Bisexual Holiday Discovery Ch. 01

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John had known Bill for a few years and we were lucky that Joan, his wife and I got on well although we had a few different outlooks and attitudes; one being that she appeared to be a bit of a prude at times when Bill would join my husband in sexy innuendoes concerning me and them. I must admit I enjoyed seeing her displeasure at times especially when he flirted with me. For myself, I found it fairly exciting and knew that I would get well fucked later by John as we fantasized about having a foursome with telling each other what we would like to do.

One evening we decided to book a holiday together and eventually chose a hotel on a small Caribbean island and we added this to our fantasy.

The holiday soon came around and we flew out, for the first few days we all took it easy getting used to the warm hot sun mainly on the beach or lounging around the small pool just in front of our bedrooms. For the first time I really got to look at Bill and Joan, for the first couple of days she wore a loose cotton top and shorts but then on the third day she appeared in a bikini with a cotton wrap round top. She looked stunning and I was struck by how attractive she really was, petite with a short dark hair and incredibly looking firm breasts and toned arms. It was obvious that the long sessions spent in the gym had paid off. Looking a little apprehensive and unsure of herself at first she quickly took refuge under the large sunshade rolling onto her stomach showing off her taut buttocks. By contrast Bill was his usual outgoing self and enjoyed showing off his lean athletic body in small briefs that accentuated his large prick. “Nice isn’t it” he smiled when he caught me ogling.

“Umm……” I mumbled a little embarrassed that I was enjoying looking and thinking about his cock.

“I said it’s nice here” he wryly smiled “John about?” He asked looking directly in my eyes before noticeably dropping them lower to my breasts.

My nipples are quite prominent normally but when they are aroused they really do get erect, and for some reason I didn’t understand why, they had begun to stiffen whilst looking at Joan but now they were now fully erect, pushing hard against my bikini top thinking about Bill’s cock.

Slightly embarrassed, feeling like a silly school girl I blushed “he’s gone to find out about some scuba gear I think.”

“Ok, I’ll just wait and take in the sights” he grinned again eyeing my breasts. “Fancy a drink?” He inquired.

“Too early” I said sitting down next to Joan.

“Go away and stop pestering us.” Joan reprimanded him raising herself slightly on one arm revealing the side of her soft breast, the nipple crushed against the taut top.

A soft flutter seemed to stir in my pussy which again I didn’t understand but my thoughts were interrupted by John’s return.

“Right, I’ve arranged for a few scuba lessons Bill, so we’ll see you girls later.” He said as they both strode away, but I noticed Bill looking over his shoulder at me with that familiar leering grin.

“Right, now they’ve gone, can you put some cream on my back?” Joan asked.

“Sure” I replied taking it from her, “I thought Bill would have done it”.

“No doubt he would have done, but he would’ve wanted sex as soon as he touched me, he just can’t keep his hands off me since we arrived.” She answered.

“Is that a problem?”

“Oh, no” she replied with a little embarrassment, “just different to being at home.”

Rubbing the cream into her shoulders I said “it’s the same with John, it must be this place” I lied. “Although, you know, I must admit its good and I feel quite randy, how about you?” I asked.

She didn’t say anything so I continued applying cream to her back, enjoying the feel of her smooth sun warmed skin and the tingling sensation that flooded back to my pussy. My fingers caught in the straps of her top as they massaged up from the small of her back and without thinking or hesitation I said “undo your top so I can do all of your back.” Without hesitation she reached around and unclasped it letting the straps fall either side of her body. As I ran my fingers down her spine massaging the cream into her, I heard her murmur with pleasure and felt her shiver. Working further down my fingers massaged cream into the back of her thighs and calves and noticed her slowly grind herself into the warm sand. By now that tingling sensation had increased and I felt myself pussy getting wetter.

“I haven’t felt anything like this before” breathing heavy she gasped as she rolled over, her top slipping down revealing her beautiful pert breasts tipped by dark hard nipples thrusting out invitingly towards me. I didn’t know if it was the nearness of our bodies or what but I was getting aroused and didn’t know what to do. For what seemed ages we looked into each others eyes before she grabbed her top and covered herself, a rosy blush bloomed in her cheeks “sorry, don’t know what I’m thinking or doing. You’re right it must be this island” she mumbled.

