Breezier Than You Think Pt. 04

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Any lingering stress that Nate was feeling had been washed away in the shower, and when he stepped out he felt reborn and reinvigorated. He dried himself, aware of every body part and he felt a lingering soreness where Alicia knelt on his arms. But it was a sweet ache and only enough to make him smile. He thought back on the day and chewed his tongue for a brief moment. Alicia and Natalie both took charge with me. I took charge with Ashley. Which way was better? He thought about this with a furrowed brow while he was getting dressed and just as he put his socks on he was ready to dismiss the thought as irrelevant, as either way it ended up with a wonderful memory, that same thought was chased from his mind by a knock on the door. Opening the door, he saw Alicia. Not holding her dress, but wearing it now. And she held his shirt in her hands, extending it out to him when he opened the door.

“Told you I’d bring it back.” She smiled at him and Nate took it.

“Thanks stranger. Long time no see,” Nate answered glibly. He had seen this woman naked less than an hour ago. Nate blinked for a moment. We didn’t even fuck actually. Is that what she’s back for now? How incredible is it that it was that great without even fucking?

“Yea, hi,” Alicia responded. Her tone was pleasant but dismissive. She was too busy for him. “Ok, well I need to go to the rehearsal now. So. See you tomorrow.” She smiled and turned around to walk away before Nate stopped him.

“Wait!” He blurted out, before grimacing. “I just meant, I was hoping we could talk for a few minutes? Before you have to get out of here?” Alicia turned and regarded him with cool eyes, and a nearly imperceptible hint of amusement on her face.

“Sure. Few minutes.” Alicia stepped in and closed the door behind her. Nate moved towards her and smiled, only to be met by Alicia putting her hand up to his chest. “Hang on, big guy. We aren’t going to do this, and you don’t have to be the charming gentleman now. We had some fun, we can move on with our days now.”

“Oh!” Nate recoiled a bit, as though Alicia’s hand was hot on his chest. He stumbled over his words and finally managed to get out. “I thought, maybe we’d actually have sex.”

“Oh, my handjob wasn’t good enough for you?” Alicia responded, playing like she was offended. She smiled and crossed her arms. “I’m not having sex this trip. Ground rules I set up with my partner. And that’s why I didn’t bring condoms with me.”

Nate’s eyes grew big. “You’re-” he searched for the right word for a moment, “taken?” he suddenly imagined someone banging his door down and threatening him for daring to touch their woman.

“Look,” Alicia chopped the air towards him in a direct gesture, taking control of the conversation. “She and I are in an open relationship, essentially. I’ll spare you the details, they aren’t important to you. But you’re fine. It’s only cheating if you break the rules, and no rules were broken. I even texted her about it while I was putting on my dress. Long story short, I don’t make mistakes. If I do or say something, I mean it. Clear?”

Nate stood for a moment, nodding as he digested the information. His eyes were wide as she spoke so directly, it disarmed him. “So you didn’t really need help getting your dress on?”

She blinked slowly at him. “No.” She answered as if it were the most asinine question that could have been asked. I should have known that. She came over with that leather thingy.

“So. How long have you been….’Mommy’,” he asked, coughing before the last word, playing it cool while he digested this information. Her eyes softened as she genuinely smiled.

“A while now.” Nate wondered how long she meant. They weren’t that far removed from the high school years. “I got into it when I met my girlfriend. She was into submission, so we explored it together. It was fun. It still is. Show me 50 relationships and I’ll show you 50 ways they are all different.” She smiled again for a moment. Nate nodded.

“Look,” she repeated, steering the conversation again. “I need to get moving. The rehearsal, remember? If you really want to hang out more, I’ll be at the pub stand down on the beach tonight.” Nate turned to the window. On beaches up and down the shoreline there were wooden stands of outdoor bars set up so people could drink on the beach. He could see one out his window, less than 100 feet from where he and Ashley hooked up.

“No, I’m ok. I understand. But I’ll come say hi anyway.” Alicia nodded at him and opened the door, slipping out without another word. Nate stood still for just a moment, realizing he was still holding his shirt. “Thank you!” he called after her, perhaps too late.

