Divorced Wife Day After First Date

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To get caught up, you will need to read the first segment titled: My First Days Being a Divorced Wife and the second segment titled: My First Date After My Divorce. This segment picks up where the last one left off.

That morning, once I was finally able to get to bed in the very early hours of the day, I kept hearing my phone ding. But I was ignoring it, mainly because I was tired from being out all night. And two, I knew who it would be. I mean come on, we all know it is going to be Tracy and her wanting all the details from the evening before. So In my mind, it could wait. I wanted to get a little bit more rest.

So after dozing off and on for a few more hours, I was finally able to get myself out from under my comfortable covers. First things first, just like anyone else when you wake up, I had to pee. Throwing my feet to the floor, I took my first steps towards the toilet. Oh my, I was so sore. My legs, especially my thighs, my vagina too. I had in all my years never done anything like that. Nor have I had anything so amazing happen to me.

As I sit down on the toilet and release my nearly full bladder, I felt a bit uncomfortable down there. It was so sore, my vagina had absolutely been stretched like never before, filled with so much cum like never before. It honestly felt like as I was sitting there peeing, the day after I lost my virginity to my ex. That’s what the feeling reminded me of. Maybe it’s because it has been quite some time, like nearly 2 years since the last time I had sex with a cock. I knew this feeling would pass, once I got moving around for the day. So I pushed thru the soreness and finished my morning business.

A quick cup of coffee to start what was to me, my morning. But in reality it was already afternoon. I sat down on my couch in my oversized sleeping tee shirt and panty less bottom and finally opened up my phone. A few texts were waiting for me, buy yes Tracy. So I opened them and read them. She was eager to hear about my evening. So I quickly send her a message, Hey I’m finally awake, about to get moving around and I will get myself ready and head your way, I sent to her. And I quickly got a reply Ok, can’t wait to hear the details. Lemme know when you are headed this way, I have got a surprise for you. I can’t tell you right now, but it’s here waiting for you when you get here.

As I read her reply, I could only wonder what she had waiting for me. I really thought it was something like Gary was over there, or something along those lines. But never in a million years would I have guessed what she had for me. But you will have to wait to hear about that.

I took my time and finished my cup of coffee, scrolled thru my social media feeds, flipped thru a few channels on the TV, before I motivated myself to finally get up and go take a shower. I made it to my room and turned on the shower to let it warm up and get a good steam going, while I picked out my outfit. I decided that since I was just going over to Tracy’s house, I was just going to wear something comfortable. So I got a pair of shorts, kind of short, but not too short. They showed off my thighs great, but not those hooker booty shorts. I got a nice fitting tee shirt to match. Some cute socks to go with the outfit and a pair of running shoes that completed the outfit. My panties which I was going to be wearing for the first time in a couple days, were some nice snug fitting boy short type and a sports bra to match. I wanted to feel comfortable but felt the need to look good also.

In my nice steamy shower, finally. And my usual routine started. Shaving myself from top to bottom, then lather, wash rinse repeat. I’ve told you guys my shower routine before, so no need to repeat it. But it sure did feel good to wash, I had a nice layer of dried cum on my thighs and all over my vagina, I was saddened to have to wash it off, because I knew what I had done to get it. But it needed to go, so I could feel fresh and clean.

After my shower, I got out and had to turn on the exhaust fan because of the thick cloud of steam. Dried off my naked body with a nice fresh soft towel, and once finished wrapped up my hair with it and threw the towel on my head. As I walked naked thru my room, I felt a familiar cool breeze hug my barely damp body. It gave me goose bumps all over. I made my way to my bed and slid on my panties. When the soft fabric touch my vagina really felt for an instant strange. Since for quite a few days prior it had been totally exposed. And then slipped on my bra over my firm breast. Now it was time to get ready to go out.

I went back to the bathroom, I wasn’t going to do anything special today. Since all I was going to be doing was sitting over at Tracy’s house, but I wanted to look prepared because I had no idea what she had in store for me as my surprise. I used my blow dryer to dry my hair, but once finished, I just went ahead and put it up in a ponytail with a hair tie. Not much make up, just a little eye liner and a touch of blush, all really for high lights. It bursa escort didn’t take me long to finish up once I started.

