Doris’s Desires Ch. 01

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It was one of those brilliant summer afternoons that seem to go on and on. As Doris looked out her bedroom window at the pool and her son Timmy and his friends, she felt a longing that she knew wasn’t right. She looked at her husband’s side of their king-sized bed. His interest in his wife had been waning for years and had dwindled down to a once-a-month quickie. She wondered why he bothered. She certainly got nothing out of it. He hadn’t given her an orgasm since the kids were toddlers. And now their daughter was off at college and their son was 18. They were both at young adults, at or over the age of legal consent.

Doris had just finished her twenty minutes on the Lifecycle and showered, changing into her conservative one-piece swimsuit. At 48, she was often mistaken for a woman ten years younger. Her shoulder-length chestnut hair had a trace or two of gray. And she wasn’t exactly of swimsuit model proportions, but Doris was aware of the looks she got from the tradesmen who did work at their home, from the men she passed on the street, and especially from Timmy and his friends. Over the years she had noticed that as the young men grew up, they noticed her more and she often caught them looking at her figure, especially her breasts.

Doris had always been busty. After she had the kids, her boobs retained the full cup size they had gained during pregnancy. That made her a 40dd. And she wasn’t a large woman otherwise. She considered herself average. She had a little tummy and she thought her butt looked big. In fact, she had a wonderful, soft, shapely hour-glass figure. Doris knew she had nice legs and thought she had a pretty face. As she gazed down at Timmy and his three friends, she had to remind herself that these weren’t models from the Playgirl magazine she kept tucked away in her sewing room for her late-night self-pleasure. They had been neighborhood boys she had watched grow up. And they were grown up. All the sandlot baseball, backyard football, and other athletics had sculpted the young men into buff, lean hardbodies. She looked at one young man’s abs and then noticed she could see the dark shadow of his pubic hair through his yellow ‘baggie’ swimsuit. She also saw the outline of his cock. She looked at each of the young men as they horsed around. She even caught herself looking at Timmy and comparing his endowment with that of his father. She sighed, and then caught herself. She shouldn’t be thinking like this.

Downstairs, she shouted out to the young men,” Does anyone want anything from the kitchen before I come out?” Although there was no answer, she prepared a tray with large glasses of ice water knowing the young men would be thirsty on a hot day like this. Doris could feel the boys’ eyes on her as she walked to the poolside area. She carefully sat down the tray, and then glanced up quickly, catching Eric staring down the front of her low-cut bathing samsun escort suit. He quickly averted his gaze and she smiled to herself. She enjoyed the tingle between her legs and then moved to the chaise lounge beside the pool. The boys gathered around the table to have some ice water, but were soon playfully throwing the frigid water at each other. Eric ran from Mark toward where Doris was standing. He tried to hide behind her.

She laughed as Eric grabbed her shoulders to maneuver her to keep her between him and the icy soaking. Mark feinted throwing the water one way and then threw the whole glassful the other. Eric was too quick and darted aside pulling Doris in front of him. The water soaked her entire front. Doris instinctively turned to face away from Mark and the other two boys, which gave Eric a view of Doris in her soaking wet swimsuit. His eyes locked on his friend’s mom’s big boobs. Her suit clung to them and accentuated their size and firmness. And her large nipples instantly hardened and rose to stand out prominently through the material. Eric was transfixed. As soon as Doris recovered from the shock of the cold water, she saw that she was facing a thoroughly smitten young man. And an aroused one. Doris was sure Eric’s cock had thickened and grown. She smiled at him knowingly and dived into the pool. The boys continued their fun, having diving contests and swimming races that Doris was asked to judge.

Doris enjoyed the afternoon until the sun became too much for her. She had enjoyed watching the boys pretending not to watch her apply suntan oil to her body. She heard Timmy whispering to the others to knock it off, this was his mother. She had contemplated asking Timmy, or one of his buddies to oil up her back, but that seemed too much to her. But in the end she had decided to go in and maybe relieve herself of the tingle that had only grown as she watched the boys and listened to them talking about their girlfriends.

She hadn’t heard Eric follow her inside, but saw him go into the bathroom as she turned on some music in the kitchen and flipped through the newspaper. She heard Eric come out of the bathroom and approach her. She looked up at the handsome young man standing before her in his wet swimsuit.

“Mrs. Williams? I just wanted to say I’m sorry you got soaked when we were goofing around.”

“Oh, don’t worry about it, Eric. Besides I don’t think you are sorry. I think you enjoyed the view. Didn’t you?” Doris was teasing Eric. She enjoyed the power she had over him. She smiled coyly.

“Uh, well. You are… uh… we didn’t think… that is, I… well… you are very pretty, Mrs. Williams.”

“Pretty? Is that what you think I am? Or is it something else?”

“You are pretty, well… beautiful. Jeez, you are the best looking woman… ” His voice trailed off.

“Oh, Eric, I know escort samsun you have a very pretty girlfriend. What would she think to hear you say that?”

“Uh… I don’t know. I mean, she’s just a girl. Not like you. I mean all the guys like to… I mean most mothers don’t look like you in that swimsuit.”