Hours later, at sunset, Nate could see that the pub stand outside the hotel was milling with people. It wasn’t much compared to a traditional bar. Maybe 15-20 people were sitting on the sandy beach, long shadows cast by the sun setting behind them. Nate wondered how they would keep tourists from tossing trash in the ocean or on the beach. His question was answered mersin escort when he saw that everyone was drinking out of wooden tumblers, stacked behind the bar next to a sign warning you that if you did not bring them back, you wouldn’t get your credit card back, and if you littered they would call the police on you. Nate expected that most people who lived on an island would take trash very seriously.

He passed the pub stand near a wooden deck and saw a group of four women, all wearing white tank tops and tan shorts, and smiled. There was Ashley, looking genuinely like she was having a good time. Alicia, who was on her phone. A woman who must be Shelby, his old best friend’s bride to be. And a tall young woman. He recognized her immediately, and didn’t expect her. “Taryn,” he said quietly to himself. Taryn was in the year behind him in high school, but even he knew that she was going to be valedictorian. She was also ridiculously tall for a girl in high school, she must have been 6’4″ now. She had shoulder length brown hair and when she turned to see him approach, her eyes grew wide with surprise.

“Hi ladies,” Nate stepped up to the group, each of them holding a drink. “Alicia told me you’d be down here.”

The bride looked back and forth between the girls. “Sorry, who are you?”

“Oh! I’m sorry. I’m Nate. I was one of Kyle’s friends in school. I’m here for your wedding. You must be Shelby?” He stuck his hand out. She was the only person involved in the wedding so far that he didn’t know. Nate thought politeness would be most called for in this situation.

She graciously took it and smiled. “Oh, I’m so glad you’re here! Thanks so much for coming! You said you know Alicia?” She gestured towards her friend.

“I actually know all your bridesmaids,” Nate turned towards Taryn and smiled at her, while he continued talking. “Ashley and I met through Kyle when they were a thing. Alicia and I were in the same classes. And Taryn was a junior when I graduated.”

Taryn moved like lightning and grabbed his arm, smiling pleasantly. “Can I talk to you for a moment?” Nate always hated that phrase, because it was never accompanied by something pleasant. He wasn’t sure what they could talk about though, they hadn’t spoken in years really. He wasn’t even sure why she was a bridesmaid.

“I’m going to really need you to not talk about anything related to high school while you’re here,” she said as she leaned down to his height after pulling him several feet away from the group.

“What are you talking about?” He asked, bewildered.

“Think about it,” she reached into her shorts and pulled out a California Driver’s license. Nate thought nothing of it, it looked and felt exactly like his. Then he screwed his face up a bit and read it.

“You’re 23?” He handed it back.

“No, you idiot. I’m on vacation in a state full of bartenders who don’t see my state’s ID very often, and I’m smart enough to figure out how to make one.” Nate put it together and his eyes widened. She shushed him before he could talk. “What are you doing down here? You’re not part of the bridal party.”

“No. Alicia told me you would all be down here. I thought I’d come say hello. Maybe Kyle would be down here with his groomsmen too.” He looked around and failed to see any similar group of guys.

She shook her head quickly, leaned back against a railing and looked down. Even leaning she was still taller than him. “Kyle doesn’t have groomsmen. Ashley and I are standing on his side at the wedding tomorrow. Alicia and the maid of honor will be on Shelby’s side.” Nate nodded in response to this.

“Right. He doesn’t have many friends because -” his voice trailed off. He didn’t want to offend anyone. Taryn knew. Her eyes darted towards Ashley.

“It’s a compromise.” She said simply, putting together that Nate understood.

“So where’s the maid of honor? I haven’t met her.” Nate looked around for anyone else wearing the same outfit the girls were. He assumed they were matching a theme or something else, probably related to group photos.

“She’s dealing with some maid of honor duties tonight, couldn’t come out.” Taryn offered no more information on the question.

“Well,” Nate’s line of questioning exhausted, he reached to take the wooden tumbler from her and lifted it up to take a drink. He stopped himself. “It’s just water? You’re not even drinking and you’re giving me guff about your ID?”

She took it back and pursed her lips. “The night is young, and I am smart enough to know my limits.” Nate raised his hands and nodded, silently apologizing. “Alcohol doesn’t terribly interest me. I’m more interested in seeing the sights here. But, it’s not my wedding.” Nate’s eyes lit up for a moment.

“Do you have like…10 minutes? I want to show you something in the hotel.” Taryn looked at him then back at her group. The three girls were laughing and walking down to the beach.