Slipping on my clothes, I looked at my bed and realized I needed to change my sheets. Because after last night, there was a big cum stain from where Gary’s cum drained out of me while I was asleep. So after getting all my clothes on, I stripped my bed. Threw the sheets in the washing machine and started the cycle. I went ahead and put different sheets back on the bed, because I knew I wouldn’t have them ready in time for when I came home and went to bed. Once I did that, I finished up a few odds and ends in my house. Picked up my phone, text Tracy that I was headed over and would be there in a few.

Since she only lived a couple blocks over, it didn’t take me no time to get there. And when I arrived there was an unfamiliar car parked in her driveway. As I walked up to her door, she must’ve heard me coming up the stairs, because when I reached the top, the door briskly opened. It was Tracy, with a huge smile on her face. She looked at me and said I want all the details as she came out to greet me and embrace me with a hug.

As she gave me a hug, I giggled and said “That was one night to remember.”

“I want to hear all about it,” she said. “Don’t leave any details out,” she said as we walked into her house.

As we entered, I noticed a stranger sitting at her kitchen table. Tracy said, this is Lauren. And with that Lauren stood up and shook my hand in a nice friendly manner, She was a beautiful woman. About 5’5″ about 120lbs, very tone build with tanned skin, nice long dark hair and some sky blue eyes. Tracy said, she is my um massage therapist. I never heard Tracy kind of fumble over her words like that, but also never knew she had a massage therapist also. Especially one that made house calls.

Laura’s first words were, “Is this the friend you were talking about?”

“Yes,” Tracy said.

“Good job on your divorce,” Laura said.

With a giggle I said thanks to her congrats.

Laura looked me up and down and her next comment was; “Tracy you were right, she is gorgeous.” Now I felt myself starting to blush with this onslaught of comments from this new person.

Well, thank you is all I could muster to tell her.

Wine, Tracy asked me as she was opening the fridge. No thanks, I need to hydrate after last night. So she handed me a new bottle of vitamin water fresh from the fridge. We all sat down at the kitchen table, and Tracy couldn’t hold back any more. Alright, let’s hear it. “What happened?” she asked.

“With my date?” I innocently asked to prolong the inevitable.

“Yes silly,” Tracy said. “We want to hear what happened.”

Well, I told her all about the restaurant, and eating and not wanting to go, then getting drinks, and how all that had me so hot and wanting Gary. They were both like little Sch**l G!rls all giggly and getting into the details. As I started to tell them about walking out of the restaurant and how a jolt of l don’t know what went thru my vagina, I could see the both of them adjusting themselves in their seat.

I continued with our walk to and in the park. Then, as I started to tell them about how he started to seduce me, and the picnic table and feeling his cock for the first time, neither of them moved or made a sound. They listened very carefully to each word. As I gave in great detail a description of how big his cock was, what it felt like when it entered me for the first time. How amazing it felt for him to be inside me, stretching my tight vagina for the first time. Everything, they didn’t move an inch or make a peep. I told them how he also bent me over, took me from behind. And the most final detail, what he did and what it felt like for him to pump his large load of hot cum deep into my vagina.

Once I was finished, both Tracy and Lauren were flush and looked like they had ants in their pants, the way they were adjusting their sitting position in their chairs. “That was such an amazing first date,” Tracy said.

Lauren Looked at me and said “You lucky girl.”

And with that, Tracy stood up and said “I have to go to the little girl’s room, I will be right back.”

Now that I and Lauren were alone, she looked at me and said, “I hope you don’t mind. Tracy filled me in on your situation before you got here. She knew we would meet so she wanted to tell me about you.”

“Nah, its ok,” I told her.

“She did tell me,” Lauren continued, “That you were a beautiful woman. And with that I would have to say she lied. In my opinion, you are gorgeous.”

“Well thank you,” I kindly replied back to her. I started with asking about her and all her details about how she and Tracy knew each other and for how long ETC. So in the 10 minutes that Tracy was gone, doing g0d only knows what. I was caught up on her and Tracy’s history. Or so I thought.

“Alright girls, sorry for that,” Tracy said as she rejoined us in the kitchen. Tracy looked at me and asked: “Are you ready for your bursa escort bayan surprise?”

With a baffled look on my face I replied: “Sure.”

