Danielle’s Legacy

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Disclaimer: I don’t agree with any of the faux-feminism in this story. There is also no incest in this story, despite it being about a mother and a son. All my stories are like that. Also, there is some forced bi, and some bleaker aspects of humiliation. It’s all in good fun, however, even if it seems dark. I hope you find it as sexy and fun as I did writing it.

Danielle Rodney was one of the richest and most important feminists in America. It hadn’t always been so, however. When she was a teenager, Danielle was no different than any other sexy slutty air head out there. She had big natural breasts which often hung out in her tight fitting tank tops. She would flaunt her curvy hips and shapely behind in her provocative designer jeans. Danielle gave blowjobs to studly athletes beneath the bleachers, she did keg stands where she would get too drunk to care that her tits would fall out of her shirt, and she would let guy after guy slip off her jeans and reach their hands up and down her body before shoving a hard cock between her legs and making her cry out in pure sensual delight.

The first step to her transformation came when she met Alex. Alex was a small meek boy, shy and nerdy and a perpetual virgin. He was smart, like most nerds, and like the others of his type, he masturbated constantly.

Danielle contacted Alex to be her SAT tutor, and while Danielle would learn a lot from his calculations and notes, Alex would end up receiving a heavy set of blue balls.

Alex would stroke himself silly to the thought of Danielle after every tutoring session. He dreamed of taking her by the hips, shoving her onto the study table, and mounting her glorious behind, pushing and shoving his cock into that sweet woman. He would imagine splunking all over her face and her breasts, having her lick the base of his cock for every last drop.

After about a month of tutoring, Alex got another offer for a client. He introduced Danielle to the new offer, a boy named Manny. Manny wasn’t very attractive either; like Alex, he was scrawny and unimpressive. Unlike Alex, however, Manny liked to deal with some dangerous things. He had a blossoming heroin addiction, and he often would rob stores to get money for it. He had no plans to attend college; he contacted Alex only after seeing him walking with Danielle to the library for their session. He too had an eye for the sexy little princess.

The sessions became less fun for Alex once Manny joined. Manny was dumber than even Danielle, and so while Alex wanted nothing more than to focus his attention on the beauty, he was forced to help the smelly and frankly scary other boy. Manny, like Alex, would be ogling Danielle’s fine body for the entire hour. Danielle noticed neither boy’s attention; she was neither very bright nor did she have an eye for any boy without some muscles and a big cock.

Like Alex, again, Manny would go home after each session and stroke himself mad. Himself a little more daring, he would sneak into the locker room during school and steal Danielle’s clothing, ejaculating into the smell of her body after spending Alex’s hour staring at her chest.

It was after another month of this that Manny got into some trouble. He needed some money for drugs and he decided to wear a mask and hold up a convenient store. He was unprepared for the clerk to have a baseball bat behind the counter, which the man used to smash Manny hard on both wrists before Manny could escape. The police hadn’t caught him, but his hands and wrists were a mess, and he rushed to the ER where he made up a story about a falling refrigerator. As a result, Manny had both his hands in bandages.

The first study session after the incident, Danielle was wearing a pink tank top with even more exposed cleavage than normal. It was warm, and so she chose some jean shorts that rode up her back end and let out a small peak at her bottom. Alex nearly blew a load the moment he saw her, and when Manny finally arrived (he was of course always late), he nearly did too.

Rushing home after, Manny came to the terrifying realization that he was incapable of masturbating. On this Friday night, Manny was frustrated and furious and he struggled with what he had left of his hands in order to inject some drugs.

Drugged and insane, Manny left the house and went and did something terrible. Manny went to Danielle’s house, followed her as she drove to a party, and it was there that he took advantage of her.

There is nothing beautiful about what he did. It was a disgusting terrible act, one that would change Danielle forever into an entirely new woman.

The next day, Danielle called the police and they arrested Manny, who confessed, screaming and yelling about his hands and his inability to masturbate. Between the robbery which he now was clearly guilty of, the rape, and the drug possession, the police knew that Manny would be going away for a long time.