“Don’t ankara dansöz escortlar be embarrassed, I think they are beautiful.” I found myself saying, not really knowing why and I felt slightly uncomfortable.

Joan’s cheeks reddened even more and for a moment didn’t know what to say but then blurted out “I wish Bill paid them a little more attention to them, you know, he’d rather play on the computer than me.”

Unsure of why she had just admitted this she fell silent and reached out for a towel and tried to cover up.

“They’re beautiful and I wish mine looked as good, and I would really like to touch them.” I said without thinking and reaching out pulled her top down again.

“What’s happening?” She giggled as we looked at each other incredulously.

“I’ve no idea but all I know is that is that I really would love to hold them.” I admitted, cupping them in my hands. Expecting her to stop me I was surprised when she groaned and placed her own hands over mine and squeezed hard.

“Shall we go inside?” I asked beginning to get up.

Without saying anymore we made our way to the lounge, once there we just looked at each other. What the hell I said to myself and reached out and touched her shoulder “you look stunning” before running my fingers down her arm to take her hand and leading her towards the bedroom. Once there I leaned towards her running my hands over her flat stomach up to the underside of her breasts lifting them upwards and told her again how lovely they were as my thumbs played with her nipples.

She gasped and I quickly removed my hand thinking that was what she wanted; only to hear her say with a hint of frustration in her voice “You don’t have to stop.”

My hands returned with my index finger tracing the outline of her breast.

“They’re so little, men can’t tell my front from my back, I wish I had yours.” she moaned a little self conscious.

“There’s nothing wrong with them or their size.” I said squeezing her nipple as I lowered my head to take it between my teeth nibbling gently on it.

“Umm, that’s fantastic; I’ve never experienced such pleasure and excitement as this before.” She sighed with delight, “don’t stop!”

Cradling my head in her hands she drew me closer forcing her nipple further into my mouth and gingerly reached around to unclasp my bikini top. I leaned away slightly to allow it to fall between us and for the first time felt another woman’s warm flesh against my nipples sending waves of pleasure through me. Oh it felt so wonderful!

We moved over to the bed and sat on the edge, pushing her back I slid my fingers under her skimpy little bikini briefs feeling her soaking wet labia through her hairy bush which was so warm and soft. Straight away I knew I wanted to taste her and eased her down a little on the bed and knelt between legs.

“No…….” She uttered as my head dipped as I parted her labia with my fingers to allow my tongue access.

“You shouldn’t…..” She murmured trembling with excitement as my tongue lapped at her clit. She sprang upright when she couldn’t stand it any longer and screamed out loud “Yeeeez that’s fucking marvelous!”

Within seconds she exploded with her orgasm “Ooooooooo… I cumming,” she screamed again.

Falling back she clasped my head into her groin and I felt the wetness of her pussy against my face before pulling me up to hug me tight.

We laid there for some time just enjoying the feel of our naked flesh against each other before she lowered her head and her tongue gently licked my fully erect nipples. My head began to swim with the incredibly wonderful sensation of feeling a woman’s mouth sucking my nipple, and I became even more turned on watching her take it in her mouth. Feeling her teeth gently nibbling on it before pulling it deep inside whilst caressing the other nipple with her fingers, I would never had believed this was her first time as she seemed so expert. Looking down I had a clear view of what I was feeling as she moved from one to the other of my breasts. Lifting her head our lips met and we kissed as though it was the most natural thing in the world. Feeling her tongue on my lips I opened them, inviting it into my mouth. Suddenly it became more and more passionate, feeling our breasts crushed together were a new, exciting feeling for both of us.

Easing away I couldn’t help but look intently at her breasts which were smaller than mine but very firm with erect dark nipples protruding at least 1/2 an inch. Cupping both her breasts in my hands I began rubbing my thumbs over her hard nipples and marveling at how wonderful they felt.

“I’ve never ever thought about or done anything like this, but it seems so natural and so good” she whispered.

“Me too, this is my first time as well” I told her “all I’ve done were the same things that I really enjoy being done to me”.