Eric was scared that he would say something to offend his friend’s mother. He imagined her slapping his face. Timmy would want to kill him. And what if she called his parents? But even as he had these thoughts his eyes darted down to Mrs. Williams’ chest. The air conditioning had the same effect on her nipples as the cold water had. Under the kitchen lights Eric could make out the outline of her red wine-colored aureole. His eyes took in the full roundness of her boobs. His girlfriend was a cute, flat, teenager. This was a real woman. He felt his cock responding and suddenly looked up to see Mrs. Williams looking him right in the eyes and then looking down to her expansive chest.

“Like what you see, Eric?”

“Yes, ma’am,” the young man replied, his voice a husky whisper.

“Well, I am flattered, Eric. I’ll bet you’d like to see more. Wouldn’t you?”

Eric could only nod. He could barely contain himself. He and all of Timmy’s friends had whispered about Mrs. William’s boobs. They had concluded hers were bigger than Donna Recchia’s. Donna had the biggest pair in the high school.

Doris walked to the laundry room, just off the kitchen. Eric followed.

“Shut the door behind you,” Doris said. “Now, tell me what you want.”

Eric swallowed hard. This was the point of no return. He could feel the faceslap coming, but those hormones were pumping now.

“Mrs. Williams, may I see your breasts?”

“Not like that. You’re not a little boy asking for a cookie anymore. Tell me what you want!”

Eric paused for a moment. “Show me your tits,” he said in the most commanding tone he could muster.

Doris shivered. Her eyes were locked on Eric’s as she hooked her thumbs under the low-cut neck of the swimsuit. The elastic fabric stretched and she pulled it down until her large tits were fully exposed to his gaze. His mouth was agape. Doris looked down and saw his cock standing out as much as it could in its confinement.

“Well?” Doris was torturing the poor kid.

Eric was in a trance as he reached out and tentatively touched the heavy mounds. His hands were warm. He cupped one tit awkwardly and pinched the huge erect teat of the other. Doris shuddered. She slipped the straps of the swimsuit off her shoulders and lowered the upper portion of her suit, freeing her hands. She pulled Eric a bit closer.

“Suck them, baby.”

It is hard to say which of the two was more affected as the youth’s warm mouth engulfed the nipple and as much flesh as he could. Eric almost came. samsun escort bayan He felt that rising inside that was usually the product of jerking to one of his dad’s Playboy mags. And Doris’ knees all but buckled. Her pussy was wet and throbbing. Electric pulses shot from her nipples to her clit. She stood there in a fog as Eric pawed and massaged and sucked and pinched and seemed to be trying to experience Doris’s heavy boobs in every way he could, like a starving man trying to stuff himself before his feast was taken away. Doris felt the warmth in her pussy and tits spread until her body shook with a powerful orgasm. She moaned and swooned. Eric held her up and continued to devour her tits.

It took a minute for Doris to come back to her senses. When she did, she heard her own voice.

“Bite them, honey. That’s it. Harder.”

Eric was mauling her big boobs, roughly squeezing them and hefting them in his hands. Doris pushed him back. She looked down and saw his cock trying to rip itself free of his trunks. Doris knelt down and pushed the wet trunks to the floor. Eric’s cock was a thick six inches of rock-hard meat. He leaned back against the dryer and watched as his friend’s mom kissed and licked his cock. His girlfriend didn’t like oral sex. The few times he had gotten her mouth anywhere near his cock, all she had done was give it a few half-hearted licks. He could hardly believe he was watching a big-titted nympho blow him like a pro. And it was Mrs. Williams, the lady from down the street. She knew his parents, for God’s sake. She took him deep into her mouth and began to suck and pump the thick shaft.

Eric was moaning and pumping his hips involuntarily. Each little pump in would cause Doris to gurgle and almost gag. She loved that feeling. She wanted to be used. She reached around and grabbed her son’s friend’s tight ass and pulled him to her. She showed him how she wanted to be throatfucked and he learned quickly. He grabbed Doris’ head by two handfuls of hair and drove his cock down her throat. She gagged and coughed, but did not back off. He held her head in place firmly. A few short pumps of his hips and Doris felt the gushing cum spurt down her throat. Eric was biting his lip to keep from screaming. Doris pulled back a little and felt her mouth fill with this young man’s semen. She collected it all until he pulled out of her mouth. Then she looked up at him and made sure he could see her swallow his load.

“Mmmmmmmmm. Thank you, Eric,” she purred. She licked and kissed his cock clean. In a moment, even as he was putting his softening cock back in his swim trunks, Eric were regretting what they had done and wondering what would happen from there.

“Eric, dear, you go back out and enjoy yourself. This was a little treat for both of us. Let’s not spoil it. OK?” And with that, she pulled up her top and walked out of the laundry room and upstairs.

Eric slowly walked back outside where Timmy asked, “What, were you taking a shit, Eric?”

“Yeah, that’s right, Timmy.” He felt guilty. He had just gotten the blowjob of his life from Timmy’s mom. And he wanted more. He wanted those big tits. But for now, he put it out of his mind.

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