It took Danielle a long time before she was stable enough to return to school. When Alex first saw the news on television, denizli escort his first emotion was guilt, for like Manny confessed, he too had spent countless hours spanking his meat to the idea of slamming this hot thing onto a table. The difference, of course, was that Manny went and actually did it.

When Danielle and Alex finally resumed studying, Alex’s guilt overcame even his shyness.

“Would you be comfortable talking about Manny with me?” he asked the poor but sexy girl.

Alex explained everything. He told her how disgusted he was by Manny’s act, but how he also understood why Manny did such a thing, and he told her of his own desires for her body and how he dealt with them each afternoon after seeing her. He implored her help in understanding himself, even though he would understand if she never wanted to see him again.

Danielle was shocked by Alex’s confession. Sure, she had fucked enough guys to know that she was desirable, but the idea that two men could both be so obsessed with her body, so much that one would actually attack her, was novel to her. She thought and she thought and she thought.

“Do you think if Manny had been able to masturbate,” she finally said to a nervous Alex, “he never would have attacked me?”

“Absolutely,” Alex said.

The incident and this conversation affected Danielle deeply. Firstly, she had learned to notice everyone instead of just the hot guys. She now realized the way that men stared at her, and she feared what they might do. Secondly, she learned to never let herself ever be defenseless. She now carried not only mace and taser, but she had a much more cautious and somewhat violent attitude. She would not let herself be raped again. Thirdly, she appreciated Alex’s insight. She now noticed him, like the other boys, but also as a human being who cared about her.

The next session, “Did you masturbate to me last time, after you told me how often you do?”

Alex was embarrassed by the question, but he nodded and told her that he had, and that it had been a glorious orgasm that had shaken his whole body.

“Maybe if you masturbate here and now, we can have a conversation without you wanting to stare at my chest,” she said. Alex jetted his eyes back up to her face, for he had indeed been staring at her chest. He was taken aback by her comment.

“You want me to masturbate right here? In front of you? In this study room?”

She got up and locked the door. There was no one else in the room.

Alex took out his dick. It was the smallest dick she had ever seen, but she didn’t say that to him. She sat there, with her chest puffed out of her shirt and her tight jeans hugging her bottom like always, and let him stroke himself until he puffed a small jet of cum onto her pants and his shirt.

“Ha, you made a mess,” she said, unable to prevent a giggle of laughter.

However, she was right. After he had cum, Danielle and Alex got to chatting, and they got to enjoy each other not as a sexy but oblivious woman and a horny but awkward boy, but as a two human beings.

They were married within months and by the end of a year, Danielle had delivered a young baby boy named Chad.

Two things happened over the next few years. Alex went to college while Danielle stayed home with the baby. Alex went into software engineering, where he perfected a product that would end up making him millions. He graduated early, started his company, and moved him and his family into a big mansion within five years.

Danielle raised her child, but she also began realizing what would later be her famous and revolutionary feminist philosophy. Stemming from her incident with Manny, Danielle saw the power that the female form had on men. She saw the way her husband still drooled at her, even though she was giving him daily blowjobs and thrice weekly bonings in their worn out bedroom. Men needed stimulation in order to resist attack, she felt. Now, there would be a lot of backlash to this idea. Years after her era, this would be fully discredited as sexist in itself. But Danielle’s philosophy would persist in its time for many reasons.

It would persist because of her husband’s money. She would have to resources to write her book and promote it, to hold functions, and to send her message out to the masses. It would persist because Danielle was a sexy plump young mother, a woman who appealed both to impressionable young women who wished they could have her life, as well as the horny men she described so well, who wouldn’t mind catching a glimpse of her figure on the national news. It also persisted because the philosophy itself was appealing to all.

Danielle wanted to empower women. She wanted to prevent rape. But she wanted to do so by making sure that every man out there got himself stroked or fucked by a sexy woman. And while this idea would later be shown to be terrible and sexist, no one would ever doubt why both men and women were excited by the new kind of feminism.

