from the doctor and wadded it up.

“Shouldn’t chew gum,” he noted.

“It’s sugarless,” the girl responded with a smile, exposing a smile that, while the teeth that made it could have been whiter and straighter, was intact.

“Becka always has an answer,” he wryly responded as he grabbed his clipboard. “Let’s see how much you’ve grown since last time. Hop on the scale.”

“Can I take some stuff off first?”

“Afraid you’ll weigh too much?” Dr. Baxter asked as she kicked off her shoes. “Go ahead.”

“Gonna come off anyway,” Becky noted correctly as she undid her jeans and pulled them down legs that were long and slender although not very shapely, and after she kicked them off she undid her uniform top and peeled it off before stepping on the scale.

“Let’s see,” Dr. Baxter mused aloud as he took his time lowering the metal bar to the top of her head, gently resting it on her dark brown curls. “You’re 5’9″. Grew a half inch since last time. Still sprouting like a weed.”

As his wrinkled hand grabbed the pen and made the notation he tried to subtly rearrange himself while realizing that he wouldn’t have needed medication to get hard with Becka here, because while she was no raving beauty she was young and rather cute in her own way.

“Almost 19,” Dr. Baxter mentioned. “Getting to be an old lady. No college?”

“Gotta finish high school first,” Becka grimaced before explaining that she was taking English over again so she could get a real high school diploma at the yearly ceremony come spring, even if she would be a year late.

“Good girl,” Dr. Baxter said as his eyes strayed down the lanky teen’s body which was now eskişehir escort clad only in bra and panties, and those undergarments were rather sad looking and in disrepair.

The bra wasn’t hers since it swam on her with the cups sort of caved in a bit on her modest chest, but the doctor stifled a grin when he realized it sure wasn’t a hand-me-down from her mother, whose breasts were like watermelons.

Becka’s panties seemed to fit but there was a little discoloration in the front and there was a tear at the top where the cotton was separating from the elastic. That rip exposed some brown curls in the gap although there was also plenty of pubic hair peeking out of the sides and top of the panties as well.

“Becka weighs one forty one,” he announced after sliding the bar along, but after she groaned he said, “Let’s call it 140.”

“Thanks but I’m still fat,” Becka answered.

“You’re fine dear,” Dr. Baxter said, noting the little swell of belly and her butt was where the weight was. “You’re a healthy farm girl.”

Becka shrugged as she stepped down, self-consciously trying to poke the pubic hair back under the elastic when she saw where the doctor’s eyes were.

“Let’s check the blood pressure honey,” Dr. Baxter said as he led the girl over to the machine, and after Becka sat down he joined her, placing her elbow on the shelf and wrapping the band around her bicep.

“Relax,” Dr. Baxter said as he coaxed her arm outward, the back of his fingers brushing against the hair that sprouted out of Becka’s cavernous armpit.

Becka only blushed slightly, unlike previous times when she had turned a bright red at the contact. The doctor said nothing, having learned in previous visits that her mother forbid Becka to shave her underarms in fear that her daughter would become as hairy as she herself did as a result of using a razor.

Dr. Baxter had said nothing to the girl to debunk her mother’s wacky old wives tale because he found hairy woman exciting, and it was clear that not shaving had done nothing to keep the teen from having armpits as bushy as any he had ever seen of either gender.

“Mom still not letting you shave?” he asked while pumping up the sleeve.

“I’m 18 so I can do what I want. I just don’t,”

Becka informed him.

“Good for you. No reason to,” Dr. Baxter told her while taking the readings, winking when adding, “Besides, some men like natural women.”

“I know,” Becka replied and then shut up fast.

“Becka has a boyfriend?” the grizzled doctor asked. “One of the boys as the gas station?”

“No,” Becka answered quickly and then said, “Not really.”

“Hmmm,” Dr. Baxter replied. “An older gentleman?”

“Can’t tell,” Becka responded.

“I see. Don Taylor…” Dr. Baxter said, and the mention of the owner of the gas station franchise made the teen jump in response. “His wife’s pregnant again I hear.”

“Uh yeah,” Becka answered, and after swallowing added, “You ain’t gonna tell my Mom are you?”

“Now Becka. You know me better than that,” he said while running his hand along the down on the girl’s arm. “Everything that is said in here is private. Everything said – and done – is our business. Okay?”

“Okay,” Becky replied as the old man wrote down the teen’s blood pressure before grabbing the tongue depressor and unwrapping it.

“Open wide,” Dr. Baxter said, and as he placed the device on the girl’s tongue he thought about how that store owner’s cock had been in there too, and wondered how many more besides that one and his own how many other guys had coated her throat with their seed. “Say ah!”

“Okay then. Hop up. Time to take your picture,” Dr. Baxter said. “Shed the rest of your clothes.”

“Uh – Dr. Baxter?” Becka asked as she stood up and reached back to unhook her bra.

“Yes dear?”

