Doin’ the Boss Ch. 04

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NOTE: There’s something about writing for Literotica which brings out things of my life of which I’d never talk face to face with another human being. I mean my mom knew vaguely about my affair with my former boss, Mr. Little. My girlfriend and I spoke about some of our sexual desires and those of our partners. But my stories can be more graphic and reveal more details than any embarrassing conversation with friends or family.

It’s also a turn-on for me to see my stories on-line and receive feedback. One recent reader and I exchanged correspondence and he inquired whether I had ever give head to my lover while driving. I hadn’t, but it immediately got my juices flowing.

As mentioned in some of my other stories, I enjoy “light” exhibitionism. It’s something about the potential of being “caught” in the act. Not being caught, because I really don’t want to be…I just love the idea of being safely observed.

I believe Mr. Little has that same streak. Heck, he loves getting blown in the car, along paths by the local train track, and so forth. So I made a plan…

* * * * *

Fall Saturday’s generally mean a little bit of work around the apartment and then rest and relaxation of some type while my boyfriend plays golf with his friends. I like the solitude, he likes smacking the little white ball around, and generally we go out to dinner in the evening.

Like a lot of married couples, Saturday night means a little bit of lovemaking as well. Sure, it’s repetitious, and no, we haven’t talked recently about getting married, but in some ways that’s what makes it a comfortable relationship.

One particular Saturday was different. My cell phone rang at 10 a.m. while I was cleaning the bedroom.

“Good morning, Constance, I just had to call. Is the coast clear?”

It was K. Linford Little, my former boss and current lover. I had worked for the man, seduced him, been used when he made false claims about leaving his wife for me, and dumped him all in a three-year span. But fate — or the hot sex — brought us back together and since then we had fooled around on my terms. I knew we weren’t in a lifelong, loving relationship, but the sex was great and I have to admit it was hot knowing I had him wrapped around my finger. The gifts aren’t a bad perk either.

“Hi, is something wrong?” I queried.

“No Constance, it’s just she decided to head to Cape May with some friends and I was wondering if we could get together. I’m still hot from the other night.”

Mr. Little was referring to our “meeting” behind Chi Chi’s Thursday after work, and the she he mentioned was his wife. We arrived at 5:30 p.m. and left at 6, but those 30 minutes contained an “unbelievable” (his words) blow job. The fact that we were nearly caught by a couple cars who had made a wrong turn didn’t hurt!

“Can we get together,” he begged. “I miss you.”

He mentioned he had to drive to Vineland to pick up a package at Wal-Mart, and that it was a good day for a drive. I figured why not, and told him I’d meet him in an hour at the Point Diner.

I quickly showered then slipped into some plain underwear (boring I know, but comfortable), a tee top and short kahki’s and sneaks. Hey, I wasn’t dressing to kill, but to be casual. It made it easier all around, because if I returned home after my boyfriend, I wouldn’t have to explain anything. Besides, not every girl is drop dead gorgeous 24/7.

Mr. Little and I met for coffee and shared a sweet roll then hopped into his car for the 45 minute ride. He took some back roads, which travered pinelands and some pretty lakes as we spoke about our Fridays and some of the dumb things which happened. We both admitted it would be better to be independently wealthy, doing what we wanted, rather than having to work, but until we hit the lottery…

I sakarya escort knew Mr. Little had an idea that he’d get lucky that day with me — it had been a long time since he hadn’t — but I decided to take things into my own hand so to speak. I glanced back and forth along the road, saw no cars, then began stroking his cock through his Dockers.

Needless to say he hardened, and I saw a smile creep along his lips.

“You are so bad, Constance, but I love it.”

Uh huh, got it. As if…

Zzzziippp was the sound of his zipper being undone. I held his underpants away from his belly and reached inside, pulling out his hard cock.

“I think it needs some air, it was getting very tight in your pants.”

Hearing no argument, I began slowly stroking his manhood.

“Hold on a second, I’m going to pull into the next sandy road,” said Mr. Little. “I can’t wait for you to wrap your lips on my dick.”

“Why wait?” I demanded. “I can’t wait. I want your cock in my mouth now. Don’t stop, just drive carefully. I will be busy for a while.”

“You mean….” he stopped mid-sentence before asking, “you will do it while I’m driving?”

“Well I don’t think Triple-A will approve, but as long as you don’t crash your insurance company won’t mind!” I joked, continuing to stroke his dick, which was pulsing as it became fully extended out of his pants.