Danielle’s home became the headquarters denizli escort bayan for her operation. There, she trained an army of young, willing, sexy women in the art of her philosophy. She wanted to teach women the power of the male urges. She would invite a young man into the home and have the students watch as he grew exasperated at the sight of all these sexy women in their mandatory skimpy clothes. She showed them how every man out there is looking at them, and how this desire could be used for bad or for good. And finally (and most controversially), she showed them how to find the ones who really needed a good wanking, and instructed them to make sure they went and helped him out.

In the years after Danielle’s success, these new kinds of women were everywhere. Sometimes you might come across an office with a girl like this, who was available to jack off or suck off any man she chose. It wasn’t prostitution, as neither was she paid nor propositioned; she was simply performing what she was taught by Danielle was her public duty.

When Chad was six and Danielle’s philosophy was blooming, Alex had accumulated enough money to retire. He was one of the youngest retirees, yet he was also one of the richest. His success was incredible, as was hers.

It was a tragedy when one night, Danielle had just swallowed one of the biggest loads of cum he had ever shot down the sexy mom’s throat, and Alex suffered a heart attack and passed away. He left behind him a young son, a fortune of money, a horny young widow, and a legacy in both his own corporation and in the philosophy of his wife.

Chad grew up in an interesting household. He took the shape of his late father; he was small, he was weak, and he was unattractive. However, unlike his father, who was compassionate and ambitious, Chad was not very bright, nor was he very nice. Perhaps it was because he lost his father at such a young age, perhaps it was because he had to grow up watching his mom advocate blowjobs, or perhaps it was just a genetic passing on of the same type of terrible urges like those of Manny, but Chad was irritable and Chad could be violent.

In the years after Alex’s passing, Danielle grew deeper into her philosophy. Free from the monogamy of marriage, Danielle took to the streets with her cadets. She singled out lonely looking men from among crowds, took them into alleys and allowed them to grow hard in her mouth and ejaculate onto her breasts. As she grew older, her body seemed to stay the same; there would be no time in her life that Danielle did not ooze sex like an aura.

Of course, as the years went on, and Danielle became more and more famous and more and more in the public eye, she couldn’t afford to be jacking off random guys in the street. So for a while, she had some men bussed to her (mostly black men from struggling neighborhoods), but eventually, she stopped doing the work all together and simply kept some men around the house to keep herself satisfied.

Danielle was never that close to her son. Her work was too sexual to keep him informed at the young ages, and so he spent most of his time with any of the many willing young nannies who were always around the house.

He would find out about his mother’s work from the crueler of his classmates. Often, they would joke that they saw his mom down her knees with her lips around a black cock while they were walking to school, or that his mom had even performed that to them, though they were way too young for that to be true.

Chad would learn more about his mother as years passed on, and by the time Danielle unleashed her most famous campaign, the boy would be almost 18 and he would by then know everything about his mother’s efforts, despite that the woman never told her son a single bit.

Her philosophy centered on the idea that men needed to be well jerked in order to improve society, and that blue balls were always the enemy. Of course it would be best for one of her agents to be the one jacking and sucking those dangerous cocks, but she knew that would never be. That’s why she started her pro-masturbation campaign. The poster would become famous nearly immediately, and it would remain as an important part of feminist history (even after it was finally decided that Danielle’s efforts were backwards and sexist).

It was a photograph of Danielle on an orange background. In the photo, her large and heavy tits were pressed into a small mesh bikini, with her nipples sticking out proudly and her tight soft midriff completely exposed. She wore a matching bikini bottom which displayed her ass fantastically, and while the provocative image of this sexy mother would be enough to enlist her fame, there was more.

In her hands, she held a bucket, which she straddled between her legs. She wore on her face a sexy grin, her dick sucking lips puffed out sensually. Her hair was tied into two pigtails, which made this sexy mom look more like a sexy school girl than a feminist advocate. Written in the bucket in big globby escort denizli white letters (meant to resemble spunk, of course) were the words “STROKE YOUR COCK AND SHOOT IT RIGHT HERE”.

