Dee’s Panties Obsession Ch. 05

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The two women didn’t see each other the next morning, Sara had already left for work before her Niece awoke. Dee had a later start than usual today so took the opportunity to have a lay-in. The down side to this was that she would be working later.

Dee felt very unsettled all day. She still struggled with the ethics of falling for her own Aunty. Her mind certainly wasn’t on her work which didn’t go unnoticed. A couple of times one of her colleagues had to nudge her out of a daydream.

Sara was having much the same day as Dee. She was also struggling with the rights and wrongs of what she was doing with her young Niece. Of course the wrongs were obvious but she was trying to justify and convince herself that there was a right side.

By the time Dee got home from work it was eight thirty in the evening. There was no sign of her Aunt which in a way was a relief but in another way was a disappointment. She hadn’t yet solved the conflict in her mind.

Sara heard her Niece coming up the stairs. Laying on her bed she nearly called out but decided against it. Being the older more mature woman she felt the responsibility of doing the right thing laid with her. She knew the right thing was to stop their sexual relationship.

Dee had a quick shower. She wanted to know if Sara was okay and very nearly knocked on her door but something stopped her. Instead she went to her own room and threw herself on her bed feeling totally miserable.

It was nearly ten o’clock when Sara knocked on Dee’s bedroom door. She had made up her mind that she would do the right thing so thought it best to explain her decision to her Niece sooner rather than later.

“Come in,” Dee said in a shaky voice.

Sara opened the door and saw Dee’s tear stained face, “Oh Dee what’s wrong? You’ve been crying!”

“I know it’s wrong what we’re doing but I don’t want to lose you,” Dee said sobbing.

Sara sat down next to Dee and wrapped her arms around her.

“You’re not going to lose me,” Sara said.

She had every intention of carrying out her plan but feeling the warmth of Dee’s body pressed against her made her want the young girl even more than before. Squeezing her tighter Sara kissed the top of her head.

They sat in silence for some time. All the deliberation and soul searching from earlier was quickly evaporating and was being replaced by sheer lust. Dee’s hand which had been laying still on her Aunt’s bare leg was now gently stroking her soft skin.

“You know I had every intention of telling you we have to stop. I’ve been thinking about it all day. But the truth is I love every inch of you. I love how you taste, düzce escort how you smell, and anyway is it so wrong? Who are we hurting? No one,” Sara said.

“I’ve been thinking about it all day too, but you’re right! We’re not hurting anyone and anyway it’s nobody else’s business,” Dee said.

“Exactly. So now we’ve got that sorted out…when I said I love every inch of you, I think I need to check to make sure I do,” Sara said making Dee laugh out loud.

“Well in that case I think I should check you out too!” Dee retorted.

“Sounds fair, lets get naked,” Sara said.

Sara eagerly jumped off the bed, untied her bathrobe, shrugged it off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor never taking her eye’s off of Dee as she wriggled out of her robe exposing her naked body underneath.

“Lay on your front for me Dee,” Sara said taking the initiative.

With no hesitation Dee laid herself down with her arms by her sides and her head tilted to her right and watched her young naked Auntie climb up on to the bed. Straddling her Niece so her pussy was pressing against Dee’s cute little bum cheeks Sara leaned forward.

Sara ran her hands up Dee’s soft warm skin to her shoulders where she began gently massaging.

“Mmm that feels good,” Dee said.

“You feel tense girl, but I’m sure I can do something about that,” Sara said.

Leaning forward further so her breasts pressed into Dee’s back Sara lifted the short dark hair from her Niece’s neck and kissed it. Alternating between rubbing her tits from side to side and kissing Sara slowly moved down Dee’s back.

When Sara had reached Dee’s bum cheeks she suddenly stopped, “Oh God I’ve just remembered something!” she said.

“What! What’s wrong?” Dee said concerned.

“Oh God I’d totally forgotten,” Sara said deep in thought.

“What’s wrong Sara? You’re getting me worried!” Dee said lifting her head to see her Aunt.

“Oh sorry love it’s nothing to worry about. I really don’t know what I was thinking. I had to visit a client today at her home and, well I did something without even thinking,” Sara said.

Dee was intrigued wondering what her Aunt had done, “What did you do? Tell me!”

“I used the bathroom while I was there, you know, for a pee. The thing is I found myself looking in the laundry basket and well…stay right where you are honey, I’ll be right back…don’t move,” Sara said and ran out the room.

Dee wasn’t slow. The mention of a laundry basket had her pulse racing. She was pretty sure she knew what her Aunt had done. A minute later Sara returned clutching something in her hand.

“Can’t düzce escort bayan believe I did it, I promise you I’ve never done anything like this before. Dee, I stole the women’s dirty knickers!” Sara said with surprise.