I slipped my knees onto the passenger side, looked both ways, then took my favorite plunge lowering my head down to his side of the auto. It was tight quarters, and Mr. Little adjusted his seat a bit to give me a little more room. His left hand was on the steering wheel but his right was on the back rest, offering me access to his midsection. I put my right hand down onto the floor for balance, resting my left wrist on his thigh. From this position I lowered my head toward his cock.

The now-hard dick stood proudly, and I swore it jumped a bit as it felt my breath. I believe Mr. Little was a bit in shock because for once he wasn’t saying much of anything. I glanced up and saw him intently watching the road ahead of him, but his butt was sort of slightly moving in anticipation of my assault.

When I began licking the tip of his dick I heard slight groans from above, and when I ovaled my mouth and began sucking his cock into my mouth the man moaned a quiet “Oh Yea!”. The car slowed and sped up, probably either near another car or maybe a stop light, but it didn’t stop. Mr. Little must have been timing his drive to evade stopping and getting caught in the act.

My head bobbed up and down on his rock-hard spike, and I could tell the man loved my mouth action. That, though posed a dilemma for me…I wasn’t as turned on as I thought. I mean, I loved sucking his dick, but the thrill of being a bit of an exhibitionist was a bit lame when I had no idea what was going on.

“This isn’t working,” I said, lifting my head from his cock. “I’m sorry.”

“No, no, no, don’t stop,” said my former boss. “Suck it.!”

I disobeyed his order, sliding back onto my side of the car. Mr. Little muttered something about me being a cockteaser, but the fact was the fact…it just wasn’t doing it for me.

Mr. Little pouted a little as he stopped at a red light. We both looked around and spotted a couple cars. A bicycle stopped beside us. “Wouldn’t it have been something if they were near us a couple minutes ago?” I joked.

“Yea, but they’d be on the phone to the cops!” said the man, still a bit out of breath. “But it was so very hot. Why did you stop?”

“It was hot, you know I love sucking you, but it just wasn’t the turn-on I had thought. I couldn’t tell what was going on, or if anyone way driving past. I don’t know, it just wasn’t as hot as I thought it sakarya escort bayan would be.”

“Oh, it was hot, Constance, believe me, it was hot.”

I guess it was, but for him, not me. We drove along a bit, quietly, before Mr. Little came up with the solution to my problem.

“I got it,” he said, turning off the radio. “How about if I tell you what is going on while you are sucking me? Think that might help?”

That’s why Mr. Little is the boss, he is always coming up with outstanding ideas! Give the man a cigar…heck, give him a blow job for that one!

“Let’s try it,” I said with a laugh…”now, where were we?”

“Let me see,” said the older man. “I think you wanted to get better acquainted with my cock.”

Indeed I did. I think his cock is beautiful, powerful and I knew it well. It wasn’t as hard as it had been minutes before, but that was understandable. I scooted over next to him and reached my hand between his legs. Gently stroking his cock, I told the man how much his dick made me quiver. How I enjoyed touching it, stroking it, loving it. When I told him I loved sucking it the dick sprung to attention.

Again I looked around, and, seeing no cars in the immediate area I re-positioned myself on the car seat. I knelt, bent over, secured my arms in the appropriate position and again lowered my head.

This time I began kissing the length of his cock, planting wet ones along the shaft of the dick. Then I slithered my tongue down to the base and then slowly up the side to the tip. The cock bounced a couple times against my mouth and face as, without my hand to guide it, my mouth was on its own.

He told me we were slowing for the light at Route 50, a larger two-lane highway which would begin the next 15 miles of our trip to Vineland. He prepared me to slip up if he had to stop, because we’d surely get caught in the act at the light. As luck would have it, he slowed enough for the light to turn green and he continued the trek without stopping.

I continued to lick the dick as we drove along the tree-lined highway. From experience I knew there weren’t a lot of houses along the route, but there were some. The speed limit was 50, and I reminded Mr. Little not to break any laws to provoke any interest from a speed trap.

“There’s a car coming, a red one, of yea, that feels great,” mumbled the man from above as I was reminded what was going on. I heard the car approaching and driving past. “It was a woman, I don’t think she saw anything.”

Still, the knowledge that she could have seen something…my head bobbing, my butt in the air, whatever, sent sexual sparks to my lions. . This was much, much better.