“My group is drunk and enjoying themselves. 10 minutes, no more. I’m not coming back mersin escort bayan to one of them face down in the ocean.” She followed him, looking up towards the hotel.

Nate led Taryn up the stony steps behind the hotel towards the lobby. They didn’t talk much while walking, Nate was moving quickly until he stepped into the empty hotel lobby. Even the hotel bar was empty. Now that he thought about it, it usually was. When was it supposed to be staffed? He led her towards the front desk where he found the tour pamphlets that were lying there. Including H.H. Island Experience Tours. “One of the first things I saw when I checked in was that the hotels in the area seem to have tourist information all over the place. There’s even a tourism channel in my room. I went on this tour.”

“Hana Highway. Was it any good?” She opened the pamphlet and glanced over it quickly, considering the material. Nate knew it wasn’t fantastic but he wanted to give her a chance.

Nate wasn’t sure how to respond to that exactly. “It was pretty good. It’s run by two women. One of them is brand new and doesn’t know how to lead a tour, but she’s lived here a long time and knows lots of stuff about the islands. The other has been running tours for years, so. Either one is a good experience really.” Taryn had turned back towards the kiosk and was looking through all of the options.

“But Hana is on Maui,” Taryn responded simply.

“You can buy tickets to island hop here actually. They sell them super cheap, at least here. It’s how I went.”

“I’ll think about it. Thank you.” She folded up the pamphlet and put it into her shorts and crossed her arms, looking down at him. “You’re much nicer than you were in high school, you know. Not only were you a loner but you were a dick.”

“Well. I was bullied a lot in high school. Everyone thought they were better than me because,” he hesitated and looked up at her, “they were better than me. But I take care of myself now, I go to college. Now I talk to people. It took a lot of work but I changed.”

“I’m glad to hear it. You used to be kind of a loser.” She said this without accusation or judgment in her voice. It was a statement, as though she was stating the weather. She was not wrong.

“Well. Maybe I still am.” He shrugged and her eyes narrowed. He had been pacing the length of the empty lobby while they talked, until he went through a wood and glass doorway into a breakfast room and sat down at one of the tables in the unlit room. Taryn followed and stood next to the table.

“You were a loser because you didn’t take care of yourself. You let other people control how you felt. You kept people far away. Anyone with half a brain could see that. Doesn’t matter if you’re a jock or a nerd, you make yourself a loser by how you act and what you do, not who you are.” Taryn lectured, still in that matter-of-fact tone of voice.

Nate wasn’t sure what to say really. He didn’t expect this. “Huh. Well thank you.” He was searching for the right words to say. “I guess I didn’t know you that well back then. I just knew you were one of the smartest girls in school.”

“Still am,” she said, still without pride. “I knew about you. I knew about you through my tutor.” If Nate had been as smart as Taryn, he would have noticed that her face twitched.

“Oh, who was your tutor?” Nate leaned against the front counter.

“We should really get back. 10 minutes, remember?” She moved away from the wall she was leaning against and uncrossed her arms, looking down on him.

“Right. Don’t want your friends thinking we snuck off somewhere. Abandoned the party, right?” He stood up to more easily meet her gaze. “Then again. This is a hotel. I do have a room. We could have a party of our own?” He said, emboldened by his successes this week.

“I might be on vacation, but I’m not quite that easy to seduce. Go ahead. Try again.” Taryn stared at him, her face a mask of neutrality. He couldn’t tell if she was serious or offended.

“Well, I’ve never actually met any women taller than me, but I”m pretty sure that height won’t matter too much when we are laying down.” He may have been emboldened by his success but her response threw him off. He thought she would just laugh it off, but here she stood as though waiting for the password before letting him proceed.

“I’ll still be taller than you,” she crossed her arms again, her face cracking slowly into the faintest hint of a smile.

“You can look up to me while you’re on your knees though.” He bit his lip. He was having difficulty keeping up with banter. She was quick witted, faster than him.

“Oh my goodness.” She put her hands on his shoulders and shook her head. “Just – stop talking, alright?” She pulled him close to him and leaned down to kiss him firmly on the lips, slipping her tongue into his mouth and closing her eyes, savoring the moment.

Nate was surprised, to say the least. He pulled back after an intense moment, the taste of Taryn still on his lips and in his mind. escort mersin “Where did that come from?”

