Dark Chocolate: A Mature Story

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Hello readers,

In my effort to write in many different genres, I am taking a stab at mature once more. However, I also think this story could be labeled romance ,as well, because age, in this story, is nothing but a number. This story is is being written slowly. I will continue it, and I hope you like it.

**All of the characters in this story are 18 or older.**

As with most of my offerings, it is self-edited and I am not perfect. So if you are going to get hung up on mistakes, then I apologize. Please read it and enjoy. None of the characters are real, or based on anyone I know. Also I ask that you do not replicate this story without asking. Writing is hard work and I really take it seriously.

Again, thank you all for reading my offerings and I hope you enjoy this first installment of DC: Dark Chocolate.


Dark Chocolate: A Mature Story


My skin has often times been a source of great displeasure for me. It’s too dark. I look at my lighter skinned sisters and they have it so easy. When did I learn to hate myself you ask? Early, I was but a babe. I am a twin, not identical, but fraternal. My mother is this Creole colored beauty who married my father when she was seventeen, He was thirty-two but he loved her to distraction. What he loved most was her color. You see my father is black, not dark brown. No, his skin is as dark as midnight. He wanted a woman who could give him lighter-skinned kids.

Seven months after they married, my sister and I were born prematurely, or so they said. Strange that a set of premature twins weighed in at five pounds each. Anyway, I digress; my sister and I were like night and day. I mean literally, she was light-skinned like Mama, and I was dark like Daddy.

Our parents loved us; of that I have no doubt. But as hard as Daddy tried to hide it. I knew he liked Dalia more than me. Mama tried to make up for it, but we both knew the truth.

My name is Talia Greene. I am thirty-three years old and the President of Distributing at Homer Preson, Inc, a publishing company. I love books, and when I was younger, I’d often read. My sister, Dalia, was more outgoing, and into sports. She is happily married to her college sweetheart, and he loves her to distraction. I love my sister, don’t get me wrong. She was my biggest cheerleader. She defended me against all of the people that hated on me. She never understood why our color was such a big deal, but that was Dalia. You see light-skinned women rarely see what we dark-skinned sisters do.

It was hard growing up. When we started dating, guys flocked to Dalia. I only dated two guys my entire four years in high school, and they only wanted to get close to my sister. When we went to college. Dalia wanted me to go to USM with her, but I needed a break. I needed to find my own way, so I went to MUW. Daddy was mad, but Mama understood. She knew I needed time to fly. Spread my wings, be my own person; not Dalia’s dark-skinned sister.

This weekend my parents will celebrate their thirty-fourth wedding anniversary. It’s a magnanimous occasion, a big deal. Dalia and Steve will be there, and Mama told me I could bring my boyfriend. She’d love to finally meet him. I am seeing someone, but it’s not serious. Ivan is not a boyfriend really. We just get together whenever we have a need. Right now he’s in China, and I’m sure I am the last woman he’s thinking about. For one, what we have is a no strings, no commitment relationship. We both agree, we are just using each other for sexual gratification. Besides, my dad would have a fit if I brought him home. He is not at all what they would expect, and I really don’t want to deal with their censure.


I’m Richard Harris. Most people just call me Rick. I just turned nineteen two months ago. I’m in love with a much older woman. She is my Nubian Goddess, but I embarrass her. I’m socially inept, geeky, and the last guy any girl would admit to dating. It wouldn’t be so bad if I was at least good looking, but I’m tall and lanky with the thickest glasses that next to me even Steve Urkel looks cool.

Who is this woman? None other than my boss, Talia Greene. She’s in her early thirties, and the most fascinating woman I’ve ever met. I remember the first time I saw her. I was eighteen and the school had just sent me here to intern in her office. I was not alone, several came with me. But as they were picked off by more desirable bosses, I was left with the dragoness, Miss Talia Greene.

She worked so hard. At that time, she was vying for a position as president in the company. So she had to make sure and pay close attention to details when presenting materials for review. You see, as a black woman, she had to work harder and more to show that she could handle the job, and she did. My friends all groaned when she called my name. I must admit, I did too. You see, this was my senior years, and this was supposed t be a fluff class.