“Ok than, let’s go,” as She took me by my hand to her spare bedroom that she uses as a workout room. We entered and there was a massage table set up. “This is for you.”

“For me,” I asked?

“Yes, for you. I am going to have Lauren give you a massage. Its all taken care of, I just want you to enjoy yourself, just like I do.” The way she said that was weird. But I didn’t question her, seeing as she was my best friend and I could trust her without having to question her.

“OK” I told her. Lemme use your bathroom real quick and I will gladly get a massage.

I left that room went to Tracy’s room where the master bath was, which was the closest one to us in the house from where we were. As I sat there and unloaded my bladder, l looked over right next to the toilet and there was a dildo sitting on the shelf. After I finished my business, I looked closer, and It surely looked like it had just been freshly used. I let out a giggle. Did she just come use that on her married vagina after me telling her about my date with Gary? I questioned myself. I will have to ask her later after Lauren leaves I giggled to myself.

Making my way back to the spare bedroom, Lauren had the massage table all set up with towels, and scented candles around it, a little radio playing a relaxing elevator type tune. She looks at me, “Take off all your clothes, lay face down and cover up with this big towel if you’d like to. Once you are ready, holler for me and I will come in and start.”

“No problem,” I answered.

So now I am stripping naked. Sliding off my shoes and socks, Slipping off my comfy shorts and then my panties, off comes my shirt then bra. I neatly place them on a chair sitting against the wall as I am now completely naked. I take the towel and put it behind my back and hold it open like a cape. So as I could lay face down as instructed. As I laid down, I noticed the bed was nice and warm. There was a heating pad under the towels to keep it a very comfortable temperature since I was completely naked. “OK IM READY,” I said loud enough so Lauren could hear me thru the door.

I heard the door open, as I couldn’t see the room, as my face was resting in the head holder thing (for the lack of better words) that you put your head/face in to on those massage tables. I heard footsteps make their way over to my side, I could see feet. Those were Tracy’s shoes. I felt her face next to my ear and she started to whisper in my ear: “You are my best friend, I love you. Do you trust me?” She asked. I shook my head YES. “OK, I want you to just enjoy this, um massage. Me and Lauren go back quite a few years. So you are in good hands. OK?”

“Ok,” I replied. And with that, Tracy left the room.

Now I heard new footsteps. This time it was bare feet. “Are you doing ok?” It was Lauren.

“Yep,” I replied.

“If at any time, anything is too uncomfortable, or not to your liking, you just let me know and we will stop. OK?” she asked.

“OK” I replied.

She asked if I was comfortable, if the bed was too hot or needed any adjusting. And explained that she was going to be using a massage oil on me, and asked if I minded. “No you are fine,” I told her.

And with that she said “Ok, well, we are going to start.”

Lauren took the towel, that was from about mid-way down the back of my thighs and up to my shoulders, and folded the lower part all the way up to the bottom of my butt. Then she took the upper half that was on my shoulders and folded it down to the top part of my butt. “You OK,” she asked. I shook my head in acceptance. The only thing now covered, was just my butt, as she expertly folded the towel up.

Lauren was standing at my head, she ever so gently moved my hair out of the way and I heard pump pump of her massage oil bottle, her hands rub together for a brief moment. Then I felt it for the first time. Her soft oily hands, touch my bare skin. She started at my neck, expertly touching me. Then working down to my shoulders. Working back and forth, from my shoulders to my neck. I could slowly feel every muscle in my body start to relax. Lauren went to my back next. Working out the tight muscles in my upper back. “You’re so tense sweetie,” she said. Let’s get these knots out so you could relax better. And with that she went to town on my tight muscles. She had some sort of magic in those hands of hers. Because as she worked them on my back, it was as if my muscles were turning to butter. I was putty in her hands from here on out.

After some time of Lauren working on my back, she moved her way down to my feet. She massaged my toes, my soles and started working her way up my right leg. I felt her lift at my leg and pull it away from the other. I assisted her with the task and now laid there face down, with my legs slightly spread. She started on my right thigh. Adding more massage oil when required. As she was escort bursa rubbing her hands up and down my thigh, I felt this feeling that I have never felt before. I was as if butter flies were in my stomach and my whole body started to tingle. I could feel her hands working their way up my thigh, and the closer they got to my vagina, I held my breath. Then it happened. She bumped my vagina with her fingers as she worked on my spread thighs. All I could do is exhale in enjoyment. It took my breath away. It felt so magical and enjoyable all in one. I could instantly with that one touch feel my vagina flood itself in its own juices. I was so turned on, I wanted her to do it again. But did she want to touch me there again?