“These pictures you take of me,” she said haltingly. “I mean – you’re getting old. What happens to them if you like – pass away? Not that I want you to but…”

“Perfectly good question,” the doctor replied before spinning a yarn. “You see, in the event of my death the State Medical Commission comes to the office and seizes all the files. They contact the patients and ask them who their new doctor will be, and then they deliver them in an armored truck to that doctor. Nobody can even look at them. If they did, they would be in violation of the Volstad Act and get send to jail for 20 years.”

“Oh,” Becky said as she pulled the harness off her shoulders, and after shedding the raggedy panties stood there naked while the doctor fiddled with the Polaroid that was older than Becka.

“Should get me a new camera,” Dr. Baxter muttered as he looked at his naive model and pretended to be having trouble, when actually the only problem was keeping his erection down and out of sight.

The teen’s breasts were about the size of grapefruits with bright red areolas about the size of silver dollars, the right one a little larger than the left. Down lower, the girl’s bush was a escort eskişehir wild jungle with the uneven triangle goring far and wide, completely obscuring her sex.

“Okay. Don’t smile but don’t frown. Remember, it’s a camera, not a gun,” the doctor announced as he snapped the picture, and after yanking it out he set it down for it to develop before peeling it apart, asking Becka to wait for him to take another one.

“Link your hands behind your head for me,” Dr. Baxter asked and as Becky complied he snapped a photo of the teen in all her natural glory

“See?” Br. Baxter declared in a moment as he showed the picture to Becka. “Now that is a pretty lady.”

“Ugh.” Becka said as the picture got put into the folder and the doctor took out his tape measure. “I hate this part.”

“It’s important to see that you’re developing properly,” the good doctor declared as he first brought the tape around the girl’s bust and then her waist, and after he wrapped the tape around her hips he said she was developing quite well as he wrote down the numbers. “Your my dear are perfect.”

“Perfect?” Becka asked as she looked down at the paper and saw her measurements. “34-26-39 ain’t perfect.”

“Very few young ladies are 36-24-36, believe me. You have a very nice shape. Now get up on the table for me dear,” Dr. Baxter reassured the teen as he helped her onto the examination table.

“Do you examine your breasts in between visits here?” Dr. Baxter asked as he pressed his hand into the soft mound which was made smaller with Becka on her back, and as he went around the nipple he watched the stubby peg blossom a bit.

“Sometimes, but I forget,” Becka said as she looked down at the wrinkled hand massaging her breast.

“Very important,” Dr. Baxter said, and with a wink added, ‘Maybe Mr. Taylor could help you.”

“Oh geez,” Becka giggled as the doctor took her wrist and brought it back up over her head, the old man pausing a second to fluff the wild spray of hair that filled the cavern before probing into her armpit.

“Never find any lumps in that jungle,” Becky warned him.

“I’ve been doing this for years dear,” Dr. Baxter retorted as he took much longer than needed, palpating the hairy hollow that likely had never felt the sting of a razor, savoring the feel of the soft fur. “Any pain?”

“No. Hope I don’t smell. I worked all day.”

“You smell perfectly fine dear,” Dr. Baxter replied, the slightly tart aroma cocktail of deodorant and perspiration only serving to make his cock stiffen more. “Let’s have the other wrist.”

After repeating the procedure under Becka’s other arm the doctor went back to her breasts, pinching around the nipples and asking if that hurt, and after getting a no in response he smiled when he looked around the edge of the pebbled areola.

“Oh gees, I’m so hairy all over,” Becka said when the doctor lifted the little curly hair up to show the teen.

“Nonsense. Most women have a few hairs growing around their nipples,” Dr. Baxter noted as he moved to the foot of the table and put the girl’s ankles in the stirrups, lifting and spreading Becka’s legs to fully expose her sex.

“My friend Alison. She started going to a gyrotropolis in Utica,” Becka told the doctor. “Her family has money.”

“You mean a gynecologist?” Dr. Baxter asked, and he chuckled when the teen nodded.

“Mom’s going to ask you isn’t she?” Becky asked as the doctor looked down at the jungle that grew way down between the teen’s legs, and Becka cupped her hands behind her neck so she could watch as well. “Whether I’ve had sex or not I mean. I know she always does.”

“I suppose so,” Dr. Baxter said as he slipped his finger into the wetness, pretending to look for a hymen that didn’t exist.

“What will you tell her?” Becka asked as the finger went deeper, causing her to squirm in response.

“What would you like me to tell her?” the doctor asked as the teen’s tight pussy convulsed around his digit, her bush so wet the back of his hand was damp.

“Tell her – tell her I’m still a good girl,” Becka gasped as a second finger went in.

“Does your boyfriend?” Dr. Baxter asked, pausing his question while slowly corkscrewing his fingers, and using the term boyfriend for a married man more than twice Becka’s age with five kids made him snicker. “Does Mr. Taylor use protection?”

“No, he pulls his dick out right before he cums,” Becka explained as her torso slowly rocked on the table, and when she saw the look on the doctor’s face she added, “Mr. Taylor – I mean Don, he likes the way it feels without a rubber. He says his wife’s pussy is real loose and he really feels it when we fuck because I’m tight.”