Mr. Little must have been enjoying his play-by-play description, because he was really getting into not only the blow job but the analysis of what was happening along the roadway.

“We passed a parked car on the side of the road, and way behind us is a car. Oh, Constance, your mouth feels so damned good, you are such a great cocksucker. Keep it up, yea, like that.”

Slowly I continued with the mouth action, his dick securely locked in my mouth. Too secure, as a bump in the road impaled me on the man’s dick, causing me to gag. But soon it was back to normal and I was sucking my man’s cock.

“Constance, you are the best, I love the way you take care of me,” complimented the horny man. “There’s a string of cars coming, no wait, there’s a couple mini-vans in the line. There must be six or seven vehicles. Keep sucking me!”

I heard a car whiz past, then another and another.

“Ohmygod they saw us, that mini-van. There was a couple — a man and a woman — in the front seat. I saw their brake lights in the rear view mirror. They had to have seen you sucking me. I believe escort sakarya you shocked them. Oh yea, that’s hot.”

It sure was. I was getting hotter by the second. The fact that it was possible that we had been observed — heck, I had been observed — going down on my former boss at 50 miles-and-hour was a complete turn on. Holding myself up with my right hand I slipped my left hand down and unbuckled my khaki shorts. Slipping down the zipper, I made room for my fingers to slip and slid against my moist pussy…a fact not lost by my former boss.

“Oh yea, Constance, play with your pussy. Right in the car while sucking my dick.”

I felt Mr. Little’s hand slip down my backside, under my loosened shorts and into my panties. He caressed my ass as he drove along the highway, all the while commenting on the types of vehicles which drove past us. I slowly sucked his cock and reveled in the act. It was so very hot and exciting for me.

“There’s a red pick-up truck coming up behind, he’s really moving,” said the excited man who just loved having his cock sucked.. “He’s going to pass, but don’t stop. Keep sucking me off. Oh yea, he’s alongside us. There’s a woman in the passenger seat and she…she can see you.”

In a fleeting second I looked up into the eyes of a matronly woman who had shock written all over her face. She snapped her head forward and I returned to the job at hand. Blow job, that is.

“That was awesome, Constance, she saw you sucking my dick. I can’t believe you looked up at her. At least if you kept your head down it might have looked as if you were merely laying in my lap.”

I heard the words but I knew they were lame. If Mr. Little was half as turned on as I was at the scene then he must be ready to blast because I was hotter than a firecracker on the Fourth of Galium pussy tingled, my legs shook, and although my one arm and my mouth for that matter was aching it was a sensuous, exciting scene. Playing with my cunt I savored Mr. Little’s hand on my ass while I sucked his dick. In a second, though, I was brought back to the here and now.

“Here comes a truck!” excitedly spat the man. “It’s one of those 18-wheelers.”

I felt the car slow a bit as he took his foot off the accelerator. Then he pushed down again, but I knew we weren’t going as fast as we had. He pulled my shorts and panties down my ass, and I felt the air breathe against my bare backside.

“It’s getting closer, a couple hundred yards! If he looks he’s going to see. His cab is much higher than us.”

Oh, if he looked he WOULD see us, because I lifted my butt a little higher in the seat and situated my head to the top of his cock, holding only the tip in my mouth. Mr. Little could take no more, and I felt the orgasm coming. His cock shivered, pulsed and finally explode into my wet and willing mouth. First one, then two and three spurts erupted as I did my best to swallow all of his sticky sauce.

Whoosh, the truck went past. Honk, sounded the horn from the vehicle. Yes, the trucker caught me in the act of blowing my former boss!

“Constance he saw us, he saw us,” said my panting lover. “Oh yea, that was so hot! The guy was looking right down at you. I could swear he could tell exactly what you were doing.”

I swallowed the remaining residue, then cleaned my ex-bosses cock of the tell tale remains of his orgasm. It had been quite the exciting feat, sucking him off and getting — sort of — caught in the act!

I slipped back onto the comfortable passenger side seat and pulled up my panties and shorts, buttoning up and then kissed Mr. Little on the cheek before reapplying my lipstick.

Minutes later another large truck approached, as we could tell he had slowed down. The driver was observing us with interest and Mr. Little figured out why. “The other trucker probably broadcast our little escapade on the CB radio. We’re famous!”

By the time we reached the intersection of Route 55 we were laughing and I was blowing kisses at every truck which drove past, wondering if they knew what the other trucker knew…that I was indeed a wicked, wanton cocksucker.

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