“Did you really think I didn’t know what you were trying to do?” She tilted her head to the side. “That I needed your help to find tourist related things in Hawaii of all places? It’s the most tourist friendly place in the world.” She pulled him back to kiss him again, then whispered against their kiss. “Your reputation precedes you, and I’m on vacation.”

Nate smirked back at her and turned around, leading her to a table in the middle of the room, pushing a chair out of the way, and setting her butt down on one of the four by four square tables. “So this whole time you’ve just been -” Nate started and she cut him off, putting a finger to his lips.

“You’re cuter when you don’t talk.” She grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him closer, kissing him again and rubbing her hands up and down his chest and stomach now, grinning as she felt the muscles beneath his clothes. Nate finally gave in. He may have been lucky and charming before, but this time it was about her and what she wanted. She knew what she wanted, simple as that. After all, it doesn’t matter who started it, either way it ends with a wonderful memory.

“No talking then,” he said simply and started to kiss her again. He closed his eyes and could feel her hands against his head, running through his hair. Her lips tasted like pineapples, and he sighed happily against her and smiled. He slipped his tongue into her mouth and started to gently rub it against hers. Feeling them move together. He pulled her body close to him and gently bit her bottom lip. The intensity of the kiss grew stronger as minutes passed. He could feel himself growing harder as he slid between her legs and pulled her body closer. The kissing turned to gentle bites, then moving their lips from each other’s and finding places to kiss. Her lips found Nate’s ear and his found her neck.

“Don’t leave a mark,” she whispered into his ear. “I mean it.” He loosened his lips and moved to her front, kissing along the neckline of her shirt. Taryn leaned her head back to look towards the ceiling and moaned softly. “Touch me,” she instructed. Nate leaned her back and worked quickly to strip her clothes off. He wiggled her shorts off and lifted her shirt up to reveal a pair of matching white bra and panties. He bit his bottom lip, remembering that someone once told him that if a woman’s bra and panties match that she was the one who initiated sex, no matter what he thought.

Nate’s hands explored her body, gliding over her flat tummy, up to her cheek, down her neck and sides, down her legs and up her thighs until one hand rested firmly on her warm pussy, held at bay only by her thin satin panties. He could feel her wet heat through the fabric and he started to rub against her panties. She let out a soft sound, a simple “oh” of surprise and pleasure and then smiled, leaning fully back on the table now, reaching to pull the bundle of her shirt up and off her body rather than letting it stay gathered above her tits.

Nate moved his fingers deliberately and slowly, but firmly, against her pussy. He could feel the satiny cloth grow more damp with every moment. He dropped to his knees in front of the table and slipped between her legs again, letting her rest her legs on his shoulders. He started to kiss her inner thighs, mere tantalizing inches away from her pussy. He alternated between kissing her soft flesh and biting it, making her body twitch.

Taryn could barely speak between moans. She was getting hotter every passing moment and she reached down to grab his head, raking her fingers through his hair again. “I mean it,” she breathily moaned. “Don’t leave any marks on me.” He gripped her legs with strong hands and moved, giving her warm slit little teasing kisses.

Nate was teasing her. He wanted to make her explode with pleasure. He wanted to push her until she couldn’t stand it anymore. She had done exactly as Alicia had and manipulated him into getting what she wanted. And he was going to make sure that this time he took charge. She would lose control and submit to him. He licked at the wet material and peeled it completely off, revealing her smoothly shaven pussy accented only by a tiny tuft of hair just above it. He grinned wickedly as he leaned forward, tasting her salty sweet pussy, feeling his tongue slip between the smooth folds. His reward was her yelp of pleasure, followed by a sharp inhale. He held her panties in his hand and gripped them tightly, digging his other hand into Taryn’s milky white thigh as he licked faster.

The moments of pleasure, of Taryn writhing gently and gripping at Nate’s hair, clutching for more, stretched into infinite eternities when time left her. She gasped and grasped harder at him, her body shaking as she lay there, naked, her bra undone and forgotten. Her breasts shook as each lightning tremor raced up her spine and lit up her brain relentlessly, endlessly, with explosions of pleasure. Her body was a powder keg of sexual energy strongest at the point of Nate’s tongue probing her depths, his lips on hers, and her legs wrapped almost tight enough around his head shoulders to hurt him. But he wouldn’t stop. He would not cave first; he wouldn’t stop until either of them lost consciousness or she begged him to stop.

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