“SARA! What was you thinking?” Dee said excited by the thought.

“Well my mind was elsewhere all day, couldn’t seem to concentrate, that’s my only excuse,” Sara said.

“What was the woman like?” Dee asked getting more excited by the minute.

“She was a good looking woman, very well kept. Probably in her early forties,” Sara explained.

Sara had got back on the bed and had returned to the same position she was before she’d left. Dee was straining her neck to see her aunt.

“Can you see the white stains?” Sara said holding a pair of black cotton panties up that she had turned inside out.

“Oh Fuck!” is all Dee could say.

“Be patient, we’ll sample them together later, I haven’t finished my inspection yet,” Sara said with a dirty smile, “Now where was I!”

Sara placed a hand on each bum cheek gently pulling them apart. Running her tongue down Dee’s fleshy mounds to her arsehole she lingered for a few licks before continuing down to her pussy.

“Is everything in order down there?” Dee asked jokingly and a little breathless from her Aunt’s touch.

“So far so good but I can’t see clearly, you’ll have to turn over for me,” Sara said.

Slipping off the end of the bed Sara kneeled on the floor while her Niece turned over to lay on her back. Taking a foot in each hand Sara began massaging the soles with her thumbs.

“That seems in order now lets check the toes,” Sara said continuing the banter.

After playing with Dee’s pretty little toes with her fingers Sara sucked and licked each digit in turn. Working her way up her Niece’s legs with kisses and licks Sara was soon looking at the wet pouting lips of her vagina.

“Think this needs closer examination, open your legs for me honey,” Sara said.

Obediently Dee spread her legs wide and was quickly rewarded by her Aunt’s tongue and lips kissing and licking her inner thighs. Licking along the crease at the top of each leg in turn Sara continued to tease her Niece by licking and kissing all around her pussy and clit without touching them.

Seeing a trickle of juice escape from Dee’s scrunched up pussy lips put an end to Sara’s teasing, she just had to have a taste. Worming her tongue inside she caught a faint whiff of Dee’s musky scent, encouraging her to delve deeper.

It wasn’t long before Sara had brought her niece close to the point of no return with escort düzce her tongue exploring every nook and cranny. Much to Dee’s dismay her Aunt pulled away and climbed up to lay next to her.

“Now, how about we sample these dirty knickers!” Sara said holding the stolen panties up in the air above them both.

“Oh fuck yes, tell me again, what was she like? Was she sexy?” Dee asked with great excitement.

“She was very sexy, big boobs, nice legs and going by the mess she’s made in her panties she enjoys a healthy sex life,” Sara said, although truth be known she couldn’t remember the woman that clearly.

Now laying facing each other with their noses almost touching Sara slowly lowered the black cotton panties towards them. A faint musty odour grew steadily stronger, both women sniffed the air with growing excitement. Dee closed the distance between them and kissed her Aunties lips. The kiss was soon returned and they began a long passionate snog.

“Sit on my face and let me taste your cum,” Sara said with some urgency when their lips eventually parted.

Within a blink of an eye Dee was straddling her Aunties face steadying herself with a hand on the headboard.

“Here take these,” Sara said handing her the black panties.

Dee snatched the dirty knickers from Sara and lifted them to her face. She looked at the white stains and then closed her eyes before pressing them to her nose. As her hot damp breath moistened the dried juices on the material they released the full musty dirty odour of the strangers cunt.

“Cum on my face, let me taste your creamy cum,” Sara said while she fingered her own pussy.

Dee ground her pussy into her Aunt’s face and came and came hard. It was the longest and most intense orgasm she had ever experienced, it seemed to last forever…

Sara had never experienced anything quite like it either, the creamy cum just kept flooding out. Not that she was complaining, she loved the taste and greedily lapped it up.

“Oh wow that was amazing,” Dee said when she’d recovered the power of speech.

Climbing off of her Aunties face Dee kissed her on the lips and then laid down beside her. Sara, with her hand still between her own legs was desperate to cum. Reaching over she pulled the black panties from Dee’s hand and raised them to her face.

“Oh God sorry I’m so inconsiderate, you haven’t cum yet,” Dee said when she realised, “Here let me help you.”

“Just suck my tits honey I’m nearly there,” Sara said breathlessly.

And she was nearly there. With a finger fucking her cunt, the sexy dirty scent of the creamy panties and now her Niece sucking on her nipple she cried out as she came, “OH FUCK…OH FUCK…YES.”

Dee kept sucking Sara’s nipple until she was sure her orgasm had passed. Not another word being spoken she snuggled up to her Auntie and soon both were drifting into a totally happy and contented sleep…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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