I leaned backwards a bit and placed my fingers on her tummy and gently moved them around in ankara saatlik veren escortlar a circle as her hand reached up to caress one of my nipples which I felt getting even harder between her fingers. She put her hand on my head pushing it backwards a little bit and leaned over slightly offering her nipple to my mouth. I had only ever sucked on John’s nipple before but here I was now with another woman’s nipple clamped between my lips and I was surprised at how different and good it was. As I sucked harder I began caressing and tugging on Joan’s other one with my fingers as she had her hands on my shoulders and was moaning, asking me to take more into my mouth. Swapping between her nipples I sucked her deep into my mouth, teasing and gently flicking each nipple whilst doing a little pinching. I held one between my teeth and flicked it with my tongue, knowing that I really enjoyed it when John did it to me.

“I want to taste you.” She said as she gently pushed me backwards onto the bed and as I lifted my hips she pulled off my panties. Kneeling with a knee on either side of me she lay down on top of me, our breasts and pussy’s touching. Her hard nipples scraped across mine as she started kissing my face before moving onto my neck and finally to my breasts. I groaned with pleasure and anticipation of what was to come as she moved over my stomach onwards toward my freshly shaved mound which I had done just days before this holiday.

Moving to one side she placed her hands on my inner thighs to spread my legs wider and knelt between my knees. John and I had often fantasized together and secretly I had thought and dreamed how it might be having another woman making love to me but nothing compared to the feelings now coursing through me as she got closer and closer she to my cunt. Her teasing fingers hardly touched me until they separated my labia making me even hotter and more excited than I’d been in years. Her warm tongue on my clit made me squirm and moan under her as she brought me to the edge of orgasm three or four times. Slipping her finger inside me she moved it in a fairly slow and rhythmic manner, again bringing me closer and closer to orgasm with each thrust whilst still flicking my clit with the tip of her tongue. Then without warning she sucked my clit into her mouth and thrust a second and third finger inside me at the same time moving them very fast and I couldn’t stop myself cumming over and over again.

Laying beside me, kissing me full on the mouth so I could taste my own cum, her fingers still between my legs, gently masturbating and stroking the insides of my puffed lips before touching my clit again. I soon felt the felt myself starting to cum again as her fingers worked harder.

I began playing with her nipples again and lifted myself up reaching for her bush trying to get my fingers into her pussy again, wanting to feel her and to taste her again.

Pushing me back down she told me to relax as she sat up beside me before getting onto her knees facing away from me. She began caressing, rubbing and kissing all me all over, until her mouth was back at my pussy as she pushed two fingers deep inside me again. Straddling me she lowered her pussy right over my face until it was only a few inches away so that I could see all her delicate folds and smell her breathtaking musky scent. I’d never been this close to a woman and was amazed at the beauty of it all. Using my thumbs to separate her red swollen lips I began running my fingers up and down until her clit appeared in front of my eyes. It was engorged and when my tongue lapped at it she jumped and moaned loudly. She tasted so wonderful and I thrust two fingers inside her pussy. Her hips rocked against me as I moved down to her pussy, keeping my fingers inside of her, licking and sucking all around the opening of her cunt. I removed my fingers and inserted my tongue, probing as far as I could inside her cunt. As she writhed harder against me my other hand slipped between her ass cheeks and brushed over her tight rosebud making her cry out even louder with pleasure. Knowing how much I liked John fingering my ass I traced small circles around her puckered hole before probing against her sphincter muscle.

We were now both close to cumming and her excitement grew as I covered my finger with her cum juice and slowly pushed it inside her anus feeling its soft warmth.

“No!” she groaned as I slowly finger fucked her ass, but it didn’t stop here thrusting against it.

“Just enjoy it and relax” I encouraged as I slowly rotated my finger as I thrust back and forth.

Grinding her pussy into my face, she was sucking and licking me, driving me wild and I desperately wanted us to cum together. I cried out to her that I was going to cum as she pushed harder against my finger whilst still trying to fuck my face with her pussy. We cried out together as we came and she collapsed on top of me for a few moments until she caught her breath and moved to lie beside me.

“That ankara azeri escortlar was absolutely amazing Joan. Hope you enjoyed it too.” I said kissing her.

“What do you think? Nobody’s fingered my ass before and I never guessed it could be so good” she panted before kissing me.