Talia invited me to her office and burdur escort we talked. She explained that she didn’t have time for playing. If I wanted to learn the business then she would teach me, but if I wanted an easy ride, let her know and she’d ask the school to assign me to someplace else. My heart stopped. I wanted more than anything to please this woman.

I croaked that I wanted to learn and she smiled. Her dark eyes crinkled and my heart was lost. She was amazing, and I knew I’d do whatever it took to have her smile at me again. Well, my break didn’t last long because she put me straight to work. I didn’t mind, because I got the chance to spend the rest of the day in her presence. Soon, it was four o’clock and time to return to school. I hated it and didn’t want to go. Talia smiled at me, and in her sultry sexy voice she whispered, “I’ll see you tomorrow Richard.” I left her office floating on cloud nine, anxious for the next day to hurry and come. I wanted to be alone with my dream girl.

As we rode back to the school, I sat listening to the chatter of my peers, but they had no clue what I was really thinking and feeling.

The day ended and I rushed home. I went straight to my room and thought of her. I told no one, but as I thought of her my heart pounded, my body warmed. I found myself hard and wanting. I removed my jeans and lay in my bed masturbating to the thought of her. So lost was I in my fantasy of Talia stroking me, I didn’t hear Mother call me for dinner. Just as I reached my peak, someone banged on the door.

I caught my scream, and groaned into my pillow. As I call out to mom to come on in , hoping she could not smell the cum that was covering both my body as well as the sheets I was very sticky, wet, and flustered. Mom began to ask if I would come down and make a salad for dinner. All I could do was say yes in a quiet way. I prayed she had no idea of what I was hiding under the sheets. She smiled as she turned to walk away. My heart pounded with excitement. “Richard, hurry please, we’d love to eat before midnight.” She admonished.

I lay in bed, covered in sperm, as my cock softened. Then I got up quickly and rushed to the bathroom to clean myself. After a few minutes, I joined my parents for dinner. Dad asked me about my new internship, and I mumbled it was fine, but it was more than fine. I’d met the woman of my dreams. The on woman I wanted to spend my life with. All I had to do was convince her to give this geeky, eighteen year old a chance.


I was surprised by my reaction earlier that day. I met the new interns and they were just regular. Except him, he was a dream. He was also extremely young.

Tall, lanky, and sweet describe Richard. When I saw him, I prayed that he ended up with me. The look on his face when I called his name was priceless. We walked to my office and I talked with him, giving him my tough girl spiel. My heart raced. But he sat there, listening. I could not help but admire his toffee colored skin, and bridge of freckles across his nose. The glasses he wore were stylish and brought out his eyes, and he had the softest looking lips. I wondered had he ever been kissed. He wasn’t scrawny, and I could tell he kept himself I shape. My pussy was so wet, and for the first time in a long time I wanted a man. I didn’t want just any man; I wanted this young man that set my heart to pounding and made my body cream.

He was a good worker and for months he worked with me directly. I often had to stop myself from staring at him, so I adopted my ice queen routine and was extra frosty. But at night, when I was home alone, in my fantasies, Richard was not a shy little boy. He was all man, my man.

Hey Baby. It’s about time you got here. Sit let me care for you.” Rick whispered. He’d removed the glasses and milky caramel skin, soft and creamy, glistened. He leaned forward and kissed me with his thick, soft lips.

“Rick, wait, what are you doing? I’m too old.” he silenced me

“Not in your dreams baby, In our dreams, age doesn’t matter.” he whispered. My pussy creamed. The geeky little boy set me on fire. He was tall, good looking, and one of the smartest men I’d ever met.

I remember when I saw him the first time last year. I prayed he was assigned to my office and was over the moon when he ended up being my assistance. I fought everything in me not to just touch him and see if his body was as hard and firm as it seemed.

“Shush, stop thinking, feel.” Fantasy Rick whispered. I closed my eyes and let my fantasy lover take care of my needs. I moaned as he kissed me all over, licking my skin, leaving a wet trail down my stomach. Soon he stopped at my small white panties. My crotch was soaked. He looked at me and I looked deep into his eye, Desire so hot and strong burned that I knew that in this fantasy, We’d go all the way.

“Up” he demanded, and I lifted my buttocks and he quickly removed my panties revealing my newly waxed burdur escort bayan pussy to his hungry eyes.

