Double Smoke

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He had planned this for ages. After seeing Louise a number of times for various different scenarios and fetishes he now trusted her to fulfill this particular fantasy. Paying for his fetishes was something he had done for awhile and he always used the same couple of escorts. He had told her he wanted someone similar to her age. Two young girls wouldn’t suffice, they wouldn’t have the skills or experience Louise could bring. She thought about it for a few days, made a few calls and come up with Ruby. At 31 and very experienced she was perfect for what Louise had been asked to provide and not only that it gave Louise a chance to work with and have some fun with Ruby.

After a few days a date was agreed for the weekend and all three parties to be involved counted down to the Saturday. Louise arranged the meeting to be at her place and arranged the room as needed. Ruby dug out her best high stripper heels.

Steve arrived at Louise’s place on time as per usual and rang the doorbell. Within seconds Louise had welcomed him in and they exchanged pleasantries and a small envelope full of money for Louise and Ruby. Louise caught Steve looking around for Ruby and reassured him that she was here waiting for him. She led him into her little playroom and pulled a chair out into the middle of the room facing the door.

Before he could sit down she made him drop his trousers and boxer shorts to his ankles and pushed him back on to the chair. Within seconds she pulled some silk ties out and bound his wrists behind the chair before moving on to his ankles. He smiled to himself at how well Louise was roleplaying what he had requested. From past experience with her he knew she would throw herself fully into what he had requested and was fully worth the high price she charged.

He sat there bound to the chair with his already fully erect cock bouncing around slightly. She smiled at him and didn’t say a word. Out of all of her clients Steve had the most impressive cock and she loved getting his emails booking a session knowing it would always be something different everytime.

“Back in a minute.” She said to him as she headed out of the door to the bathroom. After what seemed like an eternity Steve heard two sets of high heels totter along back to the room. Louise reappeared now without her robe fully naked but for her 6 inch high heels. Right behind her followed Ruby, fully naked and in matching stripper heels. Steve’s eyes widened in approval at the sight of Ruby walking in, Louise had chosen well in this part of fulfilling his fantasy.

“Are you ready for this?” Louise enquired smiling at him. He answered yes but his enlarged exposed cock had already shown the two women how ready he was for this.

Immediately both women squatted down on their heels in front of his cock and after a quick teasing look up at him began to slowly kiss each other. Their lips locked together in a passionate kiss, their tongues exploring each others mouth, both of them enjoying the tenderness of each other and the teasing of Steve.

Breaking away from their kiss Louise reached behind her and grabbed hold of her packet of cigarettes and her lighter. Looking directly up at Steve with her big wide green eyes she slowly pulled a cigarette out of the ığdır escort packet and brought it to her bright red lipstick covered lips. Flicking the lighter she lit her cigarette and took a deep inhale of it and then slowly let the smoke exhale through her nose. Steve stared intently down at her already squirming at the sight of Louise lighting her cigarette.

Louise then offered the packet to Ruby who delicately removed a cigarette, her long bright red false nails providing a contrast against the white cigarette. Like Louise, Ruby proceeded to place the cigarette between her red lips. Louise struck the lighter again and offered it to Ruby who lit her cigarette taking a deep inhale as well whilst looking up at Steve. Steve had fantasised about this for years but never thought it would come true but here he was bound to a chair with two smoking beauties knelt naked before him.

Louise took another deep drag on her cigarette and leaned across to Ruby and with her mouth full of smoke her lips met Ruby’s and they locked into a passionate smoky kiss. Steve moaned at the sight of this. They hadn’t even touched his cock yet but he was so turned on and his erection was throbbing away desperate for attention. But Louise and Ruby were here as much for the tease than making him cum yet. Breaking from the kiss they both sucked on their cigarettes and went back for a long deep kiss with smoke from both their mouths mixing.

As they kissed they both began to fondle each others boobs. Although enjoying the show Steve was now desperate for them to touch him but he was so struck by what he was seeing he could not even utter a word to them. Finally they broke their long kiss and both looked up at Steve.

“Did you think we had forgotten about you?” Smiled Louise before taking a drag on her cigarette. This time she leaned down close to Steve’s throbbing erect cock and then gently blew her smoke out over the head of his cock. Steve groaned out in a mix of frustration and excitement as his cock bobbed about. Hoping she would then slip his cock in her mouth she was disappointed when she pulled her mouth away with a grin only for Ruby to lean in and blow her smoke over his cock. Another groan came from Steve as Ruby only blew her smoke on his cock and pulled her mouth away and went to kiss Louise.

By now Steve was really getting frustrated, bound to chair watching two gorgeous women smoke and kiss in front of him but he was desperate for at least one of them to touch him. The women on the other hand were loving not just the teasing of him but also exploring each others mouths. As they kissed passionately their boobs with erect nipples rubbed against each other. Finally Louise reached her spare hand out and took hold of Steve’s cock. His cock jerked in reaction to finally being touched. Louise held it firmly feeling how hard and hot it felt in her hands.

She slowly stroked it up and down whilst taking another drag on her cigarette and slowly exhaled over her hands. Ruby, grinning up at Steve, placed her hand holding her cigarette on his cock as well. Steve looked down in awe at the sight of both hands gripping his cock, one of them with a cigarette between fingers and the smoke curling up to his nostrils.

Teasingly, ığdır escort bayan and for Steve infuriatingly both women let go of his cock at the same time leaving it standing proud and wanting attention. Giggling to each other and then smiling at Steve, Ruby brought her cigarette up to Louise’s mouth to take a drag on. Being just as much as a tease as what Ruby was Louise then proceeded to exhale a perfect ring of smoke up to Steve’s face.