“John loves me doing it to him and keeps on about fucking me in the ass with his cock. I do love him fingering me but I’m still not sure about letting him fuck me.”

Snuggling close we just lay in each other’s arms for some time just taking pleasure in the closeness of each other.

“Fancy a drink?” I asked standing up, not waiting for a reply I strolled out to the lounge. Returning I was aware of her watching my every movement as I handed her a glass of wine.

“Could you shave me” Joan unexpectedly asked looking at my shaven mound “It looks really beautiful and mouthwatering, I don’t think I could myself”.

“Sure, I can if you really want to and I can tell you now that you’ll be amazed at how much better it is when I go down on you again.”

“That’s what I was thinking” she said smiling.

“So when do you want me to do it?”

“Well what’s wrong with now?” She replied.

“Ok, I’II use my shaving gear.” I said walking over to my case to get my gear and then put some soft towels on the kitchen table. Following me she hopped up on it, and lay back as I pulled up a chair and began trimming her bushy pubic hair close with the scissors. When it was neatly trimmed I spread her still puffy red outer lips exposing her inner folds still wet with her cum secretions. I applied the protective salve up and down her tender flesh making her moan with pleasure again as slid up to “accidentally” flick her swollen clit, just peeping out of the folds of it’s hood.

I spread the depilatory cream carefully over her mound and down the outer skin of her pussy and set the kitchen timer and waited.

“Come here” she beckoned with her finger for me to get up and I pressed my mound against her hand. I gasped as her finger slid back and forth, sliding effortlessly between my wet lips and leant forward and kissed her lightly on her lips, flicking my tongue across her mouth before our tongues entwined. I reached out and cupped her pert breasts bring more sighs from her.

“How long will it be?” She asked pulling back slightly.

“What?” I asked puzzled.

“Till you remove the cream from my pussy and you can eat me.”

“Not time yet” I replied.

“Well just get up on the table and straddle my face, I want to eat your lovely pussy while we wait.” She coarsely ordered out of character.

I quickly climbed up on the table and lowered my aching pussy to her upturned face.

Gently stroking my lips she spread them and blew on my exposed flesh before her tongue slid slowly up my slit on the outside of my inner lips then back on the other side. This time she avoided my clit and slid it inside my waiting pussy. Closing my eyes I reached down and fondled her breasts stroking the smooth warm flesh before rolling her nipples until they became hard nubs again. Soon I was shuddering and screaming with another fantastic orgasm.

The timer signal brought me to back to reality and she gave my dripping wet pussy one last wonderful lick before I climbed down off the table to continue shaving her,

Taking a tissue I wiped her pussy off carefully, making sure all of the depilatory was off and then washed it thoroughly with soap and water, letting my fingers delve between the lips to wash off the protective salve lingering longer then necessary, letting my fingers play over her wet deep pink flesh. Rubbing aloe vera lotion into her now smooth and bare skin made her groan as we both got pleasure from the sensations. She shrieked with delight and kissed me when I handed her the mirror so she could see herself. As she stood up and went to the full length mirror to look at herself I moved behind and cupped her breasts, rubbing my body against her smooth firm buttocks.

“I can hardly wait to have your tongue slide between my lips” she said turning and hugging me, pushing her hips against mine, our pubic mounds touching. We kissed and fondled each other for a while, then I pulled back and led her back into the bedroom and pushed her back on the bed and moved beside her. Slowly she kissed and caressed my swollen and aching breasts pulling and rolling my nipples. Stopping for a moment she put a pillow under my hips, raising them to allow her free access to my pussy as she kissed her way down my belly. I spread my thighs giving her greater access to my pussy which she kissed and tongued slowly, gently sipping my juices. Her lips moved up to my hard and waiting clit before finally sucking it lightly as her fingers burrowed deep inside me, probing at my G spot and I exploded as her other hand moved between my legs and her fingers brushed my rosebud.

She moved up and held me as I lay gasping; her hand lightly cupping my naked pubic mound, softly stroking it as we pressed together kissing and caressing just savoring the pleasure of being together before dozing off to sleep.

When I finally looked at the clock, I was amazed to see that three hours had gone by since we had come into the bedroom and shook Joan gently to wake her.

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