“Talia, beautiful, just beautiful,” he whispered. “I must taste, and he licked my pussy. I don’t know what all this boy studied, but it must have been eating pussy because he was an expert. Soon, I found myself begging for more. I wanted his cock. His gorgeous black cock that stayed hidden behind his black slacks. He ordered me to be quiet and let him enjoy his snack. Then he proceeded to eat me out. I lost count of how many times I came on his tongue.

However, at some point, Rick sucked my clit and I screamed and came so hard, I passed out. When I regained consciousness, I moved to return the favor. He laughed and said,, Not yet. Then I heard the most annoying sound. A loud buzzing. It was now five in the morning time to wake up. My fantasy lover kissed me once more and then vanished as I came awake.


I worked directly with Talia, or Ms. Greene for months. Yet, she barely noticed I was alive. Sometimes, I’d get distracted and she’d catch me watching her. She would warn me to stay on the job, and then coolly return to whatever she was working on.

Being around her had me in a constant state of arousal. My cock tented my slacks every day. I couldn’t help it. She never gave me a reason to lust after her. She was always professional, and treated me accordingly. I wondered would she ever see me as a man. If I wasn’t so geeky, maybe she would find me attractive. But a woman like her would never waste her time with a guy that looks like me. But hey, a guy can dream, right? That night I went to bed dreaming about Talia.

I was hot and horny with thoughts of my dream woman. Laying their on my bed, eyes closed, she played with her dark pussy as I sat watching her stroking my stiff cock.

Then she moved, her fingers coated in her cunt juices, and place them in my mouth. I sucked the juices form her fingers. Even as I replaced her hand with my own. In my fantasy, she had thick hair between her thighs and it was wet and springy. I parted her slick folds and stuck two fingers deep inside if her. She fucked my fingers as she moaned my name.

I imagined her breast heaving as she struggled to catch her breath. I moved my left hand to cup her breast. She moaned as I pinched her nipples. My lusty lover was on fire and she rode my fingers and moaned as I caressed her breast.

I pulled on her nipples, standing out a good inch or more. Slowly, she spread her legs apart showing her now swollen pussy lips. I had to taste her. So sliding down her body I lick her slit, loving the flavor that exploded on my tongue. She moaned beneath me, as I continue my assault on her nether lips. She needed more, so I reinserted my fingers inside her deep ink cavern, and she flew. I soon followed as I too stroked my cock into a glorious spasm.

My spunk shot high into the air, landing clear across my bedroom. I lay in bed, drenched in my spunk, coated in semen. I get out of bed and wipe my self off with my t-shirt, deciding to sleep naked. I fell asleep dreaming once again of the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen.


It’s a little after eight in the morning, and I’m already in my first meeting. We have acquired three new authors all young and silly. Today I am meeting with them to discuss logistics.

Two others will sit in, Janice from human resources and Phil from the editing department. We have to convince these young writers to trust us to put out the best product.

“Ms. Greene, Mrs. Love, Mr. Mack, thank you for meeting with us.” The young author spoke. He was accompanied by his two friends. They had convinced him that as the author he could demand things and the publishing house had to give him what he asked for it, Talia smiled, she would soon explain to these twenty some things how real life worked.

My coworkers were nervous, because the last thing we needed wasn’t lose a client. With the availability of online publishers and the ability to self-publish, companies like there’s was becoming extinct like dinosaurs long ago. I understood their fear, but refused to be forced into a corner by anyone.

So I sat and let the team present. I’m not closed-minded. If they had valid points she’d take their request under consideration, but make sure they understood that their relationship was truly a partnership. Not a dictatorship.

“Ms. Greene, I have worked on my book for three years and I appreciate your company for deciding to publish it. However, I need more money. When my book hit stores your company will make millions. I’m simply asking for a portion of the profits upfront.” Mark Newsome explained. His two friends sat nodding in complete agreement with him.

I listened and then looked at the other two sitting quietly, fear brimming in their eyes. Finally I spoke. “Mr. Newsome, Mark, you have a fantastic book. If we didn’t think so we would not have escort burdur pursued you. Hoe ever when we purchased the rights to publish your book, you agreed to a set amount of royalties. The amount we paid you at the beginning. You are to receive and additional lump payment when the first ten thousand copies of the book sales in addition to a 15% profit off each book that is sold.