“Dangerous for you, you know that Becka?” the doctor asked, and after she nodded he continued. “There’s a safer way. Have you tried that? I could show you.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ll be right back,” Dr. Baxter announced as he left the room and hustled to the door, locking it before getting back to eskişehir escort bayan his patient, and as he reentered the examination room and saw the teen laying there with her legs spread he knew that he would never retire.

“If you’re looking for a safe way to have sex,” Ulysses said as he shed his white coat and dropped his baggy trousers, the evidence of his excitement level obvious even before he shed the boxers. “Anal is the way to go.”

“You mean having him put his dick in my butt?” Becka asked, her eyes focused on the long vein-riddled prong that swayed in front of the elderly doctor as he came over to the table. “Won’t that hurt?”

“The key is proper preparation,” Dr. Baxter explained as he waved a tube of lube.

“I dunno,” Becka said. “Kinda scared.”


“Cuz your thing is so big,” Becka told him.

“It’s not big, just long child,” the doctor said as he put some lube on his finger.

“Sez you.”

“I’m not bigger than Mr. Taylor, am I?” he asked, and after a bit of hesitation she nodded.

“Yours is longer. Way longer,” Becka commented as she stared at the old man’s organ which pointed back at her.

“Oh. I figured that a big fellow like him – well, no matter,” the doctor chirped as the girl smiled when she saw his manhood jerk upwards a bit. “What’s so funny?”

“Just thinking about when I first saw your dick, remember?” Becka asked. “You know, when I got upset because I thought the head got chopped off?”

“Oh yes,” the doctor recalled, the girl’s reaction to seeing his uncircumcised organ almost comical in retrospect. “Well, you figured it out. Now just relax and slide down the table a bit towards me. That’s it.”

“Oh, that’s nice,” Dr Baxter sighed as he spread Becka’s legs wide and saw that her anus was surrounded by hair.

“What are you doing?” Becka asked when the doctor knelt down and moved his face into the steamy crevice.

“Lubricating you,” came the muffled reply a second before the girl moaned, the old man’s talented tongue lapping at the puckered ring before getting slowly to his feet so he could probe her anus with his gel-covered digit. “Feel good?”

“i guess. Weird,” Becka replied as the finger moved in and out of her for a moment until Dr. Baxter walked around to the other end of the table.

“A little lubrication for me as well,” he directed as he leaned over and waved his grizzled looking member in the girl’s face, and Becka dutifully tipped her face to the side parted her lips to allow the doctor to slide the end of his cock into her mouth.

“Good girl,” Dr. Baxter moaned as he fed the teen about half of his stiff 8″, working it in an out until he could take no more and retreated back to the foot of the table. “Now just relax.”

“Scared,” Becka sniffed.

“I would never hurt you. I’m your doctor,” the old man reminded her as he lathered up his cock with lube. “Now just relax – and keep your hands behind your head. I love the way you look like that. Ready?”

“AHHHH!!” Becky moaned as the elderly physician introduced the tip of his cock into the virgin hole, and her moaning got louder as he probed deeper and deeper. “Too big!”

“You’re doing fine honey,” Dr. Baxter assured her as he looked down and saw she had taken about half of him into her ass, which was as hot as an oven and as tight as a vise. “Just relax.”

“Trying,” Becky grunted as the tip of the old man’s tool worked in and out of her, her face crimson and the veins in her neck throbbing as the table gently rocked.

“Doing fine,” the old man said as he stood at the foot of the table like the captain of a ship, his right hand gliding lightly along the down on the girl’s leg as the other hand rubbed her pussy.

“Is it all in?”

“Almost,” Dr. Baxter lied as he worked a little more of his stiff tool into her ass. “You’re so tight.”

“Oh geez!” Becka cried out as the old man started thrusting harder and faster, his cock impaling her as the doctor’s fingers rubbed her clit.

“Going to cum soon aren’t you Becka?” Dr. Baxter snorted as his sweat flew all over the girl’s torso with every thrust, the sight of the teen’s own sweat pouring out of her armpit jungles making him crazy with lust. “Cum for me!”

“AWWW!!” Becka howled as her body thrashed around under the force of her orgasm, and as she came the doctor did as well, filling her savaged bowels with a copious amount of seed that belied his age.

Becka jumped as the old man’s dick jerked inside her for a time long after he was spent, and Dr. Baxter left his manhood in until it slithered out on its own. Only then did he step back and admire his work.

“Am I bleeding?” Becka asked hesitantly.

“No child. You’re fine,” Dr. Baxter replied as he watched his semen gurgle out of the rapidly contracting orifice before going to get some sterile wipes to clean the girl up.

“Good as new,” Dr. Baxter declared as he took the wipes and place them in a plastic bag. “I’ll have them tested to make sure your rectum is healthy and you don’t have any anal problems.”

“They can tell from that?” Becky asked as she got her legs out of the stirrups.

“Uh – sure,” Dr. Baxter lied, already figuring out a reason to get the teen to return for another visit. “I’ll call you when I get the results. How was it for you though?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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