With a little giggle each both women then turned their attention back to Steve’s cock. Only Louise now held his cock at the base as both women positioned their mouths either side of his cock both blowing their smoke over the head of his cock. Finally Louise stuck her tongue out and made contact with the head of Steve’s cock making him groan out in pleasure. Her tongue ran over the head then down one side of his cock and before he could fully process the feeling of this Ruby did the very same with her tongue. Suddenly he had gone from his cock throbbing for attention to now two tongues running up and down his cock simultaneously.

He strained against his bonds desperate for the women to make him cum. But not yet for them as they just wanted to tease and play with him as long as they could. Looking straight down he saw Ruby’s tongue around the head of his cock and then felt her lips delicately kiss the head. She then put her cigarette right next to the head of his cock and sucked on the cigarette inhaling and exhaling over his cock head. As her face disappeared in a plume of smoke he felt the heat of the smoke on his cock and the dampness of her tongue, his mind now a whirl.

As the smoke cleared he could see Ruby’s hair tumble over her face as sucked his cock deeper into her mouth. He moaned out loudly as he felt her mouth slip further down his cock. Another groan escaped his mouth as Ruby began to suck up and down his cock with increasing speed. He looked up at Louise just as she lit a fresh cigarette. With a wicked smile she blew the smoke straight out at his face.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” Louise asked standing up and leaning in close to him.

Before Steve could even reply Louise took a deep drag on her fresh cigarette and leaned into to Steve’s mouth and gave him a long smoky kiss. He savoured the second hand smoke from Louise’s mouth and her wet tongue and soft lips against his. His mind was all over enjoying the kiss whilst at the same time Ruby sucked harder and deeper on his cock.

Louise pulled away from kissing Steve just as Ruby slipped his cock out of her mouth yet again leaving him teased and frustrated. As Ruby turned away, put her cigarette out and reached for a fresh one Louise took her place at Steve’s cock.

Grabbing hold of his cock firmly she took a drag on her cigarette and took his cock deep in her mouth with one swift movement. Holding his cock in her mouth she opened her lips a little and let the warm smoke curl out around his cock. She then resealed her lips around his cock and started to suck him gently up and down.

Ruby returned next to Louise and looked Steve directly in the eye as she lit her second cigarette, her bright red lipstick leaving mark on the cigarette as she pulled it away from her lips. escort ığdır She leaned down to the side of Louise and gently blew her smoke over Steve’s balls and then delicately ran her tongue over them.

Steve was now trembling with excitement, two hot women were smoking for him as they sucked his cock and licked his balls. He desperately wanted to grab hold of Louise’s head and thrust it down on his cock in frustration but he was bound firmly in place on the chair just how he had always wanted this to happen. He knew he wouldn’t last much longer as he felt Louise rhythmically and slowly suck his cock up and down in her mouth.

By now the smoke was filling the room and making his eyes sore and water but he was loving every minute of it. For the women their throats were feeling the effect of back to back cigarettes but both were very excited and were loving teasing his impressive cock.

“Are you wanting to cum?” Asked Louise through a plume of smoke as she pulled her mouth off his cock and sucked on her cigarette.

“Yes please I want to cum.” Pleaded Steve on the edge.

“Then cum on us!” Giggled Louise as her hand gripped and tugged Steve’s cock harder.

Steve thrashed against his bonds on the chair and groaned out loud as his cock twitched and he started to cum. The first spurt of cum shot out of his cock straight into Louise’s waiting open mouth followed by one on her cheek. She quickly pointed his cock to Ruby who after feeling one spurt of cum hit her chin greedily opened her mouth and slipped the head of his cock in her mouth to take the rest of his hot cum. Steve shouted out as his thighs trembled as his orgasm subsided.

He slowly regained his senses feeling exhausted yet fulfilled. Looking down he saw Ruby take her mouth off his cock holding his cum carefully in her mouth. A glance to Louise just in time to see her open her mouth with some of his cum resting on her tongue as she placed her cigarette in her mouth and took a drag. She bent down over his cock and skillfully dribble the cum out of her mouth over the head of his cock as the smoke enveloped his cock at the same time. He felt her warm, moist tongue around the head as she quickly licked back up the cum. Looking up directly at him she showed him the cum in her mouth and then proceeded to swallow it down.

Louise then turned to Ruby as she took a deep drag on her cigarette. Leaning into Ruby their lips met and began to kiss right in front of a mesmerized Steve. As their lips locked together smoke escaped Louise’s mouth into Ruby’s cum filled mouth. With perfect timing Ruby let the cum in her mouth run into Louise’s mouth. Steve bound to the chair looked on in amazement as these two women snowballed his cum in a smoky kiss.

Pulling away from each other a little, Ruby took a drag of her cigarette whilst staring straight at Steve. Just as she opened her mouth to let the smoke escape Louise leaned over and slowly let the cum in her mouth drip through the smoke into Ruby’s mouth. With a smile Ruby then proceeded to swallow down the cum savouring the taste it mixed with the taste of her cigarette.

Steve, still bound to the chair, sat there exhausted with a big smile on his face as he watched these two women slowly kiss and lick his cum from each others faces. Every so often one of then would take a drag on their cigarette and the turn and exhale the smoke towards him. Finally both of them stubbed their cigarettes out and delicately untied Steve from his bonds finishing his ultimate fantasy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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