You also hold exclusive copyrights and any offers to create a television show or movies from the book are exclusively yours. So no, we will not advance you any more money. I’m sorry, but that is how a business works. You signed an agreement, now you must honor it.”

Phil and Janice held their breath. “Ms. Greene, I can take my book elsewhere and make a lot more from it. How would your bosses feel then?” he threatened.

I smiled, because I love to be challenged. “You will find yourself on the back end of a civil lawsuit that will take every cent you may earn from this book for the rest of your natural life. You signed a contract, Mr. Newsome. You can’t simply walk. However, if you chose to do so, be ready for a fight.” I decided I’d listened long enough. “Mr. Newsome, if that is all. We all need to get back to our respective jobs, and you sir, need to start writing the sequel to this blockbuster novel. Thank all of you for coming in and feel free to come back if you have any more questions or concerns.”

The three stood and graciously shook hands with us before leaving the office. I instructed my secretary to have a good will basket sent to his home with an appreciation card. She smiled and ordered it right away.

“Talia, if they decide to pull the book, Mr. Preson will be livid.” Janice and Phil agreed.

“Look, if they leave, then they leave. I’ll talk to him and I’m sure he will understand.” I assured my nervous coworkers.

We went back to our offices. It was almost noon and soon Richard would be here. Although I showed complete disinterest in him, secretly I looked forward to seeing him each day. As soon as twelve twenty-four arrived, my fantasy man walked in.

“Good afternoon, Ms. Greene. What do you want me to work on today?” He asked and my body hummed.


I got out of class at eleven thirty, grabbed a quick lunch, and headed to her office. After my dream last night, I had to see her. I would never approach her like that, but hey a guy can dream right.

At twelve twenty, I was walking into her office. I greeted everyone as I passed. Some replied, and others didn’t. Soon, I opened her door, and there she sat behind her desk, her gorgeous face intently staring at some documents. I notice a frown wrinkling her brow. Clearing my throat, I spoke. “Good afternoon, Ms. Greene. What do you want me to work on today?” She smiled at me, and my heart skipped a beat.

“Good afternoon, Richard. I’m glad you’re here. We had a meeting with our newest authors and his creative team, Ms. Love is typing up the minutes. I want you to proof them and then make copies for the other departments that need to be informed. After that, I am reading through some new pieces, and I want you to help me look at those.” She ordered and I smiled.

I looked over the minutes and they were clear and I distributed them to the other offices. Soon I was in her office with her reading through two new manuscripts. I couldn’t concentrate. She would read and often sigh. With each gasp, I was distracted. I’m not sure what she was reading, but her breathing changed, became heavy. I knew she was aroused, and I was riveted. The more agitated she became, the harder I was. My cock strained against my underwear, but I hid my reaction.

Soon she was speaking and I came back to reality. It was late and everyone else had left the office. She offered me a ride home. I was about to refuse when she insisted. Then I accepted. As she drove to my parent’s home, I thanked her for the opportunities she’d given me, but she was silent. Then as I was about to give up talking, she said something that gave me a glimmer of hope.

“I’m going to miss you when you leave next week, Richard. You won’t forget me will you?” she asked.

She will miss me. My heart soared. I smiled at her and answered, “Ms. Greene, you are one woman, I’ll never forget.” I whispered. She smiled.

“Tomorrow’s your last day with us, right?” She asked.

“Yes, Ma’am” I answered sadly. Knowing that for the next four years I wouldn’t see her every day. Because of my work at the company, they gave me a full scholarship. So my education at Moore College for the next four years was covered.

Soon, we were at my home and I sat in the car. I didn’t want to get out. “What are you doing on this weekend?” she asked.

Saturday, I had no plans. “Um, nothing. Why?” I prayed she wanted me to help her move stuff, clean, anything. I just wanted to spend extra time with her.

“Great, would you be my date for an important family function? My parent’s anniversary dinner is this weekend and I need a date.” She stated.

“Ms. Greene, I’d be honored.” I stammered. Then I reached to shake her hand, and she laughed. She leaned over and hugged me. My heart slammed in my chest. “Um, I’ll need a suit. I mean I have one, but I want to look nice I stammered.”

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