Now Lauren worked her way up my left leg. Again with the same routine of my toes, feet, calf, and thigh. This time as she worked her way up my thigh, the closer she got to my vagina, the more I wanted her to touch me there again. She hadn’t seen my vagina yet, just brushed against it with her fingers. But at that moment, I wanted her to see me. I wanted her to touch me there. I wanted to show off my vagina and see what she thought of my newly divorced prize. IT happened again, as Lauren was working on my upper thigh, her hand brushed against my vagina. This time I couldn’t hold back. I let out a quiet MMMM, as I exhaled and her hands made me tingle. Did she hear me? Does she know what she is doing to me? Does she want the same thing? I hadn’t never been with another woman, so I wasn’t sure how this was supposed to work. Was what I was feeling at that moment, the right thing to be feeling?

Lauren now slid the towel covering my butt, to the small of my back. “You still ok sweetie?” she asked. I shook my head yes. But inside I was thinking OH HELL YES!!!! Now she was massaging my butt. This was truly a first time. Getting my butt massaged. WHAT AN AMAZING FEELING THAT WAS. After a few minutes of Lauren massaging my butt, I caught myself moving my hips. Almost as to have the motion of humping the air. OMG I thought. Can she feel that? Does she know what I’m doing? I was so wet from having Lauren touch my naked body, I thought I was going to explode.

I felt Lauren then spread my cheeks, she was massaging my back crack area. It felt so good. Now the moment that my vagina was waiting for. She slowly while massaging my back crack area, slid her fingers to the outside of my vagina. FIREWORKS is all I felt between my legs. All at once they went off between my legs as she expertly touched the outside of my lips with her soft, oily fingers. I could feel the lips of my vagina get trapped between her fingers as she slid them down there. She worked at massaging them as she used her skilful hands. Face down, all I could do was silently scream toward the floor as she slowly touched me.

She had one finger on each side of my vagina lips and her middle finger running right across the middle. I felt her firmly touch my clit as her fingers ran back and forth. All I could do this time was let out a gasp of enjoyment. This time I hoped she had heard me. And with that, I felt the tips of her fingers start to make their way from my clit, to the opening of my vagina. Once her middle finger reached the opening, she paused. I felt pressure. I felt my lips part and the opening of my vagina give way to her finger.

“OHHH,” I let out as she entered me for the first time. I could feel my vagina grip her finger and feel how so wet I had become under her skilful touch. She only went in as far as her first knuckle, when she withdrew her finger.

I could now feel Lauren leaning over me and was right next to my head when I heard her whisper, “Sweetie, you have one of the tightest pussy’s I have ever felt.” I shook my head yes in agreement with her. “This poor unused pussy needs to be satisfied and massaged, don’t you think?” she asked. Again, I shook my head yes in agreement.

What was I doing? I’ve never been with a woman before. Does this make me a lesbian? Is this right? Are some of the questions that shot thru my head while Lauren touched me. BUT she quickly made me forget those questions as she once again, probed my tight hole with her middle finger. This time, she went further. Up to the second knuckle this time. “Your pussy is squeezing my finger so tightly,” she said. “This poor thing has gone too long without being used,” she said as she worked her finger in and out of me slowly as to tease me.

Now Lauren had completely removed her finger from my vagina. IF my vagina had a voice it would’ve screamed NOOOO!!! I again felt Lauren leaning over me and whisper in my ear, “Tracy told me you were a hottie. I underestimated her. You are absolutely gorgeous,” she said. “Your body is so sexy and fit, I love your sexy muscular thighs and your nice firm round tits. I want you so bad,” she said. “If you want me, would you like me to continue?” let me know.

I HAPPILY shook my head, YES. “Do you mind if I kiss you?” she asked. NO I shook my head. And with that, I felt the softest pair of lips, touch my neck. She started at the top of my neck and worked her way to my shoulders. Laying the most gentle of kisses on my bare skin. I got goose bumps and tingled each time I felt her touch me with her lips.

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