Never before had a campaign so sexual and so provocative been so wide spread. Danielle had connections, both because of her money and because of her talents with her lips, tongue, and gullet. She had paid and sucked her way into contemporary society, and her influence was widespread enough that these posters were every where; you couldn’t walk down the street without seeing one of them plastered on a wall or a billboard. And of course, they were mailed out to every home in the country.

Danielle was even more of a success. She appeared on every television network, she was deemed MILF of the century. She had dinner with rappers and rock stars (whom she went to bed with later, showing off the skills that had made her where she was). She gave speeches at universities, where she was especially popular, spending the day discussing politics and sexism in a panel and then spending the nights making rounds through the dorms, slipping her hands down the shorts of these excited young coeds. But most importantly, Danielle’s efforts worked. It became common place for men to spend a little time each day following the advice of the bucket shoved against Danielle’s thighs. The NFL had to order copies of the poster by the truckload, as their athletes couldn’t get enough of using Danielle’s image to “calm down” before a game. Hell, Danielle even had to hire a special assistant to handle the tons of posters which had been mailed back to her, the image now sticking crustily to the envelope.

Chad was extremely uncomfortable by his mother’s campaign. They had never been very close, and this only made him more reluctant to ever care about his mother. However, it would be soon after this that she would intervene in his life in a way that would make him rethink his opinion.

It was Chad’s eighteenth birthday, and Danielle had just returned from a trip to Harvard College, where she had had a large dinner with the brainiac football team before they individually each gave her some creamy dessert to swallow.

Danielle had neglected her son, sure, but she was so resolute in her philosophy that on his eighteenth birthday, she knew exactly what to get him. Despite all the efforts of his mother, Chad was still a virgin loser when he became a man, never having touched or caressed a woman in his life. It would have been inappropriate for Danielle to intervene when he was a minor, and perhaps it was inappropriate even now. However, she plucked a young perky assistant from her office named Jacki, and she sent him up the stairs to her son’s room, and told her to do the good work that she had been taught.

Chad knew the moment Jacki entered the room that his mother had sent her. Before she even walked up to him as he sat on his bed and slipped her hands around his cock, he knew. And for the first time, he felt an admiration and a love for his mother, as crazy as she may be.

Jacki was a petite girl, but her breasts were large for her frame and she had a set of dick sucking lips to rival Danielle’s. She dressed in the outfits typically worn by followers of Danielle: low cut tops with her tits hanging out and short shorts that made her ass seem large and thick. She had dexterous hands that she used to cup Chad’s balls or run up and down his scrawny torso.

Jacki made Chad her personal mission. She greeted him each morning with her lips engulfing his small cock, and she put him to bed in the same way. She reported each afternoon to Danielle, who asked nothing more than a raised eyebrow, to which Jacki would nod her head to reassure the mother that she had sucked her son off that morning and she would be sucking him again in the evening.

It was in this state that Danielle left her son. He would be happy in the house while she travelled around Europe, spreading her ideas and sampling some of the local culture perhaps too.

Danielle left Jacki in charge of the household and gave her full privileges to do whatever she wanted. The first thing Jacki did was move into Danielle’s bedroom. The room was gorgeous and huge and Jacki loved both the design and the magic of sleeping in the same bed as her hero. Though Jacki spent her nights in her big bed, she always made sure to perform her duties to Chad each morning and each night. To her, Chad was just another part of the job. She was doing Danielle’s work and she was being rewarded with responsibility.

Chad did not know his mother very well, however. Again, they had never been very close. He misunderstood the nature of Danielle’s gift. Danielle sent Jacki to keep him healthy, like a doctor or a dentist would. Chad thought that Jacki was his, like a personal sex slave. And so, while she was only sucking him off now, he was sure he would soon get to cream inside her tight pussy.

Jacki was thinking nothing of the kind. In fact, she was dating a sturdy young man by the name of Arnie, someone who had an equally strong but incredibly different reverence for Chad’s famous mother. Though Jacki sucked and slurped at Chad’s smaller dick twice a day, she gave her love and her loyalty to Arnie each night, when she let him pound away at her pussy in the big bed Danielle left behind.

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